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Amazing for new players--learning or teaching


Already being used to "version 3.5 of the world's oldest & most popular roleplaying game" and having played a few games of Pathfinder, I didn't expect to get much of out this box. What I found, however, is this is the perfect tool for players who are new to Pathfinder or even to tabletop RPGs completely, whether you are one yourself or whether you are trying to teach one.

The mini rulebooks and character give you just enough to start playing without having to spend an hour reading, and everything is explained simply so that people unfamiliar with tabletop RPGs will still understand what everything means. The character-building section explains each class one level at a time, so that new players aren't overwhelmed by looking at 20 levels of abilities when trying to get up to level 2.

It also includes a single-player adventure written in the style of a "make your own adventure" story that can be picked up and played without party members or a DM in order to get familiar with the rules, and the GM's section includes a full mini-adventure to get used to GM'ing and your players used to playing.

Summary: highly recommended if you are new to playing or GMing, or you have new players with you.

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Good for Falcon's Hollow Campaigns


This guide was very helpful for me while running a campaign using the modules set in Falcon's Hollow. While some of the maps are less than perfect and there were a few minor inconsistencies (i.e. a dragon NPC's time spent in the vale is longer than the max age for its age category), the inside look at the different NPCs and organizations allow for numerous plot hooks and connections throughout a campaign.

As a side note, the other locations in the vale (particularly Olfden) make a good way for the players to get some high-level equipment that wouldn't be sold in Falcon's Hollow.