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I just received my copies of Osirion, Land of the Pharaohs and the Guide to Absalom. I was looking at the map of Osirion and noticed that along the banks of the Junira River, we have the ruins of Akhenaten and then directly across from it, the Ruins of El-Armara. I had to laugh at this because Akhenaten was probably the most unpopular pharaoh in all of Egyptian history due to the fact that he overthrew the traditional gods and replaced them with the sun god Aten (his son Tutankhamen reinstituted the traditional pantheon shortly after taking power), and he founded the short-lived city of El-Amarna, which served as Egypt's capitol for much of his reign.

I wanted to know more about these places, but there's no further information to be had. I can think of a number of adventure ideas based on these locations though.


And I'm not talking about the fish, though we have one of those too (we just got it after our cat killed the last one and for some reason this one's stomach has rapidly bloated to abnormal proportions - No clue what the problem is).

The books showed up in the mail today. I honestly wasn't expecting them until next week, but here they are, right in front of me, waiting for the players to show up and put them to work.

Who else has theirs?


I'm giddy and I may be offline for a while as I delve into it's depths! My initial impression (based solely upon the table of contents and the pretty pictures inside) very classy looking!


I ordered the Gollarion campaign setting, and I received the ship notice last Friday, but in a different email than the one with the notice that the two Pathfinder APs and the Second Darkness Companion have shipped. The Pathfinder APs and the Companion are showing in my downloads area, but the campaign setting is not. Can this be fixed?


I've been really enjoying the new monsters that have appeared in the Pathfinder adventure paths. Not only are they new, but the originality, art, and overall quality surpasses much of what I've found in some of the standard D20 monster books. Are any plans to do a compilation book sometime. If not, will some (or many) or them be worked into the main Pathfinder RPG monster book?


There are some really outgoing game designers who thrive on making public appearances. That's never been me. Sure, I ran some demos at Gen Con 2003, but I usually shy away from them because I'm not crazy about the public speaking. This changes this weekend.

I've been invited at the last minute as a guest for SpoCon 2008 where I will be sitting on a panel and running some games on Saturday. The panel will be on, of all things, 4th edition. They were very interested in having me on it for a couple reasons. First, I'm published, second, I told them that I'm more interested in what Pathfinder has to offer than 4th edition. So I'll be at that thing talking up Pathfinder while trying not to dwell on the negatives of 4th edition.

They also roped me into running a few games. I'll be running a session of True20 with the Reign of Discordia campaign setting in the morning as well as a couple blocks of the Pathfinder RPG using the Alpha 3 rules in the afternoon and evening. Revenge of the Kobold King should be just the right length to fill the block of time.

If anyone lives in Spokane, come check out the Con. The website is located here: and no, you won't see my name on the web site's guest list because my appearance just came about over the last couple of days, but I'll be there fully immersed in gaming goodness.


Purchased two (2) copies of the Pathfinder beta.

They said its going to be a short print run and I don't want to be left without enough books at the table once the new game starts.

So one of the reasons that I'm less than thrilled with 4th edition has little to do with the mechanics, and much to do with the way that WotC is trying to bury the OGL with their new license and replace it with something that leaves their "partners" totally at their mercy. Without open gaming, there is no independent evolution/experimentation of the game, such as what we've seen already with games like Pathfinder, True20, Acana Evolved, and Iron Heroes. Licensed products like Conan and Babylon 5 become very difficult to do without either using an old system, going to a completely different system, or creating a brand new system. The viral propagation of quality content would no longer exist as a native part of the license. The freedom to create the games that interest us and appeal to all sorts of gamers will be limited to material that marches in locked step with the specific form D&D now takes, with no alteration possible. I know that a lot of people in the gaming community agree with me on this, but what can we do?

My suggestion, which I put forth here and hope will gain some traction not only here but on other boards, is to pick a day that we will designate Open Gaming Day. Ideally, this would be on the day that the OGL was originally released, but since it's too early to get organized at this time, maybe another day would be more appropriate.

So what would Open Gaming Day be? It is a day where consumers show their support for open gaming by buying at least one open gaming product and/or running games published under the OGL, preferably as an event at a local game store, but observing it at home would also be perfectly fine.

This would be our chance to show our appreciation and raise awareness for the publishers who have not only embraced the OGL, but will continue to publish under it.

The first step, aside from getting interested individuals to jump onboard, would be to assemble a list of companies that have announced that they will continue releasing products under the OGL. Obviously Paizo would be first on that list since they're spearheading the push to take the next major evolutionary step with the 3rd edition rules set with the Pathfinder RPG. Necromancer Games has indicated that we might be getting a nice color version of the Tome of Horrors for Pathfinder. I know there are more.

Now that I've thrown the idea out there. Is anyone interested?