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Nature things ahead!


I got this expecting to focus on a new monster, the Phoenix Lilly. That was what originally piqued my interest, I've always liked plant monsters. They're just so easy to drop into most settings adventurers are in.

What I got with this was 1 monster and a whole lot of things that players can use as well.

First, I want to tackle the monster. It's a pretty nasty little flower; it has some slam attacks and literally shoots fire. Additionally, it can go all nova on its attackers destroying itself in the process. A bonus for intrepid PCs is harvesting the blossoms for later use.

Second, are two magic items. The specimen jar I feel is the best of the two presented. A simple magic item allowing PCs to preserve items harvested from plants or magical beasts to use or process later. I totally get it and it feel like it fits right in since the monster text even says you can do it. A really great tie in. The fecund totem didn't grab me as much. It was more of a setting piece to enhance an area than something PCs might outright buy or find as part of a loot pile.

Finally, we get some crunchy rule bits on Natural Items, from harvesting from their native state to preserving them. Simple straight forward rules here, easy to understand DCs and costs when needed. Also included are a few example items, what they do and how they can be used to enhance spells, similar to using an acid flask with acid spells.

I think the only real issue I had with this was organization. I would have the monster up front, then the natural items/harvesting rules and finally the magic items.

But all in all, a pretty little fire shooting flower monster.