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I played this scenario today as a Slot Zero.

We died, after four hours, in the first encounter.
As a seven person table on the high tier with the 4 player adjustment with competent builds, it became clear that this combat was futile. The sheer quantity of effects in play (almost all of which were exceptionally difficult to treat let alone avoid,) combined with the brutal abilities of the foes, were bordering on insurmountable.

Once we were all dead, we spent the remaining time reviewing the rest of what would have come. It rapidly became clear that, while any one of the encounters would suffice as a finale in a difficult scenario, them being strung together in succession with no realistic opportunity to rest makes for an experience akin to character suicide for a non optimized build. I do not want to feel forced into power-gaming in order to have the possibility of experiencing a scenario in full, let alone surviving it.

It is clear that the GM of this scenario needs to have an unprecedented amount of preparation as well as patience and coordination in order for the full tactics of the scenario to be followed.

It is no exaggeration to say that for average players and game masters alike, the enjoyment of the scenario has a prerequisite of masochism.

I played in the hope of running this one day, but I can only imagine doing so for someone whom I hold a grudge against.