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RETIRED: after forty years of forensic investigation for the Starwatch.

About Dr Jack "Sawbones" Maturin

Dr Jack 'Sawbones' Maturin
LN, Medium, Dhampir, Human, Rogue 17

Heritage dhampir
Background undercover lotus guard

Perception +31; darkvision, low-light vision

Languages Aklo, Common, Goblin, Halfling, Necril, Undercommon

Skills Acrobatics +28, Anatomy Lore +23, Arcana +23, Art Lore +23, Athletics +20, Crafting +23, Deception +28, Diplomacy +24 (+25 to Make an Impression with rats, bats, and wolves), Intimidation +22, Legal Lore +23, Medicine +29, Occultism +23, Performance +22, Religion +22, Society +27, Stealth +28, Thievery +28, Underworld Lore +25

Str 10 (+0), Dex 21 (+5), Con 16 (+3), Int 19 (+4), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 16 (+3)

Other Items +2 greater resilient leather armor (fungal armor), +1 striking hand crossbow, +2 greater striking keen sword cane, disguise kit, healer’s gloves, healer's tools, infiltrator thieves' tools, Robe of Eyes, purse (1,972 gp; 38 sp; 40 cp)
AC 38; Fort +26; Ref +32 (Critical failures are failures instead. On failure vs. damaging effect, take half damage., Successes are critical successes instead.); Will +28 (Successes are critical successes instead.)

HP 195 (8+3/lvl); negative healing
Deny Advantage As someone who takes advantage of others’ defenses, you are careful not to leave such openings yourself. You aren’t flat-footed to hidden, undetected, or flanking creatures of your level or lower, or creatures of your level or lower using surprise attack. However, they can still help their allies flank.
Speed 25 feet

Melee [1] +2 striking sword cane +29 (agile, concealable, finesse, magical), Damage 3d6+11, 19-20. P
Ranged [1] +1 striking hand crossbow +28 (magical, range increment 60 feet, reload 1), Damage 2d6+6 P

Divine Sorcerer Spellcasting DC 31; Cantrips (9th) guidance, shield. Vampiric Exsanguination (7th)

Evasion You’ve learned to move quickly to avoid explosions, a dragon’s breath, and worse. Your proficiency rank for Reflex saves increases to master. When you roll a success on a Reflex save, you get a critical success instead.
Improved Evasion Your ability to elude danger is matchless. Your proficiency rank for Reflex saves increases to legendary. When you roll a critical failure on a Reflex save, you get a failure instead. When you roll a failure on a Reflex save against a damaging effect, you take half damage.

Surprise Attack You spring into combat faster than foes can react. On the first round of combat, if you roll Deception or Stealth for initiative, creatures that haven’t acted are flat-footed to you.
Blank Slate: Your deceptions confound even the most powerful mortal divinations. Detection, revelation, and scrying effects pass right over you, your possessions, and your auras, detecting nothing unless the detecting effect has a counteract level of 10 or higher. For example, detect magic would still detect other magic in the area but not any magic on you, true seeing wouldn't reveal you, locate or scrying wouldn't find you, and so on.

Ancestry Feats Enthralling Allure, Eyes Of Night, Form Of The Bat, Multitalented, Symphony of Blood, Voice Of The Night
Class Feats Gang Up, Instant Opening, Opportune Backstab, Preparation, Reactive Pursuit, Twin Feint, Blank Slate
General Feats Ancestral Paragon, Untrained Improvisation
Skill Feats Advanced First Aid, Battle Medicine, Biographical Eye, Charming Liar, Continual Recovery, Doublespeak, Foil Senses, Intimidating Glare, Legendary Medic, Pickpocket, Quick Unlock, Read Lips, Slippery Secrets, Streetwise, Subjective Truth, Swift Sneak, Unmistakable Lore

Other Abilities component substitution, debilitating strike, double debilitation, master tricks, rogue expertise, rogue's racket, sneak attack, thief, undead, weapon specialization, weapon tricks