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A Refreshing and Exciting Scenario


I played this late last year...

This is the first part of what I've been looking for in high-tier (seeker level) scenarios. Everything about the feel screamed it had a major impact on both the society itself (particularly for the poor mooks under us) and for the society's relationships with its allies.

Scenario Details...:
The leadership mechanics where new, and stressed the feeling of, "I have no idea how to do this", which I believe was the point... organizing your own missions for pathfinder teams based on too little information and using what resources are available. Being thrust into leadership with (at least for myself) no practical experience was something that added a whole new level for me. The scenario itself, from acting as an elite strike team to an investigative force, the scenario flowed well and was exciting to follow. I found the final scenario to be well built, and had our party trying to figure out how to deal with it while keeping from triggering the traps and dying to the weakest of the three scenario bosses.

Many of the fights were new and exciting, mechanics and threats I had never encountered before, as well as competently built opponents. Toss in challenging environments and it had us spinning our wheels trying to devise ways to tackle each problem while still managing the others. It was exciting and new, everything a seeker level scenario should be.