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Dracovar wrote:

Requiring an entire party wipe to end the AP "successfully" seems a bit of a stretch to ask of your players. I mean, you don't even kill off Tar Baphon, just set him back a bunch. Leaves an unsatisfactory taste in my mouth, frankly.

Now, if it just takes 1/4 to do the job - AND you apply GM fiat via the sidebar mentioned in Book 5 (wherein you, as GM, offer up a future resurrection for the sacrificed folk(s)), maybe it would work.

I've been prepping Tyrant's Grasp to dovetail my players into it from an existing low-level adventure, but when I saw this after getting ahold of this book I started having serious second thoughts. I don't think my players, the most "heroic" of whom is playing a CG bard, will be very excited about all walking willingly to their deaths. I really like this "1/4" suggestion, though - making them choose one person to make the sacrifice has a lot of RP potential, especially if there's some opportunity for last minute failure and someone else having to step up.

I've been running the Darkmoon Vale modules (of which Hollow's Last Hope is the first), with some significant modifications, and one of the things I've been doing is reclassing a number of the bosses and NPCs. I did exacty what you suggest with Teedum - my first pass was a fairly stright transfer, ending up with him hitting significantly harder than the module stats, but having lower saves and AC, which seems reasonable to me. The party hasn't gotten in a fight with him yet, though, so I haven't fully settled on his final setup. I also reclassed Merlokrep and Jekkajak from Crown of the Kobold King, which is what the party is running now; I made Jekkajak a witch, which I'm really liking as an encounter mechanic. I made Merlokrep an Undead Lord Cleric/Bloodrager, which is a bit idiosyncratic to how I changed the module and may not be as useful to others.

The Towns of the Inner Sea has some good info - thanks for that recommendation! Much like the Darkmoon Vale campaign setting stats, though, the stats for Vamros Harg don't make much sense; making Harg a NE 5th level sorcerer isn't really consistent with any of the descriptions given for him. I like the full stats for Kreed, though!