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China Miéville rocks.


I got this mag in the mail prior to reading any of China's stuff, and thought to myself, "Meh, I probably won't use this."

A friend of mine started a book club and bought us all a copy of Perdido Street Station. I have now read everything he has ever published, as well as some of his academic treatises on political matters. The man is a genius, and his novels revolutionize the fantasy field in a way that nothing has since its inception.

Suffice to say, this Dragon is now going to see some heavy use when we start running a New Crobuzon campaign.



This is easily THE most useful gaming purchase I've made since the Core 3.

My gamers and I are extremely excited about this deck. We have a session coming up this weekend, but I've been using it over the phone with my seven players ("Ok, so if Arneron just rolled a crit with his greatsword...he would have DISEMBOWELED his opponent." "FRICKIN' SWEET!") and they are all REALLY excited to use it. I find myself shuffling and drawing with a particular PC or NPC in mind and visualizing the results, just out of the blue. Amazing, amazing stuff.

Edit: We've since used it a whole bunch of times. We love it. We're doing a combat-heavy interlude from our main campaign right now, set in Eberron's Last War. I have every single foe, from Vermin to Outsider, using this deck right alongside the heroes. SO. MUCH. FUN.

My players absolutely love it. TO DEATH.