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"Weeeell, maybe not," Juhi says. "It's just more than normal."

Juhi skips next to Rajni as they head back to the house along with the small crowd of people. "Are we going to have enough room for all these people?"

"Thank you, Mama."

"Uh huh."

"Thank you, Toni," Juhi says with a huge smile.

Juhi follows after Rajni down the stairs. "Mama said that we should head straight to the temple after we got ready."

"You missed a hook on the back," Juhi says. "And this one is crooked. I'll help."

Juhi straightens out Rajni's dress. "All better."

Juhi blushes a little bit. "I love it! Do you need help getting ready?"

Juhi walks into the bedroom after Rajni. "I'm dressed but my hair needs to be fixed. Can you help me?"

"No, it's okay," Juhi says with a yawn.

Juhi giggles. "I think I'm gonna take a little nap before we get ready for the wedding."

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"More like someone, huh?"

"Are you suuuuuure? Because you had that dreamy look in your eyes."

Juhi comes into the room. "You look happy. Are you excited for Elena and Kama?"

Juhi walks into the kitchen with Shamara. "Did you find everything you needed?"

Juhi finishes her breakfast. "Can Shar and I play while you're gone?"

Juhi looks up from her breakfast. "I think someone's at the door."

Juhi nods. "Yes, please."

Juhi looks confused for a moment. "Is Mama around?"

"It's still early, Auntie," Juhi points out.

Juhi bounds down the steps two at a time and goes into the kitchen.

Juhi puts her slippers on and grabs her robe. "Ready."

Juhi takes Rajni's hand. "Okay. Should I put my robe on or do you think it's warm enough?"

Juhi giggles. "Okay."

Juhi sits up and stretches. "I think so."

Juhi nods. "Yes, I did."

Juhi yawns and opens her eyes. "Good morning, Rajni."