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Male Human Bard

So can my Bardic Lore tell me anything about this flower? Edwyn's instincts are screaming fey, and that'd be a really cool excuse to work in lore from my favorite game supplement of all time, Dark Ages Fae.

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Male Human Bard

While Thorgrim has it pinioned on his mighty blade, Edwyn will sneak behind the giant and whip his saber like a switch against the monster's impossibly thick hamstring.

"I may not be a true warrior, beast, but that man is. And when he bids you fall, you FALL!"

Hack and Slash (precise, piercing 1) 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (6, 2) + 1 = 9

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Male Human Bard

If I spout now, am I a waterspout?

Edwyn shouts like a raving madman in a likely vain attempt to warm his blood and keep his body from going into shock.

Fire! Acid! None of which we have, gods damn it! Just put something sharp in its soft bits until the... w-wounds s-s-stop c-closing!

He tries to claw his way desperately out of the frigid water and clings, barnacle-like, to the side of the bridge.

He may lack flames, yet mighty blows
the Cronar-son's quick-flashing blade has drawn
apart the stunted giant's shaggy pelt
and sent it loping back-- um, help?

Inspiring Cronarson for +1d4 forward to damage. And in focusing on that and not fully climbing out, his fingers are slipping by the last note of the simple verse...

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Male Human Bard

Uqalik does not trust me, and for good reason.

He's got eyes, right?
But seriously, it's odd... I'm sure he
definitely can't have heard of me, so it must be this barbarian business (but then, what isn't up here?) If I didn't know better, I'd think the thigh-high actually means the brute well, for whatever frozen walruscicle spiritual claptrap reasons he may have in that tiny head of his. Maybe I should reinforce my alibi by insisting that whenever I do something, it's because the ghost of a smelly dead fish told me it was prophesied.