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Hi all! I'm currently working on a pathfinder infinite product, the Wanderer's Guide, which will contain optional rules, magic items, archetypes, and a class, all based around adventurers who follow the road wherever it takes them. I've been posting my archetypes on reddit as I complete them, but now that I have a good handful that have already had one editing pass, I thought I'd post them here and get some more feedback, since this has been a good place to get really in-depth thoughts in the past.

Without beating around the bush, here's the link, if you're interested: sharing

If you need more enticement, a brief elevator pitch for each archetype included so far:
- The Arsenal, a weapon-swapping archetype for those who want to be a weapon porcupine without using ABP or be Dante from Devil May Cry
- The Monster Gourmand, a top-down archetype inspired by the manga Delicious in Dungeon which also offers an alternative to treat wounds for out-of-combat healing
- The Justicar, an aggressive divine archetype that offers big smites for those who miss their PF1e or 5e Paladin
- The Elemental Savant, an archetype that allows you to focus on specific energy damage types, band-aiding my complaints with the elemental sorcerer and expanding those options to martials
- The Wildspeaker, another top-down archetype inspired by things like Ghost of Tsushima's wind mechanic, which allows characters to cast flavorful divination spells a few times per day

I appreciate any thoughts!

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There's been an idea going around the forums for a couple weeks of a Drifter class which combines the fantasy of gunslingers, samurai movies, and other themes into a single grit-based class. I found this idea pretty inspiring, so I decided to try my hand at putting it together as a sort of reverse-playtest-swashbuckler that uses special reactions to gain grit, then spends it to use various special attacks.

Only the first 10 levels so far because feats take forever to right, and I think the balance of some of the feats might be a little on the high end at the moment, but overall I'm happy enough with it to look for feedback.

Also, I decided to take the path of least resistance on guns and just make them essentially advanced-weapon crossbows instead of something fancier, since they aren't realllly the focus of the class.

The full class is here, thanks for taking a look!

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So I'm creating a Diabolic Sorcerer as my first PF2 character, and as far as I can tell, there's no reason why you'd ever take Hellfire Plume unless you were in an evil campaign.
Half of the damage it deals is evil damage, which ONLY affects good characters which you'd rarely by fighting in most campaigns. So for all intents and purposes, it only does 4d6 fire damage as a 5th level focus spell, which is abysmal.
Is there something I'm missing, or is this spell only intended for evil campaigns? (If so, embrace the pit has the same problem in such a campaign, due to the enormous weakness to good damage).

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Title, pretty much. They have almost identical damage scaling and similar fluff, and it might help broaden both the utility of weapon crystals and how many different things you can do with a vanguard.

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First, let me preface this by saying that I am a big fan of the majority of PF2, and in particular of the tighter math therein.
However, as I read through the CRB, I realize more and more that there's a huge design flaw in that tighter math, which is that virtually everything has been reduced to a +1 or 2, (which, again, I like), EXCEPT for the fact that your level is added to pretty much every roll you make.
This means that your level is orders of magnitude more important to your rolls than your actual character decisions-- a 20th level fighter with 8 intelligence who is untrained in Arcana is three times as good at arcana than a 3rd level wizard with 18 intelligence who is an expert in it.
In my opinion, and I will likely be enacting this as a houserule and adjusting DC's accordingly, this rule should just be removed entirely, and the proficiency bonus should instead be a simple -2/0/+1/+2/+3.

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