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Kinda saw this touched on in another thread, but how far does the PVP rule go? Killing another PC is obviously forbidden, but can a player use intimidate or diplomacy on another player? If a character is doing something to screw over the rest of the party, is it legal to grapple them or cast Sanctity or Create Pit or something along those lines? I guess more plainly, if someone is breaking the "don't be a jerk" rule in a scenario, is there a way that a player can intervene and take a little heat off the GM?

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Ahh, I had to register to see the schedule. One more question: I see on Saturday there's a list of scenarios that take place from 7:30p-12:30a, but when I try to add the event to my calendar, it says it's from 4:30p to 9:30p. Am I reading it right, or is the event information in error?

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Hey, really interested in playing (not GMing) PFS on Sunday, if possible. I visited the Warhorn, but I couldn't find a time slot. Any information would be appreciated! Thank you!