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Human (Taldan)


Fighter 1








Lawful Neutral







Strength 16
Dexterity 15
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11

About Cormac Reganna

A troubled man with a past best forgotten -

Cormac is a tall and broad man clothed in well-kept chain shirt and simple white clothes. He wears a high collar and wraps a scarf around his neck whenever in the presence of others. Somewhat terse, Cormac nonetheless tries to be friendly but has, at times, difficulty interacting properly with people. A sword with the name Oathkeeper and a wooden shield is always part of Cormac's attire also. The man tries to keep a fair and level-headed manner at all times.
------------------------ History -----------------------
Cormac is the only son of a cobbler and his wife. He grew up having to scrounge on the street for his parents when times became tough and the family business eventually went under (poverty stricken). At the age of ten he was abducted by a wealthy looking young man who turned out to be a deranged wizard.
This man, who had his 'subjects' call him The Liberator, kept a group of five street children under control by administering regular doses of pesh coupled with illusion and enchantment magic. He kept Cormac under control by telling him he was a valiant knight, dressed in a tough leather shirt which served as armor, traveling and recapturing lost relics from vile monsters, where in reality he was used to cut purses from shoppers in the lower parts of The Coins.
On his sixth anniversary of becoming a subject, Cormac was compelled to return to his home and kill his parents, erasing any and all connection to his former life. He was then branded with the symbol of The Liberator, a circle with a single line struck through it on the left side of his neck.
When the watch came to apprehend The Liberator, no doubt for crimes in more reputable parts of the city, there was a bloody fight in the back alleys and Cormac, in a moment of lucidity, attacked his master and swayed the fight. The Liberator escaped and the other four subjects sent by the watch to the temples of Sarenrae as they had no families.
Cormac was adopted by a lonely older member of the watch whose wife and teen-aged son had died of a sickness many years previously. The man retired within the year as he himself was now becoming infirm. Cormac lived with and learned from the man until he died five years later (armor expert). Having spent all of his adopted father's meager savings, the classically trained swordsman struck out to find his fortune in the world as a sword for hire.

------------------------ Description -----------------------
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 220 lbs. Gender: Male
Eyes: Black Hair: Black, Cut Very Short Skin: Tan
Vision: Normal Speed: Walk 30 ft. Languages: Common
Hit Points: 13/13 XP: 0/2000

-------------------------- Feats ---------------------------
Improved Initiative, Dodge, Weapon Focus: Longsword

------------------------- Traits ---------------------------
Traits: Armor Expert, Poverty Stricken

-------------------------- Combat --------------------------
Initiative: +6; AC: 19 / 13 (Touch) / 16 (Flatfoot)

Fortitude: +4; Reflex: +2; Will: +1

BAB: +1; Base Melee: +4; Base Ranged: +3
CMB +4; CMD 17

- S Longsword (Oathkeeper) +5 [1d8+3] (19-20x2)
- P Dagger +4 [1d4+3] (19-20x2)
- B Unarmed +4 [1d3+3] (20x2)
- P Dagger +3 [1d4+3] (19-20x2) 10' range

-------------------------- Skills --------------------------
+4 Climb
+0 Sleight of Hand
+5 Survival

------------------------- Equipment ------------------------
Outfit (Traveler's), Chain Shirt, Large Wooden Shield, Longsword (Oathkeeper) Coinpurse, Two Daggers

Coinpurse: 24gp
Current load: Light 42 lb
Encumbrance Light: 76 Medium: 153 Heavy: 230