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Last session a long-known NPC just showed up in our hotel room, bitten and level-drained from 5 to ~2, asking our party for sanctuary from a vampire. We do not wish to face a vampire but will if it makes a nuisance of itself. We want nothing to do with this vampire and would prefer to avoid it. Our drained NPC 'ally' may be a charmed agent of the vampire, or maybe not - we've made no assumptions.

We already loaded up on holy water and wooden stakes, just in case. Also we immediately traveled overland 10 miles, with our drained ally, in an unpredictable direction. This is a well balanced 6th level party. PCs include an enormous low-will Rage Monster, a positive-channeling martial Cleric, An Arcanist, a martial Warpriest, and a Psychic. The party contains no good-aligned PCs, and mostly neutrals. What other plans and preparations might we reasonably make?

Already done: Cleric switched around spells to prepare Communal Protection from Evil and Align Weapon. Warpriest also prepared Communal Protection from Evil. This because the PCs know the worst danger from vampires is their domination. The best Knowledge(Religion) roll to know about vampires was a 23. We guess it's a spell-casting master vampire, with servants, but we don't know. It's probably already noticed our existence. I suspect GM will play it as a long-running off-stage villain.

Besides these rudimentary steps, what else might reasonably cautious PCs do to prepare for possibly being stalked by a master vampire? What can we do to protect our resting place?

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I just participated in an epic 5th level Pathfinder combat. We PCs were badly outnumbered if not outmatched. One PC unexpectedly distinguished herself. Whoda thunk that a CLERIC would deal big damage and so thoroughly command a battlefield?

This cleric distinguished herself by slaying more than half the foes, inflicting huge damage, and still finding time to save gravely wounded allies.

I watched (from my sniper nest) this character ambush a small horde of dangerous foes and crush them.

First the cleric swiftly enlarged to double size, threatening most of the battlefield with a longspear. Then the cleric channeled negative energy in a variant channel Earth-effect that harmed everyone on the field and made the whole field difficult terrain. The friendly fire damage stung but I took solace knowing that every foe on the field took the same amount of damage. The cleric had already distributed potions of Featherstep, a buff that lets one ignore difficult terrain, to allies.

The large cleric then dished out numerous AoOs, which usually hit for about 25 damage each. Enemies struggled in difficult terrain to close the gap while the cleric, wearing Featherstep Slippers, danced about and nimbly avoided them. Each round enemies would try to close with the large cleric and she would slay a few with monstrous AoOs. She'd then slip away, without AoOs, before the survivors could harm her much. She'd then channel again. The last survivors tried to flee.

I noticed that this cleric never attacked on her round, yet caused more hp damage than the rest of the party combined. After killing most of the enemies, and considerable friendly fire, she then channeled positive energy to heal the entire party, which was quite badly banged up by now.

I was struck by how this cleric massively out-damaged all the other PCs, even the Summoner and the Bloodrager Barbarian Combat Monster named Minmax. The negative energy channel rolls were extremely lucky, all 5s and 6s. All told, in a battle against 25 foes, this 5th level cleric caused at least 400+ hp damage over a 6 round combat. While still finding time to heal allies in combat. Twice.

Is this common? Have other people encountered this sort of killer-cleric that can so decisely stomp difficult combat encounters. Is this sort of refined tactical movement a common thing in your games? It seemed a simple build, with feats like Combat Reflexes, Power Attack, and a couple channel feats. The only thing I've ever seen come close is Dazing Fireballs from a spell-shaper.

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I am loath to request developer clarification, but shall do so anyway. The answer is not found in the rules, and Forum discussion is unresolved. Previous forum discussions on this topic are here (seemingly resolved to YES), here, and here. There seems to be a lot of table variation on this topic.

Question: A creature is in a Grease spell. Must the creature make an Acrobatics check (DC10) to leave the Grease area? I.e. Can it 5' step out of the Greased area?

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I'm playing a new PFS character, 'Thunderstomp' Ben, who does a weird battlefield control method. Ben is near level 6 & is on the Slow Track. Ben controls the battlefield by first supplying his allies with Featherstep Slippers, then filling the battlefield with Difficult Terrain, then no-save Entangling foes. Foes are typically entangled in difficult terrain, rendering them nearly immobile. He does this all in one combat round. Ben UMDs a Wand of Featherstep or two, in case an ally already has a magical foot slot. Ben owns three pairs of Featherstep Slippers, which represents most of his wealth.

I seek help and advice from the community on how best to use Ben's battlefield control. Not so much tactical help, although that is welcome, as how best to cooperate with other players and help everyone have fun. The problem is, as one player said to me, "what you are doing invalidates about 30% of builds". Upon reflection I see what he means. First I'd better explain, as it might not be obvious.

Imagine a Pathfinder battlefield filled with Difficult Terrain. Unless you fly or have the Featherstep buff you must always pay double movement costs and can never take a 5' step. Now imagine all the PCs have the Featherstep buff, because Ben gives it to everyone. The PCs can 5' step, but enemies can not. A reach build can typically Full Attack at will, foes lacking reach can never full attack in return, and such foes must provoke an AoO to make even a single attack. This situation dramatically magnifies the tactical value of having reach.

Now imagine a PC built to Two Weapon Fight (TWF) using Dex-to-damage. Unless there is some provision for reach this build needs to be adjacent to foes to attack. This makes it difficult for this PC to cooperate with a PC playing a reach build. The reach build wants allies to never end a turn adjacent to a foe, while the TWF Dex-to-damage build wants to be adjacent. Their tactical imperatives are diametrically opposed. This does not make for good teamwork.

If the battle is mobile, with lots of tactical maneuvering, Ben's approach is extremely effective. If the battle is static, where opponents move adjacent then stand still and slug it out, Ben's approach accomplishes very little. This gives an all-team tactical incentive to keep the battle mobile: it's full of win. However, if a PC's combat style is built to be most effective in an adjacent static battle (e.g. TWF) this situation tends to devalue that combat style. It's no fun to devalue other people's fantasy.

In a couple of recent teams, when I saw this dynamic, Ben mostly avoided using his Create Difficult Terrain ability. It would not have helped much, as several PCs wanted to be adjacent to foes, thus eliminating most of the tactical advantages of the Featherstep/Difficult Terrain combination.

With other teams Ben used his battlefield control powers to terrific effect. Just today Ben found himself fighting side by side with a Magus using the Longarm buff. It worked really well, because A) foes usually could not full attack, B) We could always full attack, C) We each got at least one AoO every combat round and, D) Superior mobility let the PCs literally dance circles around the enemy. The ranged combat PCs (a Zen Archer and a Sorcerer) also liked the battlefield configuration. This huge tactical advantage almost certainly made the difference between mission success and Total Party Kill (TPK). It was a very challenging Season 6 scenario, with only four PCs of a level average that just barely forced us to play up to High Tier. I recently expressed my desire for Hard Mode play. Be careful what you wish for ...

Ben has already figured out some ways to elicit teamwork while using his battlefield control prowess. Some examples are: Enlarge Person to give reach, Longarm self-only buff, readied actions, full attack followed by a 5' step. Please suggest others.

I seek advice from the community about how best to play Ben's 'schtick'. Fun games lacking internal party conflict are a priority over tactical advantage. I'm looking for advice on these topics:

* What do you think of this battlefield control technique? Remember that the context is PFS, which ends at level 11. Few foes fly.

* What should Ben do when an ally has a tactical imperative to remain adjacent to foes?

* Are there win-win compromise options? What are they?

* Any other aspect you feel like posting about

* Can you think of a better way to routinely inflict pain and HP damage on allies, during PFS play, and have them thank you for doing so? Too bad Xon-Kuthon doesn't have the Earth Portfolio ... :-)

Thanks for your time and attention.

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I'd like help from the collective smarts of all readers. Help minions of this super-intelligent BBEG with nearly infinite resources and access to all Arcane and Divine spells set a really nasty ambush for outrageously powerful high level PCs.


Ambush point is a 'safe refuge' the PCs left and will likely return to very suddenly by teleport. There's a horrendously huge and nasty ambush in place that has a good chance to be a TPK. The ambushers will probably have 2 round advance warning before the PCs arrive. It's a very powerful party & the players have asked for danger and challenge, so please help increase the chance of TPK.

One layer of the hoped-for PC-massacre is a layer of flying incorporeal undead. Shadows seem to be most effective, not the more powerful spectres, because every touch attack automatically does 1d6 STR damage, no save. These PCs pretty much only fail a save on consecutive natural ones.

The nasty villains setting up the ambush bring in a crowd of 500+ ordinary small slaves. The area is Desecrated, as the spell. The slaves are rendered helpless & locked in a room, then a Greater Shadow (under the control of an NPC cleric) kills all 500 slaves, causing them to ALL become shadows. This pack of 500 shadows swarms the area, with most hanging out with the Greater Shadow inside 40' of rock. The Greater Shadow will release them on the PCs in groups of 50-100 after the initial 200 swarms them. Best (worst!) case each PC can be attacked by 26 shadows, each a touch attack that drains STR. That's 9 from above, 8 around, and 9 from below. Even hitting only on a 20 that's about 1d6 STR drain per round. The PCs will need to pump out a weak (probably Quickened) point-blank fireball every round just to keep the shadows off.

Just for fun they also animated hundreds of the corpses as a variety of lesser undead. Mostly Burning Skeletons.

The NPC assassins are mostly protected against their own undead, although accidents happen.

So, given immense resources (no wishes, etc without a darn good reason) and access to all spells, what layered magic nastiness can be set up? Ideally stuff that will weaken the PCs. Best options are things that inflict a penalty even on a successful save, and that stack.

Please help me come up with more. Access to pretty much EVERYTHING. Here's my starter list:

Pre-buffs in place
Desecrate - profane bonus
Symbol of Vulnerability (on floor, triggered by PC arrival), foes in 60' have already used Password. 9th level version of Symbol of Death.
Symbol of Insanity.
Symbol of Stunning.
Symbol of Pain
Symbol of Weakness
help me add to this list, pull out all the stops

First round spell attacks:
Dimensional Lock (8th Divine)
Polar Midnight (9th level divine) off a scroll
Help me find 4 more utterly nasty spells, 2 Divine and 2 Arcane, to make life brief for 6 super-duper PCs. 2nd round spell attacks are also welcome. There's a good chance that some of the NPC casters will survive until Round 2, which is unusual when facing these PCs. When considering how nasty to get, consider that the PCs output 1500 - 2000 HP of damage per round.

Specifically looking for help with:
1. Ways to prevent PCs from teleporting away! (not all can teleport, but most can) besides Dimensional Anchor.

2. Ways to multiply effect of the shadow swarm. Most PCs have outrageous touch AC and will only be hit on a 20, so every buff helps.

3. Targeted way to attack a Synthesist Summoner

The enemy will know 2-3 rounds in advance that the PCs are coming, so allow for 2 rounds of casting by each of 6 high level casters right before the PCs arrive. Spells longer than 1 minute/level will already be in place. The actual casters are clerics & wizards, each 12th-14th level, but they can have plenty of scrolls of any spells besides Wish et al. So that's up to 12 spells pre-buffed, 8 Divine and 4 Arcane.

Please help this GM get some nasty on.

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We have room for 2 more players and possible alternates for this game. Starts in 22 hours.

Sign up here

Direct link:!topic/pathfinder-society-online-collectiv e/NFpd71zEytc

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Rodinia, a PFS reach-style cleric of Erastil, is considering retraining into a weaker build approach. Her player seeks advice about which is the better choice. Rodinia is a martial combatant who sometimes casts spells on the side.

Rodinia, currently 4th level. Classes are Fighter 1 / Cleric 3

Domains: Growth & Feather
Feats include Combat Reflexes & Power Attack

Rodinia's schtick: She generally whacks things with a polearm for massive damage. Her combat schtick is to position herself 15-20' from several foes then swift action Enlarge Person (Growth domain), thus threatening these foes from reach. On their turn these foes must usually provoke an AoO if they wish to act at all. Her standard action might be an attack, a spell, or channeling, but most damage comes from AoOs. This has worked great in nearly a dozen PFS scenarios. Even foes who would never provoke an AoO to normal reach usually do provoke against this tactic.

The Choice: Current build soon becomes very powerful. Player is considering retraining to a less optimal build that seems like it might play better. Seeking advice.

A. Current 'optimized' build: Feather Domain & Boon Companion give a full animal companion at 5th level. The companion will be both a steed & a martial ally. With the addition of Paired Opportunists the Animal Companion will roughly double Rodinia's overall damage output.

Pros: Very effective. Massive damage & excellent zone control. Extra meat shield. At 5th level the combined pair gets up to 9 attacks per round for average 20-30 HP per attack, with excellent chances to hit.

Cons: A bit too effective. Even without the Animal Companion, Rodinia inflicts most of the HP damage in every group she's in. In a recent Tier 3-4 scenario she inflicted 160 HP in 2 combat rounds, instantly ending both fights, and finished off the BBEG. Better to let others share the glory. Also, even with the Narrow Frame feat, there are some situations where a large beast just gets in the way. Also, ACs can slow down PFS play.

B. Alternate mechanically-less-optimal build: Retrain the Feather domain to the Luck domain and become an Erastil Separatist. Eloquent RP fluff to explain the reason.

Pros: Bit of Luck works exceptionally well when combined with the Headband of Fortune's Favor and an AoO-based fighting style. No animal companion to slow down PFS play. Better survivability. Still easily strong enough for PFS play.

Cons: Slightly gimmicky two-trick-pony. Mechanically weaker than the Feather domain. Will inflict a lot less damage than the Feather domain variant.


So, would anyone care to state an opinion?

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I could not find anything about this in the rules forum. Please give your advice about whether this readied action is legal.

On your turn: "For my Standard Action I ready an action to attack this foe when I arrive in that square. For my Move action I move to that square, take my readied action, then keep moving."

This readied action approaches the utility of Spring Attack, but is not as good, because you still provoke AoOs from the target. If you wield a reach weapon and choose an appropriate target the foe won't get an AoO, but in theory it could.

What do other people think? Legit, or not legit?

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I'm running the end of RotRL for a very powerful super-optimized group of five PCs. They've had an easy time of it so far. The players have stated they want a TOUGH challenge and that a TPK result is fine. The party includes a Divination/blaster wizard, a Dimensional Dervish synthesist summoner, a Life Shaman, A Bloodrager, and a hunter (the least optimized).

The group has learned, from experience, that nothing can stand up to them. This was before I took over as GM. My goal is to challenge them, unto death and TPK if possible.

The group always acts in the surprise round, always wins initiative, and inflicts about 1500 HP damage (plus Daze and other AOE debuffs) single-target damage per round to any AC less than AC 50. Few opponents last past Combat Round One. The big Blue Dragon barely survived its first encounter with the PCs, by fleeing immediately, and fears them. As I said, it's a super-powerful group that is optimized to the hilt, played be highly skilled players with encyclopedic knowledge of the game.


Everything past here is a spoiler:


The PCs are in Xin-Shallest. They have destroyed the vampire decapus and liberated the skulks. Several PCs wear Sihedron Rings, so Karzoug knows their every action and word.

I quickly worked out that, RAW, there's nothing in the written adventure that can remotely challenge these PCs. They could literally defeat ALL of Karzougs minions IN THE SAME FIGHT, and still crush the archmage by round three.

As a result I've buffed up many of the minions. Karzoug I'm leaving mostly untouched, except for giving him more intelligent spell selection and use, and doing away with the ridiculous taunting. Karzoug is a super-genius, so he KNOWS how utterly bad%$$ the PCs are and realizes they are a deadly threat. Most minions I've buffed as much as seems plausible. E.g. The Harridans all have Variant Channeling (Madness) and Quick Channel, so confuse PCs. I've improved spell selection. Summon Monster is much more of a thing. Giants have better gear & tactics, etc. Bardsong is a thing.

I'm playing it with Karzoug mobilizing all his minions in a desperate play to KILL ALL THE PCS IN ONE BLOW. He has a pretty good plan, but I need advice for executing (pun intended) the final aspect. Please offer NO HOLDS BARRED ADVICE ON HOW TO TPK THIS PARTY. Karzoug's plan:

Executive summary: Lull the PCs into complacency. Done. Hammer the PCs with augmented giant minions and force the PCs to retreat to their prepared sanctuary. Have a HUGE AND AWFUL AMBUSH prepared and waiting at the sanctuary. The sanctuary will be the killing field.

In more details

1. Lull the PCs into a false sense of complacently. The PCs (and all but 1 player who is the previous GM and is gleefully keeping it under wraps) have no clue that Karzoug knows their every move. It's been funny watching the PC wizard implement this sophisticated plan to deceive Karzoug, all while wearing a Sihedron Ring.

2. Engage the PCs in an escalating pitched battle vs his supported giant minions. This group of PCs can slay 10-20 giants per combat round. However, backed by lots of divine (from the Harridans and Ceoptra) and Arcane buffs (from Karzoug and Khalid), summoned monsters, bardson, etc the giants can stand up to the PCs for a long time. The goal here is to catch the PCs in a corner and keep hammering them. This will drain the PCs resources and eventually force them to flee.

3. The PC wizard has prepared an emergency teleport escape plan. The destination location he chose is The Lair of the Hidden Beast under Xin-Shalest. Karzoug knows is is the destination, and knows exactly where it is. Karzoug will send his strongest minions to prepare the best ambush possible. The idea is to hit the PCs really hardthe instant they teleport into the sanctuary, when they are wounded and exhausted.

I need help with this final ambush. If the PCs survive this there's little else Karzoug can do, and he will soon be toast. I'm considering several ambush approaches. Please advise which ambush is most likely to succeed, and how to imrpove it!

Ambush option A: Undead and negative energy and spells

Pack the room with the nastiest undead the Harridan's can get hold of. Four Harridans Meld With Stone in the corner of the room. Karoug's elite strike force is waiting just outside the room, to make kills. Symbol of Death will activate the instant PCs arrive. PCs will obliterate the undead hordes, wasting their first action. the four Harridan's will pop out. They'll do SIX AOE Hangover Cleric channels, catching all the PCs, and also TWO Greater Dispel Magic on the PCs, to take down their best defensive spells. They'll also do this on rounds 2 and 3, if they're not dead. Meanwhile the strike force will try to kill vulnerable PCs. They have a plan to spirit away any PC corpses, to possibly foil Resurrection.

Ambush option B: Hordes of augmented giants et all pack the room. I don't think this will work, as the PCs will kill all the giants that could be packed into the room on Round 1. This approach negates the Harridan's confusion. The hallways are small, so it's a tight squeeze for giants to even get in here.

Ambush Option C: Lots of hostile spells. Load the room with every conceivable nasty spell. Karzoug planned for it yesterday, so all known spells are available. Problem is, this won't work. No combination of high level prepared spells (that this GM knows of) can kill this party.

Ambush option D: Huge explosions and collapse the chamber on the PCs. E.g. fill the room with 200 Gas Spores and stuff that will detonate them. That might inflict enough damage to discomfit some PCs. Then cast multiple Earthquake spells to bury what's left. Then release a bunch of big summoned Earth Elementals to hammer any survivors still alive under the tons of rubble, and to recover the bodies. This seems the option that's worst for the PCs, because it might actually work on some of them. E.g. I'm pretty sure the Dimensional Dervish synthesist summoner will be fine ...

Summary: None of the above ambush scenarios are quite likely to destroy the PCs. Some have a slim chance of success.

Some extra nasty enhancement options:

I. Karzoug's minions catch and deploy Pugwampi Gremlins over the combat area, perhaps in cages hanging from the ceiling. This works best for Ambush A. above. They'll die quickly, but their Unluck Aura might catch out the PCs. PCs will only fail a save on a 1, but forcing them to roll 12 saves per round else be confused might catch a few.

II. Karzoug has an Air Force ready if the PCs take the to the skies. Karzoug and his minions have all altered their spells prepared to include a great many powerful Summon Monster spells. Karzoug & company will summon a swarm of Erinyes devils, with a few Lillend Azata to provide bardsong. Also some Air Elementals. As a reward for good service, the many Erinyes may get to torment the few Lillends.

So, what advice can my fellow GMs provide? I want a plan that has at least a 50% chance of scoring a TPK, preferably more.

I'll next run this about 30 hours after this post. It may be several weeks before the PCs teleport away to the real Killing Field.

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Please help Magda get creative with the spell True Strike. She can cast truestrike once per day as a Standard Action, and once per day as a Swift Action. It doesn't get enough use.

While nearly-automatic damage is nice, sometimes it might be better to trip, or disarm, or something else. Magda has no maneuver feats and is just a damage-dealing, zone-controlling polearm wielder.

Please suggest some nifty ways to use Truestrike in combat, besides just auto-whacking things for lots of damage. What are some techniques that are unlikely to otherwise work, but are useful with the +20 bonus?

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This is a PFS-specific question. Two questions, in truth.

First question: I'd like opinions on whether re-training is an option in this case. A certain 10th level Cleric on the slow experience track now qualifies for Divine Interference. The next available feat comes at 11th level. Is it PFS Legal and/or reasonable to re-train another feat to Divine Interference at 10th level?

Second question: If it is legal to re-train, is it better to trade in Toughness or Improved Initiative? This is for a melee-heavy reach cleric(Evangelist) who is a front line martial combatant and main T@n£. HP are currently 103 with DR5/Magic and Initiative is currently +7. Defenses are already quite good, so Divine Interference is primarily to protect the rest of the team. Thanks for your advice.

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Our table needs at least one more player to reach quorum (4).

Remember that, even if you don't have a PFS character levels 7 - 11, you have the option of playing an Iconic Character.

Here's a link to the GMs original post. That contains a link to Warhorn, which is where you sign up.

Usually I'd not cross-post, but we really need one more player, the game starts in 75 minutes, and this seemed a good place to recruit experienced pathfinder players.

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Question is: Can an Animal Companion, specifically an Axe Beak, make use of the feat Pushing Assault. Assume it has STR 15+, INT 3+, and the Power Attack feat.

I'm inclined to say "No" because Pushing Assault speaks of a weapon attack:

Pushing Assault wrote:
When you hit a creature your size or smaller with a two-handed weapon attack modified by the Power Attack feat, you can choose to push the target 5 feet directly away from you ...

Note that the Axe Beak, like most animals with only one natural attack, applies 1.5x Strength bonus, per a two handed weapon attack. I still don't think it works. I would rule this is not legal for PFS. Opinions?

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Tonight I'll again run The Night March of Kalkamades online via Roll20 and G+. This is PFS sanctioned content. I have 5 slots left. Sign up here:

Please be sure you have your voice system working well in advance, else your spot will go to an alternate. The GM will send out a Roll20 link about an hour before game start time. Please be ready with a token, et cetera.

Grand Lodge *

We need a few more alternates for Wrath of the Accursed, a high level PFS adventure for levels 7-11. I'll be running it today, in about three hours. Sign up on Warhorn here:

It's likely we will play UP to Tier 10-11, so bring a high level PFS character. Game starts at 6:30 PM Eastern Time, which is 3:30 PM Pacific Time. Please arrive at the table at least 15 minutes early.

Also note that the 9-to-5ers online PFS GMs, lead by Venture Lieutenant Erica Warren, will soon by posting signups for many more game sessions in September, October, and November, so you may as well get an account. We will be running many higher level adventures.

GM Bruce

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Hi- I'm an awesome GM who wants to run PFS-legal games on a regular basis. I'll be using the Roll20 environment and voice chat, for an experience very like face-to-face tabletop play, only better. This works really well! I'll start by running every few weeks, but I'd love to eventually make it a weekly or twice-weekly thing (often with a different group). I'll run PFS-sanctioned modules, but with extra flair and outside-the-box creativity. Again, I am NOT offering play by post, I will run only real-time online table top play, just like face to face gaming sessions.

I seek guidance on which PFS adventures in which to invest my time, energy, and money preparing for online play. Which modules do people want to play, and which ones are recommended? I need to redo ALL the maps in EVERY module I run, as well as preparing additional text and graphic handouts, all of which means many extra hours of prep time. I really wish they would make a 'player visible' version of all maps and handouts (suitable for use with Fog of War), but they don't. You know, a version of the map that does NOT have the room numbers, pits, ambush points, and secret doors marked in red ...

So, I'd like people to post several things in this thread. Please number your response, so we can all tell at a glance what you are posting about:

#1 Recommendations on which modules to run. Please mention both adventures you would like to play in, as well as adventures you have played and can recommend. While I initially plan to run Tier 1-5, I'm totally open to higher level stuff as well. Paizo has many PFS adventures, very few of which I know, so I need help choosing the right content. It does no one any good if I spend 12 hours prepping an adventure that no one wants to play. I plan to run each one SEVERAL TIMES, for different PFS groups, so I want EACH ONE to be pretty good or better.

#2 Players who wish to participate. That way I can put you on my 'prospective PFS online players' list and contact you separately when I have something to schedule. Note that, in order to be a 'prospective player', you will need to have your act together. You MUST have voice chat working cleanly and well in Google Chrome, as all games will be in Google+ Hangouts. I will NOT waste time at the start of each game providing tech support to get your voice chat working. Use a headset, and learn to mute your background noise when you are not talking! In addition to posting a reply with "here I am I want to participate in online PFS play with Roll20 and Voice chat", I encourage you to ALSO send me an email to . Please also mention your time zone, when you are available to play, what levels you want to play at, and feel free to include a link to your favorite character(s). I will compile a list of interested people, and send out a mass mailing when I schedule new events. I will compile my list based on the people who contact , not based on posts to this thread. Chronicle Sheets will be available within 24 hours of the end of the session.

#3 Do you think it will ever be viable for me to charge a few dollars for admission, once I have the process down really well? I love GMing and have done it for free for the past 35 years, but I could eventually see reaching a point where running the same adventure over, for new players, began to take its toll. e.g. Would you consider paying $10 for e.g. a 4 hour Tuesday night PFS session with an awesome game master and all the bells and whistles? I'm not interested in buffing up my own PFS characters, they will have to be on slow advancement anyway. I'll run a lot more games if I can get compensated for my time ...

Thanks for your time and attention, all. I look forward to your posts and your emails to .


P.s. I am especially open to couples or groups of friends wishing to participate. It works better for everyone if the players know each other. For that matter, I am totally open to a group of friends requesting/hiring me to GM their regular Friday night PFS session.

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HI- I just found myself with a free Friday evening. I have a particular kinda nifty short adventure all prepared. I'd like to recruit a small group of players (4-6) for a one-off game that will run 1.5 - 3 hours. Characters should be first level up through 4th level. Post in the Recruitment thread and I shall invite you. We'll start 1 hour from when I write this. This will be a Voice Chat game played in Google+ Hangouts, so you must run Chrome and have it correctly configured for voice chat. Alternatively, if I am petitioned by an organized block of three or more players with a good reason, I'm open to using either built-in voice chat or skype (they all work for me). Game start time is 6:30PM Pacific Time on Friday, 17 May. Latecomers who have their act together may be allowed to pick up a pre-made character, or not, depending on my whim.

I have 6 premade characters (the Order of the Stick). I shall substitute your existing character for a pre-made, and use your token if you provide one. I'll go if 3 or more people show up, and six (plus two alternates) is the upper limit. You may bring your PFS legal character but it's not a PFS legal game.

The adventure starts with a PC party travelling from point A to point B, with no pressing timeline, in rural inhabited and patrolled territory.

Here is the game link. Please only sign up if you intend to actually show up 52 minutes hour from when I write this, and only if you have your voice chat working properly. Do feel free to contact a friend and invite him/her, as well. In fact, the best way for this game to happen on short notice is if people who read this and want to play invite their friends. Here's the game link: -pathfinder-levels-1-4


EnergyScholar the super-veterated GM new to Pathfinder