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Backstabber wrote:

When you hit a flat-footed creature, this weapon

deals 1 precision damage. The damage increases to 2 if the
weapon is master quality or to 3 if it’s legendary.

There are two weapons in the playtest that have "backstabber" - the Dogslicer and the Filcher's Fork.

The Dogslicer doesn't even do piercing damage, for Desna's sake.

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Broad Education:
Broad Education (Ex): A phantom thief’s broad studies with expensive tutors keep her up to speed in both martial and magical knowledge, as well as in her skills. She can select the combat trick, minor magic, and major magic rogue talents as many times as she likes, and she can select the Skill Focus feat as a rogue talent, also as many times as she likes. Finally, she can select a vigilante social talent instead of a rogue talent, except for social grace and vigilante social talents that would require her to be a craftsman or professional. For the purpose of vigilante social talents, a phantom thief does not have a vigilante identity and is always considered to be in her social identity.This ability alters rogue talent.
(Bolding mine)

Is the Phantom Thief supposed to count her rogue levels as vigilante levels for the purpose of selecting social talents, or was it intended that only three Vigilante Social talents were intended to be available/useful?

(Love the archetype, by the way)

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Wow, who needs ghost touch weapons anymore? Just grab a couple of scrolls of this for backup.

Looks like it'll be an awesome book.

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To the secret masters of the Pathfinder Society, particularly the pony-tailed one,

Any chance of getting Tears at Bitter Manor sanctioned a la Dragon's Demand? With the Campaign Cards shipping this month, I finally have all the pieces I need to run the module, which looks like it's going to be a blast. It'd be easier to dragoon convince some of the local players to sign up for the scenario if it also granted them PFS credit.

I know you guys are swamped with development work and that sanctioning stuff is low on the priority list, but even an ETA would be helpful.

Thanks for continuing to make PFS awesome!

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My bard has a Circlet of Persuasion, which provides a +3 competence bonus on all charisma-based checks. Let's say I want to wear Bracers of the Glib Entertainer, which, among other things, provide a +5 competence bonus on Perform checks. Do the two items stack?

My gut instinct is no, as both bonuses share the same type. However, they're competence bonuses to two separate components of the same roll, so I'm unsure. I'd appreciate any insight anyone cares to offer.

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I was playing my wizard in a PFS game earlier this evening and ran into the following interaction. I summoned a Hound Archon at a rather nasty Erinyes (SR 19), and had the celestial puppy go over and whack it. At this point, the GM informed me that I needed to make an SR check against the Erinyes, and if I did not make the SR check, the Hound would instantly disappear back to whence it came.

I can't find evidence of this in the rules for SR or summoned creatures, or in a search of this forum. The ruling was justified by making an analogy to the cleric spell Spiritual Weapon, though I have issue with that due to Spiritual Weapon having SR: Yes and Summon Monster IV having SR: No.

Anyone aware of a ruling, FAQ, or chapter I'm missing that says summon monsters have to make a CL check against SR or be unsummoned?

Thanks in advance!