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Hi everybody! I am building an archer that I intend to play in my next campaign. The main purpose is to make it fun to play, but since I play with people that tend to optimize their builds it also has to be competitive. So this is the build for now, I appreciate every advice to improve it and/or suggestions for higher levels. Thank you very much.

I was thinking about a Slayer 10/ Brawler 1/ Slayer X, but I am open to choose other classes


By level:
1: Studied Target +1, Feat: point-blank shot
2: Rogue talent: Weapon Training: composite longbow
3: Sneak attack +1d6, Feat: deadly aim
4: Ranger combat style: precise shot
5: Studied Target +2, Feat: rapid shot
6: Sneak attack +2d6, Ranger combat style: manyshot
7: Stalker, Feat: leadership
8: Combat trick: Sap Adept
9: Sneak attack +3d6, Feat: sap master
10: Studied Target +3, Combat trick: Clustered Shots
11: Martial Flexibility, Feat: Focused Target

I my calculations are correct at level 11:
Swift: Studied Target
Move: martial flexibility-->seething hatred
Next round:
To hit:
11 BAB
X dexterity
3 studied target
2 focused target
5 seething hatred
1 weapon focus
1 point-blank shot
-3 deadly aim
-2 rapid shot
= 18+X/18+X/18+X/13+X/8+X

Damage per arrow:
X strength
3 studied target
3 seething hatred
6 deadly aim
1 point-blank shot
1 weapon focus
If able to sneak (does not apply on the manyshot arrow)
+6 sap adept
+6d6 sap master
≈ 45.5 +X

I am taking leadership to have a faerie dragon that will act as the utility caster, since there's none in the party, and occasionally as battlefield controller (he's going to be a wizard sorcerer or arcanist). He will also take most of the crafting feats.

To deal non lethal damage I will use blunt arrows, to sneak attack I will have the dragon cast invisibility on me.

As to equipment it will really depend on how the master intends to develop the campaign