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Hi there and sorry for the thread necro^^

Personally I'm a huge fan of the troop subtype, but I struggle to tweak it to really adapt it to my home game. Is there any chance that you could share some of the changes that you made, Brandon? Like how you handle troop vs troop combat and scaling damage for troops. I'd love to have a peek at the rule set you created for your game :)

Thanks Cavall :)
Sadly it looks like that is the only option for now.
In my opinion less radical changes for the mentioned items would have been a good choice. As it is, I feel that the changes were unnecessarily hard. So... I kind of agree with N. Jolly here.

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Hi there,
first time poster here.
I agree with the pale green prism ioun stone. Maybe you could even have that implated to avoid it getting sundered.

@ Wiggz
The problem with ignoring it in a home game is that you can only do that for some time. Like the scarred witch doctor for example who got his CON casting stat changed back to INT.
Our group really liked the archetype back when it had CON. Very flavorful as well. We imagined how the pain magic really put a strain on the body of the user^^
But now when a player goes to get a new book they'll only be able to find the INT version of the archetype. And so, slowly but surely the old options start to vanish until only the Errata-versions are left.
I wish there was a way to still have long term access to those old versions :/