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Full Name

Corneleus Theophyllus Idaho




Magus (Hexcrafter) 10/ Samurai 2







Special Abilities

Unarmed Strike,Greater Grappling, Glorious Mustache, Order of the Warrior, Healing




Doctor/ Chemist/ Pathfinder

Strength 14
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 30
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Corneleus Theophyllus Idaho

Doctor Corneleus Theophyllus Idaho was born a priviliaged child to a wealthy family of Cheliax (though he inherited his father's tragic speech impediment), but his first trip to Tian Xia sparked his wanderlust and locked his heart to the east. It was then he decided to join the society and never return to his devil ridden homeland. He trained for many years in a Tian monastery, all the while never losing his impeccable sense of style.
For the past two years, Corneleus has pledged himself to the service of Amara Li and the Lantern Lodge as a Samurai and as a scholar studying in the way of the Kirin. Following the alliance with the Way of the Kirin in Minatan Archipelago, Corneleus chose to stay behind and study their teachings while continuing to serve Amara Li and Goka in Tian Xia.
After a year and a half of intense training and study, he was given the title of sensei and instructed by Amara Li to return to Absalom. There he would pledge his service to the Decemberative and pass on what he had learned from the Way of the Kirin.