Devika Alderyn's page

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Full Name

Devika Aderyn


Tiefling of vrock descent


Swashbuckler 1







Special Abilities

Deathwatch at will


Chaotic Netural


Arena Fighter, Mercenary

Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 7
Charisma 16

About Devika Alderyn

Imgur link to character picture.
Devika's skin is a peach tone with a faint, deep purple tinge to it. This tinge grows darker when blood rushes to the skin (IE blushing). Starting from her heart is a complex tattoo of some sort. It's comprised of complex tracery which flows from her heart, over her chest, down to her navel, out along her arms to the backs of her hands, and down her spine to the base of her feathered tail. At certain points the tracery forms into intricate knots such as over her heart, around her navel, and on her elbow and the back of her hands. This tracery is a deep purple in color and, occasionally seems to pulse, ripple, or shimmer. But that's likely a trick of your eyes or something.

Her feathers appear to be black with a gold colored tips. Upon closer inspection they're actually a deep purple color. The feathers on her arms and tail are similar to flight feathers while the ones on her head are soft and flexible. The 'shaved head' look is actually the result of very short stubbly feathers which refuse to grow any longer.

Her nails, instead of being the normal peach colored things are thick, hard, and black. Her fingernails are shaped much like normal fingernails but her toenails are somewhat curved and hooked in a manner reminiscent of talons. Her feet and shin are also very birdlike. The transition starts about a hands width below the knee, the skin covered with darker colored pebbly scales.

In the place of teeth she possesses what amounts to an internal beak. This is a singular greyish 'tooth' on both upper and lower jaws. In the place of canines there are small downward protrusions which are vaguely reminiscent of the hook present on the front of a bird of prey's beak. Though not nearly as large or sharp.

And, as the finale, all tieflings need horns right? Well one of hers was torn off during a particularly difficult engagement so she removed the other and keeps them filed down. Keeps them from being used as grips.