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Our Price: $199.99


Fantastic Quality


This book is well worth the price. The quality is amazing, the prints are beautiful (actually going to frame them and hang them) and the individual handouts are extremely helpful.

There is literally only 1 tiny thing that I was thrown off-guard about with this book and that is with the locking hinge with the grimoire case. There is a single piton about a centimeter long that is holding the hinge in place and if you hold the case upside down it falls into the metal casing in a way that it allows for the hinge to be removed, and if the hinge is removed and you turn the case right-side up the piton will fall out. Easy remedy, keep the book right-side up or flat on its back to let gravity do its work to keep the hinge in place.

So that is the only concern I had and wanted to put that out there for anyone who wants to purchase this fine piece of awesomeness so they are not caught off-guard as well.