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I am a fairly new GM. I have only run a handful of free one-shot adventures for my players. I just recently took them through the Masters of the Fallen Fortress. Since they are in Absolom, I figured it would be a good time for them to do some shopping and trade up some gear. We have never addressed where they have been keeping their "hoard". Since I have mainly played one-shots, they have been all over the map. Should I assume they have hired a cart and moved all of their money with them every time they go to a location far from their current location? Should I assume they have their own personal lockboxes in their room in the inn? Now that they are in a big city, should I recommend they get a "bank account" to store the excess wealth they won't be carrying with them? Please advise. How have you handled the Party's treasure storage?

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What Dancy said reminded me of Sid Meyer's Pirates! If you have the right skills in gather information, you might garner information such as, "Baron Blackheart was seen in CareVille", or "CareVille was attacked and has a new Mayor", or "Runes discovered south of CareVille". Information such as this might be worth selling, but if not acted on, may become obsolete if things evolve. A lot of possibilities here for career explorers and career spies. Oh, the rumers one may here in the local tavern!