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Full Name

Darren of House Redgard




Barbarian/Lv1, Wildlander/Lv1, Fighter/Lv3







Special Abilities

Rage, Fast Movement 35,






Nothern Erenland/Veradeen


Norther(3), Orcish(2), Patrol Sign(1), High Elven(2),Erenlander(3), Traders Tongue(1)

Strength 19
Dexterity 13
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Darren of House Redgard

XP: 15,000

Fate Points

Wildlander1, Barbarian 1, Fighter (2 handed Variant) 3
Favored Region: Northern Erenland


Size Medium

Initiative: +7


Darren stands taller than most men at 6'7 in height. He is broad with both muscle and power and he has fair skin that almost shines with health, despite the many scars that cover it. Like most Dorns he now ritually shaves his head of once golden hair. His blue eyes are both aware and piercing in their gaze, and he has a strong pronounced chin with a hardened expression. He moves at an almost constant jogging pace for most people, yet to him it seems natural, what stands out most from him is his weapon. It has the look of bastard sword, but it matches the size of a greater vardatch, though he wields the weapon as easily as most swordsman would their own blade. In combat he is a fierce opponent, his speed matches that of most cavalry allowing him to easily outpace the majority of combatants as he charges in swinging his massive blade and then moving on to other targets. Occasionally he is able to push himself to even greater speeds in short bursts making him an even more terrifying combatant. Yet even in a standing melee he is a terrifying sight to behold. His blade is large enough to give him a massive edge over most opponents as he cleaves his way through one target to the next.

Outside of combat he is young and hot blooded man who is very outspoken and aggressive on his opinion of things. He bears the proud nature of Dorns and his animosity towards the smooth talking Sarcosans is apparent. He is quick to make judgements and rarely lets up once he has decided on a course of action. During sleepless nights when the dark Gods hour occurs, he feels that the grip of Izrador's armies is tightening over known land and that as long as the Night kings still stand there is little hope of changing the world, and so he fights to one day change that.





===== Defense =====
AC: 19= (10 base, +4 armor, +1 dex,+2 Dodge,+1 insight,+1 canny defense)
Touch AC: 15= (10 base, +1 dex, +2 Dodge, +1 insight, 1 canny defense)
Flat Footed AC:15 = (10 base, +4 armor,+1 insight)
CMD: 21(10 base, +5 Bab, +4 Str, +1 Dex,+1 canny defense)22 vs. Sunder
Fort +9, Ref +2, Will +3 (+8 vs. cold effects, +2 vs. mind affecting effects. +1 vs. fear effects)

Rage Modifiers:
AC: 18 = (10 base, +4 armor, +2 dex,, -2 rage,+2 Dodge,+1 insight, +1 canny defense)
Touch AC: 14= (10 base, +2 dex, -2 rage,+2 Dodge, +1 insight, 1 canny defense)
Flat Footed AC: 13= (10 base, +4 armor, +1 insight, -2 rage)
CMD: 24(10 base, +5 Bab, +5 Str, +2 Dex, +1 Totem, +1 canny defense) 25 vs. Sunder
Fort +10, Ref +3, Will +5 (+8 vs. cold effects, +2 vs. mind affecting effects. +1 vs. fear effects)



Base attack bonus: +5
Unarmed: 1d3+4, Attack: +9, x2 crit,
M.W. Large Dornish Bastard-sword: 2d8+8, Attack: +12, 19/20 x2 crit
CMB: +9 (+5 Bab, +4 str,)+10 vs. Sundering

Rage Modifiers:
Unarmed: 1d3+5, Attack: +10, x2 crit,
M.W. Dornish Bastard-sword: 2d8+10, Attack: +13, 19/20 x2 crit
CMB: +10 (+5 Bab, +5 str,) +11 vs. Sundering




Str 19 +4, Dex 13 +1, Con 16 +3, Int 12 +1, Wis 14 +2, Cha 10 -
Base Attack +5, CMB +9, CMD 20,
Speed: 65 ft. (In no armor, light armor, and medium armor)
Carrying Capacity: Light,1-176lbs./ Medium,177-346lbs./ Heavy,347-520lbs.
Armor Check Penalty:0
HP:65 currently:59 Death: -16
Delayed Damage Pool: 0/5
Sanity: currently:

Advantage Traits


Child of the North WindsYou get a +4 bonus against all saves against cold. In addition you may treat snow as normal terrain rather than difficult terrain. You gain a +2 on survival checks and may use the skill trained in snowy areas.
-Ice water veinsYou enjoy a +2 on all mind effecting saving throws.

MightyYou can wield weapons one size category larger than normal for you without penalty. You still suffer penalties for weapons larger than that and smaller ones.



Weapon Focus-Bastard Sword (Proficiency Bonus) +1 on all attack rolls made with a Bastard Swords

Combat Expertise(Fighter Bonus feat)-1 to attack for every 4 Bab you possess to add +1 to your a.c. for the round.

Powerful Charge (1st)When making a charge attack the character adds 1d8 to the damage roll.

Dodge (Human Bonus) Add a +1 Dodge bonus to armor class.

Improved Initiative (3rd level) You gain a +4 to initiative rolls.

Spring Attack (Fighter Lvl.1) You can freely inter-space movement and attacks, as long as the movement is in 5 ft increments. And the total does not exceed half your speed (Or full speed if you also have the Skirmish feat.) Movement can be in any direction you choose, including backwards. Opponents targeted by your attacks cannot make attacks of opportunity against you in response to your movement.

Greater Powerful Charge (Fighter Lvl.2) When making a charge attack you are treated as one size category larger for purposes of dealing damage with powerful charge. Extra damage 2d6.

Great Fortitude: (Barbarian/Bonus)(Background) Choose one class or hit die progression for which you have a poor fortitude save progression. (Barbarian) (Fighter)You now receive good fortitude progression for that class.

Power Attack: (Barbarian Bonus) -1 attack for +2 on all damage rolls for the round, when using two hands the damage bonus increases to +3. For every +4 base attack bonus you may take an additional -1 to add +2 damage.



Mobility stance:Add +10 feet to your base movement speed, then add your fighter level to your armor class when provoking attacks of opportunity from moving out of a threatened square. +1 a.c. against attacks that cause effects such as paralyzed, slowed and entangled.

Overhand Chop (Strike): At 3rd level, when a tow-handed fighter makes a single attack (With the attack action or a charge) with a two-handed weapon, he adds double his Strength bonus on damage rolls.



Acrobatics:5+1+3= +9 (+21 with a running start)
Athletics:5+4+3= +12
Handle Animal:1+1+3= +5
Linguistics:3+1+3+2= +9
Perception:5+2+3= +10
Intimidation:3+1+3= +7
Stealth:5+1+3= +9
Survival:5+2+3+1= +11

Craft (Weapon Smithing):2+1+3= +6
K.Geography:1+1+3= +5
K.History:2+1= +3
K.Nature:1+1+3= +5

Racial Abilities


1 extra feat at 1st level: Dorns are versatile and dedicated warriors. The extra feat must either be chosen from the fighter’s list of bonus feats or must be a weapon, armor, or shield proficiency feat.

4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level. Dorns are hard workers and committed to excellence.
Weapon Familiarity: Dorns may treat bastard swords and Dornish horse spears as martial weapons, rather than as exotic weapons.
Favored Region: Northlands.

+1 racial bonus on Fortitude saving throws. The Dorns are a hardy people. This bonus increases to +5 when the Dorn makes Fortitude saving throws against cold dangers like cold weather, severe cold or exposure, or extreme cold. Additionally, Dorns suffer only half the normal damage (rounded down) from the nonlethal cold damage caused by these effects.

+1 racial bonus on attack rolls when fighting in groups of five or more Dorns. Dornish pride and valor go hand in hand with brotherhood.

+1 racial bonus on attack rolls when using a melee weapon two-handed.

Favored class:Fighter: Choose a weapon from the following list: Bastard sword; Add a +1/2 circumstance bonus on critical hit confirmation rolls with that weapon (maximum bonus of +4). This bonus stacks with Critical Focus. Currently +1

Class Abilities


-(Quick Stride) +10 ft. base movement speed.


Weapon/Armor Proficiency Proficient with all simple, martial weapons and with light/medium armor.

[/b]Canny Defense[/b] While wearing light or no armor the Barbarian adds +1 to A.C. and CMD per point of Wisdom modifier per Barbarian class level.

Fast Movement: A Barbarians land speed is faster than the norm for her race by +10 feet. This benefit applies only when she is wearing no armor, light armor, or medium armor and not carrying a heavy load.

Rage: 9/9 rounds per day. +2 Str/Dex/Con/Wis/Cha, -2 Int , +2 will save, -2 a.c.

Endure Elements:(Ex)

Bear Totem: CMB/CMD: +1

Favored Terrain: Mountains +2 Initiative, Athletics, Perception, Stealth, Survival

Furious Counterstrike: +1 Attack/ +2 Damage

Restless Slumber: 7 hours of rest required to replenish rage.


Bravery: Starting at 2nd level the fighter gets a +1 to all Will saves against fear. This bonus increases by 1 for every four levels the fighter has gained.

Ant Haul: Add your fighter level to your strength score for determining your carrying capacity.

Path Abilities


1 +2 bonus to initiative
2 +1 dodge bonus to AC
3 Fast Movement +5 ft.
4 Burst of Speed 1/day
5 +1 Dex

6 +2 bonus to initiative
7 +2 dodge bonus to AC
8 Fast Movement +10 ft.
9 Burst of Speed 2/day
10 +1 Dex
11 +2 bonus to initiative
12 +3 dodge bonus to AC
13 Fast Movement +15 ft.
14 Burst of Speed 3/day
15 +1 Dex
16 +2 bonus to initiative
17 +4 dodge bonus to AC
18 Fast Movement +20 ft.
19 Burst of Speed 4/day
20 +1 Dex
Quickened Ability Descriptions

Fast Movement: The quickened can move like the wind. He gains the listed bonus to his base land speed.

Burst of Speed: The quickened can activate a burst of speed as a free action the listed number of times per day. While using burst of speed, the quickened may make one extra attack or move action each round; either before or after his regular actions. He may move his base speed before or after making a full attack, superseding the normal rule that a character cannot move farther than 5 feet in the same round he performs a full-round action. A burst of speed last for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the quickened's Con modifier. At the end of this period, the character is considered fatigued for the duration of the encounter (-2 penalty to Str and Dex, cannot run or charge).



Total Weight:
Mw. Large Bastard sword 16 lbs.
Hardness:10 Hit points: 20/20
Mw. Refugee studded leather 15 lbs.
Hardness:5 Hit points: 20/20
Lesser Charm x5 (Casts light, 1 hr.)
Great Charm x3 (+2 a.c. for 1 minute)
Great Charm x3 (+2 attack for 1 minute)
Great Charm x3 (Immediately cures fatigue)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2 (2d8 +3)
1 lb of Erethor Tea
Hrost's Valor 3 lbs.

Hrost's Valor:

An ancient dented Dornish helm that appears to have seen many great battles. Although the helm can be taken off, it's wearer will never willingly part with it, and will don it whenever possible.
1st: The wearer receives a +1 insight bonus to armor class while wearing the helm.
2nd: The bearer receives a +5 competence bonus to bluff checks made to lie or impress others, even when not wearing the helm. Once per day, the wearer may use Charm Person effect. D.C. 13, CL.5th

Curse:At the beginning of every combat the wearer must make a will saving throw equal to 10+ 1/2 his character level or become panicked. D.C. 12.



Nashim of House Redgar.

Born in the year 73 L.A. Darren was raised in the barren wastes of Northern Erenland. From the shelter of a ruined fort along the fortress wall he was taught to live in the harsh environment. His father Garek was a harsh man and taught him how to survive in the now broken land under the rule of the Shadow. From the day he could lift a sword he was trained on its use, no matter how large or unwieldy it might have been. He would be left on his own for days in the wilderness with no equipment and only his own wit to survive. He was raised on stories of how the Fortress Wall was constructed to defend the lands from Izrador's Armies, the coming of the weak and treacherous Sarcosans who lived in comfort to the south after betraying the oaths they had sworn and the bitter stories of how his people failed in their appointed duties as the defenders of the Fortress Wall and to show their shame they must shave their heads. He was raised in anger with the belief that strength meant survival and so he was trained to become stronger, stronger than the weather, stronger than the fiercest of the hated Orcs, stronger than his own fear of death.

Garek was a crafty man though, and he knew that strength alone was not enough to win every fight. Once he had decided Darren strong enough, he began teaching him another necessary trait. Speed was also necessary in order to survive and so began training him to combine both of the traits into a truly destructive force. It was how the Sarcosan Calvary had managed to overwhelm the Dornish Barbarian tribes of the past ages. It hadn't been the strength of the dark skinned men themselves but that of the beasts they rode upon. He learned to move like them, nearly as fast as the horses themselves, Darren was taught the power of momentum and that rather than stop when you reach the enemy you keep moving. However even with this knowledge he was taught that in order to survive one had to pick the fights carefully, using the terrain to gain the upper hand and preferably from ambush and finally if the enemy was too large in number, no matter how difficult it might be, living to fight another day was always preferable.

By the time he was 17 his father had deemed him ready to begin striking out against their sworn enemies. For several years the two of them successfully led raids against roving bands of Orcs and occasionally small caravans of Orcs. It wasn't until one particularly disastrous attempt at a slightly larger caravan that had a Legate that Darren and his father, both wounded were forced to retreat from the fight after failing to kill the Legate. They made their way back to the ruined fort to rest and recover, but were attacked later that same night. The Legate and his Orcs had managed to follow them to their home and forced the two of them to leave their home and the majority of their equipment behind. Though the two of them had once again escaped immediate danger their luck had taken a turn for the worse. That night a storm began to grow and the howling snow filled winds from the north descended on the pair. It continued for the next several weeks as the two were forced to keep moving west, their pursuers never seeming to be far behind.

Farther and farther they were driven west, Garek began to tell Darren the history of the land. He spoke of the ancient Dornish spirits Axel the flame keeper of Will, Bodil the ice keeper of knowledge, and Cendara the wind keeper of spirit, and of the rituals that were once used to appease them. He spoke of the rise of Lord general Jahzir, and of his turn to a Night King, the foolish pride of the Dornish houses of the third age, the fall of the great cities of Nalford and Cale and the betrayal of several great houses and the now tainted traitor princes who ruled pockets of the lands. He then retold the stories of Darren's youth in much greater detail, the pacts the Dorns of old had made with the Elves of Erethor forest. He then began to teach Nashim about the secret Language the northern Erunsil Elves used to communicate with one another called patrol sign. When asked why he had never mentioned these things before, his father remained silent.

Darren would never find the answer though for as the pair made their way around the Redstone hills near the cursed city of Nalford, they were spotted by a passing patrol of blood riders bearing the emblem of Steel Hill. These were the traitorous Dorns Garek had spoken of and as they approached the pair knew they could not outrun the horses and the riders who were more familiar with the terrain. They allowed the riders to close and then attacked. The battle was short and brutal but unfortunately a pair of riders managed to escape. Garek had been severely wounded by the captain of the riders and the two had to continue on.

The following day, once Garek had recovered a measure of his strength he told Darren that he had to go on alone. When he began to protest Garek thrust a grey bundle into Darrens chest, the put a hand to his shoulder and said, "We're near the border to the Veradeen now. Once you enter into the woods use the items here. The stone will keep you warm remember the words to use it are Ealin and Ealone. Don't bother hunting now, just gather snow and melt it, mix some of the brick with and it should last you an arc. If you need light crack the stones but use them sparingly. Look for the Erunsil fortress of Silverthorn, I'll meet you there. Now we've wasted enough time, hurry and go... I'm proud to have you for a son." Without another word he turned south and left.

Darren left his father and heeded his words. Once he had entered the frozen woods he used the items he had been given. He had not yet gotten used to the idea of drinking only tea, but was glad for the full belly it gave him. He moved much more quickly now he didn't have to hunt. It had been several days since he felt as though he had been pursued and so he had relaxed his guard. It was early morning when he heard the barest whisper that warned him something was not right. Suddenly he found himself set upon by several Orcs and a massive Oruk that his father had spoken of before. He fought the beasts, his blade matching the size of the Oruks, he fought just as savagely as them and managed to slay them all but once the adrenaline of fighting was done he succumbed to his wounds and passed out.

He awoke at night to the sound of a crackling fire and nearby horses. He found his wounds had been bandaged and an older man who sat nearby gave him a friendly smile offered him some water and began to question him about his past and why he had ended up in the forest. Once he had answered several questions the man got up and left saying he would get some food for the both of them. Not long after the older man returned with a young man who had an air of confidence about him who introduced himself as Roland. The older mans name was Timmon and they welcomed Darren to the band of raiders. Over the next several days as he healed, he learned that the raiders were mostly of house Redgard and that their numbers were very nearly two thousand. He learned that these people were allies of the Elves and that they occasionally traded and fought side by side with one another. In return they were allowed sanctuary within the Elven borders. The raiders were skilled horsemen and Darren learned much of their activities against the Shadow.

He met with the Elves of the Veradeen and has since traveled to Silverthorn, he has learned the Elven language and learned more of the patrol sign they use. He would speak to Timmon from time to time about the history of house Redgard and of the Dornish traditions of old and he watched as the raiders grew in number.

Darren eventually joined the raiders though he learned to ride he refused to take a horse, preferring both his own legs and fighting style. He proved to be an able scout as he could move much more easily over difficult terrain, he became something as a go between for the Elves and the Raiders as he traveled through the worst of weather to deliver messages for the two groups. Several years have gone by since then, at least once every third Arc he makes his way over to Silverthorn to check if his father has made it, though he knows it is unlikely his father is still alive, he has not given up hope.