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aid tokens:
During the event, it is possible for characters at one table to assist those at another with Aid Tokens. Each represents the assistance of allied Pathfinder agents who assist the PCs.

Once per encounter, any character at a table can use an Aid Token to assist the group in one of the ways described below. Once a table uses an Aid Token, pick another table and I'll see it is passed onto them.

If you have any special requests, e.g. lesser restoration from Provide Spellcasting (see below), let me know and I call out to the other GMs to see if anyone can help.

If a table receives an Aid Token and doesn’t need its benefits, they’re encouraged to boost its potency by expending some of their own resources or attempting a skill check. Boosting an Aid Token, including attempting a skill check, is part of passing that Aid Token to another table. A table can neither retry such a skill check nor boost an Aid Token more than once before passing it to another table.

A table may boost a token even while in combat without taking any in-round actions; the scenario assumes the aid was granted before that encounter began.

Some Aid Token benefits may only be used if already boosted by another table. An Aid Token’s benefits vary based on the table’s subtier, and these benefits can take one of the following forms.

Allied Offensive: A Pathfinder agent strikes a creature at the same time as the PC, increasing the damage dealt by one attack by 1d8 points. In addition, after the attack, anyone attacking the target is considered to be flanking it until the beginning of the attacker’s next turn. To Boost: Succeed at an attack roll against an AC 15. Boosted Effect: +1d8 points of damage.

Burst of Healing: A Pathfinder agent heals all of the PCs of 1d6 points of damage. To Boost: Expend one use of channel positive energy or cast one spell with the healing descriptor with a spell level greater than or equal to 2. A PC must cast this spell, not simply activate a wand or scroll. Boosted Effect: +2d6 points of damage healed.

Timely Inspiration: A Pathfinder agent provides the effects of a bard’s inspire courage bardic performance for 3 rounds. The competence bonus is +1. To Boost: Expend 3 rounds of bardic performance or similar ability. Boosted Effect: Increase the competence bonus by 1.

Provide Knowledge (must be boosted): Gain the benefits of a Knowledge skill check or Spellcraft skill check used to identify a magical item; the type and difficulty (Easy, Average or Hard) depend on the table granting the benefit. To Boost: Succeed at a Knowledge check of your choice, the result of the check (Easy, Average or Hard) should be noted on the Aid Token.

Provide Spellcasting (must be boosted): Gain the benefits of a beneficial spell cast by an ally as listed on the Aid Token. To Boost: Cast one of the following spells lesser restoration, neutralize poison, remove curse, or remove disease. Only these spells may be granted. Expending resources that produce the effects of these spells, such as a paladin’s mercy class feature, may also grant these benefits.

Fey Allies:
All PCs and companion creatures gain a single-use benefit they can use during Part 4. As a free action on its turn, a creature can use its benefit to gain either DR/1 or cold resistance 3 until the end of that encounter. Each PC and companion creature can select a different benefit.

[PFS] GM Skipper's #7-10 The Consortium Compact (inactive)