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I have the offerings from Legendary Games and Genius that added a few Legendary Item abilities for mythic play. Have any other publishers created new Legendary Item lists?

I have Rite's 101 feats books, Rogue Genius' feats, Lost Sphere's feats, and I'm looking for more. Any suggestions for good purchases? Especially anything that helps amp the Intimidate skill.

This is not me trying to put anyone on blast. That is completly not my intention. But I want to know something that has been bothering me. There are a number of products I've purchased from a number of folks that have had issues. Editing problems. Missing Data. Incorrect data. That sort of thing. And these are products that are a couple to a few years old. And I find out that the creator's of said products are aware of the issues, have been for some time.

So, here is my quandry.

I like the 3PP stuff. I really do. And I want to continue to purchase it, but as the guy who is shelling out the cash I'd love to know why this sort of thing doesn't seem uncommon. I'm goign to assume there is something about the process that makes it reletively a pain in the neck to update these items. Or that after X amount of time sales go down to the point where updates aren't cost effective. Or that changing a pdf with all the layout stuff is a major pain in the neck. I don't know.

But I'd really like to. I have sort of developed this "Well, if X or Y doesn't care enough to update this stuff I'm not sure I care enough to continue to buy their products" and I don't want to be in that frame of mind. I like a lot of what I've bought and I'd like to continue to buy more.

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Okay, I know I have asked about cross-pollination of 3pp stuff before but this one doesn't seem like such a big deal and I'm curious if any 3pp would be willing to do it?

If you create classes as part of your offering what about creating the Favored Class benefits not just for the core races, but races from other 3pp? Or visa versa?

I ask because as I sat last night, putting together my Lizardfolk (from Kobold Press) Aegis (from Dreamscarred) I sighed yet again that I had only the base options for favored class bonus.

My group uses 3pp and we don't only use 3pp from one publisher, I doubt most people who have embraced 3pp restrict themselves to just one publisher. And a little cross company support is only going to encourage me to buy more.

So I have a player who is going to be doing a Rainbow Character for an upcoming campaign. No more than one level in any one class. Multiclassing taken to its most extreme. So he is going to be using Jakc of All Trades to ensure the character has some value and oomph when things get grumpy.

And for the most part I'm fine with the feat.

But I have some questions. I mean, giving Sneak Attack character level strength is cool, but given the pre-reqs for the feat a reasonable level of cool. But what about a Summoner? Does the Eidolon get the same treatment? RAR I'd say yes but I honestly see a very different level in value between character level Sneak and character level Eidolon.

How about the Aegis from Dreamscarred? I can easily see not getting power points as those are much like spell slots and JoaT doesn't give caster levels. But does the Aegis get customization points for their psi-armor?

I'd really appreciate your input on this.

I've been informed that some of my arguments here and in the past come off as anti-3PP and for that I apologize. I am far from that. I'm a BIG fan of the third-party stuff and I want to see more. I have 142 purchased pdfs currently on my computer and a handful of the rare dead-tree options (All Hail Deep Magic).

So when I'm mouthing off about what I want from someone who is asking for my money it's coming from somone who has already handed over money, uses the materials in game, and wants to see MORE. I've purchased from Rite, Dreamscarred, Little Red Kobold, Lost Spheres the incarnations of Genius, Headless Hydra, Abandoned Arts and others. So I'm not a devotee of just one person/group's work.

I do not want to discourage and that is far from my intention. What I want is to communicate with those folks putting their goods on the marketplace and letting them know what this customer is looking for when I'm deciding where to spend my money.

Those of you that publish those 3pp things that I love to snatch up (Godling, Rivenmage, It Came from the Stars, etc) how many of you play other folks 3pp stuff or at least run it in your games?

I'm curious because I've wondered how much of your 3pp stuff that you release you think about in combination with other 3pp stuff out there.

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So, with the other awesome thread collecting a comprehensive list of the 3PP Base classes I'm blown away with how MANY of the bloody things there are.

So what have y'all played on that list? What was your take on them in actual game-play rather than just reviewing the build.

My group has played serveral, in my personal experience:

Time Warden: Fun and odd. Different but definitely not over-powered. I would suggest you have complete buy-in from your GM with this one. Time-travel can be awesome, but only if the GM really digs the inclusion of that to the game. Note, the Time Warden is specifically noted as NOT being an Arcane or Divine caster so if you're using 3.5 prestige classes you will have trouble qualifying for most.

Riven Mage: Fun and reletively simple. Be good at a lot, excellent at pretty much nothing. Fun to play a skillmonkey with some magic slinging ability.

Godling (In various flavors): Very fun, very variable. But honestly, a number of the Divine Power paths and the Scion Talents are so much better than the other choices you have to really force yourself to not chose the same options over and over again. And you would have to be a bit of a masochist to play a non-human Godling and pass up the Favored Class options available to humans versus other race choices.

Spark:'s fun. Like Time Warden you have spell like style abilities but you aren't an arcane caster and that can make for some oddness. Now, it REALLY changes the flavor of the game. When the Spark looks at every single magic item as simply fuel for their fire treasure because little more than numbers to be moved around. If a DM really digs creating items with history and detailed descriptions they can get a little bummed when the Spark goes "Who cares who made it or what it looks like? Or even what it does? It's getting remade into something specifically suited for our group at this moment in time!" But if you're a player who has some sadistic bastard of a GM that insists on rolling for random treasure at all times, well then it could be a godsend.

I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Favored class options that are different for each race are awesome additions. I know one publisher released an update (Genius, right?) for many of their classes, it would be awesome to see some of the favored class options for at least the core races for classes such as Hellion, Taskmaster, Spark or Echo.