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Hi there, wonderful cs people.

Please cancel my Adventure Path subscription after 150 ships to me.

I'm retiring shortly, and will be switching to mostly ordering pdf's.

Best wishes,

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Sadly, I've not been able to run a consistent game of Starfinder yet, and my funds won't allow me to continue, so please cancel my Starfinder AP subscription.

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PaizoCon was a lot of fun, and I had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones, playing games, shopping, and at the banquet.

It was a bit less successful, however, for my characters.

Not counting the Monday open boardgames with the staff, my characters died in 4 of the 8 sessions I played in, and didn't make out too well in some of the others.

I thought my many failures could serve as an object lesson to my fellow board followers.

I laugh at the threat of your early morning session, Vaughan!

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In Pf1, damage reductions from low strength would end up at a minimum of 1 point of non-lethal.
We were unable to find anything similar in the playtest. In addition, if damage were to reduce to zero, would enhancements like poison apply?

Doomsday Dawn example:
For example, one of our companions was attacked by giant centipedes. A few of them bit him for 1d4-1 damage (+ poison), and 3 of them rolled 1's. Do they each do a point of non-lethal? No damage? A point of lethal? Does poison apply?

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As the title says, none of the dropdowns available from play-by-post gameplay threads allow you to quickly call up the PRD.

A minor annoyance, but quick access to the rules would make running that much simpler. Especially if I'm on a device where I don't want to bookmark the PRD (ie public).

Thanks for all your hard work!

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It's very early in the new board roll-out, too early to judge much (though I find them aesthetically appealing).

One thing I do NOT like is no longer being able to click on my name up top to access my various game threads.

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Male Elder GM

It is foolishness to try to understand the thinking of the Pactmasters of Katapesh, yet even more foolhardy to defy their will.

A small group travels in a caravan through the desert of Katapesh, one week out of Solku. The journey has been grueling, with danger wearing the most tedious of masks: heat, exhaustion, and thirst. Three days ago, the older priest of Sarenrae was killed by a scorpion in his tent, leaving only his acolyte to continue on this mission.

The task awaiting will be difficult. The caravan is led by Garavel, major domo to the merchant princess Almah Roveshki. Almah seeks to reclaim the lost village of Kelmarane, once a critical trading center on the way to Osirion, now overrun by gnolls.

The caravan is nearing a landmark known as The Sultan's Claw, where Almah awaits. In the haze to the west, the outline of Pale Mountain can be made out in the fading evening light, rising from the horizon like a pale tombstone.

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Hello all, welcome to the Discussion Thread.

Male Elder GM

It has been 10 days of recovery from the orc attack, where the heroes have had the opportunity to enjoy their new status as the heroes of Trunau, when they are requested to come to Ivory Hall to meet with Halgra of the Blackened Blades and the rest of the Council of Defenders.

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Hi there, as the title says, please cancel my SFRPG subscription.

I really enjoy the game, and will continue to get the books, but it is better for me to do so through my FLGS.

No change for my 2 AP subscription.

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Hi, I'm another one who got caught with a shipping error.

$34.16 for an AP volume seems somewhat high.


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Well... I'm just a simple farmer...
but this looks like it will give me a chance against housecats!

I like the streamlining. A lot.

Can't wait to take it for a spin in August.

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Legendary Planet is awesome! In my opinion, the quality is close to many of the better Paizo AP's, with a theme not covered in any of them.

We're having a lot of fun with it in our pbp game, even though we're still only in Book 1 (To Worlds Unknown).

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Hello wonderful customer service people.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription.

While I know there are no products currently on the slate, I want to make sure that I don't miss an announcement and get stung for shipping a base set. I have subscribed after the base for past sets.

Thanks very much.

Male Elder GM


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I like the Thug, standard mooks are always welcome.

Cabbagehead is too small to sub for a flesh golem, but may work as a carrion golem, a bloatmage, or possibly a lemure. Probably won't be too useful for me.

I really like the Pilts miniature, though I don't know when I'd use it.
Definitely still want it.

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Hello Marvelous Customer Service People,

Would it be possible to get this order moved to my sidecart, to ship with my next Adventure Path shipment?

For the first time in years, a post of mine got eaten by the dreaded Post Monster.
I thought I'd raise a flag in case it was symptomatic of more.
Just a post in my "DM Rambler's Bloodmarch" thread.

Male Elder GM

Jubilation fills the evening air in the normally staid town of Trunau, for it is the twelfth birthday of the Chief Defender’s youngest daughter, Ruby, and the townsfolk have been preparing all day for the ceremony and festivities to follow. A throng of spectators has amassed at the town Commons; the buzz of the crowd subsides as the weathered town leader, Halgra of the Blackened Blades, takes the stage and begins to speak.

“Thank you all for joining us this night. I take immense pride in my responsibility as Chief Defender, especially when it comes to the honor of the hopeknife ceremony. It is always a great privilege to bequeath Trunauan youths their hopeknives as they come of age.” Halgra stops speaking long enough to open an ornamental case and retrieve a slender, ornately decorated dagger hanging from a silver chain. “But tonight is a special occasion, for the recipient of this hopeknife is none other than my youngest daughter.” Once again, Halgra pauses, but this time she turns to talk to the child beside her. “Ruby, by the traditions of our town, you have come of age. This hopeknife represents your responsibilities as an adult and defender of Trunau. You must be willing to use it on yourself, your fellow Trunauans, and your family—even me, should it come to that. It will be a far quicker death than that which the orcs will offer, and providing it is your duty. Do you swear to guard Trunau from all comers, and to use your hopeknife only for its intended purpose?”
Ruby—dusky skinned, black haired, and painfully shy—nods her head in response to her mother’s question.

Halgra sheathes the hopeknife and places the necklace around Ruby’s neck before turning back to address the crowd.
“Tonight, Ruby becomes a full member of our community! Let us welcome her, and celebrate her passage into adulthood! Trunau forever!” The crowd echoes Halgra’s last words in unison, signaling the end of the ceremony.

As the ceremony ends, the celebration begins. Trunauans begin milling about the food and beverage stands, and preparations are made for games to begin.

Rodrik Grath leaps onto the stage, followed less flamboyantly by his twin brother Kurst and a handful of militia. The popular warrior addresses the crowd.
"As is tradition, the first event will be a tug-of-war that pits Trunau's newest defender against the town's mightiest champions!"
Rodrik pauses, and he and a couple of his companions pose and flex for the audience. Kurst looks embarrassed.
"Ruby now has the opportunity to choose her teammates!"
The girl quietly looks over the audience, then speaks softly to Rodrik, who relays her selections.
"Stardust! Whitecrow! Giles! Zepfina the axe-sister! Tarakona! And..."
He bends over to Ruby again, while she speaks and gestures.
He points towards Slei.

Male Elder GM

This is a discussion thread for a play-by-post of "Battle of Bloodmarch Hill". If all goes well, it will continue into the Giantslayer Adventure Path.

Character Creation:

Characters are to be created with a 20 point buy. Legal sources include any hardcover rulebooks represented in the PRD, as well as the Inner Sea World Guide. Other sources will be generally disallowed, but you may make specific requests (ex. things from the Giant Hunter's Handbook are likely to be allowed). 150 gp for starting equipment.

Players should download the campaign Players' Guide here. Starting characters get 2 Traits, including one from this guide.

Character Advice:

As well as the recommendations from the guide, I strongly suggest that the group include a positive energy channeler. The hooks will probably work best for those who trend towards Lawful and/or Good. The first adventure is mostly in a small town, so mounts and exotic pets will be slow starters (though they may be very useful in later chapters). Worshipers of Iomedae, Abadar, or Torag would be extremely appropriate. Gorum ,ay be problematic (half-orcs are viewed with sympathy, but the setting is a fortress town in the midst of the orc hordes).

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How did I get here??

Male Elder GM

The flyer promised "High wages for a short journey and investigation. Small risk expected."

It seemed worth checking out, a little other paying work seemed available in Silverhall for people with particular skill sets.

At the building specified in the notice, a representative of "Fine Woodwork of Shimmermere", Arak Sonthir, explained that an expected darkwood shipment was overdue from the village of Holver's Ferry. An agent had been sent to the village, but he was later found in the wilderness by company guards. He was suffering from some form of violent madness, and was killed by the guards as they defended themselves from his attacks.

Sonthir offered you 800 gold each to travel to Holver's Ferry and attempt to recover the darkwood shipment and discover what has delayed it (and possibly what happened to the agent). Additionally, a pack mule and sufficient trail rations for a return journey were made available.

A trip from Silverhall to Holver's Ferry takes about 4 or 5 days of walking through relatively safe Brevan countryside.

Does anybody have anything further to ask/do in town? Assuming you all take the job, there is plenty of time for you to reveal as much as you like about yourselves on the trek.

Male Elder GM

This is the discussion thread for an upcoming invitational game starting with The Assimilation Strain.

Players, please check in here.

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Wonderful customer service people, please cancel my ACG subscription for now.

I may restart after the next big box comes out.

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Especially as my group is just returning to the Hut on Triaxus after recovering a bearskin.

Family members of those who have 3 design credits are still eligible, right? ;)

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It's not in general release yet, and I don't usually review adventure products until after I've run them, but my excitement for this product line spurred me on a little early. I'm no Endzeitgeist, but I hope people find this useful or interesting.

"The Assimilation Strain" is a 1st-level adventure which serves as an optional introduction to the Legendary Planet Adventure Path.

It's a visually appealing product. The art is reminiscent of pulp sf books, with an added touch of early RPG products. I like the added touches of the starscape headers and otherworldly footers, along with the planetary symbol around the page numbers. Layout and font are attractive and easy to read. I was impressed that I only noticed one typo, considering how fast this was produced to get it out for Gen Con. And the extra pdf of all of the maps and art, including player-friendly versions of the maps, is a fantastic bonus.

Among my all-time favourite beginner adventures are "The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh", "Against the Cult of the Reptile God", and "Burnt Offerings". While I don't believe "The Assimilation Strain" will supplant any of those, it's not far off. And it has a lot in common with those great adventures: a well-written investigative adventure with multiple layers of adversaries, taking place in a small town populated by three-dimensional NPC's.
I don't believe that I've been this excited to start a campaign since I picked up a book with Karzoug on the cover 8 years ago.

The only minor flaw so far is that a map (ground floor of the manor) is absent from the original pdf and print version. It is included in the bonus map file, and I'm sure it will be put into an updated pdf. And the descriptions in the adventure are sufficient for most GM's to create an appropriate map.

Well done, Legendary! I'm eagerly awaiting "To Worlds Unknown"!

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Mea culpa!!

I suspect I'm out of luck now that it is pending, but is it possible to remove "We Be Goblins Free" from this order?

I forgot that it was in my sidecart, and picked it up at Gen Con.

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Five is right out!!

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Hi there,
I just re-started my PACG subscription with the Add-On deck.
Is there any chance it can make it out with my Adventure Path still?
If not, I'd prefer that it wait til the next round.
Thanks for your help!

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Happy from the blog and The Clompster.

Sad from the no more Gary blogs (for now).

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Lovely Customer Service Folks,
As requested above, please cancel my PACG subscription.
I will likely start up again after the big box, assuming the setup is the same as last set.


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It's the game of the "Overheard" thread!!

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I sort of hate to ask this, but...

Is the special rule of the play mats "official" for organized play?

I didn't notice anything about it in the Org Play Guide, and I'm sure it will come up to a co-ordinator some time.

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Grrr... I can never seem to combine things correctly. Internetting is hard!

Could this order please be held to ship with my next subscription?

Thanks for your help!

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I'm thinking about dropping by U-Con in November (Ypsilanti, MI), and I was wondering... is anybody running Guild play, or PACG demos there?

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Love the replacement super booster. I'm a little saturated on dragons because of the D&D set that just came out, but I'm still all about the matching sets with one of each size. The Lost Coast set is one of the best so far!

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Card text:
"When you close a location, you may attempt to acquire any allies left in that location deck."
"When you acquire an ally, put it put it into an ally pile next to this scenario card."...

Does the second portion only refer to allies acquired via the first part, or all allies acquired during the scenario?

Does it only apply to allies acquired using a check to acquire, or also allies gained through other means (ex: add a card to your hand)?

My feeling is all in the scenario, and only through checks, but I thought I would confirm.

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I messed up a bit with this order, partly due to my unfamiliarity with the new system. As I was going thru, I kept figuring I would run into the option to ship with my next subscription... but it never came.

Would it be possible to hold this order to ship with my first volume of Iron Gods (and hopefully my Character Add-On Deck)?

As always, I appreciate your help.

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Please lovely customer service people, cancel my Adventure Card Game subscription.

I will be re-starting the subscription ASAP, but the shipping for the big box is too much.

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I know it's really early, and that we haven't even started to see the expansion decks coming out yet.

However, I'm pretty sure that Paizo must be pleased with the general response the PACG has received so far. And if they are planning a sequel, they will need to start very soon.

And the internet is exactly the place for rampant speculation.

So I was wondering what the community would like to see for a sequel.

Personally, I think Jade Regent or Skull & Shackles would be leading contenders.
1/ They each would enable the designers to use iconic characters which would be less suited to other choices (ie Haytao & Reiko for JR, Lirianne for S&S)
2/ They are both reasonably popular campaigns, yet may have adventures still available in stores (cross-promotion = good thing)
3/ Pirates!
4/ Ninjas!

One thing I would like to see rules-wise is that any characters would be playable in any set, so we could use the new ones in RotR and the old ones in the new game.

Speculate away!

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Playing tonight, my group believed it was possible. However, we were all unsure.

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When did you start stocking sanity??
Is there much demand for that from your customers??

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