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Top notch PFS scenario

There are scenarios you play and enjoy; then put into your stack of things to run. My AP group needed an adventure so I prepped this adventure in a hurry. It flowed like water. This is memorable due to the easy to implement favor mechanic between two NPCs and the intrigues of a family. The characters are accessible and as a GM I appreciate having a well thought out paragraph of the character personality that would never appear in a stat block.
The setting and the encounters all contribute to the story and theme. After playing this two weeks before prepping it in a day, I had no problem understanding the encounters, reoccurring NPCs, and keeping the scenario moving.
Role play is great, and everyone else appreciates how itcontributes to the story line. I liked how it was natural and encouraged by the situations in the scenario.

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Another stand out module


Combines comedy, tragedy and horror in one module. You need a good judge to bring it all out. Make sure you tell them to PREP!

This works well at a convention, word of mouth will fill your second table of this module.

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Unbeatable with good markers


I love this and keep one in my bag. Use good markers and you wont be disappointed.

I fold out mats I plan to use and lay them out to relax a bit.

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Complete for a beginner yet useful for old hands


When I have a convention where we play Pathfinder, I keep a printed copy of this and by the end of the event is is the most dogeared mess on my table. That is a pretty good testament, people read it into oblivion in a few days.

I like that it introduces new players to everything about the campaign, short of the entire Pathfinder RPG rule set.

It is hard to write a document that is comprehensible for new players, and still keep is useful for players who played before. I still love the traits. New rules in 2.2 help.

Thanks for the hard work.

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Great RPG world!


I enjoyed LSJ in another game version, and its even better using Pathfinder RPG. I have played adventures and solved the hapless NPCs problems in ways I would have never imagined!