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Hide your Rubber Chickens


Great Adventure! One of the players commented that it reminded them of Defenders of Nesting Swallow, but in reverse.

Would love to see more adventures and player content for Tengu as well as the Twenty-Four Masks.

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Mystery Blooper


This scenario fell into tragic disarray when then the players decided to follow their faction missions before

GM only:
The Lantern Lodge's mission is kind of a spoiler since it suggests that the missing Pathfinder "may be" at the a particular tower in Absalom. So the party decided to forgo the first encounter, the investigation, and multiple roleplaying opportunities and went straight into the dungeon.

The party didn't have as much trouble dispatching the encounter in the middle that everyone seems to have trouble with
GM only:
the statue
but as soon as they started thinking smart instead of hard they figured a way to subdue it before the party was wiped.
Overall, I think this could have been a fun. The GM needs enough time to prepare and do extra research on Absalom in the event that the players decide to use their knowledge of the city at the center of the world to solve the mystery in their own way.