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Anyone on here playing some Destiny 2? If so, what platform?

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Hey Everybody!

Once more, we are going to be running Pathfinder Society at Nuke-Con 2017 on October 6-8 in Omaha, Nebraska! We are featuring scenarios from late Season Eight and the beginning of Season Nine, including The Solstice Scar, 8-99! In addition, we will be running Starfinder Society quests all weekend and Season of the Goblins from the ACG! Check out the schedule for Nuke-Con here! General information about Nuke-Con can be obtained here! If you're in the area or just passing through, come check us out!

We are also looking for GM's for PFS and SFS! If you're interested kick me a PM and I'll work with you to get you set up!

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Hi everybody!

The Omaha Pathfinder Society team is throwing ourselves a con! Our con, Boys and Girls Con 2017, starts just one month from today and will run from February 16th to the 19th.

We are featuring all levels of play from levels one all the way up to level 13! We have one table of Eyes of the Ten already scheduled and are prepared to schedule another if the demand is there.

Since we are renting a place of our own we are going to be taking donations to help cover the costs of operations, we are requesting a minimum donation of $25. Once we have raised enough to pay for the con, we are going to be donating everything else raised to the Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands, which will be matched by myself and another party.

Here is the website for Boys and Girls Con 2017, along with the link for donations for the con!

And here is the Warhorn page for Boys and Girls Con 2017!

On behalf of the Omaha Pathfinder Society, thank you for your support and time. I hope to see you at the convention!

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Congrats to all of our new 5-star GM's!

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Currently full!

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Coming soon to a predetermined group near you!

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Since Painlord hasn't kicked this off (not sure if he is coming this year) I figured somebody should kick this off, and in these uncertain times a gugs gotta do what a gugs gotta do.

I'm writing this from the hotel room at the Westin right now. My day started at 6pm on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to some sleep and seeing familiar faces tomorrow. The drive in from Omaha was pretty painless and received some big news from my best friends as we arrived in Indy and had breakfast at Cafe Patachou. It was good, both the news and the breakfast. I then wandered around Indy with Will, the VA in Lincoln, NE and fourth member of the car ride from NE. Had lunch at Scotty's afterwards after meeting back up with my car mates. Had the pizza it was good, but the leftovers I had not too long ago are making me nervous.

After lunch we all headed back to the ICC and the Sagamore. After helping Walt Sheppard sort out a giant vox of boons I saw Todd "the Red Menace" Morgan and collected my GM packet and book and checked in at the Westin and met my two roommates (the final roommate is currently a no-show).

All-in-all, a really good day.

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Omaha Pathfinder Society will be running PFS at O Comic Con 2016 for the first time July 8-10. Since this will be our first time at the convention we will be focusing our offerings mainly towards lower level scenarios. We will be running the We Be Goblins series as well as select scenarios dealing with the Blackros Museum and Family.

For a full list of games offered at O Comic Con 2016 click HERE.

For more information about O Comic Con 2016 click HERE.

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So, it seems to me like the forums are getting awfully heavy currently, so I figured it might be good to put some of that energy towards a more creative purpose. So, anyone got any good ideas for things they'd like to see in a scenario, or ideas for scenarios?

After how popular J. Dacilane seemed to be (at least, I thought she was a pretty cool NPC) I'd like to see a 1-5 scenario where the PC's assist her with her Confirmation.

Grand Lodge 4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Arizona—Phoenix

Finally! :)

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Tonya Woldridge wrote:

Over the past few months, much speculation and debate occurred on the legality of 6-98 & 6-99 in the CORE campaign.

Official Campaign Answer:

ALL scenarios with pregenerated characters are available in CORE mode - use the characters provided. This pertains to: WBG, WBG2, WBG3, 6-98, 6-99, and any future use of pregen characters in scenarios.

ALL scenarios without pregenerated characters are available in CORE mode - use CORE legal pregens if any are needed. This includes Risen from the Sands & Dawn of the Scarlet Sun, as the Free RPG day release had pregens, but after Free RPG day were opened to any character.

Regardless of CORE or RPG - no table of 6-98 or 6-99 should have more than 6 players. For these scenarios, 7 player tables are not legal.

Coordinators should work with their GMs running CORE to make sure they are comfortable running the content included in the scenarios. In the case of 6-98 & 6-99, being of the appropriate star level should mean familiarity with all Pathfinder classes. For the others, if the GM is not familiar with the content and comfortable running the non-CORE items, it may be better to change scenarios.

Explore, Report, Cooperate!

Figured it might be useful to have this over here as well as in the GM forums.

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I'm looking forward to a picture of 7-08's BBEG, if it is what I think it is.

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Ooh! I love the Cake cover of this song!

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So, I posted this in another thread as an attempt to lighten the mood in a thread that was getting somewhat hostile, and am moving it to it's own thread. I am going to run a little mini contest that will end at some point the Monday before Gencon, the 27th. Reposting the relevant bits from a different thread:

UndeadMitch wrote:

The contest is on! Who can come up with the best Golarion Koan! Prize* to the winner! Pirate Rob is strongly in the lead!

*Pending my disposition at the end of the contest, which ends when I arbitrarily decide to end it, definitely before Gencon. Prize may range from a internet high-five to a drink at Gencon (if the lucky winner is attending) or something else! It's a secret to everyone, including me. Contest** is limited to inhabitants of the continental United States only!***

**Contest may be too strong of a word.

***Just kidding! Everyone can be a winner here!

There will be two prizes. One for the koan I think is best, and one for the koan that is my favorite. Depending on certain variables, prizes will either go out at Gencon or shortly after I get back from Gencon.

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I'm setting up this thread so people can discuss the merits of GM'ing at conventions and regularly scheduled events. Additionally, this thread can serve as a platform to discuss possible incentives for regular GM'ing.

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Have gunslinger, will travel.

Hey all!

I am looking at running a game that focuses on Bastardhall and am looking for some people that would be up for discussing the place. I would much rather discuss anything plot centric via PM, as a few of my players browse the boards regularly. I trust them, but would rather avoid having the game accidentally.

As for some safer questions, does anyone have any favorite monsters that they think would be particularly good for a game in Bastardhall? Aside from some obvious deity-specific ones.

I've read pretty much every scrap about Bastardhall I could from books and from the boards.

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Player sign-ups for Pretzcon 2015 are up, and the con is drawing near! Pretzcon is a three-day local convention in Omaha, NE. There will be PFS at Pretzcon, we are going to have six slots of five tables each, starting Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday. We are going to be running the season two special Year of the Shadow Lodge on Friday night, with some season two scenarios featuring the Shadow Lodge subplot leading up to it. Whether you're in the Omaha area or just passing through that weekend, we'd love to see you there!

Information about Pretzcon

Full schedule of events, including PFS tables!

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I recently finished running Wardens for some people in campaign mode and went to report the other day to notice that it was not in the system. My players and I all have our chronicles, so that's good, but I was hoping to get it in the system. It's not a huge deal, but I will be able to get my third star after Monday when I run my 60th table so I was hoping to find out when t mght get in the reporting system.

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I figured a discussion thread for GMs that have been prepping this might not be a bad idea. I've been looking over Wardens again to refresh myself now that it has been sanctioned, and have some things that it should be important to remember.

First and possibly most importantly, it should be noted that only half of Alkenstar proper is in a dead magic zone, and spellcasting services are available for up to ninth level spells. While less relevant if just running the PFS Sanctioned Content for each part, it could be very important for people running in home game mode or as a Seeker Arc.

After this, there will be spoilers, I'm not going to spoiler these next points, as this is in the GM Discussion portion of the boards. These observations are based off of running in campaign mode, but can apply just as well to parties just doing the sanctioned content or those running this as a seeker arc.

In part one, Habblegash can make for a powerful ally and a good source of RP in what is otherwise a pretty strightforward dungeon crawl. If your PC's are having a particularly tough time and haven't found him yet consider having an unwitting clockwork spy lead them back, or have an alchemical golem stumble into a fight and lend a hand against the gugs.

Don't be afraid to cut loose with the gugs, and remember that they do have the compression SQ. Gugs are pretty intelligent, at least compared to a good number of the martial characters I've encountered in PFS, so have fun with their tactics. Consider having the Purple Worm stalk the PC's and ambush them with it during another fight that might be otherwise unimpressive for your party, when I ran this in home game mode for fun earlier this year the worm got cut down before it got to take its second turn.

In the bottom level of the mines, the Ogres pretty much just served to spice up the other encounters, they weren't much of a challenge to the party when it was just three of them. For example, once combat starts in B4 the group from B5 should join in, and vice versa. The fight with Raughmir can be pretty brutal, with a +40 on his disguise check he should be able to get the drop on the party pretty reliably. If the party hasn't been particularly challenged yet him getting the drop on one of the less protected party members can be a pretty potent wakeup call, even more so if he gets his rend off. The fight with Murg-Nurk is pretty straightforward, but the close proximity to the conveyors can make things interesting.

Shyar Burkin can make for some good RP for parties that prefer to take the high road. If the party is having a hard time and needs to rest the slave quarters could make for a good spot, the slaves should be able to cover for the party, provided they are willing to help the plight of the slaves.

Metruni can make for a very interesting encounter for parties interested in RP. If the party is interested in RP I would give them the chance to duck into B18 without attacting Orixium's attention, provided they are trying to be sneaky or if they don't venture too far into B17. If the party decides to fight Metruni, this would be a good place to introduce primal magic if you haven't already, especially since Metruni's is geared toward's it. If you are running in home game mode and the PCs are possessed of somewhat looser morals Metruni could also be a possible ally, provided they could entice her with a better offer than what she currently has going on.

If you are running in home game or Seeker Arc mode make sure to remember all of the effects of the Mana Storm in part two and not just the primal magic. Inner Sea Magic does have additional rules concerning Primal Magic on pages 12-13. Of particular note: "A spellcaster casting a spell, using a spell-like ability, or activating a spell completion or spell trigger magic item can make a concentration check (DC = 15 + twice the spell’s level) to focus the magic and avoid triggering a primal magic effect." (ISM, pg 12)

In part three, be sure to remember the hazards in area D9. If the PC's aren't being particularly stealthy, consider having Hrugor pull a gnoll from another area or use a snail to help him reload the cannon while the other constructs make getting to Hrugor more difficult, allowing him to shell the party from range. Also, it seems like it should be hard to miss, but don't do what I did when I ran it for fun and forget that Hrugor is a Huge creature.

When the party deals with the mastermind behind the plot, if they decide to deal with him personally, consider playing up the fact that even with his bodyguards the mastermind is serious outclassed by the now 14-15th level party of PC's. Despite this being at the end, the fight with Hrugor is the actual final fight.

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Hello! I placed an order during the Great Golem Sale that still hasn't shipped. I'm guessing that one or more of the items went out of stock in the time between me adding it/them into my cart and when I checked out. If that is the case, can I get any items that are out of stock or on back order removed from the transaction?

Thanks for your time!

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Is this something that is still going to happen? If so, is there any sort of timeline for it being released?

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Hello! I have placed an order to take advantage of the October sale, but didn't notice that during the time that the order sat in my cart, one of the items went on back order and is now holding up the entire order. Seeing as how it is out-of-print, can I get the GameMastery Map Pack: Ancient Forest removed from my order, so my order can be completed?


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It currently has the Skull and Shackles base set and Character Add-On deck in my Subscriptions, but I was charged for and picked those two both up at Gencon as part of my subscription already. I just want to make sure I don't get charged for them twice.

Also, I wasn't able to pick up my subscription at Gencon until Sunday, and only got two of the promos that I was supposed to. I got Goblin Keelaulin' and Goblin Weidling, but not the others. I was told that I would get them in the mail, but don't see them on the list of stuff in my subscription.


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Whoop! Thanks for the hard work, and thanks for making that awesome art available! Really looking forward to Emerald Spire.

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See topic. My friend wasn't able to pick up tickets when they went on sale, so I picked tickets for the Thurs. and Fri. night specials, since I wasn't sure which special he was going to be GMing. So I've got a ticket if someone wants it. No charge, just post here about the character you would play in the special, and I'll pick someone and arrange for them to pick up the ticket at Gencon.

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After having a pretty interesting experience playing through Bonekeep level one this past weekend I thought it might be neat to have a place where people could share some of the neat parties and/or tactics they've seen people undertake the first level of Bonekeep with. Due to the more spoilery nature of the thread, it seemed to be a more appropriate thread for the GM discussion forum, so my apologies if this is mispaced.

This past weekend, I played through this with a pair of friends during a local convention with our trio of characters that were designed to work together from character creation. About ten minutes before the table was set to begin, the three of us and our fourth discovered that players five and six had crossed their names off at the last minute to do something else, so we were left to face the prospect of playing level one of Bonekeep in the high tier with only four people. Now, our trio of characters have a pretty unique schtick, where we get to turn one of the things that frustrate players the most and turn it against the scenario. Going in, we checked with our fourth about our use of this tactic, and he was cool with it if the situation demanded it.

The party composition is fighter, fighter of Tanagaar, sorcereress of Tanagaar, and bard/paladin of Tanagaar. We complete the first room pretty easily, some damaged weapons, but nothing terrible, it helped that I picked up an adamantine weapon because it seemed reasonable that we might encounter constructs. I loaned out my spare scimitars for our next fight, with the undead, during which we enacted our first try at our special tactic, successfully, after our fourth had to pull back to avoid going down to damage that his AC in the low 30's couldn't help him avoid. We do our thing and we get healed up and move into the next room, with the crystal and the mirror, we only have two gems, so we keep moving, and encounter the elementals. Our fourth, the fighter, bottlenecks the hallway from the previous room and we try to hold out until earth comes up, at which point we do our thing, they enter our room with the mirror, and we start making progress on them. Water eventually comes back up and our fourth dies hard to a lucky bull rush into the mirror by the elemental because he no longer has his dodge bonus to AC/CMD, and he dies hard. We eventually finish the fight, mainly because the bad guys can't hit us because of our tactic, and I'm using spring attack so they can't get a bearing on me. We encounter the Golem next, I come within a hair's breadth of death, but get lucky on concealment and don't take a crit that would have taken to about negative 30. We remember we got something useful in the previous room, wrap that fight up pretty quick, and run out of time as we encounter the BBEG. The scenario was super fun, especially since this was the first time we were actually able to put out Tiefling Deeper Darkness Murder Squad to use. Spring attacking in Deeper Darkness is super good, the fourth got some help with the raise dead, levelled and picked up Blindfight, so we inducted him as an honorary Tiefling.

Anyone else got any stories from runthroughs that they've seen/participated in?

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I haven't seen a thread like this for a good while, so I figured it would be neat to have a thread to share some memorable stories of our characters' deeds. This is mainly inspired by the session of The Waking Rune that I just played in today. There were many memorable moments, but my favorite was when my level 10 Rogue got to dispel Cloudkill with a wand, while blinded.

On a semi-related note, thank you to Kyle Baird for putting a high CL Dispel Magic wand in one of your scenarios, that probably saved some PC's today.

Anyone have any rad stories they'd like to share?