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Almost as bad as it could be.


I was really looking forward to this mini. When it arrived today, the best I can say is I dislike it. I want to say I feel ripped off, and I will say the item description seems to be misleading.

It states there can be a slight deviation in paint scheme. Look at the image for the product...it is a transparent blue/purple. The mini I got is a really, really badly done black and white/gray. I could paint this a better black and white/gray blindfolded. Plus it is a FAR deviation from the attested image. The legalese might be able to twist words like slight deviation/slightly altered and so on (the key word is "slightly"), but this is well beyond slight.

Also one of the arms was broken off. About the only positive thing I can say about this mini is the base is attached.

Generally speaking I am satisfied with my overall purchases from Paizo, but this was really horrible. Shame on you.

To paraphrase Johnny Gasparini from the movie 'Better Off Dead'..."I want my five dollars!". Sigh.

Our Price: $5.00

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Cool Mini With One Small Gripe


OK. I really do LOVE this mini. I'm a fan of a lot of these types of minis. The skull face is pretty cool and I'm satisfied with the blob-like body (it is basically a mutant will 'o wisp so).

However I do have one small gripe. I recently ordered two of these directly from Paizo. When they arrived, after removing them from the plastic packets I examined them side-by-side. One is noticeably a darker red than the other. It isn't earth-shattering, but I would not have minded they both be that deeper red.

All in all though, a solid four stars. Maybe even slightly more.

By the way...the photo on this page does not do justice to the quality of the skull face. It's better IMO in hand.