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James Jacobs wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Going off that, would a social/espionage focused Midnight Isles adventure dealing with the fallout of Nocticula's ascension be something that would interest you?
It would absolutely would interest me. Whether or not it'd interest anyone else is the thing that'd help get a plot like this into print.

Which could also tie into my thoughts on "What happens to House Misraria?"

I was thinking that since Sabriune (Council of Thieves redux) "left before the rush" (no mention of anyone who came with, or didn't make it out), then my question is: Would this be the just the first few cracks in House Misraria that precede something momentous happening in the Shadowlands (Drow Central in particular); would it end up being somewhere between"This is the New House, same as the Old House", or a full-on Schism/Destruction (given that if for a few days the cleric spells stop being doled out before they switch, there could be a whole cavern full of surprises in store...)?

i.e. this all depends on percentages of:
- those "escapees" that go off to do their own Nocticula Redeemed shenanigans,
- those who get siphoned off to which new/old Demon Lord {or other similar entity}, and/or
- those adopted by a.n.other House angling for a handy bunch of new followers, and
- those who get backstabbed by either their own, or other opportunistic Houses...

I have another aesthetic Q about Drow, but I'll wait a bit so it's not clogging up the system

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If you haven't seen them, the TV Tropes entries may give a few more ideas:

Swamps are Evil


Thirsty Desert

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Swamp: water water everywhere and newts have taken a dump in it.

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He also only has 4 Panache points. Make sure you keep a tally of when he spends and gets them back, which is different for Inspired Blade.

Inspired Blade wrote:
Unlike other swashbucklers, an inspired blade gains no panache from a killing blow. She gains panache only from scoring a critical hit with a rapier.

He will also only be able to do a lot of other tricks if he has one Panache left... (either to spend or in bank: see Kip Up and Initiative)

Flank him with minions and they will still get an AoO on him even if he "dodgy" Panaches...

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The closest real life example I can find of climbing an ice waterfall and narrow escapes is this:

Narrow Escape From Ice Waterfall Collapse

A rogue would probably be better than these guys maybe?

Basically the other closest example I can map this situation to an effect of "suddenly no ground" going off to the area right next/under you to (un)certain doom is:

The Deathfall Pit Trap: the hardest trap I could find (at short notice)

Or the spell that you can target directly under the feet of Create Pit... :

Both these allow reflex saves to jump clear of the effect; or you just take it that a rogue character should know what a player won't: how to climb stuff that is brittle and would have the sense to not just use the ice alone?

(Just as we let wizards have poetic license for knowing impossible stuff their characters never would as pretty much no-one IRL is that smart...)

YMMV, I guess, but if what you and they think a frozen waterfall look like are completely different (some do have rocks poking out), then mayhap a description of what the ice waterfall looked like would clarify...?

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nighttree wrote:
Descriptive text aside...Channeler of the unknown is perfect for the Ur Priest idea I have been wanting to do for some time :P

AHA! This is what I was looking for... I probably wasted a post or two trying to explain the concept I was after in the JJ thread ...

My really rambly enquiry as to whether a CotU could be used to simulate worshipping a Dead God...

So apparently the Fluff I was after is in the following place...Ur-Priest link
"Atypical Ur-Priests
This article is mainly about the ur-priest that seeks to gain earthly power by siphoning off the power of the gods. But there is another type: the ex-cleric of a dead god. In this case their deity died, disappeared, or faded from lack of worship; the ur-priest siphons power to keep his divine powers working while he tries to resurrect his god, or elevate a new deity to replace it."

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Sky Mines...

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I was the PC paladin, and I wrote this up as backstory when the players found out the status of a certain NPC...

Spinel's Story

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Found some Mythic stuff that might lend a hand if you do end up going Atlas-Dwarf...

Why yes, I can bench press an elephant...

Also has anyone looked at traits yet? More Bashing and carrying...

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The Paladin fell because they failed to Detect Evil on the infant; it was a containment ceremony for a manifested qulippoth-hybrid infant prophesied to bring forth the Apocalypse. The (diet cola of) evil cult were Mostly Lawful Asmodeans and they were trying to delay the Rough Beast's return.
Infant last seen giggling and teleporting out to who knows where...

("Nice job breaking the world, hero," Sarenrae whispers before she whisks their powers away, with a mental list seared into their brain of what they have to accomplish to get their mojo back...)


The Paladin sold all their worldly goods and gave the money to the poor.

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I can think of a few things that might aid balance: (apologies if this turns out a bit TL;DR)

GM should be increasing the CR of an encounter (add levels, spells, extra HP or a cordon of summoned, or actual, allies, or more neutral foes) to match CR of PCs.

How bad are the other PCs stats? (if they rolled really badly, or less than you get for 15+ point buy - average of 12-13 for each stat?), then after a second chance to roll another set of 6 - not individual abilities though - and if that is also poor, it might be an idea to settle for the point buy instead...
(I know some people who mistrust their own rolling skills so they prefer to point-buy)

Also, the GM could change some of the loot to better shore up weaknesses in the party (Will re-roll items may be of use), or Iron Will feat, etc. or a weapon only a Barbarian can use...

Your Barbarian might give the Demoralizing route a try? i.e., there should be a lessening of the Damage Per Round being the only measure by which a character contributes to a party; I know most of PF is about the fights BUT: spell selection (buffs/penalties), tactics and co-operation between players to make each character the best it can be (without too much cheese) should be emphasized?

Ok, so you are probably the Face of the party as well given the CHA, but it's not just about damage and who is the best leader; there should be opportunities for the other characters to roll on skills your PC doesn't have (Paladins don't get many Class Skills, and you have a couple more points to spend than the average Paladin, but Barbarian should be all over Survival (tracking and cooking), Climb, Swim, and Know(Nature) for example)...
.... and also the Fighter Player may come up with an idea and pass it on to a character who might have thought of it...

There's also the possibility the GM is worried if they increase the CR by adding extras to the fights, the other PCs will just get steamrollered. The GM also needs to use tactics in their encounters (maybe they should be "engineering" an encounter whereby your PC gets swarmed by "things obsessed with shiny Paladin" that it's advantageous to the other PCs and they can help you for a change. {for example...})

In summary, I'd emphasize that it is a Team Game and you should all hopefully be having fun?, however, if you are the Star Quarterback the GM/other players can't just ask you to Not Be One? Your team should give support in other ways? But you should help them to help you as well?

oh, and,
Cleric should also be looking for "I can still heal for X rounds after Death" Mythic stuff...

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So, we're playing WotW Book 1 at the mo, staking out the town before a certain invasion is supposed to happen to it

Hunter has recced the town Alchemist sneaking off to his secret place and building his you know what.... we decide my character should seduce him to get him to spill the beans on just exactly what he wants to use his secret project for...

GM rolls to spot if my Sorceress Diplomancer is found out chatting the Alchemist up...

GM: "well, he appears to have no Sense Motive to speak of, and he's just rolled a {low number}..."

Me: "Yes, he's fallen right into her vagenda..."

(Borrowed from Fringe)

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Set wrote:
Lord Snow wrote:
He does have control over ants, but they are more a shtick than anything, never really accomplishing anything truly impressive. A flying ant mount allows him some air mobility I suppose, but once he joins the Avengers, Stark can just give him some of that flying technology and solve that problem.

In addition to being able to eventually grow sixty feet tall (which, thanks to the cube-square law, would require his bones, muscles, skin, etc. be 1000x stronger and tougher than human flesh and bone), if Marvel ever wanted to give an Ant-Man/Giant-Man a real 'holy crap!' moment, they could just have him summon up 10,000 ants and use his Pym particles to enlarge them to the size of school buses (preferably without the sound effects from Them!) and order them to devour an entire alien invasion force, while the rest of the Avengers stand around looking vaguely nauseous.

He's never been 'weak,' even if he's never been quite as much of a show-off as Thor, Iron Man or the Hulk.

Agreed. I think a lot of characters (not just superheroes) get short shrift, just because the particular writer at the time doesn't have the imagination that Skill A + Power B + Knowledge C = "BOW BEFORE ME, PUNY MORTAL!!!!"

(Well, "hey, look at this really cool thing I just realized I could do", at any rate...)

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
Manwolf wrote:
Confession: So far I really haven't gotten into archetypes. I still like base classes better.
Archetypes replaced those incredibly broken PrC's, which was a great way to go. I knew high level PC's in 3.5 with six PrCs, mostly dips.
Or played by dips.....?

"You Double-Dipped?!"

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I sing in a Ladies Barbershop Chorus...

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Wall of text crits you for 9999+ damage...

I like Prunes

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Seconded on Half-erinyes: I'd like a Devils: Revisited and more info/NPCs/cults to do with the "not just Asmodeus" side of things...

Plus an Infernal Obedience Feat?

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My cohort Paladin rode our pounce-kitty Synthesist Summoner. This generally ended up as us being her sidekicks....

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In the case of the Synthesist, if you *became* your Eidolon would you be capable of siring offspring with another person in that form (some sort of Eidolon Bloodline like Impossible springs to mind)?

I'm curious as in a recent game my cohort shacked up with a Synth PC (after being the cohort's mount for a while - gotta love a PC mount with pounce for a paladin cohort with the archetype for riding... we all ended up being their sidekicks by the BBEM and joked her surname ought to be Killsteal...); if there was ever a Mythic Sequel or something things might get interesting... (or would do if the Eidolon PC hadn't suddenly changed gender...

Ofc, YMMV...

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Tieflings with no messing cost 13RP.

I was wanting to create a variant that was based on Erinyes, and so wanted to get (at least) the Vestigial Wings (possibly better flight), and possibly a Weapon Familiarity (All Bows and Whip - to use a rope like a whip like Erinyes do), and replace the spell-like with Animate Rope.
My GM said if I wanted decent Flight, as Vestigial Wings were 2RP, to balance I'd have to lose some part of Fiendish Resistances. Fair enough.

It was at this point, however, when paying more attention to the individual costs of the Racials and Alternate Racials .
Ignore Weapons for a moment...

Vestigial Wings (2RP) Replaces Skilled (4RP). So now my Alternate Racial Tiefling costs 2RP Less than a Regular Tiefling.

Is it acceptable to ask for something like the 30'(Clumsy) 4RP cost Flight instead and that then it should balance? I wouldn't mind losing just one resistance then to pick up the Wpn Fams. (or at a push Glide to stay evens on old/new cost)

(I will just add I was going to get Infernal Bloodline but was maybe picking up Seeker instead so would lose Wings option at 15th Level and I'm not spending 4 feats on an Eldritch Heritage to get proper ones either.

I also know there are spells/feats to either grow (or strengthen existing) wings and would not mind starting with 4RP flight and then doing an upgrade with a modified "Flight" feat (see strix, for example)

However, the point remains that swapping Vest.Wings for Skilled Does Not Add Up.