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Like Haunts? Then check this book out.


30 Haunts for Houses by Rite Publishing

This product is 14 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and Introduction. (3 pages)

Common Minor Haunts (2 ½ pages)
There is 10 common haunts, they happen more often. As the ghosts doing it are doing something that was common to them in life. They are fairly minor and easy haunts to deal with. Most are very good simple haunts, a couple are a bit more involved.

Associated Haunts (½ page)
There is only 3 such haunts in the book. Really only one with how they work. This is a great idea for haunts, they are haunts tied to one another and can trigger a series of them. Love the idea and the one sample three connected haunts is good, I just wish there had been more.

Haunts (3 ½ pages)
This section as general haunts. There is 17 new haunts in this section they are all good, some better than others. There was one I questioned the CR on, it felt a bit strong to me. But all and all a nice collection of haunts to use in your games.

Pers Veilborn (1 ½ pages)
A NPC that specializes in knowing about haunts. He is a 5th level divine channeler, all the rules you need to use the NPC is presented in the book.

It ends with a OGL and 2 pages of ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. The artwork is nice with a old style to them. Not sure if they are all public domain or not. The artwork is black and white, not great but nice. The vast majority of the haunts are very good and if you like haunts you will enjoy them. There was a couple of was meh about and a couple I was not sure about the CR given, but most I thought where great. The layout and editing is top notching I didn't notice any obvious errors in the product.

Now the product is not perfect, there is one problem with it and a nit-pick about it. The problem is the NPC uses a new class from another Rite Publishing product, Secrets of Divine Channeling. Yet the PC makes no mention of where the class comes from. You don't need the book to use the NPC as is, as the rules are provided but it would have been nice. Especially if the NPC leveled up or was used as a PC or something. Another minor issue I had was I would have liked to have a bit more fluff with each haunt, to help sell it. Most have enough to make them creepy but a bit more would have been nice.

The nitpick was... I wanted more, what is here is good. But I would have loved if they had done 30 common haunts, 30 haunts and 30 associated haunts in three separate books. I really felt each section of haunts was plenty strong enough to stand up on their own. So whats my rating? Well I liked most of the haunts in the book, though a bit more fluff and well more haunts would have been nice. There was a couple of haunts I didn't agree with as I mentioned and then the one issue with the NPC. So I am settling for a 4 star.

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Nice free product


The Nymian Beastlands by Krewe of Harpocrates

This product is 26 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (2 1/2 pages)

Introduction (11 ½ pages)
The introduction talks about the setting and what to expect in the future. It should be noted this is a free players playtest guide for the future the setting. It has a few paragraphs about the people of Omarka, ecology, and mysteries of the setting. Next it gives a overview of the 7 planned books for the setting. A players guide, GM guide, 3 monster books, Races and Secrets book. With a rough timeline of when the books are planned to be released. It has a small section talking about what will or will not be OGL and why.

This is followed by talking about who the books are for, how you can use them. What good are they for people that play in homebrew campaigns and a section of how to use this with Golarion the Pathfinder world. They are asking for playtesters to help them out, there is a section on play testing and how to get involved in it and what they want from playtesters. There is 3 new feats, two are ok. One Lies within Lies was very clever and a very good feat.

Equipment (3 pages)
This section has a handful of new equipment to be found in the new setting. As well as a few new animal companions that fit the setting.

For some reason in the middle of the equipment chapter is one page of expected stats for monsters by CR, 3 pages of forms to fill out for playtesting. I honestly have no idea why they was put here instead of at the very end of the book. (3 pages)

The last section has a few new options in it. Two feats for lizardfolk, three feats for boggard/frogs, a Rakshasa Sorc Bloodline(I felt it was a bit strong), two new domains Juju(seemed inspired by Voodoo) and Ancestral Domain. Two new Subdomains Philosophy and Enlightenment.

It ends with a OGL.

Closing thoughts, There is 2 copies of this product, a color nice looking very pretty copy. The problem with it, is that it is laid out in 2 page format making it hard to print or read in PDF format. The artwork in the product is good. Then there is a black and white version that is in single page format. The final bit is the 3 forums for play testing separate in a fallible and saveable PDF format. I didn't notice any major errors and it was pretty well written. My on major problem with the product was layout. I just honestly is not laid out great. The part with the forms in the middle of the equipment chapter was the worse part but some of the rest could have been laid out better I think.

All the playtest forums and comments on what they want etc should have all been put at the back I feel. It would have made it much easier to read and would have made a more sense layout wise. This is a ambitious project and it sounds like it will be a interesting setting. Which seems to be a lost prehistoric world setting in a steamy jungle like environment. So I am curious to see what the company comes up with in the future. I think this is worth picking up. I mean it is free. If the idea of this appeals to you, you should jump on the playtesting and get some further material to help them playtest it out. I am giving it a 3.5 star review, it is free so I can forgive the layout a bit. For the finish product they need to work on that. I recommend checking it out though, you have nothing to lose.

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First room of Ruins Perilous


The Ruined Guard Tower by Rite Publishing

This product is 24 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and area map. (3 pages)

This is a old guard tower that the PC's must go threw the lower level to get to the rest of the ruins. There is a single encounter in the this book. After the encounter location and tower is described, there is a full stat block for the monsters in this book. (2 pages)

A OGL and maps to be printed out and used with mini's follows. (16 pages)

It ends with a 2 page IC introduction to the adventure that was a nice touch with even a little advice for new adventurers. Finally there is a single page ad at the end. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. This is a very simple and straight forward setup. This product will be a series of rooms or locations of a much larger dungeon/ruins. This one is the very first in the series. The art work is good all and all and the maps are very good. I liked the IC introduction to the dungeon. I didn't notice any obvious errors in the book. I found this one a bit hard to rate. On one hand this is just a single room of a much larger and totally unknown adventure, but on the other hand if you buy them all you will have a full mini map of very nice maps of the whole dungeon. So if this sort of thing appeals to you, I think you will be happy with it. I am giving it a 4 star, it delivers what it promises.

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Not a bad book of critical rules.


This product is 146 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (5 pages)

Chapter 1 – Critical Hits (36 pages)
It gets into what are critical hits, how to tell what kind of critical you have done(mild, moderate, serious), Next is a generic random hit location chart.(arm, leg, tail, torso, wing, head) Next it gets into what exactly happens when a crit is applied to a body part based on the severity of the three crit levels. Afterwords it gets into different types, say something with no arms, it also adds in mouth and sensory organs. Followed by random hit location charts for varies types of body profiles, a total of 9. Now in this part they have a equal chance to hit all body parts, they get into their reasons why they did this. While I understand why they did it, I completely disagree with it. It is simpler yes but for me lessened the use of the tables, though the called shot penalty was nice addition. It has a small section about special creatures like a dryder and how to handle them.

Bleeding is discussed for those that want more realism. How much dmg per round from bleeding to hp and or con by body type. Hit point reduction due to lose of a limb. If there is less of the monster they have fewer max hp.

Called shots, this part expands the section on called shots, how to do them, what can be targeted and what the effects are when you do target them. There is 7 called shot area's with special effects while using this book if they are hit. The chapter ends with a small section on fumbles.

Chapter 2 – Healing (40 pages)
This part gets into advanced use of healing, such as rolling well and getting more healing per day with the skill. How to stop bleeding effects, difference between short and long term care. DC mods on how serious the wounds are and how long certain wounds take to fully heal(such as broken bones). Herbalism is list all the PF herbs and 11 new types and the effects they all have while using these new critical rules. It has a table for treating types of wounds with specific equipment such as master work healers kit etc. There is 30 new equipment items.

Magic healing is talked about next, just what magic can heal by type of spell used. It also has a section on scarring from sever wounds and the effect magic has on them. There is 9 new spells most deal with healing effects by this new system, but some like Finger of Life and the greater version lets you cast lower level healing spells at a range. There is also 10 new magic items.

Artificial limbs, what book of limb severing criticals would be complete with out mundane, fantastical and magical replacements? There is far to many types both mundane and magical for me to go into. It does list all the issues with having ones, effects on skill checks, any bonuses or negatives to them.

Chapter 3 – Armor (6 pages)
It starts off talking about partial armor. The effects it has of wearing only parts of a suit of armor. I liked this section a lot, I wish they would have expanded it even more. Next is 3 new magical armors followed by 2 new magical effects. Armor as damage reduction, it has rules on how to use and apply armor as damage reduction instead of armor class.

Chapter 4 – Critical Characters (14 pages)
2 new PrC's, one focused on causing criticals and one a healing Prc focused on fixing them. There is a new base class, a mundane healer. A healer that uses herbs and special abilities to heal others. A replacement healer for low magic campaigns or a nice NPC class. There is 17 new feats, mostly pretty decent.

Critical hits with spells. It has a small section on spells with a chance to hit can score a critical. There is 8 new spells that take advantage of these new rules in a offensive way or protect against them. The section ends with a small section on if people fail their saves vs spells badly enough the spell should do more with a table to that effect.

Chapter 5 – Tools of the Trade (10 pages)
This section has 20 new weapons, 3 new magic effects, 2 new magic weapons, 3 new magic items, a section on traps doing critical damage and what the effects would be. The section ends with a basic addition of adding firearms to your campaign world.

Chapter 6 – Of Tooth and Nail (17 pages)
This section 9 new monsters that are fully and greatly detailed along with stat blocks. Following this is 3 new templates with sample monsters of each.

Appendix 1 – Tables (9 pages)
This has all the tables in the book collected together on these pages. While nice, with the border it doesn't make them all that print friendly. I really wish the border had been left off of the Appendix section for printing reasons. Nice idea though.

Appendix 2 – Spells (2 pages)
This section has spell list by class for all the new spells.

Appendix 3 – Body Profiles (3 pages)
This has charts that can be filled out to keep track of criticals hits by body location.

It ends with a OGL, 2 blank pages for notes and back cover. (4 pages)

Closing Thoughts. The artwork is good black and white art all and all. The text is on a blank background which would normally make for a very print friendly book. But there is large border graphics mostly black and white but with red blood running down it, with the size of the border it would be rough on a printer making it less print friendly. I found the book to be a bit of a mixed bag, some stuff I liked and some I did not.

The book does give you base rules for critical hits to spice up your game but it is a pretty simple system, which if that’s all you want great. But if you was wanting it for a bit more “realism” in your games then the simple system is more of a good starting point. Personally I would have liked to have seen all the tables with different chances to hit different area's and or perhaps expand the table to include things like sensory organs, vitals(like sensitive areas) etc. I can use the base charts and make my own but would have been nice to have.

The healing chapter was nice and likely the best done chapter, the new spells, equipment and rules I felt all add to the game. Prosthetic limbs for mundane ones was good and the magic section was ok. It makes sense to have them and was fairly complete on what you could think of to add to one. The armor section was nice, though I would have liked to have seen the partial armor section and rules expanded. Another section I wish would have been a lot bigger is the one on traps. The new PrC's I was meh about, they showcase the new rules but I wasn't wowed by them. The new non-caster healer class I liked a lot better, it makes sense such a person would exist in the world even with clerics, unless there is a cleric on every corner.

The last two chapters could have honestly mostly been left off. While some of the new weapons where nice for the most part most of them wasn't needed and same with the monsters. Nothing wrong with them but they felt out of place in the book.

All of which brings me to some of the flaws with the book I notice beyond what I already mentioned. There is not bookmarks and there is a error on the very first table of the book with crit severity, it is easy to figure out what they meant though. There is a few other errors, some spelling or things that should not be as clear as they should be. Not a ton but more than I am use to seeing. Another thing I didn't like that the spells, equipment was broken up in different chapters. I would have much rather them have a magic chapter with all the spells in it, one for magic items and then a chapter for equipment. Would have made it easier to find things. Which is the final flaw with the book layout.

So whats my rating? Well if you are looking for a simple critical hit system to add to your games to add some variety it does accomplish that. It just has a few flaws and some added stuff you likely won't care about(like the monsters). If you was wanting a more “realistic” system, you will be less happy. Even then it is a good starting point to build from though and some of the sections are very nice. I am giving it a over all rating of 3 stars, if you are happy with a simple system add ½ a star.

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A interesting class idea and extra's


Master of Disguise by Spes Magna Games

This product is 29 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC and forward. (3 pages)

Master of Disguise Class (9 pages)
This part is the bulk of the class. D8, 6 skills, medium BaB, 2 good saves, weapons and armor similar to a rogue, 4 level caster. They cast spells like a Sorcerer and start being able to cast at 1st level if they have a bonus spell or 2nd level. They can start to cast 2nd level spells at 4th, 3rd at 7th and 4th at 10th level. Spell list reminds me a bit of the beguiler class from 3.5.

All of the class abilities help them to disguise and pretend to be other people, they also gain some talents somewhat similar to rogue talents, though mostly again focused on disguise or social abilities. Play the Part is the closest thing they get to a cap stone ability. They get it earlier but it maxs out at 20th. It allows them to mimic skills, feats or class abilities from other classes to pull of a disguise.

Favored Class Options (6 pages)
This has favored class options for this class by race. It also includes one new subdomain Disguise for the Trickery Domain, 7 new rogue talents, expanded uses of Diplomacy, Disguise, Linguistics, and Use Magic Device skills, 4 new feats.

Equipment (2 pages)
This starts off talking about the relevance of cloaks and the purpose they serve. It moves on to talk about why cloaks and cloths are important by pointing out the draw backs to not having any aka being naked. Then it goes into talking about how masterwork style clothes could add bonuses to skills. Such as cold weather clothes etc. It ends with three examples of normal equipment meant to add bonuses to skills. A Blessed Salve that adds a bonus to con checks for stability, Spellcraft for Dummies – bonus to spellcraft checks if you have time to consult the book first before a roll is made, Winter Camouflage Cloak – bonus to fort saves against cold and stealth checks.

Spells (4 pages)
This section has new spells. There is 12 new spells and they include the new APG classes if they can or can not cast them as well.

Magic Items (5 pages)
There is 13 new magic items in this section several of them are masks.

It ends with a OGL. (2 pages)

Closing Thoughts. The class is a very focused class. I think it is a ok class, it seems fairly well balanced but because it is so focused. I think it some cases it will be fairly strong and others a bit on the weak side depending on the campaign. One with a lot of social and more urban focused will favor the class, a lot of dungeon crawls hurts the class. I was disappointed with one aspect of the class, it lacks trapfinding ability. Since it takes the place of a rogue I feel the class should really have it.

The new rogue talents I think add a bit to the rogue and they are fairly well done. The skill section was well done showing more uses for the skills. The Use Magic device is the only one I am not so sure I would use. It lets you bypass some spells like protection spells, It is not a bad ability I just didn't care for it personally.

The class options where all decent, none wowed me but I didn't feel any ways bad either. The new domain was interest and fit well with the theme. I actually really liked all the feats, one is a duelist which adds a bonus on one on one fights, the other three are all about using a cloak in combat. Something we have all seen in movies, there is a few more I could think of that I would have liked to have been added though. The ones there are all good but I would have liked to have seen more.

I really liked what was being discussed about the equipment. I just found it to be lacking enough information. I really wish the section had been expanded greatly, or left out. As it is there is not really enough to make good use of a very nifty idea, perhaps that is something worthy of it's own small PDF with plenty of examples. I liked most of the spells and one seemed overly powerful, they was more fluff style spells, useful spells in interesting ways for the most part. Same can be said of the magic items most of them where well done and I can see myself using many of them.

Which brings me to one of my critics, layout. It is not bad but with the names of magic items etc just being bolded it is hard to tell where they start at a quick glance. On most of the sections with less bold it is easier but in some sections especially the magic item section it is very hard to quickly spot the magic item names. I would have liked them to have been underlined or something as well.

There is no art and very little color other than a few section headers. It is black and white text on a plain style PDF, no borders etc. Which makes it very print friendly but also pretty plain looking. There is little notes on the bottom of some of the pages which explain why the author choose to do what he did. Not really needed but it was nice to read anyways.

So whats my rating? Well on one hand the class is a very niche class, which hurts it appeal some. I think it makes a much better NPC class, it is useful as a PC in some types of campaigns. As a NPC though it is very nice. The other stuff in the book while mostly geared for the class can by used by most anyone and virtually of it is useful. There is a few minor flaws with the product that I mentioned, but it is cheap too. So for the price I am giving it a 4 star review.

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Another fine issue of KQ


Kobold Quarterly by Open Design

This product is 76 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, credits, 5 pages of ads and a forward about the upcoming Midgard patron project. (9 pages)

Ecology of the Gearforged (6 pages)
A 4E DnD and Pathfinder articles. Gearforged are a new race created in the city of Zobeck(a book by Open Design). It has their history, stats for them for both 4E DnD and Pathfinder. Rituals and magic that was used to create them and how more can be created. Everything you need and them some to introduce them as a new playable race. While they are tied to the setting they could be fairly easily adapted to any setting.

Odalisques and Assassins (8 pages, 6 pages of content, 2 pages of ads)
This is a Pathfinder article. This is a article about courtesans that have been turned into spies and assassins. There is 2 new variant rules for bardic performance, 3 new weapons, 2 new equipment items, 5 new feats, 5 new magic items, and 5 new spells. While the fluff is written for the world of Midgard the rest is easily useable in any setting.

If your having Fun (4 pages)
This is a interview with Robin D Laws.

Magic Items of Golarion (6 pages, 4 pages of content, 2 page of ad)
Pathfinder article. This is 12 of the magic items from the 2010 RPG superstar contest. Collected and then printed here. These are some very good magic items and it nice to see them put to good use.

Clockwork Adept (4 pages)
Pathfinder article. A new 10 level PrC, d6, 2 skills, low BaB, simple weapons. 8 caster level gains, all their class abilities deal with creating, commanding, fixing etc clockworks. A interesting PrC.

The Royal Order of the Golden Fox (4 pages, 3 pages of content 1 page of ads)
4E DnD article. This is a group of hunters, from hunting exotic beats, monsters or even bounty hunters. If PC's join it they can gain access to 10 new types of magic items as reward for completing tasks for them.

The Curse of the Blue Titchyboo (6 pages)
A Pathfinder article. This is a 2-3rd level adventure about investigating a Tengu community. The adventure takes place at the local school. It is mostly a social adventure and pretty quick and short. It was a bit amusing reading about how the kids react to things.

The Ring of Rule Breaking (2 pages)
A article by Monte Cook about knowing when and how to break the rules and how they are only guidelines to make good games.

Ask a Kobold (2 pages)
Pathfinder article about rules questions, about illusions and reality.

Dancing Brooms and Skittering Scones (2 pages)
Pathfinder article. Rules for expanded Animated Objects. 11 new construction traits, 5 drawbacks, 3 samples, and a new lower level animate object spell.

Places of Sanctuary (2 pages)
Pathfinder article. This is about giving a location a sanctuarial aura and talking about why you might want to. There is 3 versions of the aura, there is also 3 new magic items with the aura's.

Potion Miscibility (2 pages)
4E DnD article. Rules for mixing two potions together. How to do it, a table for what happens when you do it and two examples of finished results.

The Minion Academy (3 pages)
4E DnD article. This is about making the most of your minions. 10 new powers for minions and a new template that comes with 2 new powers.

True Hit Location (3 pages)
4E DnD article. Rules for using hit locations in your game and 3 sample monsters that use the new rules and what it requires.

Bear Run (4 pages, 3 pages of content, 1 page ad)
Pathfinder article. This is a 5th adventure is about getting beer from giants, there is a few adventure hooks on why the PC's might be after the beer. It is a fairly short adventure that leads the PC's to a giant mead house of Thurbin giants. This includes the stat blocks for the new giants.

Clockwork Monsters (3 pages)
4E DnD article. 11 new powers that can be used to turn any existing monster into a clockwork version.

Coming Next Issue (1 page)
A page about what will be coming out for the next issue of KQ.

Book Reviews (2 pages)
There is 4 book reviews in this section.

Banners of Zobeck (1 page)
This talks about the military of the city, those who surround the city and then gives a order of battle for the cities forces.

It ends with a map of the Mead House for Beer Run and a 1 page ad for the new Patron Project Midgard. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. This is my first magazine review and I will be honest I am not completely sure how to review one but here we go. The articles are well written and most are very interesting. While much of it is geared towards Open Designs own campaign world, most of it is fairly easy to adapt to any setting. Beyond the interviews, reviews and fluff pieces there is 1 article for both 4E and pathfinder, having both stats. 6 for Pathfinder, 5 for 4E, and 2 short adventures for Pathfinder.

There is 12 full page ads in the magazine. On page 19 there seems to be a error, it is a full page ad for Pathfinder tales fiction but almost all the words are little blocks instead of letters. That was the only error I noticed while reading the magazine. The artwork is fair to very good. All and all it is a nice mix of Midgard fluff articles, 4e and Pathfinder, though a bit leaning this issue to Pathfinder. KQ is really stepping up to fill the hole left in the hobby with the removal of Dragon magazine from general circulation. So whats my review? I am settling on a 4.5, there was that one error and while most of the stuff was interesting in some cases I felt they was to short and I wanted more about them.

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Psioncis well meshed with the core rules.


This product is 231 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (5 pages)

*Note – (I wanted to point out, I was never a huge fan of Psionics, I was given this product for the purpose of this review. I have nothing against it they was just never my thing. This review is from the point of view of someone who is coming in that is new to psionics.)

Introduction (2 pages)
This gets into what Psionics are, about their powers, over all chapter breakdown, changes made and why, it ends with a message from the two main authors of the book, talking about the project.

Chapter 1 – Races (12 pages)
This section has 8 new races, who are all psionicly adept. It lists full information about them. From game mechanics, society, description, relations to other races and Psionic Aptitude.(special things they get when taking their favored class) Below is a list of the new races and brief overview.
Blue – a goblin race.
Dromite – Halfling sized insect people.
Duergar – you know what they are, dwarves.
Elan – created race, chosen from other races and transformed.
Half-giant – They sound more like a new race of giants though they are supposed half fire giant but it doesn't really say or imply what other half they are, I suppose human.
Maenad – More or less a new ethnic group of humans.
Ophiduan – a reptilian based race.
Xeph – a new race that looks fairly human.

Chapter 2 – Classes (18 pages)
This section has 4 new base classes. It has a section about how to update your old classes to the new versions, a section on multi-classing, and power points. After this it gets into each of the new classes. I copied a bit of the book below to give a bit about each class.
Psion: A master of the mind, a seeker of knowledge of psionics. - More or less the equal of a full caster class. Low BaB, hp etc. They have six disciplines to choose from, sorta like magic schools in a way.
Psychic Warrior: A soldier who combines psionic power with physical prowess. - To me it seemed to be more like a self buffing bard that fights. They gain warriors paths, abilities to do special things based on the theme of the path.
Soulknife: A warrior who creates a unique weapon out of mental energy. - This one is a bit hard to explain, it is a light armored fighter that uses their mind to create weapons to attack with. Other than just giving their mental energy weapon bonuses they can also give them special abilities, such as shocking, holy, keen etc.
Wilder: A natural talent with psionics who channels emotion to wield uncontrolled power. - There is really no class or roll they are really like. They have great power but limited control.

Chapter 3 – Skills and Feats (18 pages)
This talks about any skill that works different, or in the case of spellcraft how it is used for psionic power checks etc. The choose to condense the skill list to fit pathfinder and mesh psionics and magic more. Use magic device is used for magic and psionic devices for example. Some might not like these changes, me I do. That was always one of my issues with psionics before. It does the same thing with feats, such as magic item creation feats, what types of psionic items can be created with the feat. There is also 69 new psionic based feats, to many to list honestly but all of them seemed on par with existing feats.

Chapter 4 – Psionics (14 pages)
This section gets into how powers work, saves, costs, adding powers, resistance(which like other stuff is now the same as Spell Resistance, a monster with one has the same for both), how to use psionics in your games, variant rules so psionics and magic don't overlap. Basically a overview of how the powers work and how to use them in your campaign.

Chapter 5 – Powers (86 pages)
This has the power lists for the classes. Followed by the write up of each of the powers. There is about 290 powers in the book. Some copy the effects of existing spells(to a point), while others are totally new.

Chapter 6 - Prestige Classes (20 pages)
This section deals with new prestige classes for the psionic base classes or non-psionic base classes to take. There is 9 new PrC's in this section.
Cerebremancer: A practitioner of both arcane magic and psionic power, wielding both efficiently. - Combines psionic powers with arcane spells.
Elocater: A master of altering gravity and space, performing seemingly impossible maneuvers. - any martial class and psionic class could work.
Metamind: A manifester who sacrifices his expertise with higher level abilities to expand his reservoir of power.
Phrenic Slayer: A hunter of a type of psionic creature who gains abilities to aid in the chase. - Can work with any melee class and psionic class, but ranger seems to fit best.
Psion Uncarnate: A manifester who has left the need for a physical body behind.
Psychic Fist: A monk who uses his innate psionic ability to augment his martial prowess. - Seems like a good soul knife/monk combo.
Pyrokineticist: A wielder of flame, sending bolts of fire at enemies and using their body heat to heal.
Thrallherd: A manifester who puts out a psionic call for thralls and believers. - a PrC that focuses on controlling the minds of others.
Warmind: A devastating warrior who learns many secret combat techniques.

Chapter 7 – Psionic Items (28 pages)
How to use psionic items. More or less they are similar to how magic items already exist in the game. It does have some psionic effects of their own and a good list of psionic premade items.

Chapter 8 – Psionic Monsters (25 pages)
There is 20 monsters in this section, with a couple having more than one variation like the construct.

Glossary (2 pages)
This explains all the terms used in the book and what they mean.

It ends with a OGL and ad. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. As I mentioned at the start I was never a fan of psionics, I had nothing against them. I just felt they never added enough, for the work required to add a new total system to the game. With this book combining a lot of the aspects like use of skills, resistances etc that in my honest opinion makes psionics a lot easier to adapt into more traditional games. The writing was good and I didn't notice any major errors, it was fairly easy to understand for a newbie just get into it. The layout was decent but there was a few spots where there was some wasted space, end of the feats chapter was a big one. A single feat on a otherwise blank page.

The art ranged wildly, some was color, some was black and white. Some was cartoony and other more traditional. The quality also wildly ranged as well. I honestly found the art to be a let down. It wasn't the quality but the clashing styles was more of a problem for me. This book basically takes the existing psionic rules and updates them to Pathfinder rules and meshes them much better with the game in my opinion. I think these rules as someone who was not a fan of psionics before to be a vast improvement over the old rules. Enough so that I for the first time in a very long time, will experiment with using them in my games again. To see how it goes. I am not ready to let them fully in, but the book did a good enough job that I will sprinkle them in and see how it goes.

The feats, powers, classes etc. They all seem well written and well balanced against the existing Pathfinder core rules. I didn't find anything overly powerful or overly weak. I am unsure how it stacks up with the previous books as I only have passing knowledge with the 3.5 psionic rules. My main issues with the book was clashing art styles and I thought the layout could have been done better. So whats my rating? I find this one hard to rate since I think it depends if you was already a fan of psionics or not. Personally I am giving it a 4 star review from my point of view. For fans of psionics that want something for their Pathfinder game I think you will be very pleased. For those that thought psionics had issues before but was not dead seat against them, you might want to check the book out, it might just change your mind. If you was one of those that just hate the idea of psionics in fantasy, well I don't think this book will change your mind.

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A well done book.


Learning Curve by Tricky Owlbear Publishing

This product is 12 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and Intro. (2 pages)

Multi-Class Characters (2 pages)
This section is what the book was really made for. Making a multi-Class character at level one. It has 10 steps involved in making one and then a example character showing how it is done. Really the Intro also helps with this, which is half a page as well.

Core Classes (5 pages)
This section has a list of charts for each character class. For example Barbarian, it will list what you get at apprentice level and then what you gain at first level. Really you are to combine the two apprentice class levels between two classes to get a first level character, then at second level you combine the two first level rows of each class. At that point your character has one full level of each class. It list all the core classes and the new APG classes.

Additional Uses for Apprentice Rules (2 pages)
This section gets into how to use this book if you just want to start the PC's off at level 0 instead of using the book to multi-Class. It also has a section on how this could be used to help balanced a stronger race, but using one of these at the first two levels to balance it out. The final bit is advice for the game master, which offers some suggestions on how to run things using these rules.

It ends with a OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts, using this to start off as a multi-Class character are first level seems like it would work very well. It looks like things are balanced fairly well between what you get at apprentice levels and what you get after you get another level. Instead of having you roll for hp, it has set hp you gain. At Apprentice levels you add the hp together of both classes and then again when you level again. Giving you max at first level and a avg for your next level.

The artwork is fair and black and white. The layout is clean and simple. I didn't notice any obvious errors. I did have one minor critic, while the product is written with the idea you will be playing multi-Class characters. It does have a section on how to use it for apprentice levels or 0 level PC's. Which is where the on critic comes in. Since the charts listing the classes have the second hp gain for the level up being a avg instead of max(since with multi-Class you would be 2nd level when you got that). I felt it needed a sidebar in the apprentice level section for using this for 0 level characters saying use the first hp total instead of the second. Minor but still something I felt needed to be added to be clear. Other than that I really have no critics of the book, it does exactly what it sets out to do.

Now some are going to ask how does this stack up to The Genius Guide to Apprentice-Level Characters by Super Genius games. Well they are similar products, but their main goals are slightly different, this more geared for multi-Class and the one by SGG more for zero level characters. Both products can be used for the other. I am not going to directly compare them though, I will say as a whole I personally liked this one better, but you can't go wrong with either one. So what's my rating? Well other than the one minor issue I think it is a well done, simple clean, easy to print product. So I am giving it a 4.5 review. If you like the idea of this product then I recommend it.

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Great book for undersea adventures.


Cerulean Seas by Alluria Publishing

This product is 290 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (4 pages)

Chapter 1 – Undersea Basics (22 pages)
It starts with a IC introduction explaining what has happened and why 99% of the world is covered in water now. It moves onto a OOC explaining how and why the book was made, followed with advice on using it and common terms in the book. Next it gets into the environments of the sea. The different zones in the ocean, close to land, far from it. How deep one is from the surface, including how much light there is, the effects of the tides etc It gets very in depth and covers everything very well.

Next they get into buoyancy, it goes into great deal of the effects this has on characters and creatures under the sea. It also gets into drag effects of pulling a object or person along underwater. Followed by the effects of pressure has on living things. Next is current's riptides, and undertow, swimming speeds, terrain above water and at the bottom of the ocean. I don't know how realistic all of it is, but it is well written and seems like it would work very well and makes sense.

Next it gets into perils like poisons, diseases, blood in the water drawing sharks, water conditions like murk or whirlpools etc. It ends with a short section on undersea combat, with some differences. Like it being a 3D environment.

Chapter 2 – Undersea Races (20 pages)
This chapter details the undersea races one can play in a undersea campaign. They are all done in enough depth and detail to easily pick one up and start playing with them, giving you everything you need just like the main races in Pathfinder core rule book. The are broken up be species type and then by individual race. It finishes with a whole host of half bread combinations. Since many of them are egg laying races it is far easy to get cross breeding as any male can fertilize the eggs.
-Elves, Sea
-Naiads, Viridian
-Nixies, Deepwater
-Selkies, Lochgelly

Chapter 3 – Undersea Classes (34 pages)
At first it talks about how you can adapt the existing Pathfinder classes to use in the game, including the APG classes. Some are pretty minor changes some are a bit more complex. It also introduces two more domains, undersea Flora and Steam domains. It also has a table of 27 deities, domains weapons etc, more details in chapter 7. The druid has 18 new animal companion options. There is several new Eidolon evolutions to choose from. Plus 12 more familiars for the witch and wizard.

Next it introduces three new classes. They replace the niche of some of the existing classes in new and interesting ways. There is nothing stopping you from using both classes in the same game though.
Kahuna – replaces the Druid
Mariner – replaces the ranger
Siren – replaces the Bard

Next it gets into PrC's and which ones fit and what you need to change if anything and the ones that don't. It also includes three new PrC's as well.
Beach Comber – They go up on some of the little land left and spend time there.
Glimmerkeepers – Honestly to hard to explain but very cool.
SeaWitch – a PrC for the new Siren class.

Chapter 4 – Aquatic Skills and Feats (14 pages)
It starts off talking about all the skills that are different and how they are different. Next it moves onto existing feats that need to be tweaked and what they do now to fit. Next it introduces 45 new undersea flavored feats that all fit very well.

Chapter 5 – Money and Equipment (20 pages)
First it gets into the new money system, since most metals tarnish or rust underwater it makes sense. They use small shells, gold, pearls and such. Now on the shells they really should have made it clear they had to have stamps to make them valuable or people could just go kill the creatures and take their shells for money.

It follows this with a section on weapons, armor and undersea gears. There is simply way to much to list or even high light. They did a good job with the gear for the most part. Other than a few minor issues like Spiked Chain which honestly just would not work underwater. It even has a section on sailing ships. There is several new weapons, armor and a couple of dozen new gear items, not to mention many of the old stuff tweaked to fit the setting.

Chapter 6 – Magic of the Sea (34 pages)
It starts off talking about how spells will work differently underwater. It is followed by a table of aquatic material components in place of the existing ones. I thought that was very cool as some stuff just wouldn't exist underwater. Next it has a chart of spells and their new names, while not needed it was very cool and makes sense. I mean no one would call a fireball and fireball underwater, instead it is mageboil as it makes the water boil instead.

Next it details all the new spells and spells that have changed such as fireball to mageboil. I tried counting but I lost count. There is around a 120-130 spells, I am honestly unsure how many are new and how many are altered. At a glance I would say close to 50/50. It ends with 9 new magic items and a few new magic item properties.

Chapter 7 – The Cerulean Seas (25 pages)
This section gets into the campaign setting, it has the gods, cities, etc, it is a campaign gazetteer for the default setting of the book.

Chapter 8 – Mastering the Sea (10 pages)
This is the game master section of the book on how to run games underwater. It gets into greater detail of some of the previous stuff like buoyancy etc. About how to find depth tolerances for creatures, by what they are. The most interesting section is on 3D combat and how to make your own 3d combat mat to use with mini's if you like. It ends with a section on how the planes interact with the sea.

Chapter 9 – Cerulean Sea Bestiary (72 pages)
This chapter is just a monster bestiary for the setting but also a great one for anyone that ever wants to run a undersea adventure. There is 95 new monsters including new sound based dragons which all looked different and where really interesting. Many had more than one stat block like the dragons. There was also 5 new templates.

Appendices (6 pages)
There is a few Appendix in this section, monsters listed by CR, pronunciation guide, index of tables and index of art.

It ends with a OGL, 2 page character sheet, 4 cardboard mini's, hex sheets to make the 3D battle map with, a full page map, indepth index and back cover. (17 pages)

Closing thoughts. This is a very well written, very pretty book about undersea campaigns. The art work is mostly color and very good high quality art. The editing, layout and production values was top notch. Simply put if you ever wanted a book to help you run a undersea campaign THIS is the book to get. Even if you don't want to, this would be a great tool if you ever wanted to just run some adventures underwater.

Now the book is not perfect, there is a few minor issues where and there with it, like the spiked chain or the shells I mentioned. But most of them are pretty minor issues. My only real critic is honestly the price. I understand Alluria publishing is a small company and art is very expensive, after seeing the art in this book I am sure they spent a bundle on the art budget. But it is a bit high priced at 29.99 for a PDF. If that was the print price I would say fair price, for a PDF though? I felt a tad high. So whats my rating? Well just on the book it is easily a 5 star product, with the price I would say a 4.5 star. I know the price is a little high but I don't think you will be disappointed picking this up, if you find undersea adventures interesting at all.

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Best of the series so far.


Mythic Menagerie: Rise of the Gobliniods by Super Genius Games

This product is 11 pages long. It starts with a cover, and forward. (2 pages)
The forward explains why the book was made.

It is a collection of new gobliniods to use against your players. Each one has a full page write up about them and a full stat block. (8 pages)
Atahsaia – CR16, giant, outsider gobliniod.
Erlking – CR10, gobliniods that lived in swamps that for what ever reason had a source of mystical or magical power in it. That twisted and transformed them.
Majnun – CR12, outsider. Created by efreet, they captured and transformed bugbears into new creatures to be their foot soldiers.
Ophidiyarr – CR14, mutated gobliniods of a group of goblins that long ago worshiped a snake god, these things are the remnants of that. Part snake, part gobliniod.
Ponaturi – CR6, a semi aquatic offshoot of bugbears.
Puck – CR2, small non evil gobliniods that almost seem more fey than goblin.
Tree Grim – CR4, a hobgoblin and bugbear mixed breed that took to living among and in the tree's, evolving into a new race.
Vinayaka – CR8, winged gobliniods, that are believed to be corrupted by demon blood.

It ends with a OGL. (1 page)

Closing Thoughts. I think this is easily the best of the series so far. It is a mini monster book, that focuses on varies types of gobliniods. I honestly liked all of the monsters in this book. The art work is good black and white. I didn't notice any obvious errors, spelling or in the stat blocks. For the price this is a good pick up, if you want more gobliniods or just some more monsters to spring on your players. I recommend picking it up. So what's my rating? Well I am giving it a 4.5. It is very good, I would have liked to have seen a few more base gobliniods types like Tree Grim, but that is just personal preference.

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The best in the series so far.


In the Company of Minotaurs by Rite Publishing

This product is 22 pages long. It starts with a cover, and credits. (2 pages)

Introduction (1 ½ pages)
This has a nice interesting story about how Minotaurs came into being. It was very Greek inspired, in that it read like many of the old Greek tales. I have never read the Greek tale of the minotaur so I have no idea how similar this might be.

Minotaurs (6 ½ pages)
This section gives more information about the race, history, ecology, society, etc. It also explains why there are not female minotaurs or at least why there is very few of them. It is all written from a IC point of view of a minotaur, they are noble race. While they are not vicious evil and they obviously don't consider themselves evil at all. But if you read between the lines it creeps through. It makes them a much more interesting race.

Player Characters (4 ½ pages)
This section has the stats to make one of them as a PC. There is also stats for the mereitaur which are minotaurs who for what ever reason look more like mixed blood, or humans with only mild minotaur features. There is 7 different racial trait to make the race a bit different, some based on what other race they are part and other where they was raised.

The next part talks about classes and which ones are common. It also has a list of alternate favored class options. There is also two class archetypes listed, one for Barbarian and one for Monk. There is also a Sorcerers bloodline as well. It has everything you need to play one of them as a new race in your game.

Racial Paragon Class (2 pages)
This section is about their racial class, a 1-20th level class.
D10, 2 skills, all weapons, light armor, full BaB, 2 good saves, natural armor, and natural gore attack. There is plenty of class abilities that make perfect sense and capture the idea and feel of a minotaur, a great thing to use if you want to use one as a NPC and scale it up or down to challenge the party.

Feats (½ page)
There is 7 new feats all but two of them are for Minotaurs only.

Weapons and gear (1 page)
This has 5 new weapons, and a new smoke bomb.

It finishes off with a OGL, 2 ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. I liked this book a lot. It really made the minotaur race interesting. Not just as villains but in general. The fluff was very well written, interesting and made me want to included them in my games. It made them come across as both noble and almost not evil, yet the evil taint beneath is plain to see, if you look closely. The art work was black and white and pretty good to good. Weapons all seemed well done, as did the new feats.

The Paragon race was very nice and can either be used for a PC's or to build minotaur monsters of varies CR's to challenge your PC's. Not to mention the fluff gave me lots of idea's for plot hooks. The two new base race options where well done, though the Taurian (minotaur) I felt was a little strong. Not even for a EL but a strong base race for a PC. Which is really my only real critic of the book as well. So what's my rating? Well finding virtual no flaws and the one minor issue I had was minor, though something GM's may want to consider before allowing. I am going to give it a 5 star, the fluff alone makes it a good pick up.

Print/PDF Bundle Unavailable

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A good monster book.


Book of Beats: Monsters of the River Nations by Jon Brazar Enterprises

This product is 36 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (4 pages)

Monster Entries. (21 pages)
Some are obvious what they are like the snapping turtle and Piranha, below is a list of what new monsters are in the book.
Addanc – croc/beaver (neat monster but really odd mix)
Autumn Death – new undead, neat idea.
Avowed Reaver – fire elemental type
Bog Scum – new type of ooze, also nice.
Fly Trap, Giant – plant monster
Fly Trap, Dire – see above.
Forest Giant – defender of forest, cool idea, but I had one issue with the fluff.
Frost Mite Swarm – new swarm
Garmunchi – kinda non evil ogres
Hatethrall Demon – new little demon, meh.
Hydrus – weird lizard animal
Lemkin – new fey
Night Caller – small magical bird
Piranha, Mature
Piranha Swarm
River Dragon – legless, wingless, swimming snake dragon.
Riverswell Spirit – cool new undead.
Shrine Stone, Animated - construct
Silver Bell – plant monster
Skate Spider, Giant
Skate Spider, Swarm
Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtle, Dire
Stumble Fish

Appendix Humanoids (4 pages)
Cursed Brethren - undead that during the day look human. Kinda reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean movie a little. I am guessing that is what they was inspired by, regardless it is a neat idea and well written. Two stat blocks for them, one of the rank and file and one of their bandit king.
Grammy Beshic – Gnome NPC that lives in the forest, has a new magic ring as well.

Appendix New Drugs and Gambling (1 page)
This has 2 new gambling games, well one game and a fight club. With rules on how to run them and how the odds work. It also has one new drug.

Appendix New Haunts (1 page)
This section has new haunts. 6 new haunts, four of them fit very well with the forest theme, two of them not as much but still good haunts.

Appendix New Templates and Diseases. (1 page)
There is five new templates one can apply to monsters and 8 new diseases all of which fit the theme pretty well.

It ends with one ad, OGL and back cover. (4 pages)

Closing Thoughts. All and all I liked the book, the art is nice black and white art. Most of the monsters I thought fit well in the theme as did most of the rest of the book. The stat blocks are easy to read and understand and the book is laid out well. Other than the cover it is a plain simple black and white book, very print friendly. I do have a few minor critics with the book. The fluff with the giants in one part, in that they sleep in branches of tree's I thought was odd. They are 15ft tall that would be some massive tree's. I think they could have left that part out.

My only other issue was some of the stuff just didn't really fit a forest/river theme. The Hatethrall Demon and Avowed Reaver being the two big ones. The hydrus just seemed weird, it seems like it does what it does just because. Now the rest was well done, I would have liked to have seen a few more fey, natural and planet monsters myself but that is personal preference. So whats my rating? Well it is a good book over all, I have a few minor issues with it. I am giving it a 4.5 star review.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus

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Solid old school adventure.


Splinters of Faith 2: Burning Desires by Frog God Games

This product is 21 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, and credits. (3 pages)

Adventure Introduction. (5 pages)
This section has the introduction, it also gives a overview of a dwarven village. It has a map of the village and details the locations in the village. It also introduces a new dwarven deity, with a how to use this adventure sidebar. Which talks about the whole adventure series and if you want to use this stand alone.

Adventure Background (7 pages)
The dwarven village is up in the hills with a swamp below. Something has been stolen from the temple in the village. The PC's if they did the first adventure might be here because of the item. If used stand alone the PC's can just be hired to recover the item. It has information on searching the temple to find out how it was stolen and eventually it leads into the swamp. It has a wander monster table and map of the swamp area. Along with 10 encounter locations in the swamp, including one mini side dungeon.

Location of the thief (5 pages)
This is a dungeon crawl of sorts. It has 7 encounter location, another new god and a side bar on finishing the adventure, if used in part of the series.

It ends with a OGL (1 page)

Closing thoughts, it is well written and a pretty simple and straight forward adventure. Once the PC's learn of where to look for the thief, it is a fairly standard wilder adventure that ends in a mini dungeon. The art work is fair to good black and white. Monsters from the Bestiary is given basic stats, while monsters from any other book is given full stat blocks. So all you need to run this adventure is the Pathfinder RPG and bestiary.

It's a solid well written adventure. So what's my rating? Well it is a good solid, simple adventure but I also wasn't wowed by it either. So I am giving it a 4 star review. This product like most Frog God Games products has a very old school feel to it.

Our Price: $2.99

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Nice collection of new magic weapons with a little somthing extra


30 Unique Magical Blades by Rite Publishing

This product is 16 pages long. It starts with a cover, and credits. (2 pages)

Next it jumps into the weapons. (11 pages)
Below is a list of weapons, they are listed in order from cheapest to most expensive. That’s how they was listed in the book and I just C&Ped the list for the review. Each weapon has a short history and lore about the weapon, they also each do something unique and special. I will give some details about a few of them to give you a feel for what to expect.
Horse Daughter's Kiss - +1 Glaive, when used against a rider. The rider must make a ride check to stay mounted and receives a penalty equal to the damage done by the weapon.
Joyous Cleft
Ebon Crow
Crowd Pleaser
First Mate
Song of Summer
Bear Stalker - +1 short sword, animal bane(bears), +4 survival.
Bloody Moon
Forest Dancer
Heart's Tooth
Blue Reaver - +2 shock longsword. Acts like a torch for light on command and once per day works like whirlwind feat regardless if you posses the feat or not.
Breath of Sorrow
Dicer and Slicer
Heart of Flame - +2 fast bracing flaming burst long spear. Also when held grants a 5 fire resistance.
Tooth 'n Claw
Ice Queen

It ends with OGL and 2 ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. While it is called unique blades it is really weapons, while most of them are swords, not all of them are. There is some axes, spear, pole-arm’s etc in there as well. As you can see by the examples they are all normal magic items that fit the theme and history of the weapon, then with a little something more. Most of the weapons have images, I counted 29 images but I might have missed one. The art work is good for the weapons and really helps to give a sense of what they look like. The history and fluff is well done, the book is pretty, good layout, editing etc.

I really have no critic of the book, the only thing I have negative to say is more of a nitpick. I wish the book was about 2 pages longer and each weapon given a bit more in terms of history. What was there was good but I would have loved to see more, especially on some of the higher end items. So what's my rating? Well it gives what it claims in a stylish well done way, while I would have liked to have had even more, the product gives what it claims and does it well. So giving it a 5 star review.

Some nice options for barbarians.


Class Options: Brutal Barbarians by Gun Metal Games

This product is 12 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and intro. (1 pages)

Variate Rage power (1 ½ pages)
Black Rage: it gives bonus to dex and Wis. The fluff is they become a cold, focused killer. Which is a nice optional rage power. It takes the place of the normal rage.

Wild Shaman: They keep rage but it is greatly reduced, but they gain a limited channel energy like clerics do in addition to rage.

New Rage powers. (1 page)
There is 21 new rage powers to pick from. Most of them are pretty cool and a few are very neat.
Avenge the Fallen
Brute Charge
Blood Slaughter
Disruptive Shout
Enchanter’s Foe
Fearful Opponent
Ferocious Bite
Fists of Fury
Frenzied Smash
Frightening Charge
Fury’s Edge
Great Hands
Pain Makes Me Angry
Raging Dash
Raging Mount
Raging Tumble
Run Like the Wind
Spell Resistance
War Cry

Alternate Class Abilities (½ page)
There is 12 new class abilities. You swap out a existing class ability for one of these. 3 of them are new cap stone abilities.
Horse Lord
Home Terrain
Ways of the Wild
Superior Mobility
Spell Resistance
Screaming Rage
Indomitable Body
Wounded Rage
Spell Breaker
Battle Weaver

Barbarian Bloodlines (2 ½ pages)
There is 8 bloodlines, each one has a mark such as stoney like skin, Which adds a minor bonus to ac, the marks are always present. They also have a few rage powers 2-4 special rage powers, they must take those rage powers first, before taking others. This is the section has one thing that puzzled me it says they have to take those powers first before others, from other sources. But then in each bloodline it also lists other rage powers available. So I am unsure if you have to take all those first as well or you can only select from that pool as well or if they are just recommendations on what fits.

New Feats (2 ½ pages)
Some of them are barbarian only feats, a few are bloodline only of the new bloodlines, while most are usable by anyone.
An Ancient Heritage
Desperation Breeds Heroes
4th-level barbarian
Glowering Eyes
Imposing Physique
Iron Vitality
Linnorm Blood
Master Rider
Mounted Stealth
Naked Savage
On the Run*
Pillar of Stone
Power Throw*
Primitive Appearance
Quickened Recovery
The Scent of Blood*
Slow to Rouse
Stand and Take It
Superior Cleave*
Wish Master

It ends with 3 pages of reference tables and a OGL. (4 pages)

Closing thoughts. Most of the feats, new rage powers etc are well done. I didn't notice any major errors in the book. The art work is pretty good color art. Layout was ok and editing seemed fine. The two new alternate rage abilities where nice options. My only real problem with the book was bloodlines. I was a bit confused as I mentioned above on if you had to take the other powers listed or not. Plus the bloodlines seemed a bit strong, not much. But they added some new powers and one full time minor ability with no real draw back. Beyond the barbarian sticks out and people might react negatively to them. I loved the idea of bloodlines but not sure I like how they did them. The rest of the book was good, so worth picking up if you are looking for some barbarian options. So whats my rating? I am going with a 3.5 star. It is the second best one in the series but the price also jumped from 2 bucks to 3.50 for this book for only a couple of pages more stuff.

Our Price: $2.95

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Read my whole review for a true star rating.


Book of the River Nations: Exploration and Kingdom Building by Jon Brazar Enterprises

This product is 2o pages long. It starts with a cover. (1 pages)

Exploration Rules (2 pages)
This has rules for exploring land. It has movement rate and a few other things in it.

Kingdom Building (12 pages)
This section has rules for building a kingdom, random events, rules and positions of powers with the effects they have. Taxes, buildings and the effects they have etc. It is a quick simple yet effect set of rules for building a kingdom.

It ends with 4 pages of sheets, exploration map, city district sheet, kingdom stat sheet, and NPC sheet and a OGL. (5 pages)

Closing Thoughts. This is the exploration rules from Kingmaker AP 1, The Stolen Lands reprinted. The kingdom building rules is the rules from Kingmaker AP 2, River Runs Red, with 3 extra pages of information. Looks like a few more buildings and kingdom events are added to it. Other than the new sheets which are helpful and 3 pages of new buildings and kingdom events, it is just the information from the two Kingmaker AP's combined together in one book in a print friendly format. Again I find this one hard to rate as it depends a lot if you have the AP's and if being able to print the information is important to you.

My one critic is I wish the kingdom events had been it's own chapter. That way you could print it out and give everything but the events to the players, that would have helped make this better and more useful. As it is for 3 bucks, if you don't have the AP's and want some quick and simple kingdom building rules, then I would give it a 3.5 star. If you have the AP's but would like the new buildings and events and want a print friendly copy, then I would give it a 3 star. If you just want a print friendly version or just want the new buildings etc, then I would give it a 2 star.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus

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Read review for rating complete rating.


Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat by Jon Brazar Enterprises

This product is 12 pages long. It starts with a cover. (1 pages)

Armies (4 ½ pages)
Next it jumps right into army stat blocks with a paragraph introduction. It deals with the armies stats, build cost, consumption(to keep the army going) special tactics it can learn, special abilities the army might posses. Final it closes with training armies and vassal armies.

Running Mass Combat (2 pages)
This section is how to actual run a combat between two armies.

Sample Armies ( 2 ½ pages)
This section has 20 sample armies with stat blocks to use for them.

It ends with a army stat block sheet and a OGL. (2 pages)

Closing Thoughts. This is mostly a reprint of the mass combat rules from War of the River Kings adventure from the Kingmaker AP. I looked at the two of them, there is roughly 5 pages of stuff in the AP. This book minus OGL, sheet, cover and art. Has roughly 8 pages. Which is a couple of pages of extra stuff. I didn't notice any obvious errors and the art is fair black and white art. The layout is clean and very print friendly. This is a tough one to rate. While most of the information is reprinted and slightly reworded, some of it is new. If you have the AP with the information this gives you a print friendly way to print out just that information and it has a little extra. For those people it is likely a 1-3 rating depending on how important it is to have a print friendly copy. For those that don't have that AP then this would be all new stuff and a lot more useful, in which case I would likely give it a 3-3.5 rating.

So in short if you don't have the AP in question and you want some simple quick mass combat rules this is worth picking up, then I would give it a 3.5. If you do have that AP and would like a little extra and a print friendly version then it is still worth two bucks but not as good of a bargain then, then I would rate it a 3. If you have the AP and have no use for printing it out, then likely this is a product for you, in which case it is a 2. Most of the extra information is sample armies but not all of it.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus

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Advanced Options: Inquisitor's Judgments


Advanced Options: Inquisitor's Judgments by Super Genius Games

This product is 8 pages long. It starts with a cover, and intro. (2 1/2 pages)
This also gets into how to use more judgments with the inquisitor and keep it balanced.

New Judgments (1 page)
Accuracy – increases range increments of ranged attacks.
Alacrity – Increases movement.
Alliance – bonus to hit and dmg when flanking.
Concealment – bonus to stealth.
Felling – bonus to trip.
Forceful – bonus to bull rush.
Freeing – bonus to escape artist rolls.
Guarding – bonus to adjacent allies AC.
Mysticism – bonus to caster level when casting spells.
Relentless – bonus to CMD.
Sagacity – can make knowledge checks to learn of monsters special abilities or flaws.
Striking – can help overcome DR.
Theurgy – bonus to caster level checks and concentration checks.
Unarming – bonus to disarm.
Warding – bonus to saves to adjacent allies.

Greater Judgments (1 page)
Banishment – protection against summoned creatures and can banish them.
Durability – reduces the effect of ability drain and ability damage.
Inexorability – gain spell resistance.
Regeneration – gains regeneration ability.
Revelation – can see invis and bonus to perception.
Torment – when hit by weapon target must save or be sickened from pain.
Weakening – causes ability score damage from attacks.

The Justicar (2 pages)
Variation of the Inquisitor. D10, 2 good saves, 6 skills, full BaB, all weapons and armor but tower shields. Basically trades spells for more judgments, full BaB and a few other class abilities. A nice spell-less version to the class.

New Feats (1 ½ pages)
There is 7 new feats.

It ends with a 1 page OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. The layout, editing are good as you would expect from SGG. The artwork inside is nice black and white artwork. Most of the new judgments where good to very good, I wasn't a fan of the ones that add bonuses to things like trip though, I found them kinda meh personally. The new feats are well done, the class is a interesting variation of a spell-less version of the inquisitor. Not sure it was needed but for those that wanted such it is a nice addition. Taken as a whole it is a solid SGG product. I am giving it a 4 star review.

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Nice intro to the fey.


The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way by Zombie Sky Press

This product is 14 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and intro. (5 pages)
This has a forward talking about fey, how they have been used and the reasons behind making the book and the goals of the book. Makes for a interesting read.

The Realms of the Fey (3 ½ pages)
This section gets into where fey are from, where they live and their relationship to the planes. It also introduces new planes, Preternatural Planes, they are planes tied to the material plane. They often are similar to the material plane but with differences, the shadow plane being a example. It then gives a brief couple of paragraphs about ten such planes.

The Fey (5 pages)
Really this is part of the above chapter but I broke it up for ease of reviewing. This gets into the fey as a species, the aspects they share, their society, ecology etc. Then it stresses how fey are also very different. Fey can be any and everything, at first blush this makes them appear to be the epitome of chaos, but they can be very lawful too. They just don't fit any clear cut boxes.

It talks about how fey might do good things for bad reasons or bad things for good reason, how they are totally alien in their way of thinking. This section does a good job of making the fey feel truly alien yet familiar at the same time. It introduces 13 subtypes of fey, with a paragraph about each, then moves into their hierarchy

It ends with a half page OGL. (½ page)

Closing thoughts, this is really just a introduction to the fey. There is not numbers or stats and is suitable for any game system. It does a very good job in capturing the complex nature of the fey, making them both alluring and scary at the same time. This gives just a taste of the fey leaving you wanting more, of course this is only the first part of a series of PDF's about the fey.

The layout was nice, as was editing. I didn't notice any obvious errors. The artwork is for the most part good, there was one image I wasn't found of. Mostly it was a totally different style of art that just didn't fit with the other art I felt. It is a very pretty book, blue background with nice borders. Which brings me to my only real critic of the book, it would be just brutal to print, it could really use a print friendly version.

So what's my rating? Due to the one jarring piece of art that didn't fit the rest very well and the lack of a print friendly copy, I am giving it a 4.5 star. If you are a fan of fey then I recommend the book, just realize you won't be printing it out.

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Nice location.


Evocative City Sites: Voell's Garden by Rite Publishing

This product is 27 pages long. It starts with a cover, and credits. (2 pages)

The Garden (7 pages)
It starts with a single combined map, then following maps are larger maps of the varies sections of the combined map. Then a IC introduction is spread threw out the rest of the pages of the section with more maps. There is about 4 pages worth of text and the rest taken up by maps. Part of the garden is a maze and it has a sidebar on how to use the maze. Another side bar has a random chart of odd flora that can be encountered in the maze. The garden is controlled by a cult of sorts. The section ends with information about the leader of the cult, bit of a history of the garden, some secrets about whats going on and finally five plot hooks.

NPCs (8 pages)
There is three NPC's in this section with full stat blocks. But there is no real history and advice on how to play them, nor any stated goals etc. One of them is called a Fortune Blessed, I am guessing this a template. All the information you need to run the NPC is in the stat block but I am unsure what that came from. My guess is from one of the books listed in the OGL but that’s just a guess.

It finishes with a OGL and blown up maps to be printed out to be used with mini's. One page ad and back cover. (10 pages, 7 pages of maps)

Closing thoughts. I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand I really liked the garden and thought it was pretty cool. I would have liked some more random tables with the garden though on plants that could be found or maybe even plant monster types. The editing was good, layout was pretty good. Art work was fair to good and the maps where well done. My only real problem was the NPC's. I would have liked more information about them. A short history, advice to RP them. Maybe some motives or goals.

It makes for a interesting location to drop into your campaign but to truly use it, the GM would need to do some prep work on the NPC's. In closing I am giving this one a 3.5 star review. Lots of potential but needs a little work.

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A very nice adventure with a good mix of mystery, RPing and butt kicking.


Retribution by Raging Swan

This product is 71 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (5 pages)

Introduction (3 pages)
This gives a overview of the adventures, the parts, history of the adventure. Comments about how xp is expected to be rewarded. Advice on how to put it in your campaign and a brief overview of the Lonely Coast. Default setting, which is also a free download by Raging Swan.

Part 1 Sanctuary (8 pages)
This section assumes the PC's are heading to the Priory. There is several plot hooks and advice on how to get your group to want to go there. During the trip a vicious winter storm hits, making travel hard and becomes a encounter in and of it's self as the PC's try and make it to the Priory, it also has advice on how to handle it if the PC's try to turn around and head back. In addition there is 2 other encounters in this section.

Part 2 Signs (20 pages)
This section deals with what happens after the PC's get to the Priory. They are allowed to stay until the storm breaks and can talk to the varies people here. If the PC's socialize at all they should quickly realize something is wrong, which should lead them into a investigation to try and figure out what is going on. It goes into daily life there for the NPC's and things to do while their. Along with side bars about the storm and if the PC's want to try and head out into the storm and leave.

Instead of having location encounters, it has events broken up by day. Leaving the PC's to do what they want each day, with the events happening on certain days/nights. This section is RP heavy and very sand boxy. In addition there is 5 possible encounters of the more traditional sort. I don't want to spoil the adventure so I won't comment on how they come about. There is a lot of side bars with advice to help deal with just about anything the PC's may or may not due and with how things may or may not turn out. This section was very well done.

Part 3 Darkness (12 pages)
This section is after the PC's find out what is going on and learn who the villain is, they go to confront them. This is a mini dungeon. There is 5 encounters in this section, as well as several other goals the PC's can accomplish to earn story reward bonus XP. I thought the last bit was a very nice addition to the adventure.

Appendix One – Cymer (6 pages)
This gives a history of the Priory, map, and location descriptions for it.

Appendix Two – The Folk of Cymer (6 pages)
This details all the NPC's at the Priory, with full stat blocks, histories, personality, mannerism, advice on how to play them and plot hooks.

Appendix Three – New Rule Items. (4 pages)
This section introduces a new race, Half Goblins. Including rules for making them into a PC race. Lore history everything you would want or need for a new base race. One new magic item, two new gods and a bit about a cult.

It ends with a OGL, one page of ads and a back cover. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. I like the adventure a lot. It has nice elements added from the winter storm, it has a very good mix of RP, mystery and butt kicking heroics to give a little something to everyone and let every character have a moment to shine. The mystery was pretty well done, the villain was interesting, the NPCs where interesting. The final fight, they don't have to kill the villain. They can RP and talk sense to him... or just kill him. The fact there is a option though is very nice. Plus the villain is not a black and white bad guy. The PC's might actually understand his motives, not his methods but his motives.

I didn't notice any obvious errors, the editing was good. The art work is good black and white art. The maps are decent black and white maps, solid nothing fancy but very usable maps. It would have been nice to have a player friendly version of the priory map. Add in all the free web extras on the company site. (the give their URL and inform you of them, so go get them). It is a very good adventure with a nice mix of things. I plan to use it in my up coming game. So whats my rating? I am giving it a 4.5 star review. Why not a 5 star with all I said? Mostly cause I look at it and think with just a bit more polish here and there and it could have been even better.

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Advanced Feats: Cavaliers Creed


This product is 16 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, and credits. (2 pages)

Introduction (2 pages)
It explains the purpose of the book and then breaks the class down. Talking about all the aspects of the class.

New Feats (5 ½ pages)
There is 30 new feats. Most of them can be used by any class, though some of them will be less useful to other classes.
Back to Back – I really like this feat and can see a lot of PC's taking it.
Barreling Overrun – Overrun more than one target along a path.
Bloody Banner – bonus to allies dmg.
Bravery – turns fear effects of running etc into shaken instead.
Buckler Mastery
Campaigner – only need half the rest.
Clever Critter – animal feat, bonus to their int. Good for animal companions or familiars too.
Defensive Sunder – while fighting defensively may attempt to sunder weapons if they miss.
Extra Cohort
Fortune – 1/day can reroll
Great Leader – bonus to leadership
Intimidating Gaze – I like this one... you become Clint Eastwood. :)
Moral Chameleon
Move As One – allows mount to take moves the rider could make if on foot, like 5ft step.
Near and Far
Nimble Mount
Pack Attack – If two or more with feat flank target, then all count as flanking target.
Pierce Armor – grant bonus to hit against heavier armor with a pierce weapon.
Pull Blow – can choose to do less damage after seeing damage roll, lowering final amount.
Rank Fighting – lets you use a reach weapon to fight around a alley with no penalty.
Reflexive Brace – as a immediate action brace your weapon against a charge. (if weapon is a brace weapon) make AoO before charge is resolved.
Shaft and Shield – Can use spear/polearm and shield at same time.
Shielded Move – use tower shield, against one foe do not provoke AoO against them while moving.
Shield Evasion
Size Doesn’t Matter – not what you think. :) Size has no effect on intimidate.
Strength in Numbers
Tag Team Fighting – if you hit a target, your alley with feat gains a bonus to hit.
Team Initiative

Character Builds (3 ½ pages)
A few sample builds to help players make cavaliers.
Green Knight – Defensive and protector of allies build.
The Tawny Knight – Small race that is always mounted build.
The Black Knight – Damage dealing build.

It finishes with a OLG and ad. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. I liked this book, this might be the best book in the series so far. Most of the feats can be used by most classes, but all of them are useful to the cavalier class. There was really no feats I read that I thought. I would never take that or why would I use a feat on that? There wasn't really any feats I felt would become must have feats either, though a few of the teamwork feats I see being very popular.

The layout, editing, was very good and it is a very pretty book. There is really no artwork hardly other than the cover and one section of shields. Though the borders are very pretty and not to bad on a printer. There is several side bars where the author talks about why he did what he did and all the feats have comments on why they was done etc. It was not really needed but interesting to read. Being unable to really find a flaw with the product I am giving this a 5 star review. This product would be useful to many classes and pretty much any melee combat class and very useful to cavalier players.

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A amazing adventure.


The Road to Revolution by 0onegames

This product is 64 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and ToC. (4 pages)

Introduction (4 ½ pages)
This section talks about how it is connected to the others in the series. How to tie it to the previous adventure. Background for the adventure. Plot Summery. Four plot hooks and a map of the over all area the adventure takes place in.

Starting the Adventure (7 ½ pages)
This section is the actual beginning of the adventure, starting with the PC's going to meet someone that wants to hire them. The plot is there are fight clubs in the city and the person hiring the PC's believe they are rigged to murder officers in the militia that take part in them. The man that hires them was a nemesis from the first adventure but it is not required to play it to play this one. Several other NPC's from the first adventurer also make appearances in this one.

There is also 5 hand outs, broadsides(news papers) of goings on in the city. A rumors table, of rumors the PC's might here around the city while the investigate things. This section also introduces a young boy to help the PC's out, he knows the city and the people in it well. They go into great detail how to use him, to annoy and endear him to the PC's all at the same time.

Part one The Investigation (22 pages)
This first section is a investigation into the fight clubs and looking for proof they are indeed being used to cover up murder. It begins with advice on how to help make sure the PC's take part and stay on track. It is very well done and very sandboxy, with plenty of advice on how to help keep things moving if the PC's get stumped.

There is 8 location based encounters, they may or may not involve combat depending on how the PC's handle things. There is also 3 event based encounters, one may happen several times.

Part two of the adventure (7 pages)
For reasons that are very good and should drive any PC into action. They head to one of the fight club nights during one of the fights to confront who the believe are the villains of the adventure. There is 4 encounters in this section and their will being fighting. There is some stuff going on in the background that really puts pressure on the PC's and a sense of urgency as well.

Part three of the adventure (8 pages)
They catch up to the person in charge of the previous section and find out where the real villain is. From there they go off to confront the real villain. I so badly want to talk about this section of the adventure but I really can't say anything with out spoiling it. It is just outstandingly well done. It also talks about how to end the adventure depending on how well the PC's did in defeating the “big bad guy” at the end.

Next is a new monster. (7 pages)
It is a very cool new monster. I can't and won't say anything about it other than it is a very clever idea and I am surprised no one had thought of it before. Or I have never seen something like this before and after reading about it, it seems so obvious. The reason I can't talk about it is I don't want to spoil the surprise.

It ends with a handout, ad, OGL and back cover. (4 pages)

Closing thoughts. I loved this adventure, I really did. It was a well done mystery with a lot of twists and turns that totally make sense once you know whats going on. Plus the PC's should figure out the whole story and the history to the adventure as well. It is well written, I didn't notice any obvious errors in the adventure. The layout was good, artwork was black and white and good.

The adventure is a pretty dark and mildly disturbing adventure. It is bloody, gritty and very sad in parts. If a GM pulls things off well and gets their players to emotionally invest with their characters in this adventure, I think it will be something they talk about for some time. The only downside for this adventure is. It doesn't work very well with evil characters, or players that are into hack and slash. This is a very story and RP driven adventure. There is a lot of location maps scattered thru out the book.

So whats my rating? Well I really have nothing at all bad to say about this adventure. I just loved it. So I am giving it a 5 star review. It should be noted while this is a 3.5 adventure there is free download for Pathfinder conversion.

Not a bad pickup to mine idea's from for the price.


The Noble Base Class by Little Red Goblin Games

This product is 11 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, OGL, and quote. (4 pages)

Next is the class it's self. (4 ½ pages)
It starts with a small blurb about what nobles are, their role, etc like any class has. Next it gets into the basic aspects of the class.
D8, 8 skills, one good save, medium BaB, all weapons and armor.
Next it has the class table followed by explaining what the class abilities do.
Wealth – extra wealth every level.
Talk Down – a ability that does moral damage*(more on that later)
Social Bonus Feat – at 2nd and every other level after can pick from a list of social feats.
Team Work Feat – at 3rd level and every other level after can pick any teamwork feat.
Cutting Words – makes a intimidate check, on success add chr to attack damage. It lists it as part of a attack action. I think they should have made it a swift action or immediate action maybe.
Commanding Persona – Can grant any teamwork feat the noble knows to a alley temporarily, limited number of times a day. It doesn't say if the noble also can use the teamwork feat or not as well. My guess is yes but it's only a guess.
Silver Tongue – can change a targets attitude towards you in less time than normal.
Soothe the Savage Beast – can make a check to calm a animal. It's a fine ability but honestly not sure why it is a noble ability. Doesn't fit my idea of a noble. Seems more of a ranger/druid ability.
Words like Knives – with their words they can give a target the shaken ability for a short duration.
Disarm – Can forgo the damage of Talk Down and instead try and disarm a target using diplomacy. Not sure how I feel about this one, fluff wise I am not sure how it is suppose to work. Since it only disarms them not make them stop fighting.
Social Graces – bonus to some social skills based on class level.
Imposing Persona – like Social Graces but with different social skills.
Bold Face Liar – Can more easily lie.
Cunning Linguistics – Not sure the point of this ability. If a noble learns a bunch of languages, they gain tongues spell like ability. But still have a penalty if they don't have the language. Seems odd and kinda pointless.
The Sword that Unifies – Can forgo some damage of a attack and make it moral damage instead.
Infectious Persona – Can effect the target and all allies with a equal or lower DC with social skills. I rather like this ability a lot, but think it should have come early.
A King Uncrowned – Makes the results of moral damage more effective.

Next it gets into Moral Damage. (½ page)
Basically you keep track of the moral damage, when it equals or exceeds the number of hit points the target has left. They yield, surrender or run away at that point and stop fighting other than to defend themselves against further attacks.

New Feats (2 pages)
Public Speaker – deals minor moral damage to enemies near your target. Fine idea but it does damage for every d4 damage the target takes. Which is just odd. Should have just been say for every 4 dmg or something.
Vixen – Female only feat, bonus on social skills when used against men. As written it is a bit weak. It either needs I feel a bigger bonus or to effect more social skills, to be worth taking. But cute idea for a feat.
Femme Fatale – like Vixen female only, effects more skills but smaller bonus. Feel the same way about this feat. Not sure with what it does the name really matches well.
Dashing Rogue – does bonus moral damage with sneak attacks. From the name I would have expected a male version of Vixen. Not a bad ability.. other than the fact the noble doesn't get sneak attack. I am sure it is meant to be a feat for a multi-class noble rogue, but just seems odd.
Charlatan – Same as dashing rogue but works with channeling instead. Again the same problem I had with it.

Closing thoughts. For less than a buck it is not a bad buy. The cover art is pretty good, the rest of the art is fair sketch art. The background parchment look while pretty would be just brutal on a printer and there is no print friendly version. This is also a massive file size for it's small size 45mb file size for 11 pages. It needed another round of editing, for the most part it was pretty easy to understand, it still could have used another round.

The base idea of the class is sound. The extra wealth I think is to be sure the noble has more magic than normal to help make up for the class. It is a bit of a weak class in any campaign that is not very heavy social based. With the wealth bonus it helps. Moral Damage is a clever and interesting idea that I liked, I do wish they would have added a few more ways of dealing the damage though.

I would have liked it if they had, had more ways for the noble to help others. Perhaps leadership ability that let them direct others to give minor bonuses to what ever they are doing etc. Commanding Persona good idea but they should have made it so they could effect more people at once as they got higher level. Cunning Linguistics, I think it should have come at first level and just added bonus languages every other level or something to show off their education.

The feats needed some work. Vixen I think should have effected more social skills than it does. Then perhaps make Femme Fatale add a extra level of attitude change with diplomacy check. The last two feats I just didn't like as to use them requires you to multi-class, which in Pathfinder is rarely a good idea.

So whats my rating? I am going to have to give it a 2.5 star. It is not bad, and it is worth for the cheap price to pick up to mine for idea's. But I think it needs work. I would like to see Little Red Goblin Games maybe get some playtest feedback and then revisit this calls. I do think with the moral damage they have the makings of a interesting class but one that still needs work.

Our Price: $2.99

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Another good edition to the series.


Evocative City Sites: Clockwork Tower by Rite Publishing.

This product is 41 pages long. It starts with a cover, and credits. (2 pages)

Introduction (7 pages)
This section like all of the Evocative City Sites is done from a IC point of view. Which I find nice and often interesting to read. This talks about the tower and those things inside the tower. There was also 4 maps that each take up half a page of the levels of the tower. 7 side bars about the effects of the tower, including 2 random charts which where very cool, the rest deal with varies secrets of the tower. Finally it has 6 plot hooks to get the PC's involved.

NPC's (5 pages)
Here is 4 fully stated out NPC/Monsters inside the tower. Each has full stat blocks.

Next is a OGL (1 page)

Followed by 24 pages of maps blown up to be printed and used as miniature maps. There is also a zip file that includes another set of such maps in I believe A4 format. (24 pages)

It ends with 2 pages of ads. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. The layout and editing was well done. While a couple of the parts I found confusing to understand in the IC section. That is because the NPC is reading a letter he wrote to himself that he doesn't remember writing. Yeah confusing I know but also very cool with whats going on with the tower. The artwork is fair to good, a mix of new art and public domain art.

This is a very inventive location and idea. I actually really love the idea, but because of what it is, I find it hard to review. I don't want to spoil things, but by not spoiling them leaves me unable to talk about a lot of the book, beyond expressing opinions which I dislike doing. But with out having a choice, I can save I love this book. This is something I can see using and my players having a lot of fun exploring.

Now there is one critic I have with the product. There is something wrong with the clock tower mechanical devices that is causing it to not work right. In the book it talks about how the PC's can fix the devices and make it start working correctly. Which makes sense, unfortunately it doesn't give you any advice on how to help run things if your PC's do that. Because if they, it will have a pretty dramatic effect on things and the varies stories going on.

Now I am not asking for a in depth information but a nice blurb by the author saying. I can't cover every possible thing that might happen, but if I ran it then I think this would happen. Followed by a few suggestions. Maybe a half page of such would have really helped. So whats my rating? Well I really liked this product, but a GM honestly needs to do some work and decided what would happen if the PC's fix the device before hand, before they run it. Or it could leave the GM caught flat footed. So because I feel it does need some extra work to use this very good product I just can't give it the 5 star I want and have to settle with giving it a 4 star.

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