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Another great Pathfinder 2E product!


This is probably my favorite of the 2E products released thus far (excluding the core rulebook of course).

Not a thick book by any means, but Paizo managed to fill ever last corner with an insane amount of valuable information that was as fun to read as it will be to implement in our 2e game. I feel like there was no wasted space in this book. New ancestries, new heritages, new archtypes, new feats, and plenty of lore to go along with it. Extremely high quality product from Paizo. Pathfinder 2e has become my TRPG of choice, and many of my gaming groups are converting over to Paizo's masterpiece from 5e, some of which are old Pathfinder purists, and others that are entirely new to Golarion. This is an exciting time to be a table top gamer!

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Absolutely love this system!


I began tabletop RPG's with 4th Ed D&D. I really enjoyed myself because I didn't know any better. Then one of my buddies introduced me to 1st Ed Pathfinder and I saw all the flaws of 4th Ed, and there were many. I played Pathfinder 1e for a year or so when 5e came out and swept up my group and we never looked back...until 2e launched. I love this system! I really missed the pathfinder world, and I really missed the crunch of pathfinder. 2e does an excellent job of easy play (especially for the dm) without sacrificing the crunch and complexity of that Pathfinder is famous for. I really love this system, and now my group and I are running our first adventure on roll20 and it is awesome. Love this system, love Paizo. 5 stars