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Loving the new 3 book AP format


As someone new to Pathfinder but having run games for years my group has never been into playing or committing to the very long 6 book adventure path format, while I have ALWAYS dreamed of running them.

The new 3 books format is PERFECT for those that are busy with long work weeks, raising kids or simply hoping to just finish an AP.

I love the classic dungeon crawl format while the new spin on things is great.

I really hope to see more 3 part AP's in the future for the more casual gaming groups who would love to get into the famed Paizo Adventure Paths.

Give me more 3 part AP"S please!! Seriously just take my money now.

I think this could really pull in the casual gamer crowd that all flock to 5e. If Paizo could produce some more multi level Pre-Gens I would be able to lure way more people into Pathfinder 2e.

Great adventure!!