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Great Class Redesign


If any of you are familiar with the Legendary Heroes line you'll largely know what to expect here. Following a recent trend of redesigning some of the more problematic Pathfinder classes into something more managable and exciting, the Legendary Gunslinger captures the theme and fatasy of the class much better than the original. While it looks at first glance to be a downgrade with having only 3/4 BAB, the class comes out stronger for it and doesn't lose anything that it will miss. Gun mysteries allow for much more customization for your gunslinger, allowing you to feel differenet than ohters of the same class. It is a thoughtful and precise redesign that I'll be suggesting to anyone who was dissapointed in the original class.
The suplement's only real weakness is the archetypes. They range from incredibly reliant on flavor without giving any good benefits (Faded Stranger) to not seeming to function very well at all. The latter issue is very aparent in the Anthem Gunner archetype, which I very much wanted to like. As written though, it provides a weaker version of inspire courage for less of a duration and if you shoot your gun during this time, the effect ends. I'm perplexed as to what the Anthem Gunner is meant to do during this time, since shooting a gun is literally the main point of the class. Some of the archetypes hit their mark expertly, like the Pale Slinger and Corssbow Killer, which makes the weaker archetypes even more dissapointing.
Overall I do recommend this book to anyone who wants to shake up gunplay in their campaigns. The legendary version of the gunslinger alone is worth the price of admission and while some of the archetypes flag behind the book as a whole is a great addition to anyone's Pathfinder library.