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The Genius Guide to: Exalted Domains of War and Ruin


This product is 12 pages long. It starts with a cover and intro. (1 pages)

Next it gets into what they are, how to use them and why this product was broken up into three parts. More domains to follow in future products. (2 pages)

Then it jumps into the Exalted Domains and Exalted Subdomains. At the end is a half of page advice on how to use them in your campaigns. (8 pages)
Chaos Domain
- Azata Subdomain
- Demon Subdomain
- Protean Subdomain
Exalted Death Domain
- Murder Subdomain
- Undead Subdomain
Exalted Destruction Domain
- Catastrophe Subdomain
- Rage Subdomain
Exalted Glory Domain
- Heroism Subdomain
- Honor Subdomain
Exalted Law Domain
- Archon Subdomain
- Devil Subdomain
- Inevitable Subdomain
Exalted Liberation Domain
- Freedom Subdomain
- Revolution Subdomain
Exalted Madness Domain
- Insanity Subdomain
- Nightmare Subdomain
Exalted Nobility Domain
- Leadership Subdomain
- Martyr Subdomain
Exalted Strength Domain
- Ferocity Subdomain
- Resolve Subdomain
Exalted Trickery Domain
- Deception Subdomain
- Thievery Subdomain
Exalted War Domain
- Blood Subdomain
- Tactics Subdomain

It ends with a OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. I love the idea of this, focusing on a single domain. Giving up the flexibility of two different domains for twice the power in a single domain. The powers in this book seems slightly more powerful than standard, which makes sense. Trading versatility for power. I plan to use this in my next game once I get the rest of the series. I know this is a fairly short review for me, but beyond listing what powers you get with each domain which would make it a very big review there is not a lot to add. The artwork goes from meh to pretty good. In the end I really couldn't find any flaws and I love the idea of the product. So I am giving it a 5 star review.

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Nice collection of new curses for Oracle's


Advanced Options: Oracle's Curses by Super Genius Games

This product is 6 pages long. It starts with a cover and intro. (1 pages)

Next it jumps into the new curses. (3 pages)
Addict – addicted to something not good for you.
Ailing – always sick, pretty bad one but you gain more bonus spells to offset it.
Amputee – missing a hand, a few bonus spells
Convulsions – have convulsions anytime you roll a 1. I would have liked a a mechanic added for a chance per hour or something for social situations as well when not rolling dice.
Drunkard – Your a drunk.
Frail – suffer negative effects if reduced to less than half hp or take ability dmg. Gain 1 skill per level and a new class skill 3 times over the course of the class.
Insomniac – have trouble sleeping and often fatigued, but is less likely to suffer from fatigue and exhaustion from other sources as they are use to living this way. Again I would have liked to have seen a DC check for a typical night with broad locations. Such as urban, woods, etc.
Misshappen – have a twisted body, penalty to CMD checks, gain bonus to intimidate and later gain ability to demoralize foes.
Peaceful Soul – you dislike violence penalty on attack rolls and no AoO's but gain AC and concentration bonuses.
Provocative – You are pretty and invoke lust in others, others gain a bonus to use non lethal dmg on you. You may use a bonus to diplomacy rolls but if you do and fail it backfires.
Squeamish – If you cause dmg to others you become sickened, but you get bonuses on healing others.
Star-Crossed – Anytime you roll a 11 on a D20 it counts as if it was a 1. Gain bonus spells.
Unbelievable – No one ever believes you, suffer penalty on social rolls, but gain bonus to sense motive.

Next is new feats that deal with oracle curses. (1 page)
Accursed – Gain bonus to resist other curses.
Second Curse – gain a second curse both the good and bad.
Suspend Curse – by giving up spell slots can temporally suppress the curse.
Variable Curse – Select 5 random curses roll once every day for which curse you have. On a 6 your get two. Because you are so cursed all of your spell effects are cast as if you was one level higher.

It also have a section on how to use the curses for other things. It finishes with a OGL.

Closing Thoughts. I love the idea of the new curses. For the most part I like the curses in this book. There was a couple I felt needed a bit more, to really make them shine. The feats I mostly felt where a little weak, I just have trouble seeing most players wanting more than one curse or random ones even with the gains. Suspend and Accursed being the exceptions. The art is all of the cover girl what there is of it. I don't have a problem with the art but some people might. It is very much cheese cake art, which I personally don't have a problem with but I know some people do. Unless SGG did it on purpose in a tongue and... cheek... manner. So my rating is a 4 star, good product but I felt with just a bit more effort it could have been even better.

A good free product that could have been a pay product.


This product is 10 pages long. It starts with a cover and ToC. (2 pages)

Next it jumps right into the new monsters.
Dweller in Darkness – alien aberrations like bug creatures that study people. CR 2 or 8, 2 kinds of them and 2 magic items (3 pages) I did notice one odd phrase on the magic item. It says “a body returned to it's brain may be brought back to life” just seems a odd phrase, seems like body and brain should be switched.

Fetch – outsider shadow creatures. CR 4. (1 page)

Knocker – fey that are the dryads of rich metals. CR 3 (1 page)

Nightgaunt – outsider, another shadow creature from the plane of shadow, CR 6 (1 page)

Twilight Unicorn – magical beast, a evil unicorn. CR 4 (1 page)

It ends with a OGL (1 page)

Closing thoughts. I have said in the past I am not a huge monster book person. I am not, I have nothing against them. I just find most of them have monsters that are either to much like existing ones or are just way to strange or just feel like they was added for the sake of adding them. Luckly this book I can happily say is not like that.

The Dweller in the Darkness is a neat and creepy idea. The Fetch while not filling a needed roll per say was done interesting. Knocker makes sense even if it was my least fav of the lot. Nightgaunt is the one that closest feels of just being added for the sake of being added. Which brings us to the Twilight Unicorn, which is hands down my fav of the book though the Dwellers are a close second.

My only critic with the Twilight Unicorn is it doesn't say where they come from or how they came into being. I suppose they just always existed but with what is said about them a cool paragraph on how they first came about would have been very nice and fitting. I just felt one or two more paragraphs would have made a good monster into a great monster.

The artwork is fair and the layout is good, the color and borders are nice. Giving a dark morbid gothic look. Which while pretty and I really liked, also brings me to my next critic. It would be brutal on a printer to print this. Now I can't really complain, hence why I said critics. I mean this is a free product after all. But in the interest of providing the publisher with feedback I am listing them. With it being free I highly recommend picking it up, I mean what do you have to lose? Now IF this had be a pay product, what would I have rated it? Well depends on price but if it was around the 3 buck range I would have given it a 4 star. Good but could have been better.

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Second part of the Slumber Tsar city.


The Slumbering Tsar: Temple City of Orcus, The Lower City by Frog God Games

This product is 64 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, intro and ToC. (4 pages) This is the second adventure that takes place with in the city it's self.

Chapter 3 – Overview of the Tsar (18 pages)
This gives a over view of the city. It has a rumors table and 3 random encounter tables, along with all the monster stats. It also has 7 event based encounters in this section.

Chapter 4 – The Grunge (20 pages)
This is the lowest section of the city, it has terraces levels of the city that move up the side of the mountain it is nestled against. It has two encounter tables, it also has information for Demon Prince Tsathogga and Set as a gods. (domains etc) There is five encounter locations, two of them mini dungeons. As well as a single new spell, Chant.

Chapter 5 – The Dread Swamp (6 pages)
The norther section of the lower city had falls that fell into it, the water has spread into parts of the city and turned into a swamp. There is two encounter tables. There is 3 encounter locations.

Monster Appendix (3 pages)
This section has full stats for 3 new monsters.
Skeletal Swarm
Toxic Mudman

Magic Item Appendix (1 page)
The Nine Disciplines, 9 statues that combined make a minor artifact

Prestige Class Appendix (5 pages)
Disciple of Orcus – Cleric of Orcus PrC, that focuses on necromancy.
Justicar of Muir – Paladin PrC focused on defeating evil outsiders.

It finishes with 4 pages of maps including a overview of the city map. A OGL and two pages of ads. (7 pages)

Closing thoughts. I think so far this has been my favorite part of the series so far. It is about exploring a old ruined city. The encounters are well done, with GM advice on tactics and how to run them. The PrC's are well done and can be ported to be used with any campaign setting with just a tweak of the names easily. Such as Justicar of Muir could easily be used as a PrC for Iomedea from Golarion.

The adventure is very sandboxy in that the adventures can go anywhere they want and explore what ever sections of the city they want. Which also makes it dangerous as the CR's vary from encounter to encounter. Which I personally like. The only real negative I can say about the adventure is one of the bookmark links is broke. The bookmark for chapter 3 takes you to chapter 4 instead. The rest all work fine. I am sure FGG will get the bookmark fixed soon and reuploaded. So what's my rating? Well I can't find any flaws in the adventure and the style of adventure really appeals to me. So I am giving it a 5 star review with the stipulation that they fix the one broken bookmark.

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A very good ubran mystery adventure.


The Skull Crackers by 0Onegames

This product is 43 pages long. It starts with a cover, blank page, credits and ToC. (4 pages)

Next it moves into a adventure summery and overview. This is the first part of a six part adventure series that takes place in the Great City campaign setting, also by 0Onegames. The adventure is for 1st level characters and should take characters to 3rd level by the end. The over view of the adventure is a murder investigation, but there is a underlining greater story arc going on that involves the rest of the adventures in the series. (2 pages)

Chapter 1 – The Body (2 ½ pages)
This involves finding the body and getting involved in the investigation. It is not all social, but I won't spoil while.

Chapter 2 – Grang's Crematorium and Casket Shop (6 pages)
After the first part most of the rest of the adventure can be done in any order depending on the PC's actions. It is a very sand box style investigation. So this may not be their second encounter. This is about the PC's wanting to see the body to examine it.

Chapter 3 – You're in the Army Now (3 ½ pages)
This section is if the PC's talk to the military(the dead was a soldier) about their findings or the city watch. There is a follow up encounter afterward's as well.

Chapter 4 – Asking Around Town (2 ½ pages)
This is if the PC's ask around town about the goings on they have uncovered up to this point. Mostly a social encounter section.

Chapter 5 – The Sewers (5 pages)
This is where the investigation has pointed to a local gang and where they confront the gang about it. It involves having a mini dungeon crawl to learn vital information.

Chapter 6 – Residential Ward (2 pages)
Part of this section can happen at any time and part of it only after some of the previous parts have happened. The final set encounter will lead the investigation to the next part.

Chapter 7 – Smugglers Tunnels (4 ½ pages)
This part is another favor the PC's are asked to do for the information they need for the investigation. This is a mini dungeon crawl.

Chapter 8 – I Smell a Rat (4 pages)
This is the section where the PC's finally track down the killer and solve the case. I won't get into details even vague ones as it would ruin the mystery.

Appendix – New Creatures (2 pages)
1 new monster a cerebral bat. Full stat blocks and history for the new monster.

It closes with 1 page handout, OGL, 2 pages of ads and back cover. (5 pages)

Closing thoughts. I liked the adventure but then I like urban and mystery adventures. The artwork is good black and white line art. It has a nice mix of social encounters and combat ones. It is also a nice intro adventure for the Great City campaign setting as it introduces you to several area's around the city. For the most part the hooks to follow the investigation from section to section are good, certainly good enough with at most minor tweaks the DM can make sure they players are able to follow it. The only real weak spot in the adventure I saw was the first plot hook to get involved. It is a decent one and I think most PC's would bite, but I don't think all would with out a little nudging from the DM.

Other than that one little negative I think it is a well done urban mystery adventure. I am going to give this one a 4.5 star rating. It was very good but not great. Well worth picking up if you like urban or mystery adventures.

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The Living Airship


The Living Airship by Rite Publishing

This product is 37 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits, there is no ToC. I did like the dedication to his daughter. Though I am wondering if the adventure was written with her in mind or just more of a generic dedication.(2 pages)

Next is a overview of the adventure. 4-6 PC's 7-10th level. The main focus of the adventure is the PC's are trying to track down and recover a airship aka flying ship. (1 page)

First Encounter area (4 pages)
I won't mention the name of the chapter as it gives away what the encounter is with. It take place in the first part of a cave system.

The Shaper of Flesh (7 pages)
The second section of the cave system.

The Cave of Three Pillars (14 pages)
The final section of caves.

Appendix 1 (3 pages)
The Vallorian, humans that moved underground and stayed there. They evolved into this new race of humans. It has background, society etc. Everything you need to use them as new monsters or as a new PC race. Including 5 race feats.

Appendix 2 (2 pages)
Flesh Crafting. Rules for crafting things out of flesh and some sample items. Reminded me a bit of the tzimisce from White Wolf's Vampire The Masquerade.

It closes with a OGL, 1 page ad and back cover. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. The art work is meh to fair. I thought the maps where very well done in this product. Perhaps the best maps by Rite Publishing to date. I loved the color scheme as well, the purple borders with a light pink mist like effect that fades to white, between the border and center of the page. Ok yeah maybe it is a little girly the color scheme but I loved it. The production value is top notch like what we have come to expect from Rite Publishing.

As for the adventure there is not a lot I can say that won't give to much away. It is a fairly standard dungeon crawl other than the airship part. The bad guys are interesting. The blurb gives a pretty good over view of the adventure anyways. So my rating is a 4 star, it is a nice little dungeon crawl with a nice background and villains, to give it some depth and character. But in the end it is still pretty much just a dungeon crawl and your PC's may or may not find out a lot of the more interesting aspects of the background.

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Another nice sand box style mystery adventure.


The Eamonvale Incursion by Frog God Games

This product is 224 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and ToC. (3 pages)

Next is a Intro which gives a over view of the region and the adventure, ending with a full page map of the region. (6 pages)

Chapter 1 – Broadwater (48 pages)
Basically a city guide to the city of Broadwater. There is over 40 locations several of them very interesting and could be easily adapted to any city. Or the city could just be used in any setting if the DM needed a city.

Chapter 2 – Broadwater Mystery Elements (30 pages)
There is several pages of rumors, social encounters, and combat encounters. All told there is more than 30 encounters many of them possibly leading to chases in varies locations.

Chapter 3 – The Slave Warrens of Underbluff (12 pages)
A more mini dungeon crawl.

Chapter 4 – The Eamonvale Trade Road (4 pages)
A overview of locations alone the trade road.

Chapter 5 – Trade Road Mystery Elements ( 8 pages)
Rumors PC's can hear on the trade road and several encounters of varies types.

Chapter 6 – A Brigand's Swamp Kingdom (19 pages)
Another mini dungeon, though with a possible twist.

Chapter 7 – Fagan's Hollow (10 pages)
Map, locations and information about the town.

Chapter 8 – Fagan's Hollow Mystery Elements (9 pages)
Rumors PC's can hear in the town and many encounters of varies types.

Chapter 9 – The Elven Forest Nation (19 pages)
Overview of the elven nation, the forest and several encounters.

Chapter 10 – The Battle for Broadwater (5 pages)
Final encounter of the adventure.

Appendix 1 – NPCs (34 pages)
Stat blocks for all the major NPC's and monsters in the adventure. Broken up by area for better ease of quickly finding their stat blocks. There is also a very nice 1 page of tables for creating random caravans.

Appendix 2 – Magic Items and Spells (2 pages)
6 new magic items and 3 new spells.

Appendix 3 – New Creatures and Templates (10 pages)
Several new monsters and creature templates.

Appendix 4 – Optional Chase Resolution Mechanics (5 pages)
new rules for resolving chases. Including some random tables for obstacles. I am unsure how well it works as I have not play tested it, but I am looking forward to trying it out. This was one of the few errors I found a error. On the common movements rates and encumbrance table, at the medium row every thing has shifted to the left one column. It is still easy to read once you notice it. But still a error.

It closes with a OGL and back cover.

Closing Thoughts. I liked this adventure it is very similar in style to The Grey Citadel. A lot of social and skill based interaction, part dungeon crawl and part investigation. It is hard to say much about the adventure since part of it is a mystery the players in theory should try and figure out whats going on. I will say if you liked the first one you will like this one just as much. The artwork is good.

This is very much a sand box style adventure. The PC's can pretty much go anywhere and do anything they want in what ever order. The only set thing is the final encounter. Even then the PC's could still go explore the area's they skipped if they do the final encounter first. I loved the adventure but the price is a little high 35 dollars for the print and PDF or just 23 for the PDF only, not counting shipping. While worth the price I just can't give it a 5 star with the price. So I am giving it a solid 4 star.

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101 5th level spells


My review as often is the case wouldn't fit. See forum post for full review.

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New Immediate action feats


My review as nearly always wouldn't fit. See forum post for full review.

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30 New feats for witch's


As often is the case my review wouldn't fit. See forum post for full review.

Our Price: $2.95

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Achievement Feats


My review wouldn't fit, see forum post for full review.

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Campaign setting for the Great City.


The Great City Campaign Setting by 0Onegames

This product is 162 pages long. Cover, credits and ToC. (4 pages) There is far far to much information for me to get into a detailed review, so I will give a overview as best I can.

Forward (1 page)

Introduction (6 pages)
Gives a general overview of the city. Including taxes, politics, and two page map of the city.

History (3 pages)
Gives a brief overview of the history of the city.

City Wards
It breaks the city down into wards. Each section list it's Special Interest, Power Groups, Citizens and Activities, Notable NPC's, Keyed Locations, Wandering NPC's and Adventure Locations. Each section has a map of that ward of the city and several maps of key locations in the ward. A note about the wards. The truth is they are so detailed I could have written a full paged review easy for each one.
Army Ward (15 pages)
Home to the cities military. As well as a guild and some other power groups.

Castle Ward (15 pages)
Seat of the rulers of the city.

Dock Ward (12 pages)
Covering the docks, warehouses, fishermen and taverns and such that serve them.

Residential Ward (15 Pages)
Former nobles district now taken over by the middle class and poor of the city.

Temple Ward (17 pages)
Where most of the temples are located. It also includes information on some of the gods and price of healing magics.

Trade Ward (16 pages)
Mostly shops, while the owners typically live above their shops. Where most things are bought and sold in the city.

The Cost of Freedom (8 pages)
It introductory adventure. A merchant is on trial for murder and the PC's have 3 days to find out what really happened. It does a good job of introducing many aspect of the city. It is fairly short adventure but looks like a fun adventure that will help players want to learn more about the city.

Monsters (6 pages)
There is 5 new creatures in this section will full stats.

Important NPC's (30 pages)
In this section is gives stat blocks for all the NPC's mentioned in the varies ward sections. This section is broken up by ward as well to make finding the NPC you need pretty easy.

It ends with a OGL, 1 page of add, 1 blank page and the back cover. (4 pages)

Closing thoughts. This book is just stuffed with neat locations, groups, NPC's etc. I could have easily done a full 1 page review on each ward alone. There was just no way to give a detail review and actually cover all the good points in this book. There is enough plot hooks with a little work you could set a whole campaign here in the city and never leave. Also when a section touches on something they have done another product about it mentions the name of the other product. So you can find it if you would like more information. It has extensive bookmarks. There was a few spelling errors and grammar errors but honestly with a book this big that is to be expected. The artwork is mostly fair to good.

My only real critic is I would have liked to have seen this book cover the culture of the city a bit more. What do the people dress like, maybe even cover popular foods are drink. Really that is the only thing lacking from being able to really bring this city to life. If you want a in depth city to drop into your campaign or looking for a well done city to center a campaign on, then this is a very good pick up. Even if you don't want to use the city as is, it is still a good pickup. There is plenty of locations, groups and NPC's you can steal for your own stuff. My rating is a 4 star. I liked the book, I think it is a good pickup. But I do think with a dozen more pages it could have been fantastic.

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A very good book for the Alchemist class.


Secrets of the Alchemist by Open Design

This product is 12 pages long. It starts off with a cover and ToC. (2 pages)

Next it jumps into introduction and examining of the Alchemist class. (2 pages)

After that it gets to 30 new feats for the Alchemist class. Many of them can be used by other classes. The complete list with a few examples of what they do. (4 ½ pages)

Accurate Assessment
Advanced Alchemy
Bottoms Up – drink potion as a move action.
Craft Anywhere
Create Wondrous Creature
Extra Extract – get a extra extract
Fast Item Creation
Fire in the Hole
Frugal Crafting
Hardy Brawler
Improved Sleight of Hand
Learn Command
Lighten Weapon
Lighten Weapon, Improved
Mind over Body
Minor Damage Reduction
Modify Mutagen – change the penalty you take from a mutagen.
Opportunity Shot
Organized Inventory
Pack Mule – allows you to carry more.
Practice Makes Perfect
Primeval Fury
Reliable Bombs
Sidestep Charge
Suicide Bomber – set off all your bombs at once at close range.
Sundering Bomb
Throw and Charge
Weapon Juggle

The final section is on character builds. They are basically advice on how to make builds that focus on certain area's of the class. (2 ½ pages)
Carpet Bomber - focuses on bombs.
Might Mutagen - focuses on mutagens.
Mad Scientist – support role.

It ends with a OGL. (1 page)

Closing Thoughts. This book really takes a look at the alchemist class, gives advice on builds and how to play it. Then offers a slew of new feats that would help the class do it's roll even better. There is no art in the book other than the cover. Most of the feats are well done and either interesting or useful or typically both. Likely Suicide Bomber is the worst feat and I like it. Your character typically kills themselves using the feat but likely kills everything around them. I don't see many taking the feat but I thought it fit the class well regardless. So whats my rating? Well it depends, for those looking for advice how to play the Alchemist it is a 5 star I say. You get advice and new toys. For those wanting more for their alchemist I give it a 4 star. For those not interested in Alchemist I still say it is a 3 star as many of the feats could be used by other characters. The one big knock on this product is the pages look a bit like parchment. Which will neat looking would be brutal on a printer. I feel they really need to offer a print friendly version of this as well when you buy it.

Trust Me, I'm a Succubus.

Our Price: $3.99

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The Genius Guide to: Apprentice Level Characters


The Genius Guide to: Apprentice Level Characters by Super Genius Games

This product is 7 pages long. It starts off with a cover and intro into what apprentice level characters are. (1 page) Next it gets into all the aspects of a class, feats, skill lists, spells, etc and how things are different for them. (1 page).

Next it lists all the classes with all the information on how to change the base class into a Apprentice level version of it. It covers all the base Pathfinder classes, all the classes from the new Advance Players Guide and all the classes so far published by Super Genius Games. (4 pages)

It finishes with a OGL.

Closing thoughts. The artwork is fair most of it all but one I have seen in other products of theirs. The book is pretty much what you would expect. Stripping the classes down to apprentice level versions of them. If you have always wanted to start characters off before they was first level then this is a good pick up. I am giving this a 4 star. While the product does just what it promises, giving you apprentice level characters to play. It also didn't wow me either, so it is a solid pickup for those wanting that.

Our Price: $5.99

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Takes domains and clerics in a new direction.


My review wouldn't fit. For the full review see forum post.

Our Price: $3.99

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A solid collection or archetypes


The Genius Guide to: Martial Archetypes by Super Genius Games

This product is 14 pages long. It starts off with half a page of cover and a intro. Next page it moves onto explaining what archetypes are and how to use them, the next two page and a half is listing all the existing classes archetypes that can be swapped out for those in this book. (4 ½ pages)

Next it gets into the new archetypes. Not all of them are good picks for all classes. (7 ½ pages)

Blacksnake – Whip specialist (there is also a side bar with suggestions how to make this archetype fit with cloak fighting in place of a whip)

Harrier – Skirmish fighting style, hit and run tactics. They introduce a new token system. Raid tokens that can be earned by doing certain things and use to fuel their abilities. While it is a interesting concept I am not hip on the raid tokens, seems they could have made this work with out them. I just feel that the raid token system is one more thing the player and GM will need to track and I don't feel it adds enough. YMMV.

Physical Exemplar – Grants bonuses to fort/ref save, physical stats etc. Basically these are people that are the most fit athletes in the world. Think Olympic athletes.

Spellhammer – Trade spell slots for weapon bonus damage. 1D per spell level, die type gets bigger as they level up, up to a d12. So at high level trading a 9th level spell slot would add 9d12 in damage on a weapon attack. You decided if you want to expend the spell slot after the to hit roll is made.

Weapon Champion – Pick a weapon group (from the fighter weapon training group list). All weapons in that list gain the bonus from feats. Weapon focus taken for one of them effects them all. They earn more bonus with that weapon group as they level.

Youxia – Martial arts with a weapon. Gain access to ki powers and qualify for feats that require improved unarmed combat.

Next page list all the SGG classes from their own books and what archetype packages they can give up for those in this books. (1 page)

If finishes with a OGL.

Closing Thoughts. Like the last one I love the idea of the mechanic of this. I liked most of the archetypes given. I already touched on my problem with harrier and I am not so sure about Spellhammer, it seems fine. Just not sure it is worth it, maybe a ranger or paladin or the like. The artwork is fair, the production is top notch. I didn't notice any obvious errors or problems. At the price with what I have said I am giving this one a 4 star. I think 4 of the 6 are good choices, one is so so and one I am meh on.

Our Price: $29.99

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One of if not the best asian themed setting.


As often is the case my review wouldn't fit, see forum post for full review.

Our Price: FREE

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It's free whats not to love?


This is a free sample of the new campaign setting by Silver Crescent Publishing. The artwork is fair to good. The makes are pretty good. The writing is well done. The best part is it is a very pretty book, it just looks nice.

Inside you will find some information about the setting. A PrC, a new race and a few magic items. I highly recommend everyone pick this up. I mean it's free so honestly no reason not to.

Our Price: $4.99

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Another good one in the series.


My review wouldn't fit, so see forum post for full review.

Our Price: $1.50

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A neat new take on metamagic


Ars Metamagic by Spes Magna Games

This product is 13 pages long. Cover, ToC and introduction take up (3 pages)

Next it jumps into the meta magic abilities for casters. These are the existing meta magic feats tweaked a bit. Now instead of taking the feat and then using a higher level slot. The caster cast the spell and must make a DC check. If she makes the DC she cast the spell with the meta magic added on. Failing causes feedback, anything from the spell working but lose of meta magic points, to con damage, to con damage and being fatigued. A caster is limited in the number of meta magic abilities they can apply per day. (4 pages)

Next it goes into a section on how to use the rules in your game. It also gets into what would need to be changed about some of the existing rules, such as arcane bloodline sorcerer etc. It explains how the changes that would need to be made to use these new rules. (3 pages)

The next section has new feats, traits and a new meta magic rod magic item. (2 pages)
New Feats
Extra Metamagic Art
Extra Palette Slots
Greater Metamagic Art Focus
Metamagic Art Focus
Resist Magical Feedback

New Traits
Metamagic Talent
Palette Variety

It closes with a OGL.

Closing thoughts: This is a interesting book with a new take on how to apply metamagic to spells. It has a bit of a risk vs reward. I really like the direction and flavor of the product. It makes casters a bit more into what I would like them to be. Though I would have liked to have seen casters able to do meta magic more with even more risks involved but it is a nice first step in my opinion. The writing is good and pretty easy to understand. The layout is ok. The artwork what there is of it, is meh. For the price I recommend the product if the topic interest you in the slightest. I am giving this a 4 star, the price helps make up for the few short comings.

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Another good adventure in the series.


Slumber Tsar: Temple City of Orcus, Part 1: The Tower of Weeping Sores by Frog God Games

This product is 54 pages long. Cover, credits, ToC, and introduction with adventure background, summery and hooks take up (7 pages)

Chapter 1 – Black Gates of Tsar (8 pages)
This section deals with all the other gates into the city beyond the main gate. There is 5 encounter locations, 2 of them are mini dungeon style encounters.

Chapter 2 – Kirash Durgaut (25 pages)
This section deals with the main fortress gate into the city. There is 38 location encounters it all take place within or on the main fortress gate.

Monster/Magic Item Appendix (3 pages)
There is 2 new monsters and 1 new magic item.

It ends with 1 page of OGL and 10 pages of maps. Including one map of the over all city. Each map is full page, brownish in color like old parchment and a grid map.

Closing thoughts. This is much like the previous adventures in the series. It is very sandbox and there is low CR encounters near high CR encounters. Some of them might be very easy or very hard depending on the order they are hit in. Though in this one it is less of a problem as the main area is the fortress, which is more like a typical dungeon. The encounters range from normal ones to several clever and or amusing ones. Several of them could be very challenging to deadly if played smart and the PC's aren’t careful. The production values have steadily gotten better. The art is fair to good. I am giving this one a 4.5 star review. Another thing I would like to add the bulk of the adventure the fortress gate could very easily be adapted to be a stand alone dungeon making this one more valuable to those not looking to run the whole series.

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The Genius Guide to: The Vanguard


The Genius Guide to: The Vanguard by Otherworld Creation

This product is 8 pages long. Opening page is cover and intro to the class.

Next it gets into the class description and table. (4 pages)
D8, 4 skills, medium BaB, 2 good saves, simple and martial weapons, light armor and shields. Level 1 spell casting ability that maxes out and 6th level spells. Cast spells like a Sorcerer, with the same progression. Though can cast fewer spells per day of each level.
Class Features
Arcane Bond – with there weapon, allowing them to cast with the weapon in hand. In fact it is hard for them to cast with out their bonded weapon. If it is lost it can be replaced by the same type of weapon.
Feats gain – Arcane Strike, Combat casting.
Bonus Feats at – 4th, 10th and 16th
Iron Grip – makes it hard to disarm the Vanguard
Weapon Channel – Cast touch based spells threw weapon, causing weapon damage and spell damage on a hit.
Vanguard Spell Penetration – add any to hit enhancements to the spell to overcome SR.
Swift Spell – Can cast a single spell as a swift action. Once per day, eventually getting 5 uses a day.
Spell Block – May attempt to block a spell cast at them like dispel magic. 3 + chr mod per day.
Arcane Smite – may expand a spell into their sword, causing there next attack to do 1d6 per level of spell used in extra magical damage.
Enhance Weapon Bond – Can enchant their weapon with magic effects. Defending, Flaming, Frost, Ghost Touch, Shock, or Thundering. May change it as a move action. Last a number or rounds per day equal to class level.
Spell Sunder – On a attack and hit, the vanguard may try and dispel any magic on the target just as if she had cast dispel magic.
Spell Grapple – On a successful spell block, instead of dispelling it, she stores it in her weapon and can then choose to cast the spell herself.
Bond Weapon Mastery – Automatically confirms crits with bonded weapon.

The next page has new feats and spells on it.
Extra Swift Spell
Improved Spell Block
Improved Weapon Channel

Summon Arcane Bonded Object
Summon Arcane Bonded Object, Greater

Final page is a OGL.

Closing Thoughts: The artwork is pretty good but a bit different. Reminds me a bit of water color art, not sure how else to describe it. I didn't notice any errors and the class seems well done. They also have a side bar talking about is the class needed with the Archon already existing. While both classes are magic/melee classes they are pretty different as well. I like this one better personally. My biggest nitpick is Enhance Weapon Bond at the level it is gained I think it could have been permanent and just only allowed them to switch the powers only so many times a day. They can bonded a magic weapon to them as well. This is one of the better magic/melee classes I have seen. Sort fills a similar roll as the Paladin only with arcane magic. Though I wouldn't have objected to them getting some bonuses to hit with their bonded weapon. Say a +1 every 5 levels so at level 20 they have a full BaB with their bonded weapon only. Going to give this a 4.5 star. Mostly because it is shorter than most of their products and it was missing the section on how to fit them into your campaign world etc.

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Mythic Menagerie: Kingdom of Graves


This product is 13 pages long. There is a cover and a forward explaining what Mythic Menagerie is as a book series. This is the second such book in the series. The concept is a collection of themed monsters, in this case undead in a royal court. Next it dives into the monster stat blocks.

Bean Chaointe – New twist on the banshee
Bloodknight – Think vampire with some deathknight blended in.
Dark Messenger – Emissary for the undead.
Lich Tyrant – Typically a noble that paid a wizard to turn them into a lich.
Masque Ghoul – ghouls that can masquared as the living.
Night Dragon – A undead dragon that is formed as a side effect of something going wrong. They are not evil and actually want to make things better by destroying the cause that made them rise. Though they tend to attack any and everything in their rage for being brought to unlife.
Rot Giant – smart zombie like giants able to create other lesser undead.
Soul Harvester – eats souls and can use the souls to power abilities and spells.

It finishes with 1 page OGL. Each of the monsters are at least 1 page long and most are 1 ½ to 2 pages long.

Closing Thoughts: If you like undead you will like this book. These are either wholly new undead or new neat twists on old concepts. Either way they are a nice addition to your monster collection to surprise your players with. They all have a few paragraphs on how they become undead and what they are like. While they was meant to fill the roll of a undead royal court. They just as easily can be used as regular undead. I didn't see any errors that I noticed. The artwork is good and each monster has a piece of art showing them. This product gives what it claims with quality work. I am going to give it a 5 star because it was well done and interesting monsters with no errors that I could find.

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Favored Class Options


This is a free 5 page PDF. It takes the idea from the new Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide of making race specific favored class bonuses and applies it to all of their classes. So for those of you who are fans of any of the Super Genius class such as Time Thief, Archon, War Master, etc. Then you will enjoy this product.

The Powers are on par with those found in the APG. My rating is a 5 star simply because it is well done. I didn't notice any errors and oh yeah it's free. So ever wondered about SGG products? Well nows your chance to pick one up for free and check it out. It gives you a good idea what to expect from the company on their other products.

Free Character sheet


This product is 16 pages. The first two is cover and credits, the last two is OGL and back cover.

The rest is all character sheet pages.
Front sheet
Skill/Bio sheet
Feat/Ability(and has xp table)
Magic items(with lines for wands, staffs, potions and scrolls, with charges etc)
Handy Haversack
Bag of Holding/Portable Hole
Magical Information (Wizard school powers, sorc bloodlines, Cleric domains etc. It covers witch, bard, paladin and druid as well along with there spell like abilities)
Familiar/Mount/Animal Companion
Arcane Spell book (broken up by level with 0 to fill in to show how many are memorized.)
Divine Spell book (same as above)
Arcane Spell Description (spell format ready to be filled out)

Closing thoughts. It is a interesting character sheet and covers most things you would want one to cover. It is also a very pretty character sheet. But I do have 3 critics, 1 minor, 1 moderate and 1 major.

Minor - I would have liked to have seen the bio info expanded a bit more, maybe even on it's own sheet.

moderate - all the caster info is on one sheet. Which means for a single class character much of the page will be blank. I think it would have been better to do a page for each class. Class info at top and then the spell sheet under it. i know that would have been a lot more work for 4 winds but it would have made the sheet better.

major - It's a very pretty sheet, which means it would be brutal on a ink cartridge. They should have really included a print friendly version of it as well aka black and white, no borders etc.

It's a nice sheet and it is very pretty, plus it is free. So i recommend checking it out and seeing for yourself what you think.

***note - There is suppose to be a update that will make the sheet fillable/typeable.

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