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Sun DM wrote:

Mithral Chain = 1100

MW Comp Longbow (+2 Str) = 600

Puts you at 1700 - a Wand of Gravity Bow or Feather Step would cap you but other items are an option.

How about this:

  • +1 chain shirt 1250
  • mw longbow +2 Str 600
  • traveler's any-tool 250
  • spider-silk rope 100
  • ioun torch 75
  • potion cure light wounds x2 100

    Mundane will include

  • mw backpack
  • subrods
  • smokesticks

  • Sun DM wrote:
    @Djack: I think my instructions are unclear, but unless you have traits that increased your money significantly, I'm assuming your 'I had/want items worth ~2500gp' is more of the future planning for the character. All that is approved.

    Does this work?

  • 1 mithral chain shirt
  • 1 mw comp longbow (+2 str)

    Everything else is mundane gear.

  • Friend of mine might apply... Maybe a "ranged" Cleric.

    I had a bow (mw composite longbow +2 str) and boots (boots of the cat), but honestly my armor was less than ideal.

    If you've got something good and light, maybe a chain shirt with finer links... mithral would be helpful.

    Arrows... lots of arrows. Any potions you could spare, climbing gear, food for us and the goblins.

    This will be Djack... working on crunch.