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What about something that was only able to have hand written stuff on the "trade dress" background.

That cannot be confusing or stolen by other publishers.

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What are the chances of the black plastic bases from the Wizkids/Paizo Pathfinder minis being sold seperately?

I would love to get a bunch of medium, huge, large and small to do rebasing.

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It never hurts to ask.

Maybe they can put one in the next Bestiary book that is released.

I do not think it would be that hard. The layout is already done, it is just a matter of taking a few minutes to clearing it up and then makeing it available.

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That will not get me the cool fancy background and match up with the books.

I know that I can always type up my own in word, but I was hoping for awsomesauce.

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Hello Paizo (and all readers),

I think Pathfinder is awsome, thanks Paizo for taking the leap when you did and for pushing forward in a quality way.

Now for my request:

I need a Monster Sheet. I would like to create monsters of my own making and would love to put my monsters information onto a sheet that has the background and layout just like the pages in the Bestiary books.

I recall that older manuals of monsters often had a blank monster sheet in the back for writing up ones own creations. I would like one of these for my favorite RPG Pathfinder.

Now, what would be really awsome would be a pdf with fields that could be populated with text or even a picture. But I would be very happy with a blank Bestiary sheet that I could just photocopy or color print.

Is this something that would be possible?

Thank you for listening.


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James Martin wrote:
I'd go for an Advanced Hazards' Guide by Paizo. Include new haunts, traps, environmental conditions, diseases, poisons, etc. Even as a 32 page or 64 page softback, it would be a very useful toolkit for DMs.

I would love a book like this. More of all of these things would be great. I have always felt that the poisin structure is very limiting and would love expanded poisons with more variety like poisons that cannot be ended with saves but require an antidote. Or more poisons that have effects other than ability damage (sleep, paralyse, etc...).

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I think there needs to be more flips with the "City Streets" ground and coloring.

City Inn/Tavern - a single Inn building with streets on the edges or the Inn smashed between two other buildings that are only on the edges with a street out front and in the back.

City Warehouse - a large warehouse building

City Main Street - a mat with 1 wide street down the center longways with just building fronts on both sides (also some alley openings and what not). This would be cool for street ambushes from the alleys and roof tops while traveling down the main street.

It seems that there are some plain landscapes still needed, someone mentioned sand, but also plain green grass and plain snow are needed. (the greens and snow that are out have to many permanent features that get in the way)

I really like the concept of a set of tiles that work with a flip mat and would like to see more of these and also new sets with alternate floorplans for existing flip mats.

I also like the idea of new flip mats that have a ground that matches existing flip mats that can be layed next to each other and used together.

As far as tiles, I second a river sections (green edges). I would also like to see a set for trees to go with a plain green grass flip mat.

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I have most of the flips and I do not know of one that has a plain "green grass" side. I see some green with permanent trees but no plain green grass flip mat.

I would also really like a plain green side on a future flip mat. Blank green is better than forested as I can put the trees anywhere I need.

Please, please, please make a plain green grass flip mat.

P.S. Thank you Paizo for making flip mats, best game aid ever.

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I really would like to buy one of these flip mats. Paizo, please reprint this one. Or make an Inn that has cobblestone streets around it to represent one in a city.



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I was also looking for a template sheet for monsters. I was thinking something like the DM sheets in the back of the Gamemastery Guide, or a blank version of a monster page from Bestiary 2.

It would need to be a full page, with a layout similar to the Bestiary with all of the relevant stats for monsters with blank areas to fill in. Also nice would be blank areas for monster name and possibly a box that could be used for art or notes.

With this I could create a new monster and then write in all of the information onto the "Monster Sheet" and keep it as a reference for later use and it would match the Bestiary in design and layout.

I find that the Bestiarys are lacking in variety for some monsters. I would really like many more entries for say kobolds all with different roles and power levels like Kobold Chief, Kobold Shaman, Sneaky Kobold, Really Tough Kobold, Kobold Trapster, etc...So a sheet would help with writing these up and updating monsters that did not make it into Bestiary 1 and 2.

So please Paizo, I love your products and would really like a sheet of some kind like this.