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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Ooh. Is there a picture of the GM Nova anywhere? I'm all kinds of curious.


Hey Hillary.

I do not know if it is a temporary thing or if this is what they are meant to look like, but if you look next to my PFS GM star there's a circle with slash though it. At least for now, that is the Nova.

Oddly until yesterday or so, I had five of them. LOL. Probably everyone did that had a star.

Jack Brown wrote:
Yes, if you fulfill the mission, you get a bonus reputation. Note, this is not fame.

Yeah I got that part (re: fame). Good deal. Now I know there are not people running around with bogus rep. ;)

One of my regional VCs responding to boot lol.

onesacker15 wrote:
Hey All,Should I create an event for each game we play or just one event and report each scenario under this single event as we progress through SFS season

What I ultimately did is created events for online and offline games. Everything I run online Paizo related (PFS & SFS) gets slammed into the Online events. My offline event contains my local "home" game (games I run with my regular weekly game group) as well as the rare local event I might run at a store or the like.

Online (and offline) conventions are usually handled by the con-staff/Paizo rep at the con, so typically no worries there.

I usually just save and exit, but you need to make sure all the info is there. Sometimes it seems to reset info if you do not do it in order (i.e. it removes the "STAR" part of the game system used...that sort of thing). It can also time out fairly quickly, so don't live it sit too long.

Another GM, Terry T, asked a similar question elsewhere on the boards but though I might ask something a little different here.

CS Related:
Do all of the players get the extra Wayfinders fame, or just Wayfinder faction players? Seems like the wording suggests all players get it provided the party fulfilled the objectives.

I register all of my online games (PFS & SFS) under the same event. I have a separate one for face to face.

You could run the entire thing in "campaign" mode I believe, so you would not have to play anything in between anyways. I think once AA comes out, this will be...a popular option. Though it will be awhile until the entire AP is out.

Meh all we need is Beaky! Maybe he is worshiped by space goblins now...

You do not need to record it as it is less than 50 credits.

I have heard they possibly have an ITS (Item Tracking Sheet) coming out eventually as they do for PFS. Still supposed to be on CS but we'll have to wait and see. I just record stuff on a sheet of paper for now.

You just need to report any purchases/sales of 50+ credits. In the bottom right you should see something that says "Credits Spent". You put the amount there.

As far as if they have any ongoing stuff, I would just note that in the margins somewhere. Usually I put stuff up above under the title, or down in an open area below where it is noticeable.

For using boons, I try to type something in their Dayjob box if I can (if I do not forget). There is at least one boon out there already making the rounds in that regard, though I do not believe it is required for the GM to make any notations about it (I will if a player asks).

I find it very, very hard not to say Ziggy. I kind of like Fitch, but man, Ziggy is so fun to RP.

Gary Bush wrote:
Space Goblin will become available for play at a future date.

Hey Gary.

No idea if it will actually be a SFS legal race.

However, Alien Archives (aka Starfinder Beastiary I) comes out in October. I would be surprised if the Starfinder "space goblins" are not in there, especially if it is similar to Pathfinder Beastiary I in and of that it would contain a lot of the more commonly encountered races and what not.

Alien Archive is also supposed to have over 20 player compatible races, though I suspect few if any will be legal when the book comes out (again, if it follows the general flow of PFS).

It will however be insane for folks wanting to play the AP. Especially if they stat the space goblins for PC use. They did it for gobbos in PF Beastiary I.

Hey everyone.

Does anyone know if there's a list yet of what is "SFS legal" as far as equipment? I know Thursty has mentioned AR update is coming at some point in the near future.

From what I understand, there are three sources for legal equipment: the CRB, a handful of new items in some of the scenarios, and all the Golarion relics in AP Book 1 (aside from Ungarato).

Have there been special equipment boons, i.e. con boons issued as well?


I think if you buy a iridescent spindle aeon stone you can breath in space as well? But it won't protect you from the cold and so on.

Both Pathfinder and Starfinder APs are written optimally for four people. You could play with more, but the more you have the easier it gets.

Starfinder Society scenarios are a different story. They are written for five to six really, with four players getting special adjustments to the scenarios just like in Pathfinder Society scenarios.

Javax, the entropic squid wrote:
So I just stared skimming through the first book and I could not find any number written in bold telling GMs how many players are expected

Pathfinder APs are generally built to run at four players, and I believe that to be the case here as mentioned by several posters.

However. If you want the "official" word, check Rob McCreary's intro on page three, at the first sentence under "Dead Suns".

Also, page six under "Advancement Track" says it is designed for four characters.

Sorry Sebastian, I meant to say that depending on their potential archetypes and what not. But true enough.

I have been prepping this one, but I think I may wait in the hopes that someone will drop a note here or elsewhere clarifying this part of the scenario. I could run it and just run my own "variation" on it until it is clarified I suppose.

Via Randy's Comments:
I think I would probably be more apt to ban the familiars than the rest. The reason I say this is that spellbooks are implicitly mentioned as being among the banned items. A familiar is more or less a sorcerer's spellbook, so. The only rotten thing there is there actually is (depending on what course of action the PCs take) a spellbook in that cache that a wizard could use. Sorcerer would probably be hosed though, and most have next to nothing martial-wise unless they're using a specific archetype/bloodline that favors it.

Hey gals and guys.

No answers on our questions yet, but I think I found a stat block mistake.

Possible Stat Block Mistake:
Cornella Yorke's Tier 4-5 HP are the same as Tier 1-2. Assume this is an editing mistake as there, I would think, be more HP due to higher tier and higher class level. Also the BAB for Drummond and Neville seems two short, but the attack rolls are higher.

An additional, though more-so a follow up on Sebastian's points..

Eschew Materials and Birthmark...presumably these work as usual, yes? Both more or less eliminate the need for a spell comp pouch/holy symbol (to a degree).

Started a thread for us.

I've started prepping this and have a question in the spoiler block below.

Race Prep Question:
For the race, it says all the PCs possessions are taken. Does this include familiars and animal companions? I may have missed it, but I do not think they are mentioned.Also would they be considered "possessions"?


I think they stated the # of factions, but I forget how many.

One specifically has been announced though, via the KD podcast.

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2u92d?Know-Direction-interview-with-Starfinder# 2

There was some discussion of this at the Known Direction panel a few days ago (which included Tonya, Thursty and other official types). It sounded like the scenarios will be released on GenCon Thursday. Supposedly, IIRC, there are: one evergreen pre-gen scenario, a quest type scenario, and three other scenarios being released at/around that time.

Also, IIRC, Tonya and company stated the current plan is to release one scenario a month at first to gauge interest in SFS. It sounds like they're possibly going to try to figure out a way to play the AP for SFS credit as well.


I posted some info here from the KD interview tonight. If the folks here want to integrate it into their stuff, it would be awesome.

Keep up the good work!


Paizo announced the first Starfinder Society Faction in the KD chat tonight. They also released info on SFS boons and some other stuff. Check the KD thread below (or above) for more info. It is all spoiler tagged for someone that wants some and not other info.

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It was a good discussion. Lots of info.

I will put spoilers in here in case people don't want some of the info.

SFS Boons:
There will be boons, but the system is apparently somewhat different than PFS. There will be different categories in scenarios for different things. For example, they mentioned a Ship boon slot, where after you get the mission briefing you can slot it in your Starship boon slot. There will also be faction boons. There will also be items on boons that will not be in the Core book.

SFS Plots:
There will be seasonal meta-plots, similar to PFS

Regional Support System:
There will be regional support system as there is for PFS, or something similar.

Initial SFS Releases:
There will be three scenarios, a pre-gen special and a quest released at GenCon or thereabouts.

Appears there will be pre-gens and they will be transferable to actual character. There will not be L7 pre-gens however, at least to start.

Prestige and Fame:
Prestige and fame will be different. Not much other info on this.

First Faction Announced:
The first faction announced is the Dataphiles, who are info (data) specialists. They are based in the "Lorespire", which gave me a bit of a chuckle

A paladin could also use a Crystal of Healing Hands, though unless you are at very high levels I can't see spending 12K and giving up my neck slot for it. That item can be worn by others as well, and it DOES grant the paladin's mercies in addition to the heal.

A Chosen One paladin can also use a familiar to use LOH, but I think each time it burns two LOH. This also includes the paladin's mercies.

Probably others but I am tired and thus the brain isn't firing at full capacity.

HoloGnome wrote:

Dracovaard - I would say yes. In particular:

** spoiler omitted **

Thanks Holo. I figured that was the case but there is stuff that is normally added in for each PC. Wanted to make sure I wasn't hosing anyone. :)

Another question...

In the arena fight with the wayangs, the wayangs are said to fight to the death unless the charm can be removed. If the wayangs beat down the entire party, are they considered dead or do the wayangs watching it eventually aid the party so they don't die? I know later in the encounter it says tradition states that once the fight begins it is not to be messed with. It seems that crunching averages this fight could go very bad for some parties, especially if they do not have a meat shield. Those punches can hurt, especially with PA engaged.

Starting this one off with a question...

In the mock debate, is the Determination only the number of PCs, or are there other modifiers to take into consideration?


Eric Barrier wrote:

I believe this question hasn't really been answered yet, sorry if asking a third time:

** spoiler omitted **

I just used the subjective gravity rules included at the start.

James Anderson wrote:
What is it with the Sothis lodge? This is the 3rd scenario I can think of where they've been robbed.

Typical PF lodge. ;) Look what happens at Heidmarch manor!

A question on boons and the final element of the scenario...

At the end of the scenario it says that if a Grand Lodge player is present, they "should" decide the fate of the horn. Does this mean they and they alone get the final say, or it is the preferred outcome? Thanks.

Thanks Thurston.

I got the gist of what they were supposed to be doing, just not how far they were supposed to take it. All square now. :)

One other question...

In the wyrd encounter section, there is a note regarding the Awareness tracking. I know in the post-combat section of the encounter it mentions to dock the party some if at least one wyrd gets away. Is this the only place outside of Port Eclipse where that particular rule is in effect? I think Nix is really the only person they deal with prior to their arrival there, but...

Hey folks. Thought I would toss this up here as it's brand spanking new, and I have at least one question thus far.

First Encounter:
From the way I am reading the description of the initial encounter with the wyrds, it sounds like the wyrds are supposedly interrogating the PCs. Are we supposed to ask the PCs something like "Why are you going to Port Eclipse?" or something of that nature? Also it states that sometimes they use the lightning lash while they have someone under their illuminating flames. Is this basically the plot device or sorts to initiate the combat encounter? Sounds like they want to give the PCs a chance to avoid combat, but doing damage like that is probably going to initiate combat with virtually every party.

Thanks! Will post more questions as needed.

Website is barfing atm.

Does anyone know if the lantern used to call an aoandon would detect as magic at all "after the fact"? If so what would it be? What if the lantern was removed from the location that the calling was performed? Would the original location still have a detectable echo? Could it be followed to its new location? Working on a campaign/story idea but need to figure this out. I'm probably just tired and not thinking of the obvious...

Sadly not that I can see, aside from some mentions in Magnimar/Varisia related publications. I think the best info on him though is probably from the two APs (or is it more...) he is in, though I do not own the Magnimar book, so could not comment on that one.

They actually released a mini of him though in the Lost Coast Pathfinder Battles series.


OK thanks people. All is well...all is well...

In the rules it says we have to use out real name on the forums? No problem with that, but does that mean I need to change Dracovaard or just have my name listed under the "Full Name" section of the profile? Thanks.

Take my money?

Kalindlara wrote:
However, it was given out as part of a PFS event... so maybe it's something in the scenario itself.

I think it was the promo mini for last year's origins/GenCon events. I snagged a couple off the Paizo site recently. Pretty cool minis, though quality control was a bit off in the coloring. Still quite cool though. Already used them as illusions once this week as a GM, flying down the hall at the party. :>

John Compton wrote:
It does not show up in a Pathfinder Society scenario, and I don't believe it has appeared in any publication of ours. Perhaps I can fit in an alternate will o'wisp somewhere (or a completely new creature).

Well you could just slap in a few Hellfire Wisps somewhere. ;) Would assume they would probably be Will 'o Wisps with some hellfire ability. Maybe their touch attack does hellfire damage. Oh the possibilities...

I asked this in another part of the forums but perhaps this would be a better place.

Has Paizo released a stat block and/or other info for the Hellfire Wisp? I seem to recall seeing something somewhere, but it may very well have been for something else. Maybe they fall under the category of cool looking minis for you to stat yourself type things.

It's, AFAIK, the exact same printing, just on PDF. Right down to the front and back covers.

TitaniumStar wrote:
I heard that Call of Cthulhu was fun. I will have to check it out. :)

Meh! Just skip right to Cthulhu itself. :) That ought to scare them...for perhaps one round (if they are lucky)...

Does anyone know if there are official stats for a Hellfire Wisp and where are they located? The mini is official but I cannot seem to find any other source info. Thanks.

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I used to live in Rogers, an eon ago it seems. There wasn't much for game stores and what not back in the 80s. It's good to see that that has changed, and that PFS is available to folks. A lot has changed in NW Ark since then though, so huzzah!

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
I was wondering which race has light sensitivity in PFS. I know none of the core races do. One of the boon races?

Dwarves that take Minesight suffer from a type of light sensitivity. They are Dazzled in bright light and take a -2 to STs with the light descriptor, but they get darkvision 90.

Debating taking it for my Emerald Spire Deep Walker dwarf ranger.

Curaigh wrote:
nosig wrote:
Jaba the Hut,

I wonder how many people have taken a giant slug as an animal companion and named it Jabba...

<sheepishly raises his hand and hangs his head in shame...>

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