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i actually like the repaints better than the others. i will defently be getting these.

thenobledrake wrote:
I just put in my order for the whole set plus dragon (and an extra frost giant) between Paizo and Auggie's, and I am getting that night before Christmas and I still believe in Santa sort of feeling.

wait santa is not real? now i gotta find someone to get me some new minis for christmas next year.

Thehigher cause wrote:
pres man wrote:

My view on the minis.

** spoiler omitted **...
My question is as a whole was the set good value? Would you buy a full case again or just the best one?

over all i think that it was a great value. i love the fact that it was all random, and i am looking forward to the next set. as long as i have the money for it i plan on buying 2 cases next time.

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
no, it actually just confirms what was found in the other thread, a rare large is slightly harder to get than a rare Med (the only Medium above 12 is the vamp, and only large less than 20 is the ogre)

the succubus, and lich are also $20.

now that they are being sold as singles how does a case subscriber get their 20% off on them?

my only real complaint is the ratio of rares to commons. I ended up getting 3 medusas, and 3 spectre, and only 1 orc warrior. but other than that these are great. can't wait until the next set and the encounter packs.

i have been waiting to get mine since friday thanks to UPS. they have been in one town over since friday morning, and for some reason they did not want me to have them until today. i bet that they are over there playing with them right now.

thanks erik for another great preview. just two more days until mine are suppose to be here.

Cat-thulhu wrote:
Mine look like they just shipped! International though so still weeks away. If anyone could anser these questions once they have them in hand I'd really appreciate it. 1) Wizkidz minis often lack face detail, not just paint detail but shallow features or no features - how do these fare? 2) Often hands appear oversized or strangely exagerated(the orc brute and spectre for example) how do these look? Don't get me wrong I became a subsciber the moment it was announced and I am thoroughly impressed with the job on this first set - especially since it started out as a generic fantasy mini set, just curious about these details.

mine should be here in a few days. it normalytakes about 3 days for me to get anything else that i order. once i get them i will let you know. the heros miniatures looked fantastic with the hand size and what not, and also the faces looked good compaired to the other minis that i have seen.

is there a way you could get a photo of all of the minis together so that way we could see how huge the "Huge Black Dragon" looks next to the other ones?

Steve Geddes wrote:

Is it normal practice to have more rares than uncommons and commons?

I know the rarity refers to frequency of each individual figure, nonetheless the breakdown here is counter to my expectations.

Also, are the relative proportionate representations public knowledge? (like 5/8 common, 2/8 uncommon, 1/8 rare or similar?)

you have to remeber that all large minis are rares for this set so you have 13 common, 10 uncommon, 9 rare, 8 large "rare".

for the life of me i can't remeber if it was brought up or not, but are there going to be Iconics in every set, or is the rest going to be released in a set of there own?

i am not sure if this was asked, but i have not seen it on any of the post that i have saw. is the case going to have a list telling you what minis are in the set? granted i know that buying a case i have like a 99% chance at getting a full set but there is always a chance that i could be missing 1 or 2 of the rares. and it would be nice that while i am opening them i could look at the list and check them off as i open it.

did they get pushed back to Nov. now, or is that a mistake?