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It was a good discussion. Lots of info.

I will put spoilers in here in case people don't want some of the info.

SFS Boons:
There will be boons, but the system is apparently somewhat different than PFS. There will be different categories in scenarios for different things. For example, they mentioned a Ship boon slot, where after you get the mission briefing you can slot it in your Starship boon slot. There will also be faction boons. There will also be items on boons that will not be in the Core book.

SFS Plots:
There will be seasonal meta-plots, similar to PFS

Regional Support System:
There will be regional support system as there is for PFS, or something similar.

Initial SFS Releases:
There will be three scenarios, a pre-gen special and a quest released at GenCon or thereabouts.

Appears there will be pre-gens and they will be transferable to actual character. There will not be L7 pre-gens however, at least to start.

Prestige and Fame:
Prestige and fame will be different. Not much other info on this.

First Faction Announced:
The first faction announced is the Dataphiles, who are info (data) specialists. They are based in the "Lorespire", which gave me a bit of a chuckle

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I used to live in Rogers, an eon ago it seems. There wasn't much for game stores and what not back in the 80s. It's good to see that that has changed, and that PFS is available to folks. A lot has changed in NW Ark since then though, so huzzah!

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TOZ wants your participation...I mean bodies...