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Haunted Summoner lvl 9 / init +1 /51/67 / fort +8, Ref+4, will+9, AC 16 / Spells (1st 3/6)(2nd 4/5)(3rd 1/4)

Bouncing along with the rhyme mindlessly but the phantom gives a spike of fury to spice up the grief. Tall dark buildings and cruel priest leak out of the dead elens mind. And a young sylph calling them Sissy. Pain gone good? Blowing a stream of brown bubbles upwards to drown out Kallik's growl.

"Volcano.." Drumming their long fingers on their head, "Volcano hero?

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Haunted Summoner lvl 9 / init +1 /51/67 / fort +8, Ref+4, will+9, AC 16 / Spells (1st 3/6)(2nd 4/5)(3rd 1/4)

Kallik sinks far back into Qizzlvutz's mind, lost in memories. Should be prime time to get up to something but the Storyteller has another tale to tell. And Qizz runs along with the children to listen just as ensnared as they are with what is clearly a legend in the making.

Bright blue bubble seep out with their quiet repetition of Abnaki's assurance of stumbling words that lead to safety. Smiling, though its far to wide for an elen, at the children. The elen closer to Qizz's size and likely their age. Trying to respect their phantom and behave but they are nearly vibrating with the want to play. To try to get the children to laugh and seem alive like they did during Abnaki's story.

Glancing around and speaking softly to the youths, "Qizz have stories?" And they are patting their chest, "Share?"

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That was you all. Granted the brutality was primarily from Svetlana and Sir Pounce. Though you all were in a rush and are entering room 1 from a different direction. The two kobolds that you were chasing are nowhere to be seen.

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yeah its still down the hall. And nope, Penelope is a precious bean :)

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Twisting little roots around Gabriel and hugging him tightly though the story. Little streams of red ichor escape their shared mind and leak out of the mycos's blue eyes. Only getting a sad growl out of their phantom Qizz leans their head against Gabes shoulder.

When the other mycos crawl their way up and start debasing themselves, even though it's to Abnaki, their skin ripples and rolls in confusion and disgust. Turning their face inward, burying their face from their problems. A clear display of their age.

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me to. Eventually Ill get the meds figured out to managed them better.

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hello all. Haooy to be considered :)

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Quickish visit to the ER and two days with no screen time and I do now. Sorry for the radio silence. I have been basically working and sleeping since yesterday. But I think the migraine has left me. Thank you for your patience.

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So long as you all are ok with-it Jeva will tag along. She will be more inclined to play lookout and keep to the back than to put her neck on the line, at least so far. But you all have made an impression on her.

Sorry For the delay. A migraine had me in bed right after work yesterday.

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Shacking her head, "Don't live in town so not goin there."

The name takes here a moment. She just stares at Jenkin and quietly mumbles, "Jeva"

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The blackened husk of the orphanage lies atop the hill. Charred timbers are strewn among piles of caked ash and the only edifice left standing is a soot-stained stone arch. A small stuffed doll lies below the arch, her face seared off and her patchwork dress spilling dirty st­uffing. Beside her, a troop of half-melted tin soldiers stand in formation, their bodies twisted and deformed by the blaze that claimed their owner’s life.


Elowen: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (13) + 10 = 23
Jenkin: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27
Svetlana: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8
Penelope: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15
Odelai : 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (6) + 10 = 16
Sir Pounce: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Elowen and Jenkin:
you both spot a charred trap door within the ruined building. Not sure why a orphanage needed a trap door though. There is a hunk of metal that was once a lock. There is no chance of picking that lock

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You hear Lady Cirthana suck in a breath behind you. The look on Kreed's face is a mixture of disgust and worry, "He was home last night and went to bed reading some damn book about would be heroes. But he didn't come down for breakfast. And he wasn't in his room."

Taking a deep breath and seeming far more human than how monstrous he come across, "He is my only son."

But with Kreed the malice can never not seem to put on full display. He moves closer to you. Like a looming bugbear, "You and those other idiots are going to go find my boy and then never come near him again assuming you want this ugly building to keep standing. I assume that stupid girl led him to sneak out. You understand?
And you can feel Lady Cirthana move closer to you. Out of the corner of your eyes you see her hand gripping the longsword no one ever seems to notice she always has with her. And that you know she is skilled with.

Ralla nods slowly before throwing her arms around you, Thank you."

Quickly pulling back and rubbing at her eyes, "I can grab some of his clothes for the tiger to track him with. Where do you want me to met you?" She still cannot stop the tears but there is hope written all over her face.

Once you pick a time and place she will run off to grab some of Hollin's things

Elowen and Svetlana:
She stops and stares at you a moment. Not out of breath she is still, almost statue like. It takes a moment for her to snap out of it, "You would be the one to ask. This damn town."

Looking over your shoulder towards the wall and then back at you, "Kimi came home and then this morning she was gone. She wants to be a hero and children are foolish. I never thought she would actually try anything outside the wall."

Whipping her head around, and you can faintly hear someone yelling, "Great! It wasn't just her!"

Taking a deep breath when she notices Svetlana rush up, "Kimi snuck out and I am thinking she may have gone with her frie.." Wincing, "Hopefully not all of them."

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Laurel is happy to put Elowen and then Penelope to work. Fetching things, stirring, and cleaning but after an hour she drags out some paper, ink, and a few quills, "Make notes to put on everyones doors telling them to come to my shop when they can. Then go get some rest so these can get put out. Might have to bang on a few doors."

Hours are spent watching a kind of soup being made and maybe an hour before the sun will rise she starts straining it an splitting it up to cool down. Her task completed Laurel wakes those who slept instead. Handing them stacks of notes, "Divide up the town and pass these out. Do not go into an house and keep distance if you can but I'll keep a dose for each of you anyways, just in case. And whoever heads to the Perch should grab the Sheriff. He is sick but can make sure the snobs don't kick you out."


It is nearly all-day task letting each house know to go collect a small vial from Laurel throughout the day. And sheriff, Deldrin Baleson, is needed to gain access to the Perch. And the wealthier folk have to also stop being sick so it comes to total stop. It takes some time for people to start feeling better. And only two folk died from the blackscour taint, best anyone can tell, but they were old.

Lady Cirthana of the Temple of Iomedea has a bit more favor in town, at least for now. Laurel is everyone's favorite person, or at least almost everyone. Though she earns some scorn from a few folk when she demands repayment from Magistrate Vamros Harg for her materials used and the dangers those she sent out to collect what was needed. Some don't like the lack of charity and others don't like how loud she gets about it. But the majority of the townsfolk are on her side.

About a week after everyone has received their doses Laurel calls each of you, "It's not alot cause this town only has so much in its coffers and Vamros can't be bothered to do the taxes the right way."

Wrinkling her nose as if she smells something foul, "But in his vast generosity that surely won't have an strings that a%~&*&@ Kreed offered to chip in. Cause he want's people to stay under his boot and to many people like you all now."

Dropping down a heavy bag, "I took my part to restock and get some extra things, but Varmos came up with 100 gold and Kreed gave 500. I'm gonna take 75 gold and the rest is for you all. But to make sure everyone knows Kreed paid in a fair amount of platinum. Which most folk have never seen much less will have change for."

Shrugging, "But he is an a*&@*$*."


After a week children start playing again and the various shops have begun to open up again. Another danger survived and Falcon's Hollow again scraps by.

Lady Cirthana is beaming once she finally lets Penelope come home. A mixture of worry and pride. The gaggle of children lead by Kimi are thrilled to track down Svetlana and Sir Pounce. Eager to hear about the newest adventure and to give belly rubs. The Sitting Duck is happy to offer each of you a free ale for about a week and reduced prices otherwise. And locals are eager to buy drinks for a few days. And Jak Crimmy, the owner of ak’a’Napes does not offer free rooms cause he needs to make a living but does offer free breakfasts for a month to each of you, and his cinnamon-crusted flapjacks are legendary in town.

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Penelope, you do notice there are 5 small depressions in the side of the anvil. And you do see all kinds of materials on the anvil, dirt, dust, charcoal writings, old blood, and you are pretty sure feces. A though desecration.

Svetlana you have the taste of metal in your mouth. It's not blood but iy tastes like you liked an old iron pot.

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Not to big of a building. And defiantly not saying what you all would or should do. Was checking and I like how easily you all work together :)

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Haunted Summoner lvl 9 / init +1 /51/67 / fort +8, Ref+4, will+9, AC 16 / Spells (1st 3/6)(2nd 4/5)(3rd 1/4)

As they leave Kallik retreats into Qizz's mind. Mad? Only at myself for delaying that conversation. Hopefully not our last but I was being a coward and I should be better. Hugging themselves as a way to hug the grumpy ghost.

Things are quiet during the walk and Kallik is lost in memories so there is nothing to occupy Qizzlvutz beyond walking around. Most of their time is spent trying to mimic the walking styles of Abnaki, Samen, and Gabriel.

Once they start to make camp though Qizz sits silently and starts to draw on the sheets of their malleable flesh. Drawing Kallik hugging Umik, Gabriel changing, Samen looming above everything with strings in his hand, Abnaki playing jump rope with those stings, the strange snake people next to a fire, and piles of cookies.

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but what happened to the rat?

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Growling when the arrow is touched and yelping when its removed. But that soothing magical light washes away the pain. Tilting her head and starring at one of Erastil's children. Penelope, you get the feeling the wolf realizes you mean her no harm. Hopping off the desk and looking around again. Not moving until Penelope moves. But the wolf can be lead outside if you wish.

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female NG Oread Phantom of Rage HP 54/54 |AC-18 T-12 FF-16 DR 5/slashing. DR 5/magic| F+7 R+3 W+5 |CMB+13CMD 24| Init+1 | Perc +5|

Freezing in the hug for maybe two heartbeats before hugging her grandfather tightly. Pressing her face into the crook of his neck and inhaling. He smells like smoke, rich earth, and that spicy herbal tea. Mumbling into him, "I missed you so much."

So much has happened. Going to the moon, killing that elen in the ally with claws, blood poisoning, the dead Blessed. Ibinu and Inam. How to explain those two. Sequoya and Bian. Krz and Egret... Waiting was foolish. Umik would never reject her and now there just isn't as much time. Such a coward.. A Blessed dead coward.

Blinking away thick red tears, "So much has happened. There is a Quiet Elder in the city. I was one of the blessed. I should have stayed. Now I'm this... Egret... There is a child. She calls me sissy and I'm dead."

Shaking her head and digging her fingernails into her palms, "Sorry..sorry. There's more."[/b] Glancing over at Qizz but focusing on the axe. Unsure if Krz wants to be included.

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Haunted Summoner lvl 9 / init +1 /51/67 / fort +8, Ref+4, will+9, AC 16 / Spells (1st 3/6)(2nd 4/5)(3rd 1/4)

Trilling happily when Krz joins the conversation with the newly returned Abnaki. But they are all talking about things that clearly don't matter. And Kallik's grumbling matters just as much. Barrel rolls are to be done when things get boring.


Frowning deeply and nearly bisecting their head in the soul crushing displeasure at not seeing piles of cookies and chocolate in the chest. Reaching in a grabbing the two craved sticks. It's not trash those are wands. Wands? those hold spells. It is a useful gift. don't be ungrateful.

Grumbling wordlessly with dark brown gas streaming upwards before squeaking with joy. A toy. Scooping up the little metal figurine. Wands quickly stuffed into the bag and forgotten; magical bags make that way to easy.

Tracing alone the strange shapes for a few minutes. Could go ask someone what it does. Might not be a toy. Boring. Qizz please.

Looking around to end the nagging. Abnaki! Tucking the toy into the bag of forgotten things and following the not so much an elen anymore elen around. Barrel rolling around him before coming to a rapid stop. Looking up, "Book mine?" Pulling out the book they were given and then pointing at their chest.

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Haunted Summoner lvl 9 / init +1 /51/67 / fort +8, Ref+4, will+9, AC 16 / Spells (1st 3/6)(2nd 4/5)(3rd 1/4)

Wand of cure light wounds 750 gp probably 2 of them

Bronze Griffon Figurine of Wondrous Power10,000 gp

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Haunted Summoner lvl 9 / init +1 /51/67 / fort +8, Ref+4, will+9, AC 16 / Spells (1st 3/6)(2nd 4/5)(3rd 1/4)

Smiling at Abnaki, crumbles tumble out of their mouth. Quickly tucking the book into their bag. Looking around in confusion but Samen is doing his human magic. Bubble of blues and browns stream upwards with a giggling sound as the transformation is completed.

Stanching another cookie and then following the pink skinned Samen. Tugging on his pants to get his attention. Smiling in a much to wide fashion with crumbs clinging to their face. Pointing at him then at themselves, Qizz bird?" and they flap their arms vigorously.

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female NG Oread Phantom of Rage HP 54/54 |AC-18 T-12 FF-16 DR 5/slashing. DR 5/magic| F+7 R+3 W+5 |CMB+13CMD 24| Init+1 | Perc +5|

One magic item? Or a few up to those prices?

Also that was a fun read. The becoming human evening entertainment was delightful!

Hadn't considered it/its pronouns for Qizz but I like it with the they/them. Both fit well. And as always Hubristic Efreeti, you do a fantastic job of botting without just leaving the character in a different room.

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female NG Oread Phantom of Rage HP 54/54 |AC-18 T-12 FF-16 DR 5/slashing. DR 5/magic| F+7 R+3 W+5 |CMB+13CMD 24| Init+1 | Perc +5|

Following the rolling child outside. Not realizing she has become more solid in a subconscious want for the feeling of rain on her skin. Red ichor pools at her feet and a smile forces its way onto her green lips. No longer aware of the blood like ichor that streams from her nose, mouth, and ears. Choosing not to look down and simply enjoy the brief feeling of not remembering she isn't actually alive.

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Haunted Summoner lvl 9 / init +1 /51/67 / fort +8, Ref+4, will+9, AC 16 / Spells (1st 3/6)(2nd 4/5)(3rd 1/4)

Pulling away from the feeling of being extended under the ground for miles in calm silence and pulling themselves back to the narrow focus the elen here live in. Face splitting into a too wide smile at the smell and sound of the rain. Rolling outside and sprawling across the ground. Twisting in the wet grass and mud much like a cat in catnip.

If Qizz seeing the others going they will go with. The rain might wash away most of the mud

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Jenkin! I loved the rhyme!

I do love some lore dives. You all are delightful and i could watch the rp all day :)

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Nefuew and the momma are safe. Sorry for the delay. I got super sick. I shall catch up tomorrow.

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Before I moved and the campaign I am running turned digital we had the crit fumble and success decks. Well on of my players did. And those are fun. Crits and crit fails are fun if you get to do weird stuff with em. Like hitting an ally or flinging your weapon maybe throwing bleeding onto a crit.

And the concern was adorable.

So are you all going to camp and get to the last place the next day in day light? Its about 6ish miles from where you all are.

Or do you wanna push though? You could possibly make it by evening with a forced march which are con checks and possibly non lethal damage.

You can still walk for a little less than 4 hours and make that choice then if you want.

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Penelope. Somehow, I missed adding a name. I apologize

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female NG Oread Phantom of Rage HP 54/54 |AC-18 T-12 FF-16 DR 5/slashing. DR 5/magic| F+7 R+3 W+5 |CMB+13CMD 24| Init+1 | Perc +5|

Rolling her shoulders and shaking her arms to chase of the chill accused by seeing that stone leopard again. "Gotta work on boundaries Qizz."

Tugging on their backpacks strap to pull the little mycos along. Getting larger with every step and not seeming to realize it. Qizz on the other hand gets thinner and turns a paler brown. Bits of flesh sink in leaving them looking more like a morel than their more root like appearance. Dangling from the backpack Kallik has a hold of and dropping a few feet when the pair reaches the leopard.

Seeming oblivious to the changes in herself or Qizz, Kallik turns her back to the stone cat and looks out with a rumbling growl. Fought scarier more dangerous things since then. Shifting the grip on the axe and waiting anything to get into range. If the damn thing had to be here than it better be worth it.

Holding action to defend the stone kitty. But activating Usurp Manifestation. Kallik grows in size and Qizz is nauseated.

held attack if needed: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (14) + 12 = 26
danage: 4d8 + 5 ⇒ (2, 3, 6, 7) + 5 = 23

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Haunted Summoner lvl 9 / init +1 /51/67 / fort +8, Ref+4, will+9, AC 16 / Spells (1st 3/6)(2nd 4/5)(3rd 1/4)

Bubbling out a quiet, "Wait. Idea... Stone.."

Focusing on memories that are not theirs but feel so vivid. Creeping though the forest, insects buzzing and birds singing fills the air. Bow grasped tightly in their hands while trying stop the little rabbit they had been hunting. It was a tiny thing of browns and greens meant to improve their tracking and aim.

Chula always said to not getting tunnel vision while hunting. It's dangerous. Slowly stepping around the large tree to come far too close to a massive cat with muscles carved from multicolored granite. Any hopes that it is a statue fade away with the growl that backs their bones shake. I don't wanna die!

Rubbing Kallik's thigh because that scar suddenly hurts but pulling from that memory. A deep growl rumble behind them.

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My lungs are already shot from covid. Yay for long hauler stuff. I can't see the part of my town or the tops of the valley I'm in. I'll try tomorrow but I'm gonna try sleeping cause my head is booming

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You all are more aware of the sound of your breathing. Nature is loud and has drown out most noises. But its so quiet here. The little fennec whimpers and looks up at Elowen with wide eyes.

So many things still make noise though. The wind moves fabric on the fetishes and knocks bones together. But the house seems still. Overgrown plants could mean its abandoned or its part of the aesthetic. The fetishes might have once been magic. Protective wards perhaps but that seems to have faded.

Nothign dangerous detected. And the fetishes were once magical but that has faded away to almost nothing.

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The sun rises and a quick breakfast is had. Breaking down camp is routine now. Falling into a comfortable pace walking with Elowen in the lead. The Forest Eldar is a few hours away. This far away from where the Lumber Consortium has been working means the forest is fairly dense. Beams of light shoot through gaps int the trees. Walking is easier with less brush on the ground.

The weather is pleasant. Birds are chirping loudly. Three hours roll by with no real issues. The brush starts to get thicker and its slower going. Picking a winding path to meet the least resistance possible. It is growing brighter as the trees are thinning out. It's a relief when you reach a clearing.

A titanic darkwood tree dominates this clearing. Thick roots twisting across the ground. Several times taller than a temple minaret, in one direction the obviously ancient tree reaches into the sky with branches like a giant’s arms, while in the other it plumbs the earth with roots thicker than a man’s waist. Its limbs broad and strong, its bark thick and so richly colored as to almost be black, and its leaves the size of bucklers, the giant thing is less a tree and more a cathedral of boughs and branches.


Elowen: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
Jenkin: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (2) + 0 = 2
Svetlana: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20
Penelope: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20
Odelai : 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17
Sir Pounce: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

DC 20:
The sword sheath hanging from the tree is a little odd. Pretty sure its reachable should you wish to climb up there.

DC 15:
There is moss growing all over this thing. The moss on the roots and ground is differently colored than some of the patches on the trunk of the tree.

If there are things any of you wanted to do in the three hours to get here feel free to do so.

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Haunted Summoner lvl 9 / init +1 /51/67 / fort +8, Ref+4, will+9, AC 16 / Spells (1st 3/6)(2nd 4/5)(3rd 1/4)

I'm here and fascinated by the show

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female NG Oread Phantom of Rage HP 54/54 |AC-18 T-12 FF-16 DR 5/slashing. DR 5/magic| F+7 R+3 W+5 |CMB+13CMD 24| Init+1 | Perc +5|

Given proper time I assume Abnaki could carve kingdom in any land he wondered into.

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Roots and Remidies
Laurel watches you watering your armor, "Sorry to have flung a bunch of people at you like that. Can't vouch for the gnome but the others are alright. Jenkin is trying so.. eh."

Shrugging, "You encounter many gnomes? I think they are supposed to be really colorful" Moving around the small space aimlessly, "Shouldn't cling to stereotypes like i do."

Odelai and Penelope

Cirthanahas hangs on a moment after you start to pull away then lets go. Looking you over before backing away. She visibly jumps when Odelai speaks to her, clearly lost in thought. Smiling and offering a quick bow, "Thank you."

While bowed down, "Please keep an eye on my girl?"

Snack Sack:
Looking though the snack sack for a distraction. You find a handful of dried boar, a bunch of cookies honey and oat cooks folded up in a cloth, a loaf of the bread you smelled baking this morning, five apples, and a few sheets of thick parchment rolled together. [/ooc]Spellcraft is need to identify.[/ooc]

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Got an email from paizo last night saying they fixed it. But we already have things started so Im inclined to stay here.

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Tevaga is the group needing a hug and soup. Looks good :)

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Lots of characters to try to pick from. I am going to close recruitment. Ill try to have a decision by monday or tuesday. If you have anymore questions let me know. Ill be checking in just incase. Thank you all for the amazing characters to pick from!

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Elowen I am loving that the shaman is gonna let vine attacked happen! Clearly, I should look more into the Shaman.

Svetlana "Tigress" Ulyanova I am enjoying everything so far. I think there is a trait that gives perception as a class skill. But there is no issue having that be someone else's thing.

Granted I figured you two would have great characters and I guessed right. Going to keep recruitment open till friday so I can ponder over the weekend. Going to try to have at least three picked out by monday or tuesday. Telias said he had to many games going so he won't be joining this one.

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Laird_Thorne being a lumberjack in Falcons Follow means working for the Lumber Consortium which is run by Gavel Thuldrin Kreed. The man who owns tis town and frequently and openly abuses that power. He has no issue killing people pr having them killed by his lackies. You can survive his anger but you gotta be really lucky and have some power behind you. Tethering yourself to one of the towns notable npcs could do. If not him specifically it would likely be one of his overbosses. You can be a freelance lumberjack but those are typically muscled out or disappear.

I think I have read the Elephant in the Room thing before. I those ones are fine by me. Precise Shot & Point Blank Shot can basically be merged. Im sure there are others that can be gotten rid of but there are so many feats.

Chapel Ty'El Paladins are delightful.

MannyGoblin got agood foundation for peace there.

Ridge its not a hard no. Throw a character idea out there. I've had a blast replaying games before. and I appreciate the honesty.

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The small village of Falcon’s
Hollow is a wild place. Nestled
in the shadow of Droskar’s Crag, the
people of Falcon’s Hollow are hearty
and stern. Theirs is a life of hardships,
broken only occasionally by a handful
of festivals and the infrequent
merchant caravan.
They face constant adversity from
both the wilderness and the wiles of
man. Wolves nip at their heels and
cutpurses ply at their pockets. It is a
testament to their strength that they
even manage to survive at all

Third Party Materials: not keen on it but you are welcome to try to convince me of a 3pp class.
Feats: Most of the feat taxes are not a thing. Let me know which feats.
Ability Scores: 20 point buy
Classes: No Anti-paladin though a Vigilante or Vampire Hunter will struggle.
level: you start at level 1
Races: Core, Standard, Advanced are all fine. This takes place in a small town but there are a lot of caravans and travelers that pass though so there might be some strange looks outside of the core races.
Hit Points: maximum at first level, average thereafter or you can roll if you want t
Traits: two traits and no drawbacks
Alignment: no evil please and the characters can totally be prickly with each other but gotta be willing to work together.
Starting Wealth: max for your class
Home Rules: background skills,
Background: Falcons Hollow is a small town. Caravans travel though frequently but the town is miles away from any major city. You can have arrived with a caravan; you can be a local. Lone travelers are less common due to the various dangers to be found on the road, but some people get lucky. Thats up to you. If you wanna be a local I can give you some info about the locals if you want. Though I have no issue with you making people you might have ties to.

Locals info you are interested, these are just a few.:

Gonna give a few NPC's yall would be likely to know since if you are from or spend time in Falcons Hollow. Feel free to add relationships, good or bad, with people.

Gavel Thuldrin Kreed the boss of the Lumber Consortium. This man actually owns Falcons Hollow and is perfectly content to use that as he sees fit. He is known to be cruel on a whim. He has one one sun, Jurin Kreed. Kreed controls access to the High Market. Better quality foods, fabrics, ect. The leftovers go to the Low Market everyone can go to.

Boss Payden “Pay Day” Teedum the Overboss of the Lumber Consortium and Kreeds right hand man.

Magistrate Vamros Harg, Magistrate-Elect. He does his best to keep peace in the town but everyone knows he is under Kreeds thum.

Sheriff Deldrin Baleson used to be a simple lumberjack in the service of Thuldrin Kreed. He became elected Sheriff of Darkmoon Vale just a week after he smashed Payden Teedum's face with the flat side of an axe for which Teedum had tried to tax him, though Baleson had already paid for it.

Lady Cirthana Gensar, Priestess of Iomedae, leads the only temple in town but her faith is not the most popular in this frontier town.

Laurel Gebre is an herbalist and healer. She owns her own shop called Roots and Remedies. Locals go to her for healing before they go to the Iomedian chirch.

Kabran Bloodeye is a stout half-orc with blood-red eyes and is missing his nose. He is the owner of the Rouge Lady, a gambling hall which doubles as an illicit brothel.

Colbrin Jabbs is the local butcher and a veteran.

Brickasnurd Hildrinsocks owns the Goose 'n' Gander, a cavernous general store.

Kitani Eavewalker is a seamstress in town. A single monther whose daughter, Kimi, has dreams of being an adventurer like her father.

I have two players currently. One is a Wood Shaman and the other is undecided. Im hoping to get two or three players. Currently this module is the plan with the possibility of two others that follow it. So long as everyone is having funn.

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Happily babble while insisting in their mind that Kallik just come out. Eventually everyone seems to want to rest. While there is the offer to sleep in on of the stone huts Qizzlvutz shakes their head. Pointing upwards, "Sky." Clearly that is answer enough.

Keeping track of where Umik goes to sleep. Going on all fours and circling on the ground, much like a dog getting comfortable. Though at the end of the ritual they flop on their back and stare at night sky. Pretty. New. SKy always changes? Yes. Day and night. Suppose you did not have that underground. You are tired and should sleep. You will see the stars and moon again tomorrow. Sky changes. Kallik changes sleep.

After a time Qizzlvutz does so and remains perfectly still for many hours while Kallik meditates on everything that has happened.


The multicolored sunset lingers letting Qizzlvutz truly enjoy it. All the colors painted across the Sky. Twisting their head in an owl-like fashion and blinking at the Crow. Pointing to themselves, "Qizzlvutz." Then they point to the Crow.

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sorry got distracted watching things unfold. Curiosity has me wanting to read the early parts of this campaign. Bunch pf stuff I have not encountered. Anyways..

Kalliks goals are mostly about Krz in the short term. She does want to speak to Umik but there is some dread about doing so

Qizz's super short term goal is to get Kallik out of their head near Umik. Slightly longer to long term is just to encounter new things. They are super simple in their wants. Just see new things and do good by the world. Their plan was to get phantom and help the lingering dead elen. So far that is their goal.

Conversation there can be the rambling about the Mycos culture. And then there is finding Umik on his own and pushing the grumpy phantom out.

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Qizz is just happy to tag along with whatever. Kallik is more inclined to check in on the Fey and figure out what is going on with Krz.

Also wasn't expecting grandpa to show up. :)

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Kallik? That's my grandfather. I haven't seen him in so long... and I'm dead.. Not gone. Here. No, I'm dead and in your head. I can't explain that. Not yet.. please.. safe

Puffing up their chest and looking around with what Qizzlvut hopes is a brave but is closer to curiosity or awe. All these elen are fascinating. So different from home.

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Qizzlvutz stays near Learningto. There are so many new elen. Seems important though so they pull a small piece of charcoal from their bag. Crouching down and pulling a thin bit of flesh out and starts to draw the scene.

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Slowing spinning in a circle and looking around at the surprisingly familiar scene. Everything fades away with the smell of the Forest. Tracking birds, racing around with a sibling no one else would talk about, sitting at Umik's feet and listening to any story he wanted to tell.

Abnaki unintentionally snaps her out of her memories. Moving towards Samen and leaving red ichor in her wake. "Reborn?"

Stopping within arm's reach, "Did you know this would happen?"

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Rolling onto the grass and fattening out. Wiggling and rolling in clear contentment at the new sensations on the ground. Rolling gently into Learningto, and erupting into brown and blue gasses, "Beautiful time!"


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