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Shifty wrote:
Anguish wrote:
Sensible stuff

I have to say though, that copper set looks amazing and I'd be keen on just those. Sadly they all went.

Tin < Copper, but sadly it appears you need to have both.

I feel a bit Sad Panda that the Coppers aren't a standalone, even if there were some left :)

That said it LOOKED like a straight $89 pledge, not an add-on.

Just an FYI, you can still get the copper dice, i know it says they only make 200 sets available, if you look at the q&a on the kickstarter page, if you add the amount of copper dice set to your order you will still get them, they just cant guarantee you will get them on time, will be a slight delay on copper dice, but they will make as many as have been requested on the kickstarter page, regardless of the 200 limit.

I am part of this kickstarter, i invested for a base set as well as the set of d6's.

I think they look cool, they have done a great job. Unfortunately there is a lot of complaints on the kickstarter website as well as one here where people havn't read anything about the kickstarter being for a set of silvery dice. Actually they found tin to be the metal of choice. The add on's are just that, an add on.

Now what i would like to see from Paizo, since we are all fans of Paizo and pathfinder, i would like to see a benefit from them for those of us supporting this kickstarter. After all we will be using these awesome metal dice and having people ask what the P stands for. Maybe something to the effect of a free reroll on a saving through, or one free reroll per scenario. That would be awesome.

I know at some conventions you can buy a shirt or a folio which will give you a free re-roll on something.

Just wishful thinking. Hope you all enjoy the dice as much as i will.


ARGHHHH no tickets left, ill keep checking to see if anyone cancels...