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are we hasted?

Mark Seifter wrote:
To remove that ambiguity and tinker with things a little bit, the final version has a size restriction, but you can lift that and throw even the tarrasque by increasing the burn by a mere 1 point. Until the final version comes out, though, aether is still missing some of its sweet new utility talents, so perhaps in your games, you might consider allowing foe throw to throw a creature of any size for now?

cool, thanks!

Whos_That wrote:
It doesn't say it has the weight restrictions. In my mind if it did, it would say. I believe it has a size restriction instead correct?

Says nothing about size restrictions that I can see, the only wording that restricts target is that it "functions like telekinetic blast, but..." so presumably, it can only throw kineticist level x5 in weight.

I searched around, and there's a question asked early on that was never quite answered- An Aether kineticist using Foe Throw- does that have the normal weight restrictions that telekinetic blast would? Or do you need to pick up telekinetic Haul first to throw anything bigger than a small dog?