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I'm building a Arcane Bloodline Sorc based on Sailor Moon. In the first episode she saves a magic cat who later gives her a magic brooch which lets her become sailor moon. As such I've decided to have my character's bonded item be a necklace.

The question is: What necklace should it be?

Any ideas?

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N GN Human Arcanist

STR 10
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 18
WIS 10
CHA 10


1. Improved Initiative, Spell Focus (Conjuration)
3. Augment Summons
5. Spell Penetration
7. Dispel Focus (Monster Summoner's Handbook)
9. Greater Spell Penetration
11. Greater Dispel Focus (Monster Summoner's Handbook)
13. Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration)

Arcanist Exploits

1. Potent Magic
3. Energy Shield
5. Metamagic Knowledge (Heighten Spell)
7. Counterspell
9. Metamixing
11. Greater Counterspell
13. Greater Metamagic Knowledge (Quicken Spell)


Focused Mind


Cloak of Resistance
Headband of Vast Intelligence
Clear Spindle Ioun Stone
Lesser Rod of Giant Summoning (Monster Summoner's Handbook)
Greater Rod of Giant Summoning (Monster Summoner's Handbook)

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I'm building a Paladin who uses a Fauchard. This is my first reach character. Any way this is what I had in mind.

STR 16
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 14

1st Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Fauchard)
3rd Power Attack
5th Improved Initiative
7th ?
9th Improved Critical
11th ?
13th ?

At this point I am unsure of some my later feats. I would like them to be combat feats that complement reach weapons, or defensive feats that complement the Paladin.

Any ideas?

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Aasimar/Teifling are two of the most popular non-core races. At the end of season 5/beginning of season 6 they are no longer an available option.

So the question is, how long until they come back? Will they be a race boon or open to the public? Something else maybe?

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I really respect this build. It is an all around rock solid character. The class/combat style balance out each others weaknesses more so than just about anything else I've seen. I have to play one.

I'd like to know what others have to say. I'll start with a few open questions to stir the pot.

Divine Hunter or Oath of Vengeance?

Mercies or Holy Guide?

Is Clustered Shot necessary? Fey Foundling?

And any other advice you wish to share.

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Gargoyles are one of my favorite monsters.

Can anyone think of scenarios that feature these winged meanies?

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How many scenarios reference the Lore Stone? Tide of Morning and Tide of Twilight, any others???

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I'm looking to build an elf cleric with sort of a nature theme. I was thinking the plant and sun domains.

Any suggestions?