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The Silverhex Chronicles


First things first - this is an awesome product for FREE!

As it is free it seems a little unfair to highlight shortcomings but I had to do a bit of extra work to set the initial scene and to try to knit the quests together into a more cohesive mix.

The final quest (Silverhex) is extremely deadly for a 1st level party (even Core), let alone Pregens. It ended with a TPK although in fairness the text does recommend players do Silverhex last although they are not in any way steered there last.

Doing the other quests first would allow the party to gain some useful items and coin rewards for extra gear which would make the finale easier.

My group tackled Mausoleum very well (it's a cracking little quest), followed by a pretty easily achieved Webs, then it all went wrong with Silverhex.

Well worth a download imo