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I believe as per the blog there is one per season "In 11 years, the Society's accomplished so much, and there's a unique background for each season" This is probably just a small taster of what is to come for Society upon release

Michael VonHasseln wrote:

2) Will there be others tied to the major story arcs from previous Seasons? I know this is only a preview, but it would be remiss to not look to ALL the meta-plots for inspiration. It seems like there should be one related to the Worldwound conflict for Season, one tied to the search for the Sky Key in Season 6, for surviving the concerted assault of the Aspis Consortium in Season 7, or for the exploration of the Elemental Planes in Season 8. I look forward to seeing what can be developed for providing backgrounds related to all the Seasons.

Grand Lodge *** Venture-Agent, Australia—QLD—Gold Coast aka DanielB

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I loved the story behind the Scourge of the Farheavens and cant wait to learn more in our next installment and then GOBLINS are my favourite creatures in Golarion the little mischievous scamps that they are. Dunno if im more excited to play or run this one.