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Great addition to add more flavor to Staves and Wands


Super Genius Guide to: Rune Staves and Wyrd Wands by Super Genius Games

This product is 7 pages long. It starts with a cover, and intro. (3 pages)
This section explains how the new staves and wands work, why they decided to do this and a side bar about how these wands don't work like normal wands and Staves and how you can make them work like normal ones. The cost shows how much they cost to make, they are limited to adding a +5 but the chart goes up to a cost of a +10 in case you want to add more features to a single wand.

Next we get into the new effects you can give these wands and staves. There is 23 listed effects. They do anything from. (3 pages)
Alluring – You add your bonus to skill checks when used against targets under the effects of “charm” type spells.
Arcing – Changes the damage type to Electric. So fireball does electric dmg instead of fire.
Frosty – ads 1d6 of cold damage when cold based spells are cast using it.

In addition to the new effects the +1-+5 bonus from the stave or wand also come into play. They add a bonus to hit(if one is required), bonus damage to first dice of damage. (examples, 5th level wiz cast fireball would be 5d6+5 if used with a +5 wand, while Magic Missile would be 3 missiles, the first one doing 1d4+1+5, while the other two do 1d4+1) and to all caster checks to over come SR or effectiveness such as with remove disease etc.

It ends with credits and OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. It also has sections on how to add other effects to these wands and staves. Such as a holy staff etc. It gets into the costs and why the choices where made. The enhancements are interesting and for the most part for me this makes staves and wands a lot more interesting than before. Before they was just battery operated spell devices you pulled out now and again to cast something. Now they can effect and change how your magic works, which makes them a lot more interesting.

Now I do have one critic about the book. For damage based spells these are great. For other spells they are still nice because of the new effects. But really the bonuses don't really come into play except on the damage based spells. Except on rare cases, I would have liked to have seen the bonuses have more effect on other spells. To give people more of a reason to want a +5 wyrd wand to use with charm person for example. Yes some of the effects do indeed do this. But it always helps damage spells, regardless of the effect. I would have liked to have seen something like that added for other spells.

I thought about it, I consider saves but discarded it quickly. But perhaps you could add the bonuses to the level of the spell for determining duration? Not sure but something like that would have been nice to add. So really that is my only critic of this book. The art is fair to good, with a mix of black and white and color. The writing, layout and editing was very well done as you would expect from SGG. So what's my rating? I am giving it a 4.5 review, only thing keeping me from giving it a 5 is the one critic I mentioned. I heartily recommend this product.

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Another fine addition to the SGG line


Super Genius Guide to: Divination Magic by Super Genius Games

This product is 13 pages long. It starts with a cover, and intro. (2 pages)
The first section also goes into advice on how to work with divination magic in your games. This section has some nice advice on how a GM can deal with problems these types of magic can at times cause.

Spell lists. (2 pages)
They are broken up by class and level on what new spells they get. Listed below is each class and how many new spells they get access to.
Bard – 8
Cleric – 9
Druid – 3
Ranger – 3
Paladin – 2
Sorc/Wizard – 8

Next it gets into the new spells themselves. There is a total of 13 new spells in this section. Below is a couple of my favorite spells. (3 pages)
Deepest Fear – you learn their deepest fear, can give bonuses to spells with fear or with some social skill rolls.
Liar's Foil – Learn what was the last lie the target told.

After that we have a section on new subdomains and Oracle Mystery. (2 pages)
New Subdomains
Portent Subdomain
Scrying Subdomain

New Oracle Mysteries

The final section has feats and magic items. There is 9 new feats, 2 new magic items, with 5 new effects for said magic items and 4 more effects that come from “decorations”. The two new magic items is the lesser and minor crystal balls. All the effects can be used with them or the crystal ball from the Pathfinder RPG book. I loved the new stuff on crystal balls, for me it really made them become more into what I picture them being. With the lesser and minor versions it is much easier for lower level PC's to acquire them. (3 pages)

It ends with credits and a OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. Divination magic has been one of those stables that we all love and most GM's dread. It is hard to predict what PC's might do with it, or your careful plot might come completely undone in a unexpected way because of it. The section on advice on how to handle this type of magic was nice and helpful. The spells where well done and none of them bad.

The two new subdomains are good, the new mystery is very good. It really for me captures what first springs to mind when I hear oracle. The feats are well done, I loved the new aspects they added to crystal balls, from the two lesser version and all the new options added. Art work is fair to good, writing, layout and editing are all good as you would expect from SGG.

But it is not all good, there is one annoying flaw in the book. While they added a new Oracle mystery they did not add spell lists for any of the APG classes. I have been told by the publisher this was a over sight that will be corrected in the future. Either with a new update of the product or a free PDF download. Still a shame to blemish a otherwise superb product. So whats my rating? Well if they get a updated version with the extra spell lists added, then I would give it a 5 as I have nothing else bad to say, anything else I didn't care for was just a matter of taste. If they just add a free PDF extra for the new spell lists, then I will give it a 4.5 star. But until they do one or the other I am forced to only give this a 4 star review.

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A must pickup for fans of Sunken Empire.


Sunken Empires Compilation by Open Design

This product is 8 pages long.

It starts with new spells. There is 5 new spells in this section. (2 pages)
Cold Snap
Protean Return
Stone Strike
Wave of Mutilation

Magic Items. There is 5 new magic items in this section. (1 ½ pages)
Clarifying Goggles
Eight-Fingers Ink
Radiant Nimbus
Satchel of Seawalking
Sharkskin Vest

Lost Technology. There is 3 new lost technology items in this section. (1 page)
Ankeshelian Arciary
Thalassos Box
Velourian Psychograph

Special Underwater Attacks. There is 5 new special underwater attacks in this section. (1 ½ pages)

Faege is a new monster, it is a small aquatic fey. (1 ½ pages)

It ends with a ½ page OGL.

Closing Thoughts. This is a nice addition to Sunken Empires the art work is fair to good. The new items are all nice and fit in with the undersea campaign that is Sunken Empires. I am honestly unsure exactly when this product came out. The spells don't list the new APG classes but then it might have come out before the APG. Not sure, though it would be nice if they went back and updated this PDF to included them. The editing and layout is nice, there is really nothing bad to say about the product or even a nitpick really. If you liked Sunken Empire then I strongly recommend you pick this up as well. I am giving this a 5 star review.

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A nice addition to Tales of the Old Margreve


Margreve Compilation by Open Design

This product is 14 pages long.

It starts with 20 new NPC's each with a paragraph or two about them. These are new NPC's one can drop into the setting and help bring it to life. (4 pages)

Next is 25 reskined monsters. There is a paragraph about each one, talking a bit about them. At the end it list what Pathfinder monster stats should be used for them. ( 2 ½ pages)

Next is 15 reskinned spells. These are spells with new fluff for them, a example is leaf armor, which functions like mage armor but can be used by druids as well. (2 pages)

Margreve Sorcerer Bloodline is next. It is a bloodline tied to the forest. I rather liked this one, it has a bit of a witch/druid feel to it. ( 1 ½ pages)

Magic of the Margreve, this section unlike the spells is new items. First is a new Incantation. Followed by 5 new magic items. ( 2 pages)

New traits, these are the new traits mechanic added by Pathfinder as a optional rule. This section has 12 new traits connected to the Margreve forest. (1 ½ pages)

It ends with a ½ page of OGL.

Closing Thoughts. This is a new book to pick up to add even more to Tales of the Old Margreve. The art work is old style art pictures. The NPC section is nice, the reskinned monsters adds a bit more uniqueness to the forest. Though I would have liked to have had them expanded a bit to at least two paragraphs each, a bit more about there ecology and the like. The reskinned spells is one of the best parts of the book and the area I found a problem which I will get to later.

The bloodline is very nice and fits very well, same with the new magic items and traits. Now there was one area about this product that bugged me. The reskinned spells don't list any of the APG classes. Even some of the spells like the one I mentioned Leaf Armor is a reskinned mage armor. In this book it only list Druid, Sorc/Wiz. Does that mean witch's can't learn it? They can learn mage armor but so can Sorc/Wiz which is listed. Yet none of the spells list the new APG classes, which leaves me unsure. Luckily that is really the only blemish on this product.

So for the low price and good quality writing, taking into account it would have been nice to have a bit more info on the reskinned monsters and what I consider a error in the spell section. I am giving this a 4 star review. It is a good product but could have been even better.

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A simple introductory adventure.


Splinters of Faith 01: It started with a Chicken by Frog God Games

This product is 20 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, and credits. (3 pages)

Introduction (5 pages)
In this section it explains how this is the first of a 10 part adventure path. It is a first level adventure and says by the end of all 10 adventures PC's should be 14th level. It gives a very brief overview of the series of adventures. Next it moves onto a history behind the adventure series, then list each of the 10 adventures with a small blurb about them. Followed with advice on how to use the adventures series, plot hooks and overview map of the area. With a final section on a magic item, which I won't mention to avoid spoiling the adventure. :)

It Started with a Chicken (3 pages)
Really this section is the rest of the book but I am going to break it up for ease of the review. This section deals with a small town the PC's come into. There is a local small reward for missing chickens believed to have been taken by a fox. The reward is for the capture of the fox. The section details the small village and a few of the important NPC's. It also has two possible encounters, assuming the PC's take up the bounty on the fox.

Akruels Tomb (5 pages)
Looking into the missing chickens should eventually lead the PC's to a old tomb that has recently been opened. There is 8 possible encounters including traps in this mini dungeon. I won't get into any details as it would spoil things to much. Two encounters might be a little tough depending on the party mix but with smart PC's none of it should prove to dangerous. At the end of the adventure they learn some disturbing news which should lead them to the next part in the adventure series.

It ends with a OGL, and 3 pages of ads. (4 pages)

Closing thoughts. This is a pretty simple and straight forward introduction to the adventure series. It should be pretty easy with a few hooks to get the PC's to investigate the area around the town even if they ignore the fox hook. The art work is pretty good black and white art. Other than the region map, there is also maps of the village, a couple of the builds and the tomb.

Not all the monsters are fully stated out. Some of them just list what they are, hp etc. So you will need access to the Pathfinder Bestiary or a Monster Manual if you want to run it with 3.5 DnD or older edition. It is like all Frog God Games a old style adventure, PC's should be smart or they could get themselves in trouble.

There is no bookmarks but with a product this small they are hardly needed. I did notice one error in the book. On page 10 the first letter of the first word in the left column is partially cut off. That is the only page it is on. It is still pretty easy to read but a odd error. So whats my rating? For the price I am going with a 4 star. It is a simple and very straight forward adventure. It didn't wow me but then it is setting up something that does perk my interest. So as a introductory adventure is accomplishes it's task.

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Outstanding book that brings a Grimm's Tales feel to Pathfinder


Tales of the Old Margreve by Open Design

This product is 113 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, and credits. (4 pages)

Next it moves into a IC tale about the forest. Which was very nice. (2 pages)

Old Margreve Gazetteer (14 pages)
It starts with a intro on why the authors made the book and the intent of the book. I found it a interesting read and found myself agreeing. After that it gets into talking about the forest, it is broken up into three section the East, West and Central area's. After talking about each section of the forest it talks about each heart in the area. Heart you ask? Why yes the forest is alive in it's own way.

Magic in the Margreve (4 pages)
This section talks about how magic works different in the old forest and how magic can effect the forest. It talks about each school of magic on their own, metamagic, and special magical locations in the forest. Then it gets into new spells, 6 new spells.
Feed the Forest – A druid spell that feeds magical energy to the forest.
Porevit's Mantle – Makes you look a bit like the forest to give stealth bonuses.
Snap the Leash – Undomesticates animals. Making them never remember being anything but a wild animal. Horses refuse to be ridden etc.
Spy My Shadow – Can see what your shadow see's. It stays attached to you, but you can stretch it out to 10 times your own height and direct it where you want.
Steps like Me – You tracks look like another creatures close to your size. This one I believe means you have to target the creature you want to copy but with how it is written I am not 100% positive.
Yarila's Bounty – Gain regeneration in direct sunlight, after a long time become fully rested.
Druids get access to 5 of these spells, Wizard/Sorc and Witch gain 3 spells, and Rangers 2.

This section ends with 3 new Incantations.
Oldwood Rite – Make the forest accept you at least for awhile.
Stories that Wolves Tell – For awhile gain the ability to speak to and understand wolves.
Wisdom of the Old Ways – This is actually 5 minor ones rolled into one, Each is done the same way. Each of them either had a +1 boon for a short while to something or a -1 to someone for a while.

Margreve Bestiary (12 pages)
There is 12 new monsters in this section. I won't get into details on each other than to say they fit the Grimm Tales feel the product was inspired by. Below is a list of the monsters.
Child of Briar
Alsied (deer centaur)- rules to use them as a PC.
Green Hussar
Sap Demon
Zmey Headling

Next it has the mini adventures of the book. The book is have source book and half adventure book. There is no way for me to go into detail on the adventures, as that would make this review several pages long.

Hollows (9 pages)
The PC's arrive in a small village and find it has problems. There is really three problems the PC's can help the village with. It was well done and a nice intro adventure for the Margreve. 1st level adventure.

The Honey Queen (9 pages)
The PC's are offered a job to travel deep into the forest to trade the honey queen for some of her honey. This one starts out simple but can become very interesting for the PC's. 2-3rd level adventure.

Challenge of the Fang (9 pages)
This is a twist on a old Grimm's Tale. The PC's are chosen by the Margreve to take part in a challenge between two opposing factions. I won't say more and spoil it but I really liked this one. :) 2-3rd level adventure.

The Griffon Hatchling Heist (9 pages)
This one is cute and funny. The PC's are asked by a talking cat, yes I said cat. To go and rescue some Griffon egg's from some bandits that took over a tower the griffons use to use as a hatchery. 5th level adventure.

Gall of the Spider Crone (11 pages)
The PC's are tasked with saving a life by retrieving a magical jug. I can't really say more with out spoiling this one. 6th level adventure.

Blood and Thorns (11 pages)
Coming to a village during a wedding which gets interrupted the PC's learn bad things are happening in the forest around the village. Setting off to fix the problem, they discover a new power in the forest growing raising a new army they must stop. 7th level adventure.

Grandmothers Fire (8 pages)
Something was stolen from Baba Yaga and she has cursed the whole forest that no fire shall burn until the item is returned. The PC's go off to find and return her object to her so that she will left her curse. This one has a nice twist that I just loved. 8-9th level adventure.

The Lustful Dragon (9 pages)
The PC's return to the village in the first adventure. Only to find a Zmey threatens to destroy the village if a girl is not turned over to him. Can't the PC's save the girl and the village from the Zmey before it is to late? 10th level adventure.

It ends with a OGL and back cover. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. I really liked this book. I love the old Grimm's Tales this book is inspired by. The forest is interesting and with the adventures given you could take PC's from level 1-11 with only needed one or two filler adventures of your own. I wish I could talk about the adventures more but I don't want to spoil them. The art work ranges from good to very good, layout, editing, presentation is all very good. I honestly only found two flaws with the whole book, one is minor and the other … well I will get to it.

The first one is for the spell Step Like Me, is not 100% clear. The second problem? I want more a lot more. More information about the forest, the things in it, spells, and adventures. I really hope they eventually come back to this book and do a follow up. If they do I will sign up as a patron for the first time ever and will likely sign up the next time RL allows that they do a project that perks my interest. So whats my rating? Well lacking the ability to find something wrong I have to give it a 5 star. I should note I am a bit biased, I love Slavic folklore and Grimm's Tales which are the things that inspired this book.

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101 Malevolent Magic Items by Rite Publishing


This product is 35 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages)

Next is a intro and getting into why you should used cursed items in your games. (2 pages)

Armor and Shields (3 pages)
There is 11 new cursed armor and shields and one new armor ability. My personal favorites was armor of the rooster(makes the wearer fearless) and shield of the mankiller(turns into a lion at night and kills people).

Weapons (3 pages)
There is 11 new cursed weapons. Sword of the Lifeless Foe(those killed come back as undead to seek revenge) was hands down my favorite cursed weapon.

Potions and Oils (2 pages)
There is 7 new potions and oils. Most of these work like normal potions of what ever they are, but with the cursed side effect. Potion of Blindness functions like what ever potion it was meant to be but also causes those that drink it to go blind. I wish there would have been a lot more of these. I also wish their had be a table with the chance a potion might be bad, with a random table of which cursed potion to use if it bad. I really liked the section just wish it had been longer and hand tables.

Rings (2 pages)
There is 11 new cursed rings. Ring of the Addled Tongue (randomly speak in a different language) was my favorite.

Rods (1 page)
There is 5 total new cursed rods. Rod of Hubris (rod of lordly might that makes the user insane) and Rod of Paranoia (Rod of enemy detection that points out non enemies some times)

Scrolls (1 page)
Like potions these are side effects on scrolls. There is 5 versions in the book. Scroll of Memory Loss (Any scroll cursed scroll, works like normal but has a will save or lose ones memory) and Scroll of the Sightlessness (any scroll, but when the magic is released a side effect is it backlashes into the users eyes blinding them)

Staves (2 pages)
There is 6 cursed staves. Sickening Staff (works like normal staff but each use causes the user to become sickened.)

Wands (2 pages)
There is 6 new cursed wands. Wand of the Hellspawn (works like a wand of summoning but adds fiendish template to the creatures who are hostile to the user)

Wonderous Items (7 pages)
There is 29 new cursed wonderous items. Amulet of Snakeskin (works like a amulet of natural armor but gives the user snake skin lowering their dex and chr), Gem of Horrific Truth (works like a Gem of True seeing but each round there is a chance to see some horrible truth driving the user insane and blind.), Periapt of Contagion (works like a Periapt of Health for the user, but they become a carrier to disease which they are immune to but can effect everyone around them)

Legendary Items (5 pages)
There is 10 new legendary cursed items, they include a history, fluff and ways to destroy them. I won't get into these cause I honestly liked all of them and would take up to much room to talk about them. This was one of the best parts of the book. I wish they had had a lot more of these of varies power levels.

It finishes with a OGL, 1 ad and back cover (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. I liked the book, I like cursed items being in the game. It makes magic a little bit more scary and gives those that fear magic a greater reason to fear or think badly of magic. Most of the items are similar or on par with those in Pathfinder book or your typical cursed items. I would have liked to have seen more unique cursed items and legendary ones. I did really like the potions and scrolls. How sometimes they just come out wrong. I would have love to have seen a lot more of each with random tables.

If you are looking for more cursed items to bring to your game then you will like this book. It is well written and most of the items are well done with good fluff to boot. The layout is what you would expect from rite publishing. The art is older style black and white which works for the book. So whats my rating? I am giving it a 4 star, it is a good book, but I felt with a bit more it could have been a great book.

Our Price: $2.99

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A book about a new race/class of shapeshifters.


The Secrets of the Taskshaper by Rite Publishing

This product is 10 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages)

Next it jumps right into the new class/race, the Taskshaper. They are children stolen by the fey and changed into a new race. At one point many of them fled the fey realm back to the mortal realm. Now they are a new race/class open to PC's. (4 pages)
D8, 6 skills, medium BaB, all weapons and armor.
Class Abilities. They gain these abilities as they level. Some they get most they have to pick like rogue talents are done.
Moment of Change – 3 + caster level uses. Can be used to fuel special abilities.
Imprint Feat – trade a feat for any other feat for a single round.
Imprint Skill – Trade skill ranks from any str or dex based skill to another for a single round.
Modified Advantage – add a +1 to any D20 roll.
Impersonate - able to mimic someone they have touched. +5 to disguise checks.
Imprint Class Ability – Can mimic any class ability they have seen a class do, they do it as if they was half their level in said class. Such as backstab done by a 10th level Taskshaper, would be as if they was a 5th level rogue.
Improved Imprint Feat – as above but can do two feats at once.
Improved Imprint Skill – as above but with any skill.
Improved Modified Advantage – as above but at a +2.
Innate Armor – can gain natural armor for a short period of time.
Mimic Defense – gains a bonus to ref and fort saves for a short period of time.
Shaped Attack – gain a natural attack for your size. Higher level gain more attacks.
Shaped Resistance – Gain a energy resistance for a short period of time.
Change Shape – Starts like alter self, at higher level gain beast shape, elemental, plant, giant and eventually Dragon.
Perfect Copy – Makes themselves look exactly like someone else.

Ability Shift – more powerful abilities. Start with 1 point can eventually have 5.
Avoid Attack – Can make a contest melee attack to cause a attack to miss.
Dynamic Form – increase all mobility speed you posses.
Even More Changes – spend a ability shift point to get more Moment of Change points.
Shape Lock – Can tell another shape changer by touch, can force them to change shape.
Shift Condition – Can temporary ignore any one condition for a short while.
Touch of Change – functions similar to baleful polymorph.
Touch of Stone – functions similar to Stone to flesh spell.
Touch of Transformation – functions similar to polymorph any object.

Advanced Shapes – They cost two moment of change points.
Become Mask – Can mirror a touched persons personality.
Form Intention – gains a bonus to AC and saves for a short period against one creature.
Improved Imprint Class Ability – As above but equal to their level -3.
Master of Shapes – Allows the spending of two moments of change in one round.
Monstrous Adaption – Like imprint class ability but works on extraordinary and supernatural abilities of monsters.
Regenerate – gains natural regeneration for a short period of time.
Shaped Anatomy – Can possible avoid crits.
Stretch – can double their natural reach.

Unform – once per day can attempt to unform anything they touch works similar to disintegrate with high damage.

It ends with a OGL, 2 pages of ad and back cover. (4 pages)

Closing thoughts. The fluff for this race/class is pretty interesting. The art is fair to good. The class is a bit heavy on book keeping and the writers make note of that with a side bar. I honestly really have no idea if this class would be strong or weak. It is so different I think it would take a lot of play testing to be sure. My gut says it isn't and may even be a bit weak as it has limited number of powers per day. My impression is at times the class will dominate and at other times be a bit of a wall flower.

It is different and interesting, but it just didn't grab me as much as their previous race/class books did. I am not sure why, maybe it was all the book keeping. Or that it comes off as a jack of all trades at times while at other times it is a bit plain. I am just not sure, it just didn't grab me though like the In the Company of Giants and Gargoyles books did. So in the end I felt it was a neat idea that was done ok. So whats my rating? I ended up giving it a 3.5 star. I didn't feel it was good enough for a 4 but thought it was better than average which is a 3 to me.

Our Price: $3.99

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Another good SGG product


The Genius Guide to: Exalted Domains of Storms and Savagery by Super Genius Games

This product is 11 pages long. It starts with a cover, intro and explaining what exalted domains are and how to use them. (3 pages)

Next it gets into the new exalted domains. (6 pages)
Exalted Air Domain
- Cloud Domain
- Wind Domain
Exalted Animal Domain
- Feather Domain
- Fur Domain
Exalted Darkness Domain
- Loss Domain
- Night Domain
Exalted Earth Domain
- Caves Domain
- Metal Domain
Exalted Fire Domain
- Ash Domain
- Smoke Domain
Exalted Luck Domain
- Curse Domain
- Fate Domain
Exalted Plant Domain
- Decay Domain
- Growth Domain
Exalted Water Domain
- Ice Domain
- Ocean Domain
Exalted Weather Domain
- Season Domain
- Storm Domain

Exalted Domains from Super Genius products.
Exalted Cold Iron Domain
Exalted Ice Domain
Exalted Wind Domain

Next we have a few pages of optional uses for exalted domains and new feats.(1 page)
Exaltation, Greater
Exaltation, Lesser
Exalted Spell Domains

These three feats combined basically let you take another exalted domain.

If finishes with a OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. This is much like the first two books in the series. The writing is good, the art I have seen before and ranges from fair to pretty good. I didn't notice any obvious spelling errors or other problems, like one has come to expect from SGG products. Yet with nothing wrong I wasn't as impressed by this product. I mean don't get me wrong it is good. But I was left going, yeah that’s good, unlike with the previous ones where I was going. Now that’s pretty cool. This one just seemed a little less … inventive? With the powers given. I am not sure, maybe the high quality of SGG has started to jade me and set such a high bar even they have trouble getting over it. Either way this is a very good product and I recommend it, but this time I am only giving it a 4.5 star review.

Our Price: $3.99

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Possible very hard depending on party makeup.


This product is 25 pages long. It starts with a cover, and credits. (2 pages)

Next it moves on to the adventure background and summery of the adventure. (2 pages)

Getting the adventure started, with a player hand out and IC instructions for the PC's from a NPC on what they are to do in the adventure. (2 pages)

Act 1 – Getting Under the Skin (2 pages)
This section is a small section with 2 encounters in it. It also has a full page map of the crypt.

Act 2 – Playing Possum (3 pages)
There is one encounter in this section which for some might prove challenging depending on the makeup of the group. Or very easy for the same reason. There is also a chance to learn some information in a odd social encounter.

Act 3 – Trophy Room (1 page)
This room is another room with a odd social encounter and possibly another encounter.

Act 4 – Sandtrap (1 page)
This is a optional section depending on the time left for the adventure. If there is enough time you use this encounter if there is not then the room is empty of the encounter.

Act 5 – Pride and Pestilence (3 pages)
This section has one encounter in it. It can be fairly tough or fairly easy I think depending on the makeup of the party.

Act 6 – Riddle Me This (1 page)
This section has one encounter that can be a social or combat encounter. At this point the PC's might be beat up enough to make this tough. But there is hints earlier in the adventure at how to make this a social encounter only.

Next it has a conclusion of the adventure and talks about the fraction missions. For the most part they seem pretty easy to attain. Though the Andoran and Talador both have one point that might be hard to achieve. (1 page)

It finishes with 2 pages of handouts, OGL, Adventure fill out form, and 2 pages of ads. (6 pages)

Closing Thoughts. All and all this seems like a fairly well done adventure. A couple of the fights might be challenging but a lot of that would depend on the makeup of the party. For some it might be hard, while for others it might be very easy. The only critics I have, is that two of the faction points might be very hard to get. Also the riddle at the end of the adventure is kinda hard if the PC's didn't get or understand the clues earlier in the adventure. So because of those things I am going to give this one a 4 star.

A Note to those reading my review. I have never played in PFS before. So I am rating this on what the adventure is meant to accomplish, from a home game point of view. I am unsure how party makeup's are decided in PFS and that could have a big effect on how tough this could be. But isn't that always true?

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My first PFS review


This product is 24 pages long. It starts with a cover, intro and credits. (3 pages)

This Pathfinder Society adventure is for 5-9th level characters. It starts off with a NPC dialogue and advice for questions the PC's are likely ask and what the answers would be. As well as advice on running the NPC that goes with the PC's on the adventure. (1 page)

Act 1 – Night Shoals (1 page)
The bases of the adventure is the PC's are to smuggle a NPC cleric into Rahadoum. They go from boat to the shore of the country. This is where the adventure officially starts. The first act is getting from the boat to the smugglers tunnels where there contact is to meet them. There is 3 water hazard encounters in this section.

Act 2 - Qassabah Heb Amar (12 pages)
This act is about the PC's entering the smugglers caves by row boat to meet their contact. There is 4 encounters with a optional 5th encounter depending on how well the PC's are doing on time. At the end of this section it also deals with how to handle it if the PC's fail as well as the faction missions.

Next there is a OGL and player hand outs. The faction mission handouts. (3 pages)

It ends with 2 pages of ads and a scenario sheet for the GM to fill out. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. It is a pretty simple and straight forward adventure. I have never run or taken part in a Pathfinder Society adventure myself, but I understand the point of them. All of the fraction points for the missions seems fairly reasonable to attain to honestly down right easy. The adventure is well written with good art, maps, layout as you would expect from Paizo.

But there is two possible issues with the adventure. First one if fairly minor and I think easily dealt with by a experienced GM who has read the adventure. The second problem could be more sever. Since these are spoilers I will discuss each below in spoiler tags.

Spoiler One:

One first entering the smuggler caves there is actually two ways in, the larger more obvious one and a smaller one that can be reached by climbing up a ladder from the water. Now the adventure as is, does not make it one hundred percent explicit to the PC's which is the right way. But in my honest opinion a GM who has read the adventure and understands the point of these adventures will make sure to nudge the PC's along the right path or even just at the start when the NPC sends them off the main ship tells them their contact is on the beach, to avoid any confusion. A oversight by Paizo yes but I think a minor one.

Spoiler Two:

One of the encounters could be very deadly to some groups who don't have a way to combat one of it's special abilities. With the lower tier group this is especially true, with the higher tier group it would be a lot less of a issue. In a normal adventure the PC's could just by pass the encounter and explore the rest of the adventure or leave and come back later. But with this one there is no way around it nor time to leave and come back. That is what makes this potentially a problem for this adventure in the Pathfinder Society format. Not all monsters regardless of CR is always equal. Still with the NPC cleric along, a GM could have them help out enough I think to make the fight manageable, even to parties not equipped to deal with it. Which is even suggested in the adventure the in the adventure if things get tight to have the NPC help out.

So it seems like a solid interesting adventure, but one the GM should have read completely before hand and be ready to tweak things to keep it going. So whats my rating? Well with a good GM I would give it a 4 star. With a bad GM and a party not well suited for this adventure it could leave some players very unhappy, feeling they was put in a unfair situation. So I would only recommend this for GM's willing to do their homework ahead of time and ready to use every tool the scenario provides to insure it is a fun time for all.

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A simple fun little low level adventure.


A Trail of Poison by Headless Hydra

This product is 29 pages long. It starts with a cover, dedication and credits. (3 pages)

Chapter 0 – Intro to the adventure. (3 pages)
This is a adventure for 2nd level characters investigating animals being poisoned. This adventure is suppose to take place in Mor Alden: City of Mages campaign setting but could with little trouble be used in any setting with a small city near a large dark forest.

Chapter 1 – Entering the Spindlewood (6 pages)
Spindlewood is the name of the forest in the adventure. This part is where the PC's get contacted to help try and find out what is poisoning the local animals. There is 3 encounters in this section, with a neat reward that the PC's may or may not find at this time.

Chapter 2 – The Tower by the Shadow Lake (14 pages)
This is the bulk of the adventure. In this section is when the PC's learn what is really going on, why and who is behind it. Which of course like any good PC's will go off to put a end to their evil ways. There is 8 total encounters in a mini dungeon crawl of sorts. Two of them could prove very dangerous to a low level party.

It finished with a OGL, ad and back cover. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. This is a simple pretty straight forward low level adventure. It has a solid pretty easy to use plot hook. The adventure has a little investigation in the wilderness followed by a pretty standard dungeon crawl. The artwork is all black and white and I have never seen it before, so I believe it is all original. The artwork all and all is pretty good.

Now the book does have a few flaws. Two fairly minor and one kinda annoying one. The two minor ones are. No bookmarks and no ToC. For a book this size not a big deal but they would have been nice. The bigger flaw is no stats for the monsters anywhere in the book. It list hp and what each one is but that’s about it. So to run the adventure you need the bestiary or Monster Manual. The reason it was done I believe is so the adventure could be use with either 3.5 OGL or Pathfinder as is. Still would have been nice to have two stat block sections or even as free DL's one for each.

While the flaw is annoying it doesn't kill by any means the value of the adventure. So if you are looking for a simple easy to run low level adventure this is worth the money. With a little work you could fairly easily adjust the level up a couple if need be. So whats my rating? For the price* and taking the flaws into account I am giving it a 4 star review.

*Note: I am not sure why but the adventure is listed as 3.50 on Drivethru but only 2.00 on Paizo. My review is based on the Paizo price.

Our Price: $3.99

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New Hexes and feats for the witch class.


Advanced Options: Witches' Hexes by Super Genius Games

This product is 7 pages long. It starts with a cover and intro. (1 pages)

Next it jumps right into the new hexes. (2 ½ pages)
Asylum – Similar to Sanctuary spell
Balm – Target gains fast healing for x number of rounds.
Beatific Smile – Gain boost a single ability, attack, damage, save, or skill of a ally by 1, goes up at 8th and 16th.
Blood Boil – Causes a rage effect in target.
Bungle – Makes a CMB to disarm at a range.
Catseye – Gives target lowlight vision.
Entropy – Makes a CMB to make a ranged sunder attack against a object.
Familiar Growth – Makes her familiar grow in size, familiar uses druid animal companion stats while in this state.
Gremlin – Makes a CMB to make a ranged grapple attempt.
Hobble – Makes a CMB to trip the target at a range.
Medusa Locks – Hair becomes a natural melee attack that can stab or grapple foes. Love the idea of this hex but since hair is not that long and it makes no mention of it growing makes it limited. I would have liked this to allow the hair to stretch and function like a whip accept doing this hex's dmg. Like the white haired witch in Forbidden Kingdom. Great idea but I don't think it went far enough.
Scuttle – Bonus to climb skill, becomes class skill and can climb faster.
Shadows – Functions like darkness or deeper darkness at higher level. Except can not grow dimmer than dim light and magic light has no effect on it.
Wail – Makes CMB to use force to bullrush a target at a range.
Whispers – Grants ally a varied bonus to skill check, time it lasts depends on which skill it is.
Will-O-Wisp – Acts like the Will-O-Wisp of the dancing light spell but with different duration and bonus to perception, to the witch and her allies.

Major Hexes (1 page)
Ally – Functions similar to lesser planer ally spell. Higher level like planer ally.
Cornucopia – Functions similar to good berry spell, at higher level like hero's feast.
Doom Gaze – More or less a stronger version of Evil Eye.
Infestation – Works like summon swarm but lasts as long as the witch concentrates one it. Gains bonuses at higher levels.
Kiss of Oblivion – Functions like Modify Memory spell. Target must be helpless or willing. I do wish that if target was grappled they would have allowed a touch attack to us. Or at least added in pinned condition.
Mock – Causes target to become staggered on failed save.
Restoration – can function like lesser restoration, neutralize poison, or remove disease. At higher level can also function like heal.
Rune Hex – Functions like explosive runes except with one of the witches hexes.

Grand Hexes (1 page)
Allure – Functions like sympathy spell, with the witch as the desired target.
Kiss of Death – Functions like finger of death spell. I feel the same about this one as I did Kiss of Oblivion.
Retainers – Functions similar to Leadership feat, but no cohort but gets special retainers in it's place.
Shapeshift – Functions like shapechange spell, with different duration.
Wish Giver – Works similar to limited wish, can only be granted to others.

Witch Feats (½ page)
Enlarge Hex – Can double the range of X number of hexes a day.
Hex Expertise – Choose one hex, that hex can effect targets more than once a day.
Hex Focus – Choose one hex, increases save DC.
Quicken Hex – Once per day can use a hex as a swift action.

It closes with a OGL. (1 page)

Closing Thoughts. The artwork other than the cover I have all seen before and it ranges from meh to good. I did notice one error with Doom Gaze and was told it would be fixed asap. The feats are pretty good and well written. The Hexes I felt where a bit below what I have come to expect from SGG. Some where good but I felt needed a bit more, both kiss hexes and Medusa Locks. A few I was meh about pretty much all the ones that use a CMB, the reason is that even though the witch uses int instead of str, with their low BaB I don't seem them being very effective more often than not. I think they should have used witch levels instead of BaB as well as switching Int for str. Or better make them curses where each round they suffer from the effect with out the witch focuses on them for x number of rounds.

The rest of the hexes I liked, though a couple of the major and grand I am not sure couldn't have been lower hex types. So whats my rating? Well this one is tough, maybe cause I am a big fan of the new witch class is coloring my view. But what I like in this book I really like, which makes the bad really stand out. With a little work I think it would have been a great book. In the end I settled on a 4 star. Mostly cause what is good is very good.

Add PDF $15.99

Print Edition Discontinued

A good pick up of monsters for the price.


Forgotten Foes by Tricky Owlbear

This product is 197 pages long. It starts with a cover, back cover, ToC, intro and credits. (6 pages)

Next it jumps right into the monsters. (161 pages)
Aerial Servant
Basilisk, Abyssal
Basilisk, Greater
Battle Imp
Blink Dog
Chaos Beast
- Chaosiic Lord of Entropy
- Chaosiic Lord of the Insane
Crypt Thing
- Daemon, Hydro-
- Demon, Felius
- Demon, Herensugue
- Demon, Paigoel
- Devil, Doll
- Devil, Domination
- Devil, Judgement
- Devil, Shadow Angel
Dragon, Sin
- Sin Dragon, Envy
- Sin Dragon, Gluttony
- Sin Dragon, Greed
- Sin Dragon, Lust
- Sin Dragon, Pride
- Sin Dragon, Sloth
- Sin Dragon, Wrath
Elemental, Junk
Ethereal Filcher
Ethereal Marauder
Evil Eye
Flail Snail
Frog, Giant Dire
Frog, Killer
Gray Render
- Inevitable, Kolyarut
- Inevitable, Marut
- Inevitable, Zelekhut
- Inphidian, Cobra-Back
- Inphidian, Common
- Inphidian, Dancer Charmer
- Inphidian, Night Adder
- Inphidian, Rattler
Lurker Above
- Lycanthrope, Werebear
- Lycanthrope, Wereboar
- Lycanthrope, Weretiger
- Mâlite Warrior
- Nightcrawler
- Nightswimmer
- Nightwalker
- Nightwing
Owl, Giant
Phantom Fungus
Phrenic Scourge
Pond Drinker
Scavenger Worm
Sea Cat
Skeleton, Black
Soul Eater
Sphinx, Andro-
Sphinx, Crio-
Sphinx, Hieraco-
Spider Eater
Troglodyte, Stone
Troll, Stone
Troll, Two-Headed
Tunnel Brute

Appendix 1 – New Planer Traits (1 page)
Wild magic trait – Something strange happens on a failure. I like the table.

Appendix 2 – New Spells (7 pages)
There is 37 new spells. Some of them I recognized but I couldn't say for sure from where.

Appendix 3 – Universal Monster Rules (10 pages)
All of the rules used by the monsters. All listed here instead of in each stat block. Such as the full information on breath weapon etc.

Appendix 4 – Monsters by Type (11 pages)
List monster by their subtype.

Appendix 5 – Monster by Challenge Rating (1 page)
List monsters by CR.

Appendix 6 – Monster by Terrain (2 pages)
List monsters by terrain.

It ends with a 7 page OGL and a Ad. (8 pages)

Closing thoughts. This is a massive PDF and there is simply no way I could go into any detail on the monsters or spells, or this review would end up being several pages long. Each monster has a black and white image by it. The art runs from fair to pretty good. The monsters range from meh to pretty cool. Most are just updated monsters from other books. I am unsure how much the fluff changed as I didn't own many of these monsters in other books before now. I did like the DC lore table for each monster.

There was many monsters I liked, some made my laugh and some where creepy and everything inbetween. I think my favorites was the Sin Dragons and the Devil Doll. For the size the price is reasonable. So if you are wanting some of the monsters that haven't been updated to Pathfinder rules yet, here's your chance to pick up a lot of them for a reasonable price. I am not a big number cruncher, but nothing leaped out at me that was obviously wrong. So whats my review? I am giving this a 4 star, it is a good book. For a decent price for the content.

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A good pick up for Summoner players and GM's


The Summoner Circle by Open Design

This product is 19 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC and credits. (2 pages)

Next we get into a introduction and examining the new Summoner Class. (1 page)

This is followed by new feats for the Summoner. (7 pages)
Balanced Spellcaster
Cannibalistic Casting
Clockwork Summoning
Controlled Charge
Enhanced Scent
Enlarge Breath Weapon
Enlarge Wall
Fast Spell
Fleet of Foot
Giant Step
Hardened Spell
Improved Concentration
Improved Multiweapon
Improved Resistance
Improved Shield Ally
Multihanded Weapon
Raw Magic
Shifting Wall
Spirit of Vengeance
Stay Down
Strengthen Link
Tail Tricks
Toss Foe
Touch of Grace
Unstable Evolutions
Vampiric Summoning
Wall Mastery
Weaken Link
Usurp Spell

The final section is advice for building summoners with three example builds, it also includes suggested builds for the Eidolon for each summoner build as well. (7 pages)
The Chess Master – Battle field control focused build.
Mythic Rider – Summoner Rides their Eidolon into battle and fights astride it.
The Master of Arms – Fights along side their Eidolon in battle. They fight as a paired warriors.

It closes with a Eidolon character sheet and OGL. (2 pages)

Closing Thoughts. Like the others in the series while the feats are all useful to a Summoner many of them would be useful to other classes as well. Also some of these feats are more geared for the Eidolon with a few of them being only for them. Most classes could find a few useful feats. They seem fairly well done and I didn't notice any obvious spelling errors or area's where they was hard to understand.

There is virtually no art, just one silhouette. The borders are pretty and the book is pretty print friendly. In this book I felt the weakness was in the builds section. They are not bad but to of them are a bit similar. Though with the focus of the Summoner I am not sure I could have thought of better builds concepts. But regardless I found these less useful than the previous books personally. The Eidolon character sheet was a nice bonus. All and all I am giving this one a 4 star review. Good but I thought it could have been a little better.

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Another good edition to the series.


Exalted Domains of Light and Lore by Super Genius Games

This product is 12 pages long. It starts with a cover and intro. (1 pages)

Next like the last book it gets into what Exalted Domains are, how you used them, how you get them etc. (2 pages)

The following part is the meat of the PDF. The Exalted Domains and subdomains themselves.
Below is a list of domains and there subdomains. (7 pages)
Exalted Artiface Domain
- Contrustion domain
- Toil domain
Exalted Charm Domain
- Love Domain
- Lust Domain
Exalted Community Domain
- Family Domain
- Home Domain
Exalted Good Domain
- Agathion Domain
- Archon Domain
- Azata Domain
Exalted Healing Domain
- Restoration Domain
- Resurrection Domain
Exalted Knowledge Domain
- Memory Domain
- Thought Domain
Exalted Magic Domain
- Arcane Domain
- Divine Domain
Exalted Protection Domain
- Defense Domain
- Purity Domain
Exalted Repose Domain
- Ancestors Domain
- Souls Domain
Exalted Rune Domain
- Language Domain
- Wards Domain
Exalted Sun Domain
- Day Domain
- Light Domain
Exalted Travel Domain
- Exploration Domain
- Trade Domain

There is also two new domains from previous Super Genius Games products including as exalted domains.
Exalted Attunement Domain
Exalted Sleep Domain

Next there is some new feats.
Exalted Channel Smite – before you make a melee attack you may expend a channel use, on a melee it, it does damage like channel to that single target along with the melee damage.
Exalted Channel Energy – adds a extra d6 to your channel ability.
Exalted Preparation – may use one domain spell slot on any spell from the cleric list instead.
Exalted Soul – Immune to the first two levels of energy drain.
Exalted Spells – When casting spells from your exalted domain list you cast as if you was two levels higher.

It ends with a credits and OGL page. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. This is much like the previous book. You trade versatility of your domains to gain more power in a single domain. The art work is mostly color with one black and white piece. For the most part the artwork is fair, thought the black and white piece was pretty good.

The options given with exalted domains adds some nice variety to clerics, in they have two choices in selecting domains. Go with versatility or more power on a narrower focus. I thought the powers seem fairly well balanced with that in mind. For those interested in this I highly recommend it. I pretty much recommend these books to anyone. It can be a nice way to surprise you players when facing a NPC cleric. So whats my rating? Well I didn't notice any spelling errors and everything seemed fairly easy to understand on how it worked. So giving this one a 5 star review.

Add Print/PDF Bundle $24.99

Add PDF $12.99

A good collectiong of monster templates.


Book of Monster Templates by Rite Publishing

This product is 111 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, intro and credits. (4 pages)

Next it jumps right into the new templates. (104 pages)
Below is a list of all the templates. Each template also has at least one sample creature with complete stat block and lore DC checks. The templates go anywhere from a -50% CR rating to a +3 CR rating.
Accursed Creature Template
Aware Arcana Creature Template
Betrayer Creature Template
Bloody Maw Creature Template
Body Jumper Creature Template
Boundfury Creature Template
Civilized Creature Template
Darkseed Creature Templates
Distortion Creature Template
Drachenchor Creature Template
Dreaded Creature Template
Earthbound Creature Template
Eldritch Spawn Template
Entropy Infused Creature Template
Eternal Creature Template
Exemplar Creature Template
Hatemonger Creature Template
Havenfury Creature Template
Irresistible Creature Template
Jagannath Creature Template
Jaunting Creature Template
Mythic Creature Template
Phalanx Creature Template
Phlogiston Construct Creature Template
Positive Energy Creature Template
Protector Creature Template
Ritefury Creature Template
Rune-Carved Creature Template
Tax Collector Creature Template
Trickster Creature Template
Unsighted Creature Template
Weapon Construct Creature Template

It finishes with a page of two tables that list templates by CR level and a table listing all the new monsters by CR rating. There is a total of 34 fully stated monsters in the book, each using one of the new templates and include DC lore checks and history.

Closing thoughts. While this is a template book, something to throw on a monster to surprise your players with. It is also in a way a new monster book as well. The artwork is black and white and ranges from fair to very good. There is not a lot to say about the book in detail. The templates all look well done some I was meh about, but that was more for I just didn't care for the concept than cause it was poorly done. Many where pretty cool as well and I am sure each buyer will have some they like, some they love and some they don't care for. So what is my rating? I am giving this a 4.5 star, it is a good product that gives exactly what it claims to do, but I also wasn't blown away with all the template concepts. So if you like templates to keep your players on their toes then this is a good pickup.

Our Price: $5.99

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Another solid edtion to the series.


101 6th level Spells by Rite Publishing

This product is 35 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages) The sixth installment of the 101 spells.

Next it jumps to the spells by class tables. (3 pages)
Bard – 28
Cleric – 26
Druid – 18
Sorc/Wiz by school
Abjuration - 6
Conjuration – 15
Divination – 6
Enchantment – 6
Evocation – 9
Illusion – 7
Necromancy – 10
Transmutation – 14

The following section gets into the meat of the spells. Here is a few that stood out for me good and bad. (25 pages)
Be a Tree – you turn the target into a tree, forever.
Bestow Major Curse – Now these are some nice curses.
Coma – You do non lethal damage, if you drop them unconscious they stay that way until a special condition is meet or dispelled. On the surface it seems strong, thinking cast it then kill them. But it doesn't do much damage for a 6th level spell. So I think it is balanced and somewhat flavorful spell.
Death Gaze – You gain a gaze attack for a number of rounds. Nice fluff.
Divide and Conquer – You turn yourself into 300 little you's who can then do swarm attacks. I just found this one funny, it reminded me of Army of Darkness movie.
Fearsome familiar – Temporarily turn your familiar into a oversized dangerous version of it's self.
Kiss of Death – Kissing a target. If they fail a save, the die when the caster next makes a gesture or if the caster is killed. I just liked the spell, a last ditch effort to save yourself. Kiss someone and then if they kill you, they die too. I do think the gesture part should have had a range though, it doesn't mention one. Or perhaps linked their deaths until caster releases them. So if one died they both died. Cool spell though.
Pestilence – All those around the caster must make save or be struck with a disease. It has a list of diseases. It sounds like they get hit with all of them on the list. From that point on the disease seems to work like normal.
Return to the Grave – A cleric spell that forces a undead to return to it's grave and return to death on a failed save.
Sever the Source – Fairly long cast time, if target fails save they can no longer cast arcane magic or use supernatural abilities, until removed.
Solid Darkness – Create a blob of tarry like darkness that slows movement, deals minor damage to the living and heals undead inside. As well as function like Darkness.
Steal Breath – Save or target can not breath for 1 round per caster level. A pretty vicious spell but I love the fluff.
True Love – Makes two targets fall in love forever. If they go more than 24 hours with out touching they become sickened. If one dies the other gets worse. A kinda odd but wickedly fun curse.

Offering of Rain – Causes rain to fall for one round per level, those in the rain get fast healing of 1 per 4 caster levels. Neat druid spell but I am not sure I like it working indoors. I know it makes it more useful but it just seems wrong to me. I think I might have liked it better if outdoors only but boosted a bit.
Pocket Paradise – This one just made me smile. You create a pocket dimension of a lush paradise, time spent there can cure many aliments.

Arcane Prohibition – Makes casting arcane spells very hard in the area, divine spell. Last 10 mins a level. Love the idea of the spell, so why is it in my bad list? Casting time of a single round combined with how long it last and the big failure chance to arcane spells makes it a cleric own wizard spell. I felt the casting time needed to go way up. Something clerics could cast in churches or such but something they had to set up in advance.
Transmute Elf to Orc – It turns a elf into a orc forever. The spell just seems odd and almost pointless. I suppose in some campaign settings it might make sense.

It closes with a OGL and 2 pages of ads.

Closing Thoughts. The art is black and white and pretty good. It has a old art style, I have seen it but not sure the name. It works well for the book. I didn't notice any obvious errors in the book. There was a few points where things could have been more clear but all and all not bad. Most of the spells where pretty good and well balanced. A few was meh, the only truly bad spell I thought was the Transmute Elf to Orc spell IMHO. In this one there was fewer spells I thought was very good though, but the ones that was very good where top notch.

I do have one comment about the art, it does show nipple in one of the art pieces. Personally I don't mind or care but I know some people do mind. It is tasteful artistic art though. So whats my rating? Well I thought this one was good, not great but good. I am giving it a solid 4 star. Maybe a 4.5, but I felt it wasn't there, close but not quite.

Our Price: $3.99

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A solid book of extra feats.


Feats of Critical Combat by Super Genius Games

This product is 11 pages long.

It starts with a cover and intro. Followed by explaining the difference between these feats and the critical feats in the core book. Finally it gets into how to use them in your campaign setting. (2 pages)

Next it gets into the new feats. Below is a list of all the new feats in the book. They are feats that when you score a critical hit you can apply them. Giving some variety in crits.(8 pages)
Accurate Critical
Blazing Critical
Bleeding Strike
Board Breaker
Butcher's Blow
Caustic Critical
Critical Casting
Critical Spellcraft
Dispelling Blow
Fearsome Blow
Flashing Strike
Focused Attack
Followup Blow
Freezing Critical
Greater Spell Critical
Hindering Critical
Jolting Critical
Knock Down
Maneuver Critical
Numbing Strike
Parrying Strike
Primal Critical
Shattering Critical
Spell Critical
Targeted Strike
Tendon Cut

It ends with a OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. The feats seem fine and they add some variety to combat. They tend to be fairly powerful feats, but then they have to compete with the default damage critical's normally do and make it worth spending a feat on them. Some I think fall a little short on this. The artwork is fair. All told the product is exactly what it claims to be, a collection of new feats that give you options when you score a critical hit. Yet despite it giving you exactly what they claim to do, I still feel myself wishing it had been different.

Let me say there is nothing wrong with the product, but as I read it. I keep thinking to myself man I really wish they had put this kind of effort into a combat maneuvers book. Something anyone could do, that would have pro's and con's for trying them. To give more tactics to combat. So I read the book and it is good but it left me thinking, what if? So in the end I am giving this a 4 star review. Solid book and if you are looking for feats to give you critical hit options then I recommend checking it out.

Our Price: $14.99

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A nice adventure


Demonheart by Frog God Games

This product is 98 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (3 pages)

Introduction (4 pages)
It starts with a short intro followed by the adventure background and then closes with a overview of the adventure broken up into it's ten parts.

Chapter 1 – The Village and the Forest (9 pages)
It starts with a few examples of ways to get PC's involved, a bit of information about what is over all going on and finally it gives a over view of the village including a map. There is also several sidebars of information about incidents that can take place while PC's are in the village.

Chapter 2 – Something is Stirring (7 pages)
It has a NPC getting the PC's involved in the main plot, 3 encounters, a random encounter table and a aftermath section.

Chapter 3 – The Devil Tree (10 pages)
This chapter is all about a mini dungeon crawl the PC's are likely to want to investigate at this point in the adventure.

Chapter 4 – Court of Corruption (9 pages)
I loved this section of the adventure I can't say much about it with out spoiling things. But there is games, social events, maybe romance awaiting the PC's in this section. Plus a few encounters. I thought this section was very well done and very interesting.

Chapter 5 – The Lost Hunters (4 pages)
This is a short mini dungeon crawl section.

Chapter 6 – A Plague of Secrets (3 pages)
There is a murder mystery going on in the village that the PC's will almost certainly wish to solve.

Chapter 7 – Spawn of Darkness (5 pages)
A NPC ask the PC's for help again which likely leads to a series of encounters and discovering more about what is going on.

Chapter 8 – In the Ranks of Death (7 pages)
This is the third mini dungeon crawl in this adventure. By this point they should know what is going on and go seeking a way to stop events.

Chapter 9 – The Resurrection (6 pages)
This chapter has two major events going on at the same time. Both need the PC's help. The PC's can choose to go with one or the other but with consequences of doing so. Or they can apt to split up and take on both tasks at once. If they opt to do the later there is enough NPC's involved that players with out PC's in each section can play a NPC and still take part in the fun. This is a ambitious and possible very fun chapter but also because the best course is to split the party may be a problem for some groups.

Chapter 10 – Heart of Darkness (3 pages)
Here the party if it split in two reunite and go to face the final villain of the adventure.

Appendix 1 – NPC's (16 pages)
In this section it has all the NPC's full stated out and broken up by chapter to make it easier to find them.

Appendix 2 – Monster Index (10 pages)
This section has all the stat blocks for all the monsters in the adventure.

It ends with a OGL and back cover. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. While this adventure is plot based it is fairly sandboxy as well. The events are likely to go in order but they don't have to go in order. So it is a nice mix of plot driven adventure and sandbox style adventure. The artwork is black and white with a very old school 1st edition DnD look to it.

I liked the adventure, it is a very nice mix of plot based, sand box, dungeon crawl, social etc style adventure. A little something for everyone. I did mention my one concern with chapter 9. While I like the idea of splitting the party and it makes sense I could see some groups having trouble with it. Luckily with the NPC's present for player to play it makes it a lot easier to do.

I have the print version of the book so I have no idea how the bookmarks etc is for the PDF. I will not one thing I found kinda odd. The cover art, while it looks fine it has camels on it and looks like it is in the desert but the adventure takes place in a forest. I just found that a bit odd. There was a couple of things I thought could have been better. The section on the murder mystery is a bit light and could have used some more advice on how to run it. So my final rating a 4.5 star. Good adventure with a few minor issues.

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Not bad but sparse


For Love or Power by AGES

This product is 7 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and ToC. (2 pages)

Next it moves onto a introduction about what the book is about and how to introduce romance into your game. (1 ½ pages)

The next section gets into the mechanics of marriage and engagements. It talks about Rping things out but also offers a DC check table on how to woo the hearts of NPC's. The higher their station the harder the DC check. There is a also a random how well the match table and a table of modifiers. (1 ½ pages)

It ends with a OGL and back cover. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts, for a buck it is not a bad buy. If you are looking for some quick tables and DC's to resolve marriages in your game then they are a decent pick up. Also if you are looking for some advice on how to introduce romance to your game it can help your there as well. This product is best suited for those that have never had romance in their games and would like to add it with out making it a major part of the game. If you are looking for something to really help you make romance a important part of your game then this falls short. So whats my rating? Well for a buck it's not bad. For those looking to add romance to their game for the first time and only be a minor part of it then it was a 3.5. For those looking for more it is at best a 3 star.

Add Print/PDF Bundle $19.99

Add PDF $9.99

Print Edition Discontinued

Sunken Empires by Open Design


This product is 82 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (2 pages) Next it gets into a forward by David “Zeb” Cook about the creation of the Aboleth. (2 pages)

Chapter 1 – Lost Cities of Myths and Legends. (8 pages)
It talks about varies lost cities from real life and stories about them. It gives some details on Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu. As well as talking about the fantasy lost city of Ankeshell, including a map and brief history of the city.

Chapter 2 – Pelagic Characters (15 pages)
This section talks about races and classes for a campaign set for exploring underwater. It includes a new race Maerean(half merman). Changes to core classes for a campaign focused on this. Including 45 new feats,
New Domains
Sea Monster

New Sorcerer Bloodlines

New Wizard Schools

Chapter 3 – Aquatic Equipment and Lost Technology (12 pages)
It starts with Aquatic items 11 new weapons, 8 new armors, 25 new equipment items. Next it moves onto lost Technology 8 new weapons, 3 new armor, 5 new equipment items.

Chapter 4 – Spells and Magic Items (17 pages)
This section has 37 new spells and 42 new magic items and 6 new magic item properties.

Spells by Class
Bard – 7
Cleric – 7
Druid – 15
Sorc/Wiz – 37

Chapter 5 – Sunken Environment (6 pages)
This section is all about how to run campaigns that explore underwater. It has encounter tables, hazards, and advice on how to run campaigns.

Chapter 6 – Creatures of the Deep (17 pages)
This section has 16 new monsters including 3 new familiars, 10 variations of existing monsters, and a ecology of the Aboleth.

It closes with a OGL, 1 page ad, and back cover. (3 pages)

Closing Thoughts. This is very well written the art ranges from good to very good. The layout is nice and it is a pretty book. There is far to much to get into a lot of detail on most of the stuff. The equipment was for the most part good, interesting and fit. Same with the magic items and spells. The history and information about the three real life mythic lost cities while interesting could have easily been left out.

My only real critic is I thought chapter 5 was way to short. What is there is good but a little sparse. I think they could have easily doubled the page count to help GM's out with more information and advice. So while it was a very good book and if you are interested in running a campaign or even a few adventures under the water then it is a good pickup for the price. But it was a little light on GM help to run such a campaign so I am giving it a 4 star review. Good but with a dozen more pages could have been fantastic.

Our Price: $12.00

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A huge collection of spells.


Eldrith Secrets by Headless Hydra Games

This product is 106 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and Forward. (5 pages)

Chapter 1 – Spells and more spells (14 ½ pages)
This is the section of all the spell lists added to each class. The numbers may or may not be exact it was easy to miscount.
Alchemist - 24
Alchemist Discoveries – 4
Bard – 82
Cleric – 101
Druid – 75
Inquisitor – 45
Paladin – 27
Ranger – 52
Sorc/Wiz – 209
Summoner – 30
Witch – 43

Next is the spells themselves (69 ½ pages)
Here was some of my favorite spells. There is way way to many to list all so I will only list a few examples.
Abrupt Summoning – like normal summoning spells but with a shorter casting time, except you don't always know what you will summon, summoned creature is random.
Actaeon's Breath – creates a short term large area of fog. All that come into contact with the fog save or suffer from Baleful Polymorph effect for 1 week.
Alluring Voice – A sirens call to cause the target to come to the voice.
Bolt of Animation – causes negative energy dmg, those slain by it rise as a zombie under the control of the caster.
Eerie Forest – Makes a forest seem eerie cause those traveling in the area effected to make a save or become shaken. I do have one problem with this spell, area effected. I think this would have been a lot cooler of a spell with a much larger area covered, even if that meant raising the level.
Hornet Breath – vomit forth several swarms of hornets/wasp, while not under control they ignored the caster and their allies.
Lightning Web – works like web but made of electricity. Those caught it in take damage each round, those trying to break free take more. Save for half damage.
Manipulate appearance – Can change hair, skin and eye color at will for duration of spell.
Obscuring Flock – summons a flock of crows in a cone. Obscuring vision and causing damage to those inside. I think it should have been a area instead of a cone.
Plague of Fear – Cause sever fear in those that fail the save, in addition they can spread the fear like a plague to others for a long period of time. The only part that is not clear is once the plague starts can the targets be reinfected, my guess is no. But it doesn't say one way or the other.
Relocate and Relocate Other – Requires use of arcane mark on a target. The first spell allows the caster to teleport to the target at the casting of this spell. The other summons the target to the caster.
Transfer Soul – Move your soul into the body of a nearby animal and control it for the duration of the spell. Your body stays where it was in suspended Animation.

There was a couple of spells I had problems with.
Death Bird – When you are killed or dropped to negative points a Death bird shows up, claims your soul and carries your body off to a predetermined spot, moving at it's best speed. My problem with this spell what does it mean when it claims your soul? It doesn't explain what the means. My guess is that it is just fluff. The other problem is, what happens if before it reaches the location the spell duration runs out. Does it drop the body there? Or is the duration only for how long till the death bird can be activated and has no effect on the travel time for the bird. This spell while neat needed to be more clear.

Chapter 2 – More Eldrith Options (4 pages)
This section has 6 new feats and 7 new magic items.

Appendix 1 – Spells by school (1 1/2page)
Spells listed by school.

Appendix 2 – Spells by use (1 page)
Spells listed in either offensive, defensive or utility.

Appendix 3 – Spells by Descriptor (3 pages)
Acid, Air, Chaotic, Cold, Darkness, Death, Earth, etc.

Appendix 4 – Spells by Author (1 ½ pages)
You can see who designed each spell.

It finishes with a OGL, 2 ads and back cover. (6 pages)

Closing thoughts, this is a big book just choked full of spells. Some are variations of existing spells, others are improved or lesser versions of existing spells but many likely most are wholly new spells. The art work is fair to good, with a side bar listing each piece of art and what spell it is of. There is several side bars talking about making spell permanent, 2 new gods, to stats for a new monsters the Death Bird, Manifest Children of Ether and puppet Imp.

There is a lot to love about this book. Including a nice print friendly copy. There was very few bad spells if any. There was some spells I didn't like but that was more of not that they was bad, so much as they just didn't appeal to me. There is a few problems with the book. One of the problems which is hard to critic since few do it anyways. Is the appendix's, I love them but with them broken up in paragraph form instead of list form and in level makes them a lot less useful. I wish they have been broken up in spell list form or maybe a web enhancement can be added. This is especially true for spell schools.

The other problem and by far the biggest is some spells where not as clear as they could have or should have been. Most was very clear or clear enough but some was not, which is a pity. For the most part you can make a educated guess but in some cases the GM will just have to make a decision such as with the Death Bird Spell is listed.

The final thing is there was some spells I really felt should have been added to some classes spell lists. This is especially true for the new APG classes, who I felt got a bit short changed.

So whats my rating? I am torn I keep flip flopping between a 3.5 and a 4 star. What is good is very good but it needs work some places that really hurt. For the sheer number of spells and price it is a good by. I am coming down at a 4 star but just barely, truthfully it is likely more of a 3.75 star.

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Paper Mini's for the Coliseum Morpheuon Adventure


This reprints the first two appendix's from the Coliseum Morpheuon supplement/Adventure and includes the papers mini's.

Cover and credits. (2 pages)

Appendix 1 – The Dirges (9 pages)
Stat blocks and information about one of the teams also competing in the event. This section also includes 1 new magic item, 4 new spells, and 5 new feats.

Appendix 2 – The Gray Feathers (6 pages)
Details one of the other teams competing in the event with full stat blocks and information.

Then there is a OGL. (1 page)

Followed by the paper mini's. (7 pages)
there is 7 pages worth of paper minis.

It finishes with a one page ad for the Coliseum Morpheuon.

Closing thoughts. For those looking for some high level NPC's and paper mini's this isn't a bad buy. But for those that already have the Coliseum Morpheuon it is a tad expensive since most of it is reprint from what you already own. My rating is those looking for paper mini's and some NPC's it is a 4 star. Those already having the Coliseum I am giving it a 3 star, which are the people most likely to want the paper mini's. The mini's are fine but at 6 bucks they seem a little high priced.

Nice high level adventure and source book.


Coliseum Morpheuon by Rite Publishing

This product is 127 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and intro. (3 pages) There is no ToC beyond the bookmarks.

Chapter One – Plane of Dreams (4 pages)
This gives a nice little overview of the plane and some of the traits of the plane.

Chapter Two – Dream Burning (5 pages)
Each character has 3 dreams, hope, aspiration and goal. It has rules for burning your dreams to gain short term benefits at a long term cost. It also has rules for restoring your dreams or stealing the dreams of others. Included is 8 new dream related traits.

Chapter Three – Denizens of the Dream (8 pages)
This section talks about the types of creatures one might encounter in the Dream Plane. It includes 4 new monsters.
Chittering Dream Eater – They eat your dreams.
Denizens of Leng – Evil race native to the plane.
Oneirobound – Sleepers that have had their conscious lost in the dream world.
Qarnjthak – A huge native predator.

Chapter Four – The Island of Coliseum Morpheuon (9 pages)
It gives a nice overview of the island. Including a short history, discussion of it's society, as well as the varies locations around the island. There is a full page of rumors with DC's for finding out about them and a page of adventure seeds.

Chapter Five – Denizens of the Coliseum (30 pages)
Here is the stat blocks and information about the 16 key NPC's on the island. There is 3 new magical weapon properties, 6 new feats, and 5 new magic items.

Chapter 6 – An Overview of the Epoch (6 pages)
A overview of the Gladiator event hosted at the Coliseum once every 100 years. Including information on how to get the PC's involved in the event, as well as what NPC's are involved and why. As well as other groups that are competing in the event. It ends with a section on how to run the Khan of Nightmares the main NPC/ruler of the Coliseum. One minor artifact.

Chapter 7 – An Invitation to Damnation (12 pages)
This is the beginning of the adventure in the book. There is 4 encounters in this section. It also has a hook to get the PC's involved, rumors. It has some nice riddles I really liked in one of the encounters.

Chapter 8 – The Tests of the Coliseum Morpheuon (5 pages)
There is 34 subplots or encounter idea's in this section to help bring things to life. The PC's and DM can choose to use as many or as few as they like. Many of them lets PC's discover some of the secrets of the island and those living there. Though the DM will need to flesh them out.

Chapter 9 – The Tests of the Damnation of Epoch (20 pages)
There is ten tests. They have to accomplish goals while competing against other teams. The events are interesting, I think most PC's would enjoy them.

Chapter 10 – Secrets of the Coliseum Morpheoun (5 pages)
Here it details 6 subplots going on during the event and what happens if the PC's become involved in one of them during the events of the tests.

Appendix 1 – The Dirges (9 pages)
Stat blocks and information about one of the teams also competing in the event. This section also includes 1 new magic item, 4 new spells, and 5 new feats.

Appendix 2 – The Gray Feathers (6 pages)
Details one of the other teams competing in the event with full stat blocks and information.

Appendix 3 – Pregenerated Characters (5 pages)
4 pregenerated characters for the adventure. Some of them use other rite publishing books information such as races. Though all relevant information is in the stat blocks. There is also 2 new spells in this section.

It ends with a OGL and back cover. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. It is very well written and interesting the art work is fair to pretty good. It gives a nice taste of the plane and I do hope they do a follow up talking about other parts of the plane as a supplement to this book. The NPC's are well done and interesting, they also had art for each one which was very nice. The adventure is very nice as it is not your normal adventure at all. It has nice use of hyperlinks in the text in key area's.

There was three flaws that I seen that bothered me about the product. One there was no ToC, I know the bookmarks work as one but I would have still liked to have seen one added to the book. No art for the new monsters, that’s kinda a big deal for me, when it comes to new monsters. The final thing is, other than on the back cover there is no mention of the adventure level or recommend number of PC's.(16-20th level) A minor flaw but I would have liked to have this information at the beginning of the adventure section.

This is one of the best high level adventures I have seen. It is nice that it is not a typical adventure as well. There was a few minor flaws and because of them I am giving it a 4.5 rating.

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