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Blood of Beasts: Among others, catfolk and tengus have a small but dedicated following. If they can't support a book of their own, the next most obvious solution would be a bundled book for animal-men. In addition to catfolk and tengus, you could cover vanara, kitsune, ratlings...gillfolk and merfolk could go in either this or...

Blood of the beasts I would buy in a heartbeat. Awesome idea.

Blood of the Sea: Aquatic races, seconded.

Sounds cool but I am not a huge sea fan. Would work with the Shackels AP though.

Blood of the Elements: Planetouched book, seconded.

Needed. Just not really my thing.

Blood of the Serpent/Dragon: Yuan-ti and lizardfolk are two races that probably can't carry their own books but would be nice to see. Additionally, draconic races? Would this make two books or only enough for one?

Another book I would kill for. Truly awesome.

I would like to see a more detailed Dwarf book. Perhaps a little more fluff on Dwarf cities location and lost cities.

Same goes for Elves. Something in line with the blood of angels, etc. that goes into how the subtypes are different.

Last would be the Mwangi people and races. Apemen, others of the area. A real chance to be cool.

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James Jacobs wrote:

And what Jason said is spot on.

Claiming hexes are indeed the point at which you start sending settlers and citizens and soldiers into that hex and they start building homes or whatever. Your PCs can certainly say that they rule over all of the hexes on the map, but until they're officially "claimed" during the proper point during kingdom construction, the PCs are just blowing hot air.

The king of Pitax is essentially doing just that. He claims to rule a lot of the land north of the city of Pitax, but he hasn't had the time or resources to clear and explore and claim any of those hexes yet. They're still techniclaly no-man's lands.

And as for increasing consumption when you add hexes... not only is Jason right about the fact that you have to support the settlers who live there, but you also have to pay for patrols through the region to prevent banditry and monsters, pay for tax collector and other government worker wages, repair roads or buildings or things, and pay for longer amounts of travel time.

Basically, the size of a kingdom is directly related to the cost to keep it up and running. It costs more to run a larger kingdom than a smaller one, and since Consumption is the number of how much it costs to run a kingdom, increasing a kingdom's size by adding hexes also increases total Consumption.

Just so I understand the initial kingdom building here is my best guess.

Month one I claim Oleg's as my first hex. Month two I claim a hex south and build a building at my first city-Oleg's(grassland so no extra clearance time). I can also build a road at Oleg's but no farm yet as a city is in my only hex right now. Month three I build another building at Oleg's, claim a third hex, build a road in hex two and establish a farm. Rinse and repeat. Do I have that right?