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A ninja type base class.


Kusa of the Jade Oath by Rite Publishing

This product is 25 pages long. Cover and Credits is 2 pages. Next it jumps right into the class.
D8, 6 skills, medium BaB, simple and some select weapons, light armor. The class is somewhat a combination of a monk and rogue or one might consider it a ninja. It gets some unarmed combat, bonus AC and sneak attack. Plus Genin Jutsu, Chunin Jutsu, Jonin Jutsu abilities and Chi points. (11 pages on the class and abilities)

Genin Jutsu abilities (4th level on)
Bonus Feat – bunch of combat feats
Chi Feat – new chi feats
Child of the Night – bonus to combat at night
Darkvision – cost chi
Fast Movement
Illusory Deception – cast silent image/cost chi
Illusory Substitution – works sorta like mirror image/cost chi
Improved Sneak attack
Invisable Warrior – become invisable/cost chi
Poison Use
Slow Fall
Still Mind
Trackless Step
Trap Finding
Uncanny Dodge

Chunin Jutsu abilities (8th level on)
Camouflage – use stealth anywhere
Crippling Strike – used with sneak attack cause str dmg
Enhanced Mobility
Ghostly Step – can move throw threatened space and not cause AoO/cost chi
Improved Evasion
Improved Illusory Deception
Improved Invisable Warror
Improved Slow Fall
Improved Illusory Substitution
Nimble Steps – moved threw difficult terrian normally.
Oppurtunist – may make a AoO against someone that was just hit.
Paper Bomb – 1d6/2 levels AoE bombs/Cost chi
Poison Immunity
Rejuvenating Night – Only need half as much sleep
Shadow Jump – dimension door from one shadow to another/cost chi

Jonin Jutsu Abilities (9th level on)
A Thousand Faces – disguise self
Defensive Roll – When a attack would reduce them to 0 or fewer hp. She may roll to avoid the blow. ½ damage if made.
Hide in Plain Sight – cost chi
Improved Shadow Jump
Shadow Defense – may use to hit total as AC against one foe.
Slippery Mind
Superior Slow Fall

Cap stone power is Shadow Power – May duplicate any spell, special ability used in there presence.

Next it moves on to new feats. (9 pages)
There is about 18 new feats and 23 chi/chakra feats.

It ends with OGL and 2 pages of ads (3 pages)

I did notice a few errors. Uncanny Dodge starts in the middle of the Trap Finding paragraph. Ranged Disarm feat title listed twice. Once at the bottom of one page and then again at the top of the next page where the feat actually is. In addition there was a couple of things that where not completely clear. Such as crippling strike if the str damage stacks or not, it doesn't say one way or the other.

Closing thoughts. The Art work is fair to good, though not really the type that appeals to me so take my view of the art with a grain of salt. There is a few errors in the book but nothing to major that I noticed. It could have used another editing pass though, not bad. But not up to the level I have come to expect from Rite Publishing either. This class is a good fit for those looking for a ninja type class. What I like best is that since most of the abilities are ones you can pick. You can either make a natural mystic free character or a more supernatural mystic based one. Making it flexible to fill both rolls. All and all if you are looking for such a class this is a good pick up for the price. I am giving it a 4 star, really a 3.75 honestly. As there was some more errors than normal and some of the stuff was not as clear as it could have been.

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101 3rd level Spells by Rite Publishing


My review wouldn't fit. See forum post.

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Krazy Kragnar's Alchemy Surplus Shop by Otherworld Creations


This product is 9 pages long. The first 2 pages are the cover, introduction and cost table for the new alchemy equipment. The chart includes the name of the object, cost, weight and craft DC to create it.

Following that is all the new items. (6 pages)
Alchemical Goad, Standard
Alchemical Goad, Greater
Alchemical Goad, Sovereign
Anarchic Water (Flask)
Axiomatic Water (Flask)
Blacklight Oil – dim light from lantern but 3 times as far.
Bloodbind – bonus to heal checks.
Brazier Mug – way to heat food/drink on the go.
Dragonrod – mini flamethrower
Firegut Ale
Fog Bomb – makes a small fog
Iron Soup
Itching Dust
Landvines, Greater
Mage Candle – if daylight or light is cast on it, the duration is increased.
Mummy Leach
Nightglow Candle – helps those with darkvision
Salves – the different ones heal different things. 1D4+1 in healing or heal certain effects.
-Blue Salve
-Golden Salve
-Red Salve
-White Salve
Shocklash – a whip that holds a electric charge, can be recharged after each hit. 10 min.
-Charge Flask
-Amber Coil
Shadow Paste – makes one harder to see.
Slickback – super grease.
Spiderbane Pot
Wayfarer Loaf (Per Week) – food that is compact and requires little to feed a person.
Unholy Water (Flask)

That is the list of all the items in the book. I didn't list what they all did only highlighted a few as examples to give the reader a idea what to expect. It finishes with a single page of the OGL.

Closing thoughts. I love this, many of the items are interesting and things you would expect to get made with alchemy. Nothing is very powerful but many of them are useful and/or fun. My big complaint? Not enough of them, they need to do at least one if not more follow up books for this. The artwork is not as good as most SGG products. I didn't notice any errors while reading it, nor found anything hard to understand. So I am giving this a 5 star rating.

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The Genius Guide to: Arcane Archetypes by Otherworld Creations


The Genius Guide to: Arcane Archetypes by Otherworld Creations

This product is 16 pages long. The first 2 pages are the cover, introduction and explaining how to use the archetypes. The next page tells what the core Pathfinder class would have to give up to take one of the new Arcane Archetypes. (3 pages)

Next it gets into the new archetypes. (11 pages)
Acolyte – They gain a partial cleric spell list.
Hedge Wizard – They gain a partial arcane spell list.
Initiate – They gain a partial druid spell list.
Minstrel – They gain a partial Bard spell list.
Pact Scion – gains a partial spell list like a Sorcerer.
Shadow Master – improves their casting with shadow magic and gives them some shadow based abilities.
Sigil Mage – A wizard that tattoo's their body with their spell book, they get several benefits to many to fully explain here.
Spellblaze – call forth a arcane bolt of magical energy, a certain number of times a day.
Warder – The get a partial spell list like a Sorcerer, but can choose any abjuration spell from the Wizard or Cleric spell lists.

It closes with a page on using this product with the Super Genius classes and a final page of a OGL.

Closing thoughts. It seems well done and fairly well balanced. It allows non spell casting classes to become partial casters similar to paladins and rangers. So if you have been looking for a way to let melee classes become partial casters then you will like this product. The artwork is fair. So I am going to rate this a 4.5, love the idea but would have liked to have seen a few more variations like Spellblaze as well.

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The Genius Guide to: Feats of Divine Might


The Genius Guide to: Feats of Divine Might by Otherworld Creation.

This product is 11 pages long. Cover and intro take up 1 page. A feat chart takes up the next page, then it is followed by a page about using the feats in your game, and worship gods. Below is a list of the feats, which take up 7 pages.

Attentive Benevolence - Grant Perception and Sense Motive bonuses to a target.
Anchored Soul - Take half damage from ability drains and damage.
Beast Soul - Gain bonuses when in other forms.
Beast Voice - You may speak when in other forms.
Blood Priest - Gain ability to cast spells from a spell list when you take damage.
Crusader Priest - Gain ability to cast spells from a spell list when you make Power Attacks.
Death Dealer - Deal extra damage against undead.
Death Priest - Gain ability to cast spells from a spell list when you kill things.
Demesne - +5 to class level for domain powers
Domain Acolyte - Gain minor access to a domain's granted powers. For non clerics.
Domain Devotee - Gain full access to a domain's granted powers. For non clerics.
Domain Zealot - Add a domain's spells to your class spell list. For non clerics.
Empower Channel Energy - Sacrifice spells for more channel energy dice.
Gifted Animal Companion - Your animal companion gains two bonus feats.
Greater Animal Companion - +4 class levels to determine your animal companion.
Greater Beast Soul - Gain additional bonuses when in alternate forms.
Grieve Enemy - Sacrifice spells to boost an attack against a favored enemy.
Healing Benevolence - Grant a target temporary hp when you cast a spell.
Healing Focus - Restore extra hp when you heal.
Improved Channel Energy - +1d6 to you channel energy.
Improved Domain Power - Your domain powers improve.
Maximize Channel Energy - Sacrifice spells to maximize channel energy dice.
Miracle Worker - Cast one cleric spell at each character level.
Nature Priest - Gain ability to cast spells from a spell list in the wilderness.
Resistant Benevolence - Grant a target energy resistance when you cast a spell.
Smite the Unseen - Smite and reveal unseen foes.
Trickster Priest - Gain the ability to cast spells from a spell list through duplicity.
Widen Channel Energy - Expend spells to increase your channel energy radius.

The final page is OGL.

Closing thoughts. I like this product, while it is mostly for divine casters, several of the feats can be taken by anyone devoted to their god. Allowing them spell like abilities or even to learn limited spell lists. There was a couple of spells I didn't agree with, Natures Pries is the one I had the most problems with. Mostly due to it takes 8 hours of rest to gain a natures mark(what you need to cast a spell) in the terrain you choose and you lose one if you sleep in any other terrain. That makes the feat very niche, if you are adventuring in that terrain it is a good feat, if you are anywhere else it gives you nothing. I would have liked to have seen it changed to any wilderness and only losing points if you sleep in a very urban environment or another plane.

Anyways other than a few nitpicks like that, I felt the feats where well done. The art ranges from meh to good. So I am giving this one a 4 star review. While I liked it, I did have a few nitpicks about the product.

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The Secrets of Martial Mastery


As often is the case my review won't fit, so see forum post for full review.

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Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey Realm


This product is 27 pages long. Cover, credits and introduction takes up the first 5 pages.

Monsters section. (17 pages)
All have at least one full page devoted to them, a few have more. Each also has artwork.
Dullahan and horse – A headless, whip wielding dark fey. Stats for them, a Dark Mare mount, plus a variation Dullahan Deathknight.

Erkling – evil shadow fey that kindnap bad children. Which is how they make more of themselves. Very creepy and cool monster.

Fachen – A interesting violent fey, with a second set of stats for a sorcerer version.

Jack in Irons – supposedly the first fey and king of the fey.

Kapre – medium sized tree race of fey a little like treants.

Nightshade Wisp – elf like plant race that punishes those that defile the fey realm.

Rarog – fire elemental fey that are not native to the fey realm.

Sidhe – Two kinds lean and bean fey, Both female fey. Both feast on energy, the lean feast on creative energy while the bean on misery. Both act as muses so they can feast.

Spriggan – small savage evil fey, with stats for their use as a PC race.

Spring-Heel Jack – fey that prefer to live in mortal cities. Embodiments of mortal wanton appetites.

Sylph – related to pixies, sprites and brownies. They often like to play tricks and pranks.

Vodnik – evil aquatic fey that may or may not be related to gnomes. Half troll template as they breed with trolls sometimes.

Yallery – small lazy fey that prefer living in cities, terrified of dwarves. They seek to inspire lethargy in others.

GM's section. (2 pages)
With advice on how to play fey and some encounter idea's by level for fey.

Magic Item section (1 page)
In this section there is 5 new magic items.
Boots of Blazing Dervish – can make a wall of fire in a interesting way.
Dullahan Hide Armor – deals with fear, both protecting and causing it.
Sidhe Locket – social skill bonuses and lets the owner break out of enchantments.
Sprigganblood Crudgel – magic club that can at times be a reach weapon
Sylph's Sword – can cause sleep effect.

It finishes with a OGL and back cover. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. The art work runs from good to top notch in this product. The monsters are interesting. If you are a fan of the dark fey and things like Grimms tales, this product will help bring that feel to your game. If you are looking for that or just some new interesting monsters then I highly recommend this product. The CR ranges from 1/3 to 21, with all but three of them being between 2-10 CR. Only one at 13 CR and one at 21 CR. I would like to see a follow up to this product, perhaps a part 2 with more fey and/or a fluff heavy book about the fey realm and more fluff about the creatures.

I did notice one thing odd that I am not sure if it was done on purpose or not. In the Vodnick section there is looks like there is drops or circles where the text is just a bit blurry, not enough where it is still not easy to read but enough to be very noticable. I am not sure if that is suppose to be drops of water on the page as they are aquatic fey or not. That appears to be the case and I think it was done on purpose but I am honestly not sure.

So whats my rating? Well I couldn't really find anything wrong, but to be fair I am not a huge number cruncher when it comes to stat blocks. As long as it looks like it will play well I am content. But I didn't notice any stat block errors either. My only real complaint is I wish they had had about half a page or more of fluff for each monster, I think that would have turned this from a great product to a fantastic one. So with the top notch art and interesting fey monsters and no real errors to speak of. I am giving it a 4.5 star review.

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The Genius Guide to: The Time Thief.


My review wouldn't fit as often is the case. See forum thread for the complete review.

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Albion Armitage’s Astounding Arsenal


Albion Armitage’s Astounding Arsenal by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming.

This product is 56 pages long. Cover, credits and introduction takes up the first 4 pages.

Introduction (2 pages)
This is a adventure (4-6 PC's 8-10th lvl) and shop all in one. It gives a overview of the adventure, advice for scaling it.

Adventure (32 pages)
There is 5 set encounters with at least two of them being very dangerous that could easily lead to a PC death. There is also a host of random encounter tables during the adventure. Since it takes place on a set journey and rough number of days. The encounter tables vary by day and area which was a nice touch. At the end is 2 new monsters. As well as stats for all the major NPC's in the adventure. Along with a few plot hooks for further adventures. The shop is also described in this section instead of the following section.

The Shop (11 pages)
It is a shop of war, magic and mundane items for making war is for sale in the shop. There is 11 new weapons most of them exotic. 2 new siege engines including the Hwa'cha(recently seen on Mythbusters) and finally some new magic items. 7 magic weapons, 2 armor, 1 rod, 5 wonderous items. One of the magic weapon is from Luvens Lightfingers Gear and Treasure Shop, one armor from Paths of Power so there is a sidebar with the base stats for these as well.(both books are also from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming.) I especially like the Eyepatch of the Dreaded Corsair. I did have a problem with one weapon, the warbrand. To me it is a variation of the bastard sword that over all is just as good only cheaper and doesn't require a feat to use one handed. It only crits on a 20 but is x3, unlike the bastard sword which is 19-20x2. I think it should have required the feat as well.

Handouts (6 pages)
Here is a map, letter and then 4 pages of mini maps to use in some of the encounters.

It finishes with the OGL, one blank page(not sure why) and back cover. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. This one is a bit different. It is mostly a short adventure about getting to the shop. The adventure is well done and interesting all and all, with a little work it could be dropped into just about any setting fairly easily. The shop could be used as often or as little as you want. I won't spoil exactly what that is, but there's a reason. So you can keep it a one time shot to allow PC's access to a fully stocked magic shop.

It was well written. The art was fair to very good b&w art. I would have liked a bit more information about the shop personally but other than that I don't really have anything negative to say. Beyond the sword I already mentioned. The product is like most adventures, thinks of this like a adventure with a possible location and NPC's you can use recurring in your campaign. So with that in mind I am giving this a 4 star, good but I felt it could have been even better.

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The Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation, Part 3. The Western Front


The Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation, Part 3. The Western Front

This product is 48 pages long. Cover, credits and introduction takes up the first 3 pages.

Chapter 6 – The Boiling Lands (15 pages)
This section has starts with a few paragraphs what this are is like and then random encounter tables. There is one random encounter table for day and one for night, there is a total of 11 different random encounters. Following that is write up's and stat blocks if needed for each of the random encounters.

There is 6 encounter locations in this section, once more not all of them result in a fight. Including 2 mini dungeons.

Chapter 7 – The Dead Fields (14 pages)
This section has starts with a few paragraphs what this are is like and then random encounter tables. There is one random encounter table for day and one for night, there is a total of 18 different random encounters. Following that is write up's and stat blocks if needed for each of the random encounters.

This section has 6 encounter locations. Including 2 mini dungeons one of them with event based encounters. There is also some NPC's that could prove to be replacement PC's or Cohorts. Including one new spell. Doomwail – think banshee wail.

Chapter 8 – The Crossroads and the Tsar (5 pages)
This section has starts with a few paragraphs what this are is like and then random encounter tables. There is one random encounter table for day and one for night, there is a total of 7 different random encounters. Following that is write up's and stat blocks if needed for each of the random encounters.

It gives a little history about the city and how it came under the influence of Orcus. This section includes 4 encounters. One of them is pretty clever, I won't ruin the surprise but it is interesting to say the least. At the end it also has a section taling about if the PC's leave the map and a random encounter table, there is a total of 9 different random encounters.

Monster Appendix – (3 pages)
There is 2 new monsters in this section.

Magic Item Appendix – (1 page)
There is 1 new magic item in this section and 1 minor artifact. The Reverse Gravity Mine and The Hammer of Mordecai's Doom respectively.

It finishes with 6 pages of maps and 1 pages of legal index and OGL.

Closing thoughts, For those of you that read my first review of the the PDF of the 3.5 Slumber Tsar book earlier this year this will look familiar. Since this is the last third of that same book, only updated to Pathfinder rules and a few other changes. This time around it is much cleaner and easier to read. This time there is a lot more art and the art is from fair to very good. I didn't notice any errors this time, so the editing is much better this time around.

The stats blocks are now in the relevant section instead of at the end of the book. Which I consider a plus. Also each monster is described so you know exactly what they look like, which is also a plus. This is the other half of the land around the Slumbering Tsar City, opposite from what was in part 2.

The encounters are laid out in a very sandboxy style, meaning that a low CR might be right next to a high CR encounter. PC's will need to be on their toes and know when to run to avoid TPK. The encounters are well done and interesting. So if you like sandboxy style adventures then I strongly recommend this product.

What can I say if you like sand box style adventures then this is a very good one. My only complaint this time around is. There is no overview map of the whole region and that would have been very good to have. It was something I brought up in my last review and sadly it is still true. Other than that I am giving this a 4.5 star rating.

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In the Company of Gargoyles by Rite Publishing.


In the Company of Gargoyles by Rite Publishing.

This product is 16 pages long. First page is cover, then credits followed by a Introduction and the next page has a full page B&W art. (4 pages)

Racial information. (6 pages)
Next is pages of information of what the race is like and how they get along with humanity. Followed by another full page B&W art. Next is a page about racial traits.

Next is the paragon class. (4 pages)
D10, 4 skills, Full BaB, 2 good saves, simple weapons, no armor. The get natural claw and bite attacks which they can improve. They get several preset abilities as they level up as well as enticements. Enticements are a pool of abilities the gargoyle can choose from to learn, including stone based spells.

Next is feats and spells. (2 pages)
There is 7 feats, 5 of which deal with flying. Some of which I think would be open for other creatures to take. There is 10 new stone based spells, some of the ones that caught my eye.
Mire of Stone and Earth – Cause a area of entanglement. I liked the spell but not the fluff. The fluff is ok but I would have prefered the effects to be described as the earth clinging to the targets instead of moving.
Stone Arm – makes a limb useless
Stone Snare – sucks the target into the ground.
Stoney Gaze – Medusa anyone?

It finishes with a OGL and single page ad.

Closing thoughts, I am guessing this was done on purpose but this product reminded me a great deal of the Gargoyles cartoon which I loved. These gargoyles take a oath to protect humanity but fear humanity too. So they live in the cities but hide from most humans. Several of their abilities are ubran based, but not enough that they still wouldn't be effective in the wilderness. But they would shine in their choosen city. The racial history and information is interesting and pretty easy to drop into any setting.

The beginning of the product is told in the first person by a gargoyle who's human friend he befriended has grown old and is about to die of old age. The race seems a bit sad and traggic due to their nature which makes them interesting. The art work is all B&W and pretty good. So my rating is going to be a …. 5 star. I really couldn't find anything wrong. The worst thing was the fluff on the one spell or things like that. Which is more of personal taste than anything wrong. So if you like the idea of gargoyle PC's then you will love this product.

List Price: $3.99

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The Genius Guide to Air Magic


This product is 13 pages long. 1st page is cover art and intro along with explaining the difference between storm and air magic. The next page and half is taken up with class spell lists, including a side bar on what spells fit other Genius Guide classes from other books. The next 6 pages is taken up with the new spells.
Airblast – A air attack that can cause bullrush, trip or disarm effects.
Beneficent Breeze – helps with different kinds of movement
Chinook – creates a warm wind that can melt ice and snow and cause dmg to creature made of such.
Control Winds, Lesser – Can change the direction of wind and increase/decrease the speed of the wind strenght by one.
Cyclone Barriar – creates a wall of hurricane strength wind.
Foehn – carries disease on the wind, which can cause sickened effect.
Gale Scythe – Wind that can be moved around that causes trip attacks.
Khazri – creates a aratic wind that can cause damage to metal and stone as well as put out fires.
Sirocco – creates a strong wind with blowing sand. Limits vision and does minor damage.
Tempest Hammer – creates a column of air that smashes down on it's target. If done in bad weather damage is increased.
Thunder Fist – Makes two small columns of wind that mimic your arms, they do minor damage. Lethal or nonlethal.
Thunder Fist, Greater – same as above except you can make combat manvuer attacks.
Trade Wind – You summon winds that help push a sailing ship along faster.
Typhoon – Summons a storm that turns into a typhoon damaging everything for miles around.
Vortex – Summons a small tornado that you can move, causing damage to those it comes into contact with and can before combat manuevers.
Wind Tunnel – You create a tunnel of calm air surronded by strong winds.

The rest of the book is taken up with new options. 3 and ½ pages.
Wind Domain – new cleric domain.
Storm Lord – Alrernate druid class features. They lose wild shape and gain storm powers in it's place.
Air Elemental Companion – stats for replacing a animal companion with a small air elemental.
Air Master – A mystical monk, gives up several monk abilities to be able to learn limited air magic like a spell caster. May learn up to 6th level spells.
Skyborne Bloodline – A bloodline with air and wind based abilities and spells.
Wind Specialist – A wizard that specializes in air magic.
It finishes with 2 new feats for air magic.

It closes with 1 page of OGL.

Closing thoughts, if you are a fan of new spells and feel there is a like of air based spells then this is the book for you. The art is fair to good, the spells and new options are for the most part well done. There was a couple I wasn't so sure about. Control Wind I think is to high of level personally for what it does for example. But others might find it just right. I didn't notice any real editing errors, so I am giving this a 4.5 star review.

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The Great City: Players Guide by 0onegames


Review wouldn't fit as always, see forum post for full review.

Our Price: $21.95

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A nice collection of new monsters.


Creepy Creatures by Alluria Publishing

This product is 115 pages long. The beginning has cover, credits, splash page etc(5 pages). Next it gets to the introduction, which is a intro by the author and explains the symbols used. This is 1 page. The bulk of the book is taken up with the monsters. There is 100 new monsters in the book(107 pages).

I wanted to list all the monsters names but the ToC is inside of a table and I was unable to copy it with out copying the table sadly. So no list. I will try and get a list from the publisher to add to this review. There is a nice mix of CR's in the product.

Then final two pages is taken up with OGL and back cover.

Closing thoughts. First off I am not a huge monster book fan, I am not one of those that buy all the monster books. They tend to need to be very interesting and or different to get my interest. This book accomplished this. While not all the monsters are creepy or horrific most of them are. Many are very well done and should freak out players as well as their characters. The art work is meh to good. I didn't notice any major errors in stat blocks, but take that with a grain of salt. I am not the best with stat blocks. So my rating is 3.5 stars. It is good but not great.

Many of the monsters are very cool and fit the product description very well but not all of them do. I know art work cost a lot which drives the price up. But I felt the price is a little high, which is what dropped my rating from a 4 to a 3.5. If the price doesn't bother you for a monster book then I recommend it, if you like or want more creepy or horrific style monsters I also recommend it. I look forward to seeing what this company does next.

Monster list added as forum post in forum thread.

Our Price: $4.99

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A bunch new spells for all classes.


101 2nd level spells by Rite Publishing.

This product is 30 pages long. First two pages is taken up by cover and credits page.

Next it gets into spell lists by class. I will list each class and how many spells they get. (4 pages)
Bard – 30
Cleric – 29
Druid – 27
Paladin – 14
Ranger – 15
Wizard/Sorc – Will break this up by spell school.
Abjuration – 5
Conjuration – 9
Divination – 5
Enchantment – 5
Evocation – 9
Illusion – 11
Necromancy – 15
Transmutation – 15

The next section is spell descriptions, some of the spells are also listed as higher level for other classes. Example Amber Globes is a 2nd level Wiz spell but also a 3rd level Druid spell. This section takes up the bulk of the book.

Some of the spells do similar things to existing spells but in a new and interesting way, like Chaotic Bolt(it does 2d4 dmg and last 1 round per 3 levels and does a random energy type dmg). Others are the polar opposite of current spells, like Bears Curse which lowers Con instead of raising it.

While others are new like Contingent Light Healing, this is a cure light wounds that doesn't cast until the target takes damage. It last 1 min per level. Personally I would have liked to have seen that raised to 10 mins a level. Plus it is not clear if the spell casts at the end of the time limit or not, if no damage was taken. Not that it is likely to matter most times but if cast on someone who was only missing a hp or two it could matter.

A few spells that caught my attention.
Dimensional Hop – short range slightly limited dimension door.
Dire Form – Can turn a familiar or animal companion into a dire version, for a short bit. (+4 str/con and a few other bonuses)
Examine Coffin – lets the caster see a brief glimpse inside of a coffin.
Flexarmor – raises dex bonus and lower skill check/spell failure of armor for a short while.
Hex of Chaos – It gives a new random curse each round for X rounds or until discharged. (some curses stop the process the more potent ones)
Intercept Attack – immediate action spell that causes all damage from a attack to a ally to be applied to you instead.
Nightsnare – single target sleep spell not limited by HD.
Subduing Ray – It does only subdual damage.
Wall of Shadow – blocks sight threw wall and passing threw it can cause entanglement.

It finishes with 2 pages of OGL and ad.

Closing thoughts. I like the book, the art is fair to good. The spells for the most part are very well done. There was a few that I wasn't positive on like Contingent Light Healing where it could have been more clear. Plus like last time there is a couple of spells I think are strong and a few weak. But the vast majority are good and part of my feeling might be based on taste. I am sure some I wasn't fond of others would like. For those looking for new spells for their games at 4.99 I recommend this product. With the few minor errors I am giving this a 4 star. Side note, unless I miscounted twice there is actually a couple more than 101 new spells. I believe I counted 105.

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The next installment.


As is often the case, my review wouldn't fit. See the post below for my full review.

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A good start to a good sandbox adventure


Slumbering Tsar The Desolation, Part 1: The Edge of Oblivion

This product is 33 pages long. The cover, credits take up 2 pages.

Introduction – (5 pages Most of the 5th page is blank)
This section gives a history of the adventure. A adventure summery, 6 plot hooks to get characters involved and a section for GM advice. It also has a warning this is a lethal and dangerous adventure, with advice to be ready to replace characters etc.

A rough overview of the history. The City of Tsar, which was a city of worshipers of Orcus. Eventually good nations rose up and marched on the city to destroy it. It takes about that, what happened during the war and how things ended. Then a bit about why people are still in the area.

There is also sections that talk about how this was meant to be a trilogy of adventures and not written for smaller chunks like this, it also talks a bit about what you can expect out of the series and how dangerous it is. Greg flat says in this section that characters will die and he's not lying. Odds are high some will.

Chapter 1 – The Camp (14 pages)
This is a camp(really a town but it is called The Camp) of people living on the edges of the Desolation (which is the area around the City of Temples aka Tsar City.) This section has a full two page map of the camp and a map of the local Inn. It lists and details 15 different locations and talks about the NPC's in the city. Several of them are very interesting, some a bit amusing. All of them should provide interesting interaction for the PC's. At least one could be a replacement PC or Cohort. I am not sure Greg meant for this or not, but The Camp has a very Mos Eisley Cantina feel to the whole town. The population is VERY varied with a colorful feel. Almost like a old west town, most people are content to live their lives as long as they are left alone.

Chapter 2 – Events in the Camp (6 pages)
This section has 5 event based encounters. The first one automatically happens when the PC's first arrive the rest happen either at certain times, or after the PC's do something etc. At least one of these event encounters is potentially very deadly, it could even maybe lead to a TPK if the PC's are careless and is very possible to lead to a PC death. Also the PC's have to take over a responsibility in the camp, if they choose not to. They are no longer welcome at The Camp till they agree(they can hire a local NPC to take care of it for them though). Some will hate this as it feels forced(you almost can't avoid it), while others will like it cause of the RPing aspect.

Chapter 3 – The Desolation (2 pages)
The area as a whole is known as The Desolation, it covers 70 miles by 50 miles. It give a brief over view of the whole are and has a section goes into more detail about the army of light and the war they waged against the city.

It finishes with 3 pages of maps of the camp and a OGL.

Closing thoughts, For those of you that read my first review of the the PDF of the 3.5 Slumber Tsar book earlier this year this will look familiar. Since this is the first third of that same book, only updated to Pathfinder rules and a few other changes. This time around it is much cleaner and easier to read. More art and they art work is better, plus fits the text better. I didn't notice any errors this time, so the editing is much better this time around.

The stats blocks are now in the relevant section instead of at the end of the book. Which I consider a plus. Also each monster is described so you know exactly what they look like, which is also a plus. There is also 4 spells in chapter 1, ones taken from other sources but laid out in complete detail and updated to Pathfinder RPG.

This is just the starter camp at the edge of the real adventure. So far there is only the 6 event encounters and a random encounter table. Still at least one of the event encounters as mentioned very possible can lead to a PC death or maybe even a TPK

So whats my rating? For this section of the updated book I am giving it a 5 star. No it is not a complete adventure but for what it is. I honestly couldn't find a single flaw. The worse thing I can say about the book is in same cases there is bad use of space. Two pages have a lot of unused space and another piece of artwork would have been nice to help fill it in.

Trust me I'm a Succubus

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A nice product of 3 new fantasy races.


The Genius Guide to: Races of Hoof and Horn

This product is 13 pages long. With a cover and intro section taking up 1 page. This product introduces 3 new races.

Asterion – Half Minator race. The first section deals with their introduction, description, society, religion etc. That takes up 2 pages. Next is the racial traits section and new feats. Which includes 4 new racial feats. This takes up just over 1 page.

Lapith – A sorcery created race out of centaurs, humans and elves. The first section deals with their introduction, description, society, religion etc. This takes up 2 pages. Next is the racial traits section. One of their race powers is the ability to switch between centaur looking and bipedal form. There is also 7 new racial feats. This takes up about 2 pages.

Piper – They are half satyr and half other. Often from pairings with druids. A interesting side part is they are typically born twins and the vast majority are female. The first section deals with their introduction, description, society, religion etc. This takes up 2 pages. Next is the racial traits section and new feats. Which includes 5 new racial feats. This takes up just over 1 page.

It ends with half a page about magic and the races using natural attacks and 1 page for the OGL.

Closing thoughts. Each section also has a list of sample names for each race. The races where interesting and well written. I personally liked the Piper the most. The racial feats fit the race and seemed fairly well balanced over all. The Lapith might be a bit weak IMHO but fun for those looking for something different. Layout and editing was good. I didn't notice any big errors. Now I do have one complaint about this book and thats the art. The first couple of B&W art is pretty good, there is one color art which is meh. The rest is 3D art, I suppose it is ok for 3D art but I just don't like it. I don't even think the 3D art used is great 3D art. But art aside this is a nice book for those looking for additional fantasy races of something a bit different and I recommend it for the price. I am giving this a 4 star review despite the art.

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Minor magic feats.


The Genius Guide to Feats of Runic Magic by Super Genius Games.

This product is 10 pages long. The first 3 pages deals with what runic feats are and how to use them, along with a list of the Runic feats. It talks about using them in the campaign, how they are used, how many you can have etc. The runes are listed below.

Air Jaunt – Brief flight
Blacklife – bonus to Necromancy
Bladedance – Helps to parry.
Cindershard – deals fire damage on melee attacks.
Death – gives bonus to killing something with massive damage
Draft Master – Allows the drafting(writing) of runes on others.
Enfeeble – weakens foes.
Falter – slows foes.
Feign Death – makes you appear dead.
Iceflame – change damage type.
Ironguard – grants AC bonus in full defense.
Life Warden – gives AC bonus to those you heal.
Mystify – causes penalty to perception and sense motive
Narrow-Minded – bonus to will save
Panacea – bonus hp to healing spells.
Rage – enrages foes
Rune Master – gain more benfits with runic feats.
Seaborne – bonus to swim
Shadowlight – blind foe
Silvergate – bonus to summoning spells.
Soul Ward – bonus to abjuration spells
Surge – bonus to jump and surprise initiative
Third Eye – bonus to divination spells
Thunderstrike – deals sonic and electrical dmg on melee attacks
Veil – bonus to stealth
Whitefire – bonus to evocation spells

The next 6 pages is taken up by the runic feats themselves. With a final page for OGL.

Closing thoughts: I like the concept of runic feats and minor magic. Not everyone will allow them for everyone and the book talks about that. None of them are overly powerful about on par with a strong cantrip at most. Coupled with the limitations on how many you can have and prerequest I feel they are well balanced on the whole. The art work is fair. This is a bit thinner than recent SGG books clocking in at 10 pages for 2.99 but still worth the price. Once more my biggest complain which is often the case with SGG books is... not enough. Great concept, great start but I want more. If the idea of feats that allow minor magic interest you then I highly recommend this book. I am giving it a 4.5 star.

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A solid product.


Paul did a good review below of the product.

Genius Guide to Archer Archtypes by Super Genius Games

This product is 13 pages long. ½ page for front cover, 1 page for OGL and credits.

The product talks about replaceing class abilities with a new set of archer abilities. First it gives a list of each class and what ability sets they have to give up to take one of the archer archtype ability sets. For example the Barbarian has to give up their rage powers. A rogue gives up their sneak attacks etc. The first 6 pages talks about that and how and why archtypes work. It gets into why they did what they did, with enough advice to help you pick non core classes ability sets to give up and add a archer archtype in their place. It is well done, reads well and gives you a firm idea how to apply this technic to other classes.

The next section gets into the different archer archtypes your character can take. (this is 4 pages)
Archer Alchemist – shooting special alchemist made arrows
Sharpshooter – Gives powerful single shot attacks.(that take a full round action to do)
Spellbow – imbueing arrows with magic.
Tempest – learning to fire a whole lot of arrows at your enemies.
Zen Archer – gains some special abilities, such as shooting other ranged attacks out of the air.

Next section is new feats and what all the Super Genius classes from other books would have to give up to learn these archtypes. There is 5 new feats.
Deadly Accuracy
Defensive Shot
Snap Shot

Closing thoughts. I like the product, it adds options to existing classes. Want a archer based rogue, you can do it. Or a archer based cleric etc. It is nice as it takes away class powers while leaving the core of the class intact to full fill it's typical role. The art work was fair. I hope they decided to do more of these styles books. If I had one complaint it would be that there is only 5 archtypes to pick from and I could think of a few more. So for the price I am giving it a 4.5 star. If you are looking for a way to tweak any base Pathfinder classes or Super Genius class with some archer ability this book is well worth picking up for the price.

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101 1st level spells by Rite Publishing.


This product is 27 pages long. First three pages is cover, credits, and intro. The next 3 pages are spell lists for each class, with the sorc and wiz list broken up by spell school. Below is how many each class gets, obviously there is some overlap.

Bards – get 29 spells
Clerics – get 27 spells
Druids – get 30 spells
Paladin – gets 10 new spells
Ranger – gets 12 new spells
Sorc/Wizard – gets 75 spells
by school
Abjuration – 11 spells
Conjuration – 6 spells
Divination – 7 spells
Enchantment – 10 spells
Evocation – 9 spells
Illusion – 8 spells
Necromancy – 9 spells
Transmutation – 15 spells

Of the spells here is a couple of examples.
Hidden Shelter – This one I thought might be a little strong for a first level spell. It creates a shelter that protects against normal weather, rain, heat, cold etc. It creates the shelter out of the natural world around it, it requires a opposed perception/stealth check to spot the shelter as it blends in. Duration is the part that bothers me, 1 week/level. Ranger only spell.

Blossoming Footsteps – Makes plants grow where you walk or can even force flowers to grow. I loved this spell for the flavor.

Precipitate – creates normal rain or snow, depending on the temperature when cast. Another spell I loved.

Shadow Weapon – It creates a shadow version of any normal weapon, caster is is proficient with it for free. It does damage like the weapon of it's type. Will save for half damage. Now for the part for the part that makes me think it is a bit weak. After each hit the target gets a +1 to their save cumulative. So after 5 hits they get a +4 save and so on. (the bonus comes for every previous hit)

It finishes with 1 page of OGL and 2 full page ads.

Closing thoughts. If you like new spells you will love this book. Most of them are very inventive and full of flavorful fluff. I was often left thinking, how can I work this spell into my game. The art was by Joe Calkins and ranged from fair to good. Layout, editing, and production values are top notch as what one has come to expect from Rite Publishing.

The vast majority of the spells are very well done, there is only a handful I had questions or comments about, like Hidden Shelter. Of course some might find Hidden Shelter fine or even weak, others might think Shadow Weapon is strong. This is just my own person opinion. But considering there is 2-3 spells that I felt the same about as Hidden Weapon and Shadow Weapon was the only one I thought was weak. Most of the rest are like Blossoming Footsteps and Precipitate, flavorful interesting new spells that has me really looking forward to the next set of 101 spells. Really I can't find anything negative to say about this product, since it is to be expected not everyone is going to like every single spell. So with that in mind I am giving this a 5 star rating. If you are fan of new spells, I greatly recommend this.

***Note: I was given a advance copy of this for the purpose of this review. I would like to not that I had planned to buy it, Steven Russell just sent me a copy before I could buy it. I will also say I already plan to get the next one in the series.

Our Price: $1.99

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Evocative City Sites: Bedlam Asylum


Evocative City Sites: Bedlam Asylum by Rite Publishing.

This product is 26 pages long. First two pages is cover and credits.

Chapter 1 - Bedlam Asylum (4 pages)
This section starts with a map of the Asylum and introduction. This is done IC from the point of view of someone looking into the Asylum. There is a short bit of IC information about Mother Sharlene Murrell and Brother Broomore, including a secret about each. It finishes with 4 short adventure hooks.

Chapter 2 – NPC's (6 pages)
"Mother Sharlene Murrell" and Tansy (her black “cat”(2 pages including 2 nice, social feats for aristocrats)
"Brother Broomore" (2 pages)
"Railee McGee" (half a page)
"Doyenne Murrell" (1 page)
It also mentions 4 notable inmates. (half a page)

It finishes with 1 page of OGL, final page is a ad for 101 1st level spells, and the rest of the pages are blown up maps for mini's for the rest of the product.

Closing thoughts. The art work is fair and all public domain. The writing is good, as is the editing and layout. Much as we have come to expect from Rite Publishing. It is a interesting location, but I felt this book has similar issues to the Warehouse. In that there is not enough advice given to GM's to use it. A page on the types of experiments being done would have went a long way. You can guess the goals of Mother Murrell but not how she is going about it. Which leaves the work up to the GM and if you have curious players something you will likely need to figure out first.

My final and biggest issue with this book is Tansy the cat. No stats are given for him. Only a name of what kind of creature it is, with no book or page number reference I could find. My guess is the Tome of Horrors as it is referenced in the OGL. Which would make it a Beast of Chaos template. But honestly that's only a guess. So I am giving this a 3.75, mostly because of Tansy and I felt it needed a bit more information before you could just drop it into a existing campaign.

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Very friday the 13th TV series


Evocative City Sites- Kavit M. Tor’s Emporium of Collectible Curiosities by Rite Publishing.

This product is 23 pages long. First 2 pages are cover and credits page.

Chapter 1 – Description (6 pages)
It has a store map and a IC introduction to the shop from a patron the visited the shop. There is also listed 6 secrets about the shop, though I wasn't sure if all 6 was suppose to be true or if the GM should pick the ones they liked. I mean no harm in doing it either way. This section finishes with 5 adventure hooks.

Chapter 2 – NPC's (4 pages)
Here is the complete stat blocks for Kavit M(the owner of the shop), Chebutan(a Monkey), and Apaxut(a gargoyle). Kavit has 2 pages, the others each one. This section has one of the few things I didn't like. It is not a major deal but makes the book a little less useful than it could have been. Kavit is a caster with a template. It doesn't list the template free and clear of the character so you could apply it to others. I mean you could take the figure it out on your own but it would have been nice if the template would have been added.

Chapter 3 - 10 Cursed Curiosities and Other Objectionable Objects (2 pages)
Below is a list of items. I liked all of them and only commenting on how I think they could have been better, to provide Rite Publishing with some feedback.

Dagger of Unhappy Returns
Devils Due Trap – I think the gem shouldn't disappear but otherwise liked this.
Doll House Trap – Loved the idea, but thought those trapped should appear as dolls in the house.
Hat of Shifty Appearances – Loved it, but thought they should also look a little shifty.
Horn of Smog
Lord Parakeh's Sword – This was the only one I wasn't overly found of.
Ring of Degeneration – Very nasty item.
Slippers of Thief-Snaring
Vain Hat of Curses – I liked this one.

Chapter 3 – 10 Colorful Curses (1 page)
I liked all the curses, I really don't have more to say than that. Here is a list.

A Mouth Full of Mud
Impaired Reading
Lurking Presence – My Favorite
Seeing Red
Self Doubt
Thin Blooded
Tongue Tied

It finishes with 1 page for OGL, 6 pages of the blown up map for minis and 1 page for back cover.

They also include a map pack PDF of just the maps.

Closing thoughts. I liked this one, if this is the direction Rite Publishing is going to go with future ones I will be buying more. The previous ones I have, I thought where ok. This one goes beyond just giving you a location and some NPC's. It is well done and makes you want to figure out a way to drop it into your game. The art work is by Joe Calkins or public domain art, it goes from fair to in one case very good. Now other than the one critic I made earlier I do have one more. I really wish the section on objects had been expanded to at least 20 or maybe even 30 objects. If it had been, then I would recommend the book just for the objects section alone. The ones that are in the book are just that good. As it is, for the price it is still a very good buy. I am giving this a 4 star rating, it is good, but I think it could have been better.

Best one of the series so far.


Class Options Volume 3: Rangers Renewed By Gun Metal Games

This product is 10 pages long. 1 page of cover, credits etc.

Alternate Class abilities (2 pages)
The abilities replace existing Ranger class abilities. Here is a few examples.

Favored Companion, in place of Favored Enemy – This is a animal companion like a druids.

Favored Weapon, in place of Favored terrain – At each level she would normally get a favored terrain instead can select a combat feat from the weapon styles list.

Guides Bond, in place of Hunters Bond – All allies in 30ft gain some bonuses similar to the ranger in favored terrain.

Familiar Terrain, in place of Favor Terrain – This increases the bonus to a existing favored terrain.

Warden, in place of Quarry – Lets the ranger designate enemies as trespassers in a favored terrain. The ranger gains a attack bonus against them.

Undieing Hunter, in place of master hunter – They get some bonuses but can not be killed as long as their prey is in view and alive. Though they can die once the prey dies or escapes.

New Combat Styles (1 and half pages)
Beast Master – Learns to fight with their animal companion
Great Axe Fighter – Combat style using a Great Axe.
Mage Killer – A style focused on killed spell casters.
Mounted Combat – Fighting from a mount.
Rapier – Fighting with a rapier, good for a urban ranger.
Runner – Rapid movement over varies terrains
Spear Figher – Fighting with a Spear
Trapper – Rangers that try to take their prey alive.
Wild-Born Ranger – Ranger raised in the wild, part barbarian. Think Tarzan.

Spell-less Rangers (2 pages)
Instead of learning spells a ranger can select style instead giving advanced abilities in that style.
Plus all the new combat styles listed above. Each one has some new advanced abilities to go along with the normal combat style.

New Feats (2 and half pages)
There is 29 new feats. Several of them go alone with the combat styles and require the combat style to learn. I can honestly say there wasn't a feat that I thought was bad or questionable, they seemed all well done and most of them very cool.

It finishes up with 1 page for OGL.

Closing thoughts, this so far is the best in the series. The layout was good, the art was good. It read well and everything seemed well balanced and well done. It gave a nice variety of options for a Ranger character to take. I hope this is a sign of things to come from Gun Metal Games because this one was very well done I thought. I am honestly trying to think of something to critic in this book and really the only things that come to mind is. I wish they would have expanded the animal companion option just a little more. What they have is good but I would have liked to have seen a bit more ala Beastmaster(yeah yeah I know). I wish it had been a little longer for more options and my final critic is the art work of the tiefling on page 2. I just really dislike those style of horns, made popular in 4e. So in short if you want some options for your ranger, I highly recommend this. I am giving this a solid 4.5 rating.

Our Price: $3.99

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Genius Guide to Dream Magic by Otherworld Creations.


This product is 16 pages long. Page 1 and 2, cover and introduction, with talk about which spells in the PFRPG should have the Dreaming subtype.

2 pages about the dreamscape a demi plane of dreams. It talks about the plane with a small section on how to get there and two paragraphs about what types of creatures could be found there.

Little bit over one page of spell lists. 5 pages of new spells, there is 13 new spells.

The next part is new options with 3 pages. Sleep Domain, Dreamscape bloodline, Nightmare specialist(a wizard that focuses on fears)

It finishes with 2 pages for dreamscape template and Nocnista template. Two different templates to give to monsters found in the dreamscape plane. The rest is taken up with suggested reading and viewing.

With the final page being credits and the OGL.

Closing thoughts. I really really liked this book, I liked most of the spells and the quality of production and work is what one has come to expect from Otherworld Creations. The art goes from fair to good. My biggest complaint about this is... it doesn't go far enough. It is like a appetizer to a fine meal, but there is no entree. It is a good read but just feels a bit incomplete, it left me really wanting to know more about the dreamscape and for more magic. What spells there are is good, but I wanted to see magic and a section on fighting in the dreamscape or invading other peoples dreams, etc. Just more of what there was. If you like the topic of dream planes or magic then you will like this book but likely end up like me, left wanting more. That shouldn't discourage you from buying it, it is still a very good buy. I just think this topic would have been better suited to at least a 32 page product if not more. So I am giving it a 4.5 star rating. It's very good but I think it could have been better with more pages.

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