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Might be a bit late to the party (as AA4 is, at present, set for release this December), but here are some things I'd ABSOLUTELY like to see (if not in AA4, then at least in a possible AA5):

  • More of the uncommon & rare "legacy" races from Pathfinder First Edition (i.e., changelings (including one of void hag ancestry), fetchlings, gathlains, gillmen, grippli, kitsune, kobolds, merfolk, nagaji, samsarans, skinwalkers, tengus, vishkanyas, wayangs, wyrwoods, etc.).

  • Mutants (especially given the fact that you have weapons that can irradiate targets & a fey that can mutate other creatures, albeit temporarily, with a single touch), with a veritable bonanza of deformity & beneficial mutation options (including fleshwarp mutations from Pathfinder Horror Adventures & those possessed by the spawn of drakainias from Pathfinder Bestiary 4).

  • More Lovecraft-inspired creatures for PCs to face (i.e., aboleths, chuuls, gibbering mouthers, shoggoths, neh-thalggus, moon-beasts, elder things, Deep Ones (including elder & hybrid versions), omnipaths, veiled masters, the Great Old Ones (Bokrug, Cthulhu, Hastur, Rhan-Tegoth, Tawil at’Umr, Yig), spawn of Yog-Sothoth, star-spawn of Cthulhu, etc.).

  • More classic "tauric" Pathfinder First Edition creatures (i.e., centaurs, driders, lamias, girtablilus, ichthyocentaurs, etc.), but as fully-playable races.

  • Some kind of fey that makes its home aboard space stations & starships (not unlike the urban fairy from Kenzer & Company's Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting for D&D Third Edition).

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Here's some things I'd personally like to see in future Starfinder products (at least one of which I've mentioned on other threads):

Rules for creating vehicles other than starships or mechs.

Rules for applying weapon fusions to vehicular & starship weapons.

Rules for creating stationary facilities (space stations, outposts, shipyards, etc.).

More equipment & weapons (a la the Starfinder Armory), including new & variant bio-, cyber-, & magitech augmentations.

Rules for creating new alien races, perhaps as a companion to the Galaxy Exploration Manual set to debut next year (possibly involving a contest with the winning entry being featured in a future Starfinder product, be it as an Alien Archive entry or as part of a new Adventure Path).

More of the uncommon Pathfinder races (i.e. gillmen, merfolk, vanara, etc.) brought into the Starfinder setting (one possibility being having gillmen in an underwater-themed Adventure Path, introducing them as genetically-engineered creations of the Azlanti Star Empire).

A mythic-level Adventure Path centered on the mystery of the Gap (and possibly featuring Golarion's reappearance, with all the fallout that comes with it).

A mythic-level Adventure Path centered on the "Great Old Ones" (i.e. Cthulhu, Hastur, Yig, etc.), their Outer God masters, and their various servants.

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Here are a couple ideas of mine for future Starfinder products:

Advanced Race Manual: a guidebook similar in vein to the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide, featuring new character options for the core and uncommon races as well as rules for creating new alien races for use in the Starfinder setting.

Advanced Exploration Guide: a guidebook similar in vein to the Pathfinder Ultimate Wilderness accessory, featuring new exploration-themed character options as well as rules for creating new unexplored planets and star systems.